New Pedal! Totally Ruined Circuits Mouthbreather Fuzz Boost. I just got this awesome pedal, with customized (vintage) Godzilla art. This is a really cool pedal. With the fuzz selected alone, you get classic fuzz range, from hairy grind on the low end to full on spitting and sputtering on the high end.

What really makes this pedal great IMHO is the boost side. One of the issues with even great fuzz pedals is that they can become almost unusuable when played into an already overdriven amp. No problem here, just kick on the boost and instead of an overall volume boost you get a boost of just the right frequencies to make this pedal play nice with a distorted amp. It’s so perfect that you wonder why every fuzz pedal doesn’t have this feature.

The pedal is all hand painted. The wiring is neat and clean. Even the box is cool. Thanks totallyruinedcircuits