A couple of my favourite bullet journal spreads that I’ve made in the past couple of months. I was really anxious this week because of school and my bullet journal has been great at calming me down. I’m so glad I started one.
Also, I hit 2.5k on my studygram so thank you for that ♡

Beautiful Girl by Hedley ≫ I totally forgot how much I love Hedley songs!
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Connor McDavid #14

Requested by Anon:  Can you please do a connor mcdavid drabble based on the song “fall to pieces by avril? Happy ending plaese? Thank youu !

*I haven’t listened to this song in years, I totally forgot how much I loved it. Anyway, prepare for cutesy angsty whatever… this was heavy to write. I was very emotional. :)) Enjoy!*

Word count: 993

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“Do you regret me?”

It came out as a very soft whisper that if something else was making a noise in the room, he probably wouldn’t have heard it. You looked up to see Connor sitting in the corner all the way on the other side of your bedroom, head resting on his knees, arms embracing his legs, and his shoulders were shaking. Seeing him so devastated, so helpless, made you cry even more, your tears blurring your vision.

You sat on his side of the bad, wiping your wet cheeks with the back of your hand, “Con?” you bit your lower lip to stop the next batch of tears from falling.

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