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Same Old Mistakes

Summary: Some things never change.
Parings: BoruSara, SasuSaku, NaruHina.

“I’m worried about her, Sasuke.”

Sasuke paused, his spoonful of red bean soup mid-air, and looked at his wife. Sakura sat next to her on the picnic blanket, staring at the Uchiha pond ahead of her, her eyes fixated on a tiny body with dark hair and a red bow.

Sarada Uchiha sat near the end of the dock with a book in hand, reading without a care in the world. She was seven years old and the apple of her parents’ eyes. She was a quiet, albeit quick-witted, intelligent young girl; constantly top of her class, much like Sasuke was, and excelled in whatever ninjutsu and taijustu that she knew. The teachers at the academy often boasted about her whenever Sakura came to pick her up, quick to call the tiniest Uchiha a prodigy among the other children.

“Why are you worried?” Sasuke finally asked. He saw nothing wrong with the picture a head of him. Sarada was content with her book.

Sakura snapped her head to her husband. “Are you kidding? Sasuke look around — don’t you think Sarada should play with the other kids? All she ever does is read.”

Sasuke’s onyx eyes (or rather, eye) scanned the area in front of him. Laughter flooded the grassy hills overlooking the pond. The newest InoShikaCho formation were doing something between sparring and playing tag — ChoCho seemed to think it was a game, while Shikadai and Inojin were more engaged in battle. Temari scolded her son for not engaging all of his team members. Boruto climbed atop Kakashi-sensei’s back, as if he was some kind of human totem pole, while his kids, Obito and Kyoko, were chasing Mirai. Hinata appeared to playing hide and seek with her youngest child, Himawari.

And then there was little Sarada, sitting quiet as can be near the water, reading.

A ghost of a smile graced Sasuke’s lips. “Are you calling our daughter a stick in the mud?”

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You know those totem tennis things for kids? How they have the pole with a ball attached to it with string? Well that was us. You the pole, and me, the ball. You were so grounded and stable – keeping me sane as I spun out of control. I revolved around you, always turning to you to shield me from the bad – from that degrading voice in my mind. And no matter how pointless my life seemed, I still had you, hanging on by a thread. The universe smacked me down so many times that I knew I couldn’t survive another blow if you weren’t still hanging onto me, for I always had hope you never would leave. I put everything I had into loving you, into that string between us, the thing keeping us together. So I guess it was no surprise that my life fell apart the moment that string snapped.
I plummeted to rock bottom while you were just the same - steady and unmoving: a face full of deceit. You said to me once that you’d felt unbalanced all your life, until you met me. You said you needed me because I reminded you that life wasn’t just a routine, that you have to live everyday like you’re dying. I remember how you used to look at me when I said that, like I turned your world. But slowly, eventually, you began to turn it yourself. You didn’t need me to remind you to live your life anymore, because you suddenly had one and I was no longer apart of the routine. Instead, I was on the ground, wounded, with your name a bloody scar on my face, while you were just the same: a heartbreak waiting to happen.
—  You were my rock until I realised you had two faces

Similarities between Until Dawn and Endless summer

  • College kids™
  • Idols/Totems with a prophecy of the death who finds it
  • Monsters/Creatures from ancient cultures
  • Okay… Sean and Michelle…. are the same characters as Matt and Emily.
  • Cute nerdish dorkish girl (Ashley from UD and Grace from ES)
  • Kind of a jerk character who becomes a hero later on, wears a green jacket (Jake from ES and Mike from UD also Jake had a best friend named Mike whaaaaat)
  • Really freaking scarring death scenes
  • Blonde protagonist who has to save the day (Sam from UD and Caucasian!Female!Taylor *optional*)

I used to think that ES is a light version of UD but uhmmmmmmmm the idols are proving me wrong

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Do you have any pets? A cat? A dog? A tarantula? Sometimes a pet can be your best friend! You can play with your pet or cuddle with it. You can take it for a walk or a run or a crawl! What kind of pet do you have? What is its name?


Can you spot the difference?

Yup, with the expressions staying the same and the highlights moving, somehow Karamatsu and Osomatsu have switched places.

With Kara and Oso being the closest visually of the 6 (likely because of Kara’s copycat nature), it’s easy to believe that it could’ve been a simple artistic error. After all, there’ve been much more noticeable screw ups before.

However, it’s also possible that this was entirely intentional. Here’s some possibilities I came up with:

  • Perhaps they originally put Osomatsu in that spot because it’s the ‘core’ and he’s ‘the main one,’ ‘the leader,’ etc., but changed for right-to-left birth order continuity.
  • OR they moved Kara to the bottom middle spot because that placement has to deal with the most weight, so it’s generally considered the ‘worst’ spot in pyramid placement (as far as I know), and as the show went on Karamatsu naturally fell further and further into his role as the low man on the totem pole. 

As the kid who always got saddled with that spot in P.E., I can easily see it falling to him. BUT I don’t know much about how culture could impact that. It could still be a simply error, since they didn’t switch the expression with the brother or make any effort to define eyebrows.