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2008 Nissan Frontier NISMO Edition 2″s of Lift

Check out this TGC Customer’s ride with 2″ Nisstec Coilovers, total Chaos Control Arms, Old Man Emu Dakar Leaf Springs, OME Rear Greasable Shackles, and Bilsteins 5100′s all around.  We kept it clean and simple with this build.

TGC Suspension Systems™
P: (865) 681-3008

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What would Beastie's, tln!Killua's and tln!Gon's song choice for their ringtone? And if they had an alarm on their phone to wake them in the morning what songs would they choose?

tln!Gon has the classic iPhone ringtone “Marimba”. But sometimes YuKil, being the little jerks they are, conspire to change his ringtone; one of them distract him while the other set his ringtone to something ridiculous like the Kim Possible theme song “Call me, Beep me”, or “Hey how you doin’ lil’ mama let me whisper in ya ear”, or the “JOHN CENAAA” audio meme. You occasionally hear Gon yelling in the suite, “OKAY WHICH ONE OF YOU DID THIS???”

As for YuKil, his phone is almost always on silent and vibrate mode, but he has the awesome opening of “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi set for Yuki because it reminds him or her. She absolutely loves having “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy as her ringtone because she can have a little dance before answering her phone.

Ayy, I got photoshop, now I can make my own (shitty) edits again and not feel completely useless here 😂👐