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I got tagged by yunalesca, thanks mom c:

Title of the first song is how you die: Prepare Your Weapon - Escape The Fate
The second song is how you describe your love life: Scream - Avenged Sevenfold
The third song plays at your wedding: Million Dollar Bills - Lorde
Add “in my pants” to the fourth song: Menace In My Pants - Crown The Empire
The song that plays at your funeral: Epiphany - The Word Alive
Your theme song: Ambitionary - The Word Alive
The song that comes on when you think about something you love: Numb - Linkin Park
Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver”: The Unfaithful With a Shovel and a Screwdriver - Memphis May Fire
The song that describes your week: Bangarang - Skrillex feat. Sirah
Song that plays when you miss someone: Talk That Talk - Rihanna

I tag caerberus, noctis-ouji, lockuhart, seifers, filthymitts and anyone who wants to do this [like srsly pls do this it’s hilarious]

In the misty morning Alabama rain
The rivers of my mind try to drown that endless pain
And echos of my broken heart are driving me insane
As an Alabama tear drops amongst the lonely raindrops in a misty morning Alabama rain
In a misty morning Alabama rain

Greg Shirley - “Alabama Rain”

Day 199 of 365 Day Song Challenge: A song that mentions rain.

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anonymous asked:

When I thought you couldn't be any cooler, you say you listen to Weezer omg :D

Aww, thanks bro :) I’m so not cool, but then I’m also totally cool, you know? I remember listening to Weezer back in school, so like, mid 90s. That sounds right, right? Yes, I am old as fuck, I was in secondary (high) school in the 90s. I remember having such a thing for Rivers when I was about 16. I mean, he always looked like someones dad, but he was so fucking cute. He’s kinda still so cute. He’s probably actually someones dad now. I forgot how much I loved his voice until I heard the song they did for Cars 2. I just got Spotify so I’ve been catching up :)