im gonna go see deadpool on wednesday and im p exited so!! have some dadpool picking up Ellie from school

he always wear ridiculous incredible fashion like this to embarass her but she doesn’t care, like, at all

i dig seeing people be critical about things they like. i mean. what’s the point of loving something if you love it unconditionally + see it as perfect?? idolization is so uncomfortable like listen pls dont be afraid to think and analyze and understand content! part of enjoying content is what you bring to it. bring your experiences and interests to the table. comparing, contrasting, and questioning is part of appreciating media. thank u, goodnight.

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“whoa, be careful!” he hadn’t really meant to swing so hard — who the hell practiced baseball by themselves anyway? people’s whose best friends happen to be busy? — but he should probably count his lucky stars that the ball just barely missed her head. “uh. sorry about that!”

Miraculous AU

ok guys but listen to this

In “Stormy Weather” it said that the two girls Aurore and Mireille were chosen by votes by the viewers of the show

so that got me thinking

what if there were competing in games? Like a reality tv show??

What if this was like Big Brother or Total Drama, where a bunch of kids got put into a bunch of WEATHER THEMED GAMES to try and win over the audience??Then the audience would get to vote out the losing contestant of that week’s game?

What if Aurore was that really big shot kid who had a big ego and always thought she had the upper hand, and then Mireille being that cutie pie that makes the audience cry whenever she talks about her life??

then like

Aurore is so confident in herself that she’ll win the final vote, and she’s so flabbergasted when she sees that all of her hard work was completely wasted?? Mireille being genuinely surprised that the audience even voted for her??? 

Like this is my best AU idea i’ve ever had and im just GUSHING OVER IT

{ Continued from X with @neverwinterforgottenhero }

How the gods ever made elven women so beautiful when they were angry, Pharaun would never know. They were so much more alive like this, something more real than any sort of faked civility.

As always his smug little smile bloomed into a beam of triumph. Winning this game felt so good, and he’d only just begun.

“What other kind is there, sun elf? Love? Compassion?” The wizard chuckled as if to a child. “Surely you know better than that. Such a delusional sort of hope will get you killed. At least down there. And am I not but a product of my environment, so beautifully crafted as to be precisely and exactly as I need to be?” His grin become much more threatening then, despite his tiny stature, those ruby eyes held a darkness to them.

Despite all his charm and sociability, Pharaun was indeed, still very much a drow. Though he’d been spending more time on the surface - for he hadn’t any place he truly belonged anymore - that darkness would ever linger.

“Perhaps you wish to show me such a thing? Touched by your pity though I am, I rather doubt I will ever succumb to or wish to understand such a weakness as love.” A lie. Pharaun had loved one other than himself; his son. But he pushed that feeling as far away as possible.

“Show me then, devotee of Lathander, what can your god do?”