PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Nikos @snowghoul / edit: Pete @tvoom

The photos Nikos and I usually take/post couldn’t be any more different, I guess. I always adored Nikos’ raw and gritty approach which of course also translates in his edits. And that is what I tried to maintain while finding my very own way. I wanted colour, because… well… Nikos usually makes black and white edits, but for me this photo screamed colour. And this whole experiment was not about trying to copy the other person’s style, but to find something different. Something they might not have had in mind, but that was still in the photo. I have to be very honest and say that I was “shocked” when I got Nikos’ RAW file. Because I seriously doubted that my skills are good enough to do this VERY abstract shot justice.
After playing around with it for about three times as long as I usually spend on my own captures, I think I found my personal approach. I had to punch these dirty, snotty, slimy greens. This… Alien blood? Suddenly my mind was filled with the thought of some alien creature being shot in a dark alley.
Or in a bar… A cantina… whatever… Han shot first.

PWS MAD - Pete

I selected this kind of photo not only because at the time I was kinda low on available material but also because I was curious. How could it look at the hands of a totally different photographer than me? When Pete decided to do it I was intrigued as to what approach he would follow. I suspected it would be in color and I was very happy with the result as it is indeed very different than my usual approach, which I did post some time ago. The alien blood impression is also what came into my mind when I saw his edit, before I even read the text. Thanks a lot Pete for your time and effort!

PWS MAD - Nikos

Hey so I’m a total amateur photographer. I’m fifteen from Wisconsin who is getting use to using my Nikon. I love taking portraits and of people doing things. I love this photo because of the contrast of the shadows and the color of the eyes. Thanks!

“It had been noticed that I was photogenic. It surprised no one more than me. Every feature I had been told was ‘too much’, especially my eyes and lips, even my ‘too-broad shoulders and big head’ suddenly were just right because the sum total of my parts photographed so well. They began taking countless photographs of me. I loved it! I was only sorry that the girls who looked down on me as Lucille LeSueur and Billie Cassin probably wouldn’t recognize me as Joan Crawford.

blackemptycanvas-deactivated201  asked:

I think that in art in general, and particularly in photography, technique (lenses, for example) is just a small part of the artistic act. So, when you take a picture, how many senses do you use (considering that five is just a small part of the total involved in the photographic act)?

I agree with you that technique as well as technology is only a part of the artistic act. Neither “better” technique nor better technology will makes you automatically a better photographer. They can help you to become a better photographer.
But I think it is an important or helpful part of the artistic act because it’s your tool. And especially lenses influence your photo a lot. For example if you have a wide angle lens you will have problems with macro shots, or you wouldn’t be happy with portraits because it distorts the proportions.

But even if you have all the equipment, technology, and technique you will still have to use your senses (as you called it so great in the ask). You still have to “see” a subject and to “feel” it. And it’s always fascinating how different we all see the things. I made photo walks with some photographers and the photos we took are very different. We saw different things. Some of us see forms and lines, shadow and light, details or the whole, an emotion and special mood or a scenery, the beauty of things or reality. So I think senses and technique goes hand in hand. But I also think a photographer who uses the senses and has the cheapest camera with no further equipment will still take more interesting photos than a photographer with the best equipment and technique but who doesn’t uses their senses.

anonymous asked:

Gotta ask, what was Iwan like? I've loved him since Misfits

Ahhh I love this question haha.

Okay, Iwan was amazing and wonderful. I never thought he would be like his character or anything because WOW that would be crazy. But he is even more charming, funny, and just nice than I expected.

When we were all waiting in the photo line, they had things set up kind of differently from the way I remember the arrangement from other cons. The photos didn’t take place behind a curtain so we could see it all. He took a moment to say hi to each person which in itself is something I haven’t seen from the other celebrities I have met at cons.

Then the staff did something sort of odd. There were Valyrian Pass holders (VIP) and regular pass holders in two separate lines. At other cons they usually clear out the VIP line first and then move over to the regular line. This just makes the most sense. It is one of the things you pay for with the VIP price, and the VIP line is usually shorter anyway. But what they had with Iwan was two totally separate backdrops and two photographers and they were making him alternate between the two setups–take a photo from the VIP line, then walk over and take one from the regular line. It had him constantly moving and posing and it made the lines go very slowly. But his smile didn’t waver and he stayed in a good mood. I just think that’s a testament to his personality because to give another example, one of the times I met Jon Bernthal he didn’t even remove his sunglasses for our photo… So Iwan is very patient and accommodating.

Also when it was my turn to have my photo taken I was a nervous wreck, as I always am when meeting any sort of famous person haha. I said, “Nice to meet you,” even though neither of us had introduced ourselves or said anything at all really. He just kind of laughed and said, “Nice to meet you too,” complimented my shirt (it was a cool, really colorful Westeros map), and shook my hand. He thanked me for coming and said have a nice day. Basically he didn’t flinch at my weirdness and made me feel more at ease.

Then when I went to have my photo signed there was no one in the line. So I had plenty of time to stand and chat with him–and I did :). He was really kind and easy to talk to. He commented on my name and how it is much easier to spell and pronounced than his haha. And he asked about the stuff I had seen and done so far at the con that day, where we were from (I was with my mom :P) etc.

Then at his Q & A panel he kind of saved the day again. Maybe this was just me but I felt like there were some lulls in the conversation and that the guy asking him questions (there was a girl and a guy) was a bit awkward. But he never missed a beat and was constantly cracking jokes and telling really funny stories.

When asked about what villains inspired his portrayal of Ramsay he mentioned Dennis the Menace which to me was one of the best moments of the con. And he was very humble and honest about having gone for the part of Jon and lost it to Kit. Made us all laugh when he talked about it and just seemed really normal and down to earth. I also remember him saying his dream role is Bilbo Baggins.

When it was the fans’ turns to ask questions of course one girl had to make it super awkward and she asked him if he had a girlfriend. When he said yes she asked him if he was free for dinner. It was so uncomfortable but the best part was that he was like extremely flustered, way more than I would have expected haha. He was SO RED and like turning away against the back of the couch laughing. It took him forever to even get it together enough to answer, which I thought was really adorable and hilarious, basically just showed that he was genuinely surprised and flattered and that being famous and having girls swoon over him hasn’t gone to his head or anything haha.

Anyway sorry this is such a long post but I really enjoyed meeting and listening to him so I had a lot to say. All in all I think he was a lovely person and the only person we enjoyed more was Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn), surprisingly enough. Thanks for the ask!

Kitten Rollcall

I promised I’d post something tasteful, so here’s something you could show your grandparents without them being scandalised and/or casually racist.
I want to introduce you to some Kittens.

This is Mogget. She is totally impossible to photograph for reasons science can’t explain. She made the kittens, it’s all her fault.
(A male cat may also have been involved at some point)

This is Zool. His nose is dirty. His hobbies include climbing everything, falling off everything, and climbing everything again.

He’s being adopted by my younger and hilariously more successful brother and his housemates, where he will have new and exciting things to climb and fall off of.

This is Gandalf. Her nose is also dirty. Her hobbies include being too fluffy, being even fluffier than that, and being the most adorable thing.

She’s the friendliest of the three, and likes getting attention and falling asleep on people.

This is Bilbo. His nose is clean and the camera is a bit out of focus. His hobbies include going on adventures, hiding, and being afraid of everything.

He was born several hours before his brother and sister, and that extra experience has taught him that the world is terrifying. He doesn’t like to be picked up, but enjoys belly rubs and noisy cat toys.

This is Pandora. She is not a kitten, but she insisted on showing off her fabulous outfit.


I couldn’t totally focus on photographing her (had to watch out for other people and animals) but I love how this one turned out!


🎉🎉🎉liftx huge haul🎉🎉🎉

Biggest haul so far. This total doesn’t include most of the miscellaneous items and any of the groceries. I am also missing a couple of thousand in clothes that I gave away to friends and family along with shoes and clothes that I have already worn. If you have any questions please ask!!! ☺️

Big Michael kors blue traveler - 200
Paige boyfriend jeans - 240
Michael kors cross body- 175
Michael kors blue purse- 100
Black guess dress- 125
Instax and extra film- 90
White French connection dress-120
Paige shorts- 99
Tinsel high waisted shorts-46
Free People white shorts- 55
William rats shorts-60
Striped sweater- 60
Black French connection dress- 160
Raviya swim cover - 40
Bb Dakota white jumper - 92
Guess watch - 120
Nike shorts- 30x2=60
Free people high waisted shorts-55
Gianni bini white shorts- 70
Express leather skort-65
Express button up- 65x2= 130
Blue button up swim cover- 55
Purple tank top- 54
Black and white dress- 55
Black fancy tank- 65
Grey American apparel dress-50
Bcbg black tank dress- 100
Black long sleeve dress- 118
Cerave sunscreen- 20
It’s a 10 deep conditioner- 27
It’s a 10 shampoo- 25
St Ives spray lotion - 7
Michael kors sweater- 100
Red jumper- 54
Cetaphil lotion-13
It’s a 10 hairspray- 22
Dove spray deodorant-6
Olay face wash- 9
Not your mothers dry shampoo and beachy waves -15
Alexander wang t - 120
Free people white tee-55
Michael kors white tee-35
Tan lady tank-53
Tooth tabs-5
Breathe of fresh air-22
Sweetie pie shower jelly- 12
Helmut Lang white tee-90
Black sandals-45
Sanctuary green pants - 129
Redken deep conditioner-25
Lorac foundation-33x2=66
Lorac unzipped- 42
Bare minerals lotion -28
Naked on the run-50
It’s a 10 silk-20
It’s a 10 styling- 20
Murade acne - 42
Michael kors wallet-120
Michael kors shirt- 90
Ambercrombie jeans- 5x50=250
Hollister jeans-40x3=120
Vitamin A swim top- 90
Trina Turk top and bottom - 162
Jessica Simpson top- 60
Michael kors top-74
Michael kors bottoms-67
Victoria secret top- 40
Hurley bottoms- 30
Michael kors dress- 175
Teal giani bini dress- 130
Michael kors jacket-300
Navy converse-45
Speedy slip ons-50
Black booties-45
Michael kors maxi dress-175
Black knee high Michael kors boot-200
Michael kors down jacket- 70
Rebel fleur perfume- 50
Pink sugar-50
Ping sugar hair spray- 20
Starbucks cup-15
Michael kors black real fur jacket- 500
Lulu lemon leggings- 110x3=330
Nike leggings-75x2=150
Calvin Klein leather jacket- 155
Michael kors rose gold watch- 300
Michael kors gold watch- 200
Prada sunglasses- 340

Also I totally forgot to photograph my 480 terani couture prom dress so I’ll probably add that when I get home which brings the total to $8,700

Total: $8,220

I think I’m in love 😍😍😍

How To Shade

Like this: >.>

…juuuuust kidding let’s see what this is…who are we shading today huh huh huh

[before you move on to shading though, make sure you erase the super sketchy lines of your drawing so that you know exactly where to shade. Sometimes I’ll erase entire areas and redraw with one thin line but that’s probably weird and just personal preference (I like to always start with a “clean slate”, gosh that’s cheesy). I used 2H for drawing, so the lines don’t really show up well, but it’s easy to erase] Pencils used for shading: HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B

Whobody’s eye is this, and why didn’t I finish shading that eyebrow holy crap

[shading the eye should take quite a while, since it becomes the focal point later on - our eyes tend to gravitate to the eyes in the drawing. It looks quite creepy until step 3, so don’t worry if it’s really strange at first! Important tips to remember: try to draw in a pupil even when you can’t see it in the reference picture; completely shading in the iris without a pupil will make it look flat and awkward. Having a highlight would be nice too! Also, the whites of the eyeballs usually are not completely white. The important thing is to observe all the shadows that fall on the eyeball, as well as the surrounding area, so don’t forget shading around the eye, because it contributes greatly to the portrait’s likeness.]

And the other eye just magically appears. After the eyes it’s the nose, then lips, then Taeyang magically appears to warn me on copyright thingies of his song (what is wrong with me)

[Don’t stress too much about the other eye! As long as your proportions are right, the corners of the eyes line up, and the size of the pupils are the same, you should be okay. Perfect symmetry is not usually the case; the shape of his eyes are slightly different. Shading the other eye with the same techniques will give you “uniform-looking” eyes. For the nose, I find it easier to locate and shade the nostrils first (lmao), then expand my shading from the tip of the nose, and also from the corners of the eyes downwards. From the reference picture, Yixing’s nose highlights are kind of strange, so take your time to make sure you’re shading the right places according to the reference, and not just what you think it should look like. For lips, it’s pretty much the same process. I draw the dark crease line first, then expand my shading out from it. So far, it seems that my routine is to shade the darkest parts first, then base the lighter shading off of it. Don’t do this if you’re painting, especially with watercolours - it will smudge badly! …But that’s a totally different thing…]

Mr. Photographer, Xing Xing is ready for his closeup (what the heck)

[He has a deep crease down the middle of his lower lip (I’m not a creepy fangirl), so draw that in first. Make sure to leave strips of lip out - don’t shade it, that will be the highlights. Don’t forget to make use of your many different types of pencils to achieve those lights and darks! There’s no need to be super meticulous about how many creases there should be, etc. Spending more time on it doesn’t mean that it will turn out better, because sometimes if you overdo things, it’s hard to go back! The highlights will never be the same…What’s also super important is the shading around his lips. It would be weird if you have a very well shaded pair of lips floating on top of a blank face. Yeah.]

The longer you stare at it, the weirder it looks. Don’t look…( I have 192348719234 wips at around this step because necks are so boring, right)

[Finishing the face is like 90% of the drawing done, but that also depends on your style and what you chose to include. Neck shading… it’s the same thing as shading the face. A thing that happens often is that people only shade in the darkest areas, and don’t do anything with the intermediate values (wow math). So remember, once again: you have a range of pencils, try to use them all to create a range of values instead of just a light and a dark. Yixing needs to be the epitome of fifty shades of grey] sorry

next step, hair :DD

-except that’s for another tutorial which I’ve already done! [Here!] I hope this helped!