Sherlock Trivia Quiz

1. The quote, “That thing you did…with the… Uh, yeah, that was good,” is in direct response to:

a. John agreeing to go down with Sherlock at the pool
b. John agreeing to go down on Sherlock at the pool
c. John having gone down on Sherlock at the pool
d. John suggesting he go down on Sherlock at the pool

2. Mycroft says, “Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on!” when:

a. He finds Sherlock and John at Buckingham Palace
b. He finds Sherlock on John at Buckingham Palace
c. He finds Sherlock under John at Buckingham Palace
d. He finds Sherlock in John at Buckingham Palace

3. Sherlock says “Don’t you want me on the floor, too?” when:

a. The American CIA agent orders everyone to lie on the floor
b. The American CIA agent orders everyone to get laid on the floor
c. The American CIA agent orders Sherlock to flirt with him
d. The American CIA agent orders a ham and cheese sandwich



anonymous asked:

could you write about what the boys would be like on your wedding night??

luke seems like he would be pretty cheesy and romantic but i think he would also be pretty smooth? like he would take you to this really small beach that was only a short drive from where you got married, and he’d want to do the whole carrying you through the doorway and he would call you by your married name basically the entire time after the wedding, but once he carried you into the bedroom he’d either be really cute or smooth, depending on what you wanted to do. he’d totally be up for cuddling & talking about everything that has happened, but on the other side he’d probably already be horny from thinking about finally being alone with you so he’d be up for whatever (also he seems like the type to pick up a sexy outfit for your wedding night)

calum seems like he would be totally smooth and sexy, the type to spend like the entire night making love, but he would be the dorky one. first of all, when you were dancing at your wedding he would keep whispering the really bad pickup lines in your ear (”i’m a zombie, can i eat you out”) and once you got to your honeymoon spot (a rly fancy hotel in a pretty big city) he would give you his wedding present - a “sexy” dance to some of his favorite r&b tracks. of course, it wouldn’t really go according to plan so by the end of it you were dancing with him in a contest to see who could come up with the weirdest dance move. this would result in his playlist repeating multiple times and no real winner was ever established, although a loser was established: the bellboy who brought up some champagne and saw the middle of your competition. after that you’d collapse on the bed, laughing, and talk for a little while, and during a moment calum would comment, “hey, we haven’t even had sex yet” to which you would roll your eyes and reply, “go for it, playboy.”

ashton would make sure to have a super romantic night planned out, starting with your favorite dinner served outside since you had to leave your wedding pretty early to catch your plane. he would take you to a private resort on the island with your favorite flowers everywhere and the perfect summer breeze. after eating dinner, you’d go for a walk on the beach which doubled as a photoshoot (“you look so beautiful i need as many pictures of this night as i can”) and probably a lot of reminiscing about your relationship. the two of you would end up walking too far, so on the way back you’d start complaining and ashton would let you get on his back so you could get back to the house quicker. once you were there he would probably wait for you to initiate things so he could follow your lead, but no matter what you did there would be a lot of “you look so beautiful”s and “i love you”s

michael would have this entire adventure planned which would involve a SUPER long plane ride, which would be pretty uncomfortable since you were both in your wedding outfits still. of course, it wouldn’t be a dull flight because michael had so much to talk about; he was still nervous from the wedding which lead to quite a lot of talking, but luckily you had just as much to say. you made sure to tell him that he & the boys did a fantastic job on their acoustic performance, although he would counter that you looked even more fantastic after you smiled and thanked him he would ask him if you wanted to join the mile high club with him, but that obviously wouldn’t work. once your plane landed and you were outside the airport, you would realize that you were in the center of tokyo, which was where you joined him on tour for the first time. you’d thank him profusely on the way to the hotel, and he would assure you that it was fine and could make it up to him when you got there (“not that you have anything to make up for”)(”i mean you did marry me that’s pretty neat”)(”i just have lots of ideas”)