Just close your eyes, the sun is going down
You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now
Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound

Please no shipping. :T

yall: okay im glad two of the leads are poc but riverdale still needs more diversity!!!!

yall when reggie or josie comes onscreen:

These BRIT gifs look like Liam got a trophy for jabbing Simon in the side of his head with a big pointy fork. Totally deserves the trophy for that as it has been my dream for years.

That moment when your friend is weaker than you after you trained for so long and so hard and you totally deserve more followers and your art is 10/10 and @occasionally-wooper’s mod is very grateful for you helping her name the shiny wooper Quinn but you try not to be too harsh to your weak friend but your friend is just…weak.

You ever had those moments? Yeah. Me neither. (Thanks, seriously, for the name!)

not a problem! i just thought it fit well. ( the wording here is a bit difficult to understand the first time through but after rereading it cleared up! i suggest commas instead of repeating “and” through a sentence to help clear it up plus transition words such as “also,”! sorry if i seem a bit nitpicky i’m a constant writer and plan to get a degree in creative writing later on in life so i’ve conditioned myself write more strictly. )

If you ever feel sad just think about the fact that Alec Lightwood canonically wakes up every morning to the love of his life and his beautiful cat eyes, with the softest smile and probably the most adorable bed hair, and they probably have a few moments of peace and gentle morning kisses before a hurricane of blue and black hair comes running into their room and jumping up onto their bed. Just imagine our Alec Lightwood and our Magnus Bane, who both never thought they’d get to be here, wrapping their boys in a giant hug, pressing big kisses to the top of each of their heads and laughing softly, both still unable to believe that they got so damn lucky, that after all the heartache and pain they both went through, they finally got to have a love that felt like coming home, and they finally got to have a family…

okay but imagine a total stranger that you just screamed at yesterday and just lost a dance-off to dry humping the guy who promised to coach you begging him to be his coach?? of course you’d be pretty pissed off

and then he DOES go and coach the stranger you yelled at and you get there to chew him out for being a filthy coach-thief and drag YOUR coach back to YOUR rink to COACH you like he fucking PROMISED and the fucker leans over you like you’re a child and looks at you like this

i’d fucking hate yuuri too


endless list of favorite characters + Mary Stuart

“ I will let no one, not Elizabeth, not any usurper, take my country from me. Since I was a babe, I have been a Queen. Since a child, I have been alone on foreign soil. I know how to keep my life, my crown and I will. “

I never see enough positivity for het ace/aro people.

Cis het ace/aro people? So great and valid. I’m so happy they’re alive. I hope they find the best partner because they totally deserve it.

Trans het ace/aro people? So valid. So awesome and im so glad they exist. They deserve the best parners too.

Het ace/aro people are valid and so worthy of love.


A message to this unholy world:

I literally never saw a single fucking work of Fell Pap wearing those dominatrix outfit how could this even happen fuck this fuck that and fuck all the world I have been 1000% salty since the first day I com up with this question and now I am as salty as the entire fucking dead sea I totally don’t deserve this bullfuck excuse me and now the world is gonna pay for this fucky fucking fuck fuck fuc

- me, a person who is surely salty for never enough of crossdressing Paps

shonen heroes and how they deal with the enemies

naruto : even thought you’r evil and you killed millions. i’m not gonna kill you.instade i prepared a whole speech to make you good

luffy : even thought you made my friend’s life a living hell and you probably  will try to hurt us again . i won’t kill you

natsu : even thought you totally deserve to be dead. i won’t kill you . you’ll probably become a good person anyway

gintoki :








Art thou broken and shattered, precious dear?

You’re starved from soft touch. Lack of love, you reek.

Mother in wolf disguise beats you with fear;

Her mere hate soiled words, making you weak.


Art thou lonesome and detached, precious dear?

Acceptance is a game of hide and seek;

‘Tis not found by vision that’s crystal clear,

Nor by one who is entitled a freak.


Art thou damaged and abused, precious dear?

Do not allow yourself to salt your cheek.

Please, cry no more. The rate of pain will veer.

Your hands with cuts will fade within a week.


My love is sincere. Darling, please come here.

Strike the woman who struck you with a spear.

Destroy the demons she made you adhere.

Never allow people to make you tear.

And so she will no longer be your puppeteer.

Character aesthetics by Rebecca @ampora-evil-incorporated

Poem by Dheepthi Gnaneswaran @massive-times