5 things I like about myself

1. I like my ethnicity, I’m Dominican and black which is kind of fun to think about.

2. I got my dreads I’m the 4th grade and now there pink (temporary and only on the tips)

3. I like my personality I guess. I’m quite funny and friendly. And crazy because I just am I dont understand. Well I do but whateverrr, and I like my friends and the people I want to make friends with.

4. I like how my interests are like online gaming and YouTube and makeup I guess.

5. My love for ice cream and jolly ranchers and cake and water. Lol bye Im such an idiot.

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Photos that I will definitely keep of the boys:

-with children
-major event
-cute photos w/ other fans (so I can put my face in it..duh?!)

magcon ending? (Opinion)

Like srsly guys I have a massive feeling magcon is going to end soon. Everything is just going to shatter like a broken window glass window.
-Shawn is going on tour with Austin Mahone,
-Cam&Nash are auditioning for a tv show,
-Taylor is realising a new song,
-Matt&Carter are joining the CyberStar tour,
-Matt is going to host the teen choice award,
-Aaron is supposedly quitting magcon (not sure if it was an April fools joke or not),
-the Jack’s or going to college.
Like I haven’t even met them yet and this is happening. This is tragedy. I am really proud of the boys, like don’t get me wrong but I just want magcon to stay the way it is. I would hate the fact that they would all leave.
The quote: “Magcon is life” really does apply. I feel like my whole world is crashing down on me if this is going to happen in the future. Ugh FANGIRL PROBLEMS HERE.
And my tumblr blog will mean nothing at all.
This breaks me so bad. I’m actually sobbing right now, this is how bad I feel about this.
Well comment below and I want to see what you guys think about this?
//remember this is just my personal opinion on what might happen, I’m have that gut feeling you know// xx


Thank you guys so much for 4k, honestly this is mindblowing! Thanks to everyone who supported me and I hope that you will continue following my blog (: xx
This edit took me 3 days, do you like it or nah?
I was planning on doing a follow forever, but those take ages to make so I decided to do this instead.
Please feel free to request for I feel like doing edits and stuff.