I somehow just realized that bitty has probably been tweeting about Whiskey and Tango all this time?! Like, when we finally see his twitter we will get so much new info about the tadpoles omg. Think about how much of what we know about nursey and dex came from his twitter rather than the comics. 

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Pretty please ? “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

And for the anon who wrote: “Can you write Malec and 44 or 32? Thaaaaanks <3″ (I’m answering your ask with 44 at a later date ;) )

I’m sorry this is so late (it’s 3am here now), I was watching Criminal Minds and got a bit caught up in an episode sooo (a)

Here it is though, I hope you like it!

(On a small side-note: For people sending in prompts that aren’t part of the number prompts, I just wanted to say that I will be writing them, but I’m finishing the numbers-series first s don’t be discouraged if your prompt isn’t answered directly. I’ll write it, it just might take be a little while)

32. I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified

Alec looked up from where he was helping Max study runes when the distinct sound of a portal opening up in front of the couch they were sitting on was heard. He could barely keep his mouth closed as a very familiar warlock stepped through it, looking even more amazing than usual. It really wasn’t fair. Alec had deliberately tried to avoid the warlock for the past couple of weeks, ever since he’d come to terms with his feelings towards the man, but him coming to the institute more often than ever really wasn’t making things easier for him.

Magnus smiled as he recognized the two brothers.

“Hello, Alexander” he said, looking Alec in the eyes with those gorgeous captivating eyes of his. Alec hated him. “Oh! And hello to you, little shadowhunter” he turned to Max and bent down to get at the younger’s level on the couch and reaching his hand out. “My name is Magnus, and just who might this handsome nephilim be?” he said in that unreasonably perfect voice of his. Alec hated him so much.

Max just stared at the warlock in amazement and Alec nudged him to get him back down to earth. Not that he could blame his little brother, Alec had found himself staring at Magnus more times than he’d like to admit. The warlock just had this… otherworldly presence about him, he was just so… magical. It wasn’t fair to expect any sane creature to be in the same room as the man and not get lost in staring at him, it really wasn’t. By the angel, how Alec hated him.

Max finally shook himself out of his trance and reached out to take Magnus’ hand with a smile.

“I’m Max Lightwood. Pleasure to meet you” he said, then seemed to go over what the warlock said and frowned a little. “And I’m not little” he added with a stern nod. Magnus gave a laugh and stood back up.

“My apologies, young mister Lightwood, I didn’t mean to offend” he said with a wink to the younger boy, who blushed furiously. Alec could relate. Especially as Magnus then turned his attention back to the older shadowhunter, giving him a warm smile and looking him in the eyes as he continued:

“I need to get going, I have a meeting, but it was very nice to see you”. Alec wasn’t sure if the you was directed at both him and Max or just him alone, but it made him blush regardless.

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Old King Loki is so much fun

Do you mean the Bazooka for fishing? Or the times he totally Loki’d himself? Like all the time? Or him just chillin like a villain? ;D