Guys, look at this super cool READ IS THE NEW BLACK tote!


Shop Hunting Tuesdays: Baggu Spring 2015

This San Francisco based studio was founded in early 2007 by mother-daughter duo, Joan and Emily Sugihara. At the beggining they were working form NY (Emily) and San Diego (Joan).

They created BAGGU with the goal “to make it affordable to switch from disposable to reusable shopping bags” and to make a bag that fit in the purse for unexpected errands, in other words, to make a beautifully designed reusable bag which can replace the use of 300 to 700 disposable bags.

In this, spring collection, they made a step forward and introduced more prints, so here they are - BAGGU animals <3

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“To create my piece I initially researched and collected images & information on libraries, storytelling and literacy. Wanting to combine these in a simple way, I chose to focus on a storytelling circle with the children holding books containing the word ‘vote’ each with the upper & lowercase letters showing visually that storytelling aids literacy.” - Louise Norman for Vote Libraries.


My hobbit!Nalu tote bag has finally arrived!! The quality is amazing and to make things better, it’s double-sided! The size of the bag is perfect for me. Thank you so much blanania for redrawing this!! I am beyond happy.

Tote BagThrow Pillow

Hey guys~ So my boyfriend loves to draw and create art. He has put some of his work up on Society6 for sale, in hopes of making some extra income and maybe one day being able to do this full time!
He has been feeling a little discouraged lately, but I want him to keep going! Tomorrow is his birthday, and I know it would make his day perfect if by some chance he was able to make his first sale. ~ So if you guys like his stuff, please check it out and maybe share this post so more people can see? n_n
Thanks so much! <3

CCK clothing line news💕💫 I realized that with the summer coming soon I can wait a bit for Twinkle chan bunny to be released and printed on sweaters~! I am willing to have goodies soon featuring him anyway for this season♥ In the meanwhile I also made a new design I was really wanting to do since ages, as she is the CCK’s mascot since basically the beginning of Cute Can Kill! Our magical Dreamy Pegasus will be featured on these white large shopper bags in heavy cotton! These cuties will be printed this month along with new t-shirts featuring a modified version of it, for a super dreamy set! ♡♡♡
Please keep an eye open as I will post more previews and stock photos! Also, I am finally making Dreamy Crystal Pegasus necklaces preorders a real thing, after ages! ♡ Stay tuned for more exciting news!