Chino Moreno on why he loves Interpol’s ‘Turn On The Bright Lights


NYC. 2013.

Aaron Dessner (The National): We were aware when that Interpol EP came out with “NYC” on it. And everybody shit their pants. It was intimidating, it was actually just so inspiring. - Meet me in the Bathroom by Lizzy Goodman


***ice cubes***

SHIT fuck I forgot to even post this all week but if ANYONE would like a ticket to the NYC Interpol show where they are not only playing TOTBL in full but Deerhunter is opening too…..Well as expected I can’t go so I’m selling it for face value before fees (75). I will likely need to mail it to you as well! SO please hit me up if you are interested I would be so sad if this went to waste!

I think Minecraft: Story Mode is getting a second season because Telltale is trying to expand to wider audiences, something they can’t do very well with TOTBL or TWAU. Not that those aren’t good games; they’re great games, and deserve more attention. I really do hope that they can get new seasons too.

Not to mention that mcsm really isn’t the horrible cringefest that everyone makes it out to be with all the “mInEcRaFt CrInGe” bullshit. Yes, it needs improving, but having played it myself, it’s actually a really fun and enjoyable experience that me and my sis had far too much fun with. I feel like a lot more people would like it so as long as they gave it a chance.