Interested in Sheridan Le Fanu’s version of Carmilla? Check out the audio book, and see why we fell so hard for this classic piece of Gothic literature.

And it’s only 3 hours to take in the whole novella!

  • Taurus:You take care of my meals...
  • Taurus:You keep me healthy...
  • Taurus:You fulfil my needs...
  • Taurus:You understand my emotions...
  • Taurus:You're so kind...
  • Taurus:You're so caring...
  • Taurus:...
  • Cancer:*slap* I'm
  • Cancer:*slap* your
  • Cancer:*slap* WIFE!

A transcript of all the Dianite/Jordan/Mot interactions from the latest stream because I felt like I needed one

<Spirit_Dianite> Speaking of the purge… someone seems to be winning a lot… perhaps he’s using nefarious means

<CaptainSparklez> wouldn’t surprise me sir

<Spirit_Dianite> perhaps you should ask my sister to even the odds… Oh wait she’s failing. Hmmm suppose then it falls to me to even the odds next time, if you wish.

<CaptainSparklez> I’d be down

<Spirit_Dianite> consider it done

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if my name were mark i’d be the ruler of puns i mean look at all the things i could do

  • dress up as punctuation for halloween like just wear a white shirt with a giant ? on it and when people ask i’ll go i’m a question MARK GET IT GET IT
  • omg i’d find another mark and we can go as QUOTATION MARKS
  • my partner would have so much fun with the phrase “on your mark, get set, go!” winkwink
  • you know how some people have puppies or landscapes for the background for their bank checks i’d just have a picture of a checkmark
  • this
  • i’d trip and fall every time i see a sale sign because MARK DOWN
  • yeah but the spoof i can do of dumb and dumber but mark and marker
  • me in a corridor: hallmark
  • me in a bear’s abode: denmark
  • my finger on a page: bookmark
  • me watching a movie: cinemark
  • me with a boner: markup