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I didn't realize that inter-racial couples was such a know issue until Pitch started. Not being American I don't really get why it's an issue in this day and age, you'd think people would be more accepting of it.

Anon, the issue is not so much an American one. It’s a two-fold problem with the need to preserve white female supremacy in sexuality and desirability, and white insistence on being the norm.

Let’s tackle the supremacy issue first. Racism and white patriarchy made white women top of the desirability totem pole. Attraction to non-white women is a non-issue so long as the idea of the white woman as the holy grail remains salient. Historically speaking, white women were off limits to the black community. A black man could and would be lynched, castrated, and set afire for even looking at one. The movie “Birth of a Nation” (the original) made the case that the Ku Klux Klan was formed to protect white female purity from ravenous black men looking to rape them. And while white women collectively express the progressive view that they are and wish to remain sexually liberated, they have and continue to benefit from the sexual hierarchy. Now when you add interracial relationships with black women–who have been regaled to bottom of the totem pole as wholly undesirable despite our alleged sexual prowess–this hierarchy is threatened. And not because black women are superior, but because racial issues survive on the principle of a dichotomy (black:white; good:bad; wrong:right). If the black woman is taken out of her place at the bottom of the scale, where does that leave the white woman? Superiority cannot exist without inferiority, so the scale must be maintained for white women to maintain their top spot. When the relationship is with a white man–the pinnacle of male sexuality and desirability–the scale is even further threatened. White men set the tone globally, so if white men are in loving, devoted relationships with black women where no fetishization is taking place, where there is no white “upgrade” waiting to happen, where the black woman is actively desired and chosen, the rest of the world will follow suit and this is threatening to the white woman’s sense of self.

As for white entitlement to be included in all things, that one’s almost self-explanatory. All consumable media except that which makes a deliberate effort not to be, is populated by whiteness. Television casts that are not heavily white are an anomaly and the media reacts as such (Orange is the New Black comes to mind). This has led to white people not comprehending their absence or exclusion. They’ve literally never been excluded. Marginalized groups in America have grown up consuming media that regales them to places similar to real life: in the margins. White people have never been there. White women ages 18-49 are the prime television demographic, so when a show like Pitch comes along and lacks the representation of that demographic in their usual spot (the female lead/ primary love interest), a dissonance is created because these women lack a self-insert character. Couple this with the supremacy issue I mentioned above, and you have a recipe for fandom racism masquerading as feminism. “She’s too independent to have a man” or “Why does there have to be a romance?” means “This version of black women [the non-sassy, non-matriarchal, sexually desirable but not in a dehumanizing way black woman] does not coincide with my prescribed images of them and I don’t understand” or “I don’t view black women sexually/desirably and can’t understand others doing so.”

TL;DR: Fandom is inherently racist and continually perpetuates racist stereotypes despite it’s progressive image.

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No DONT think about all this angst. Imagine instead Guzma and his S/O growing old and having a happy family Guzma becamed Kahuna of UlaUla And everyone is really happy

Consider s/o becoming the trial captain

They specialize in psychic pokemon and the totem is their alolan raichu

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#2 for Dezba!

#2 - A couple of skins for them

1- the Default one. My favorite one obviously since it’s her -canon-look. I like how her clothes and trinkets are traditionnal and yet she has these badass/high-tech weapons !

2 - Voleyball. I didn’t expect to like it as much but I dig her high-ponytail and the totem look of her weapons ! (I hope I did it right ><)

3- Helloween. I like spooky thing andI especially like the gradient I made for her hands/face !


This is the [tall] Totem Shelving unit. The shaping of the front posts is a continuation of the leg profile developed during the Totem end tables. The design is an attempt to stay within rectilinear shapes for the sake of efficiency during production. There are, however, radiused edges throughout to generate interest and unity through form. The structure and shelves are constructed from white oak. The shelving is spaced slightly off the structure with using brass rod. Mortise and tenons are joining this piece together.

This piece is for sale and will ship domestically. Inquire directly.

Moon could feel the sweat dripping down her back, the sudden climate change from Sinnoh to Alola affecting her much more than she thought it would. Word had spread to her that Team Skull had begun to reform again, and there was even a rumor that the new admin was someone she knew all too well.

Her breath was ragged as she reached the top of the Mahalo Hill, leaning against one of the stone totems to try and catch her breath. When she lifted her head, she let out a confused noise from the back of her throat.

What the hell is this!? ❞

Her eyes locked onto the large building that had been constructed ahead of the remaining totems. The decor was grim and reminiscent of Team Skull, splattered paint adorning the outer walls. Shocked, she grabbed the Great Ball from her belt and threw it into the air, releasing her Ninetails in precaution.

Team Skull! Why have you rebanded!? ❞ she shouted, hoping to receive some sort of an answer as the fox beside her growled territorially. 

{ @ladyofghostsalola }

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Yes! Theyr 2 children's are the first two captain,dark and ghost specialized Theyr mother,psychic specialized and she's the third captain. And then the father,Guzma,kahuna,strong and fierce with his bug type pokemon. I can hear from here his S/o wife and children cheering him when he have to battle the challengers //Crying for the feelings


The totems are, of course alolan raichu and the two kid’s totems are dhelmise and alola persian

S/O heals the challenger after they battle guzma and embarass him by giving him a big smooch in front of the kid

Spirit Animals for the Signs
  • Aries: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Taurus: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Gemini: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Cancer: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Leo: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Virgo: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Libra: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Scorpio: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Sagittarius: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Capricorn: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Aquarius: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
  • Pisces: Unless you're Native you don't fucking have one
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