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What if Batb 2017 characters accidentally went though a time portal to modern times to find that the castle is now full of tourists?

but also, wouldn’t they ????:

  • meet belle and adam’s descendants, whoever the fuck they are
  • notice that the tour guide is an unusually exuberant fellow with a thick Parisian accent and expressive hands
  • introduce themselves to the gift shop proprietor, an older gentleman who thinks this batch of tourists is all dressed highly irregularly
  • almost trip over a little boy who’s so pumped to be visiting this castle. he heard a local legend about a monster who lived here, but his mother tells him that it can’t possibly be true
  • pretend not to see that the first tour guide is totally in love with the second tour guide. they’re literally abandoned halfway through the tour because two somebodies disappear into a closet
  • there’s an asshole tourist in the group who is aggressively going after belle, but he seems to fall off about the time they’re going over one of the bridges, so they never see him again
  • somebody’s opened a restaurant down in the village to feed the tourists. the angry genius behind the bar insists he could make masterpieces, but these ignorant lizards only ever want french fries
  • the man at the coat check compliments chapeau on his excellent taste, and they have a fascinating conversation about fashion standards. or at least, i mean, the coat check man nods significantly, and chapeau nods back, and that does the trick for both of them.
  • there are two buskers singing and playing on a little electronic keyboard outside the castle, and cadenza tips them generously
  • lefou and stanley aren’t at this. as soon as they realized they were in modern times they ran off to join Parisian pride week, so i don’t know what to tell you

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would it be okay to reference/copy your art style for the different art styles meme thingy?

Yeah that’s totally fine, I actually love seeing those

genji knowing that mccree and hanzo are totally head over heels in love with each other and agreeing to wingman for them but SEPERATELY bc he wants them to be happy but at the same time seeing them bumble through trying to flirt with each other is way too funny to pass up

“sorry jesse, hanzo doesn’t really talk to me about these things, i don’t know how he feels about you” “sorry aniki, jesse tends to go quiet when i ask, i have no idea if he likes you or not”

he only admits to the charade during his speech at their wedding and hanzo very, very briefly considers going back to the castle and getting his sword out again (in the end he admits it’s funny but only because he was already in the best mood he’d ever been in)

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do u have any suggestions for comics/graphics novels series that have buck+Nat bc I love them together so much and want to read them but I'm not sure where to start and ps I luv u and foobs xx

I’m not necessarily the right person to ask about where to start, because I’m relatively new to comics read everything super out of order. HOWEVER, Nat and Bucky have a really sweet subplot in the 2016-17 Black Widow (In general it’s AMAZING, and, along with Phil Noto’s Black Widow, is totally why I’m IN LOVE with Nat. Also the art is SICK, as usual, because it’s Chris Samnee!!!!) 

I know I have a lot of very knowledgeable Buckynat followers, so everyone feel free to make recs!

Hoping the J/D leaks are fake.

I have been reading a lot of Jonsa posts which I am totally loving. I also have read a number of concerned posts about the leaks about Jon and D having sex in one of the last episodes of S7. The leaks may very well be true but I am hoping that the leaks are fake. If the leaks are not fake, I am having a hard time understanding why D&D would write this. 

I think that the reveal that Jon is Rhaegar’s son will devastate him and rock him to his core. On top of finding out about his true parentage, he will also realize that he had sex with his aunt if the leaks are real. 

I am very concerned about the emotional impact that this reveal will have on Jon. I am a Jon fan and I think that this would be terrible for him.  I may be wrong but in the North aunts don’t sleep with their nephews or marry them. If I am wrong about this, would someone please let me know? 

Jon is culturally a Northerner and identifies as a Stark. He was not raised to believe that an aunt/nephew marriage or relationship is acceptable. I also think that he is struggling mightily with his sexual/romantic feelings for Sansa which he believes a brother should not have for his sister. Jon could never be okay with having sex with his aunt. Just as he won’t never act on his feelings for his sister. Jon is an honorable man. 

If D&D have indeed written that Jon has sex with her, IMO I think that it is cruel of them. I can’t see how Jon could recover from the emotional devastation of sleeping with his aunt. I think that it could have the potential to destroy Jon. This is the only reason why I am hoping that the leaks are fake ones that D&D wrote to throw people off.

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Alya headcanons?

:D In case anyone managed to miss it, Alya is my favorite character. 

  • She is bi as hell. She is frequently overwhelmed by just how attractive everyone is. Boys, girls, nbs, everyone. Too many pretty people to be restricted to just one type. 
  • She is also poly. At first she struggled with the fact that she liked Nino but was also totally in love with Marinette and also had a secret bit of a crush on Adrien and even thought Chloe would be great to date if she grew up a little. But eventually she just realized that she has a lot of love to give. Her partners understand that and she loves them even more for it. 
  • She tends to get hyperfocused on things and isn’t very good at multitasking. 
  • She loves superheros because she loves the idea of having power and using it for good. She hates when people misuse power more than anything. It is one of her big issues with Chloe. 
  • She hates the cold. She grew up on a tropical island! Paris is way too cold in the winter for her liking. 
  • She loves to swim at the beach. Not only does she know that she looks damn good in a bikini, she finds the water comforting. 
  • When she first moved to Paris, she was kind of overwhelmed. She had lived her life before that in a much smaller city and now she was suddenly moving to one of the biggest cities in the world. And people were so much less friendly than she was used to. That was why she fell so hard when Marinette gave her that macaron to share. 
  • She encourages Marinette to go after Adrien so much because she just can’t imagine anyone not being totally in love with Marinette so she is sure he likes her back. She just desperately wants Marinette to be happy. And Adrien is one of the few people who she thinks is worthy of her, so she is going to get them together if it’s the last thing she does. Who cares about her own feelings as long as Marinette is happy?
  • She loves Ladybug and focuses most of her attention on her, but she also really likes Chat Noir. She is a huge Ladynoir shipper but she also wants both of them to kiss her. One hero for each cheek. She daydreams about it a lot. 
  • She loves her family a lot and they are very open about everything. She tells her mom everything. Her mom knows about her complicated feelings for Marinette and how desperately she wants to help the superheroes. She worries about her daughter and she tries to give the best advice she can but she knows she has to give her space to figure it out herself. 
  • Alya depends too much on the miraculous cure, and that is why she always puts herself in danger. People worry that she is going to get hurt in a way that the miraculous cure won’t fix. She tries to be more careful for their sakes, but she has complete faith in Ladybug. 

I am totally falling in love with this songwriter au, just imagining them making songs specifically for you just HSDJKFAH It’s might be very long since I can totally imagine being best friends with Daehwi! 

I hope you guys enjoy!! 

Originally posted by 3hwi

  • so you joined BNM mainly because you were a youngster who had decent singing but had these outstanding skills for coming up with a beat! 
  • so once you join bnm you meet the bnm boys who greet you warmly. 
  • you get close to each of them and they help you improve in each category. 
  • youngmin teaching you his rap skills and how to write raps. 
  • woojin teaching you how to dance better. 
  • donghyun teaching you how to play the guitar (you only really knew how to play the piano,) 
  • you get especially close to daehwi though. you guys become known as inseparable. 
  • you mostly got close to him because one time you caught him listening to one of the tracks you made and overheard him making lyrics to the track. you walked in like 
  • “you like my sick beats?” 
  • which would catch him of guard of course, giving him a heart attack. 
  • “you scared me y/n jeez.” 
  • this would make you laugh in response because daehwi’s reaction was really cute. 
  • “I like the lyrics you made for my tune though. I’m not that great at writing lyrics yet.”

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Eliza rolling her eyes, Bob and Eliza tag-team deflecting the "radio" thing away from blarke, and Bob talking up Bell's relationships to Raven and Echo this season instead of Clarke TOTALLY means they love blarke now!

not to mention at the last con eliza literally said “i hope it doesnt happen” when asked

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Hey! IDK if you're into them, but Thomas Sanders, Dodie Clark, and Ben J. Pierce did a cover of Waving Through a Window and it is SO. GOOD. I would totally recommend it.

I love thomas and dodie!! I’ll have to listen to it!!

To the anon concerned about reposting, 

While I appreciate the sentiment, I took a look at what you were concerned about and it isn’t a repost but their own parody of my comic they made themselves! I am totally supportive of this and love seeing people have fun adapting it to relate to the things they love! I wanted to clear up this confusion without drawing attention to who you indicated, especially since they don’t seem like the kind of person to repost art.

Take care!


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Dear Mais, I just loved how Queenie questioned Omkara today! Love her dialogues these days. Waiting for your episodic analysis. On the other hand, I'm so glad that she didn't hang around with Bhavya and Anika in their detective mission. Bhavya's dialogue delivery is like the cops in the seventies. Poor Anika has to bear her alone now. Though I'm still low key hoping that Anika-Gauri turn out to be sisters. What about you?

OH MY GOD!! Like it was SOOOOOOO easy to fast forward the episode yesterday ya know? I was all, “Annika..tujhe hi ye Anda mubarak ho!” I can sit through individual Annika scenes and can totally love her scenes with Queenie but put her with ACP Anda and the skip becomes by default a skip one for me. Between Annika and Gauri, I’d happily have Annika deal with ACP Anda.

Honestly, I’d LOVE to see Annika-Gauri as sisters! I’d love for Gauri to be Annika’s Chutki. They already have a very sisterly bond with each other and you can just imagine how Chandu and Shrenu would nail the emotions of that moment when these sisters reunite. My personal wish is to have a scene where Annika finds out that Gauri is her Chutki but Gauri is blissfully unaware of her past with Annika. Like imagine Gauri hurting herself a little in the kitchen and Annika rushes there when she sees it and hugs Gauri and asks her with tears running down her eyes, “Tu theek hai na? Tujhe kuch hua toh nahin? Kaise rahi thi tu itne saal? Mujhe maaf karde!” And Gauri stands there, stunned not having any idea why Bhaujai is being so emotional over one little prick of her finger. Honestly I wouldn’t mind some MAJOR angsty wala track for these sisters where Annika is DYING to tell everything to Gauri about their past but Gauri has confessed that her life started when her parents adopted her in Bareilly. “Usse pehle ki zindagi ke baare mein humein kuch yaad nahin aur na hi yaad karna chahte hain..” Like..I wouldn’t mind these sisters having a good proper reuniting track.

BUT JUST THESE TWO!! If ACP Anda is also somehow their sister that I wouldn’t want Gauri to be anyone related to them. Mujhe ye zabardasti ka triangle nahin chaiye. Annika can have Bhavya as her Chutki (which doesn’t make sense cuz Bhavya ke past mein she also lost a little sister) I’m sure GulNeet will come up with some random track to make them work. It just SUCKS that we have to YET AGAIN sacrifice a bond which otherwise would’ve been SO much fun to watch because of ACP Anda’s zabardasti ka involvement in it.

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I now have Strip That Down For Me stuck in my head bc I can't read a fic like that without the song. I totally blame you but totally love you too

i’d literally heard it like twice up until last night and i honestly really liked it even though it’s so not me?