I don’t know how to thank @steveaoki for everything he has done for Louis? Like? Louis is going through something that no one will ever be able to understand. He just performed his heart out for her. And he had Steve by his side who keeps pushing and supporting him. A man who dropped everything for Louis. And he just keeps showing his love for Louis. And. I just hope he realizes that we’re all so happy to be introduced to his heart, and this man. And he obviously has the biggest name in EDM right now, but we’re all ready to add to that total. Because he just deserves it so much. He has been supporting Louis in a way that we wish we could right now. And I’m so thankful for him.

A note of thanks

Thank you to those of you who continue to visit my tumblr. Your support, attention and trust in my posts and opinions has always been greatly appreciated (and somewhat baffling)!

While I am still very much a Hooligan, I chose to step away from being an active contributor in the fan community. As some may have noticed, original content (and eventually reblogged posts) had been tapering off over the past couple of years. Just as Bruno started 24K Magic promotions, I decided that it would be best to completely step out.

Blogging was something I enjoyed as a hobby, especially as it was my own way to promote Bruno’s outstanding work. However, there are other commitments in my life now that must take priority - and this is something I am very happy with! I’m sure this comes as no surprise but I thought it’d be fair to give this statement as an official sign off. I’ll pop in and out every so often but obviously I won’t be doing the same things as before. Thank you to you wonderful people who still check in and/or send messages. Sorry for not being able to continue!

I had a great time on here sharing my love of Bruno with you all. I am very proud of the blog I’ve built and cherish the memories we had together as a fanbase. The blog won’t be deleted, but everything will simply remain as it is. Think of it as perhaps a time capsule of the pre, during and post Unorthodox Jukebox era in Bruno Mars’ inevitably long and successful career.

Sincerely wishing you all the very best. Continue to respect the artist and above all else, each other. 


RhapsodyInColour xxx

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Is that Tamayo from Angelic Layer

Even if it isn’t I’m going to pretend that it is

Angelic Layer is excellent ok let me have this

In other news, surprising no-one, Fai and Kurogane are coming first. Closely followed by… the uh… the people. 

Hang on, the first one has to be someone from Hanshin but I don’t think Sorata made it into the finalllllll- OH IT’S SHOUGO ISN’T IT. DAMMIT SHOUGO. I forget if I know who’s driving the Snow White Go, but unless it’s Chu’nyan, Enjolras, or Oruha I refuse to be impressed. 

I would add Ryuou to the list but let’s be real his one is probably called FIGHT ME Go. Dragon Something Go? GO FIGHT A DRAGON GO. 



OH. OK. 


bookwyrmpendragon  asked:

The Doctor. Every version. Tell me how much you want to punch each one.

1. Moderate punches. He deserves them totally, but he also has Barbara to administer more.
2. Only one or two punches. Mostly for the recorder.
3. I in no way have it in my to beat him up but damn do I want to administer all the punches to this one.
4. Again deserves many punches, but has Romana to deliver. Moderate to high moderate.
5. He doesn’t deserve any punches though tbh he is always more fun when snarking at people who want to punch him. Maybe a few.
6. An onslaught for everything involving Peri, followed by a nice chat with hugs and chocolate cake.
7. A lot. He’s wonderful but awful. I feel like Ace would join in, too, because he deserves it. The guy means well and I agree with much of his choices but he goes too damn far.
8. Can I kiss rather than punch?
War. None. He gets enough.
9. Light punches. Particularly for ditching Jack. Heavier punches if we accept the premise of that unmade Pompeii episode.
10. Many. Many many.
11. As many as it takes for him to actually sit down and talk to Amy and River and understand and seek to comfort them for the trauma they’ve experienced.
12. One or two, but I feel like Clara’s mostly done the job.

…also deserves the total best, superb joy, for the 8th American of the day after, for example, Peter Solarz.
Untitled © Jane Haskal aka American Blue Velvet

canaalberonaisthefuckingbest  asked:

Naughty or nice with IwaTeru

Send me Naughty or Nice and a character(s) or ship and I’ll write you a wintery ficcie! 


“Ha!  Got you this time Oikawa you-”  Yuuji blinks and tries to shake the glitter out of his face.  “You’re not Oikawa.”

“Nope.”  Yuuji runs his hand through his hair and down his face and stares at the silver and blue glitter covering his hand when he pulls it away.  “But I have to admit being a little curious about what he did to warrant this kind of prank.”

“I am so sorry.”  The guy with the now empty bag of glitter bows deeply, face flushing pink and then red in the cool morning air when he looks up and sees the glitter still drifting through the air around Yuuji.  “Oikawa is my best friend and he’s kind of an asshole and apparently so am I seeing as how you’re not him and totally didn’t deserve that.  I am so sorry.”

He hesitantly reaches towards Yuuji and then freezes with a grimace when Yuuji sneezes and glitter flies into the air.

“Tell you what,” Yuuji says seriously and it’s hard to keep a straight face when the guy straightens his back and squares his shoulders like he’s about to go into battle or something.  “I was on my way to the store for something warm to drink.  Come with and buy me a drink and tell about your best friend and I’ll forgive you.  And I won’t seek revenge,” he adds with a grin as he wipes his glittery fingers on his scarf.

“I’m Iwaizumi,” the guy says with a sharp laugh.

“Terushima.”  The turn towards the store and Yuuji nudges Iwaizumi’s side.  “So, about this best friend of yours.”

Iwaizumi groans, face turning red once again, and starts his story.

“Okay.  So, Oikawa, in his infinite wisdom, decided that…”

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i always thought you guys were kinda harsh on TW and jeff davis, but after watching this season without dylan it's totally deserved, it's so so so bad. I used to love the show and this is how it ends? Jeff sucks.



Bakugou Katsuki for Emily  ♡

Happy Birthday @kurohiru !

people who still refer to gamzee like “omfgg g my prREC ious litTLE KAWAII BABY he S SO inNOCENT And NonE OF WHat HES DONE HA Sb een HIS FaULT CAUSE heD NEVer Hhurt anyONE”


That day Nagisa nearly died of blood loss and discovered he was Reisexual (aren’t we all?).

But I mean, Rei is hot with his glasses, but without:

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Damn son, it should be illegal to be that hot.


moodboard: the lion king for @princesshair 🦁

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If you ever feel sad just think about the fact that Alec Lightwood canonically wakes up every morning to the love of his life and his beautiful cat eyes, with the softest smile and probably the most adorable bed hair, and they probably have a few moments of peace and gentle morning kisses before a hurricane of blue and black hair comes running into their room and jumping up onto their bed. Just imagine our Alec Lightwood and our Magnus Bane, who both never thought they’d get to be here, wrapping their boys in a giant hug, pressing big kisses to the top of each of their heads and laughing softly, both still unable to believe that they got so damn lucky, that after all the heartache and pain they both went through, they finally got to have a love that felt like coming home, and they finally got to have a family…