Totem pole: the Beaver

I just undersood that the hints about Stan were given since intro.

Strange shadow, isn’t it?

Here is the theory and myth about the Thunderbird. If you haven’t read it, read it.

Now it is possible to assume that the Thunderbird is an allusion to the Author and Kolus is an allusion to grunkle Stan. But what is that for? And what is the role of the Beaver? Who is the Beaver?

There is said in the article: “The Beaver is said to represent a wide range of characteristics in a person, but most commonly in myth the Beaver represents artistic talent, creativity and resourcefulness”. 

Possibly Mabel is the Beaver.

Here goes one interesting Stan’s phrase from NWHS: “it’s unnatural for siblings to get along as well as you do”. Likely it foreshadowed Stan’s relationship with his own brother (Bill’s phrase in Sock Opera also proofs it, but it’s impossible to say anything with certainty until next episode). So, maybe Mabel will take huge part in reconciling of the original Mystery Twins.

P. S. It is cool that we can see such mythological reference in the show. Anyway, there will be griffins, dragons and more! So, get ready to the second half of the season 2!