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How would Maxson react to sole reading his stories he used to write when he was younger?

OH MY GOD. I’ve been waiting for this. My time has come. 

Optional but totally necessary photographic evidence that Elder Maxson was and probably still is a fucking dork. (also he used to say things like “see you later, aligator.” I heard it in a video and I nearly died) 

Sole is just flicking through his terminal, waiting for him to return to his room when they find it. 

They stare at it for a minute absolutely bewildered. They check the date and oh, this was from years ago. Then they realize and they fucking lose it. They cannot stop laughing.  Elder Maxson, universally feared and respected Brotherhood soldier used to write stories about teddy bears. It’s the cutest thing they’ve ever fucking seen. 

Maxson of course walks in and sees them smacking their hand on the desk and fucking howling with laughter and he’s bewildered “What are you laughing at?” When he goes over and sees what it is he turns so fucking red. Oh my god they found it. 

He naturally gets pissed and bitches at them for looking through his personal terminal but they can’t stop laughing long enough to reply and he’s just getting more and more embarrassed and angry. 

Then Sole stands up, puts both hands on his face and gives his cheeks a little pinch. “You are so fucking cute.” 

He’s horrified. He is not cute. He makes sure to tell them this. “I am not cute.” Sole can’t stop giggling, ignoring his disgruntled mumbling. “No you’re’re adorable.” 

“If you tell anyone-” 

“Never.” They promise and they mean it. It’ll be their little secret. He’s so distraught though. They’re supposed to think he’s tough not cute. He pouts for hours acting all surly and grumpy. It just makes Sole laugh even more. 

Then later that night when they’re in bed, half asleep, Sole leans over and whispers “Don’t fret Holly-golly” he groans and pushes them off the bed, burying his face in the pillow. 

He’s never going to live this down. 



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sometime in the future you should totally write abt artist gee!, photographer!frank or a teacher/student AU. super pumped for the new fic btw!

i love both those ideas oh mannnn. i definitely gotta do that. and thank you !!

My Parabatai came over this past Tuesday and helped me take a picture for @cassandraclare ’s ARC contest. I’ve been reading her books for nearly a decade and love all the characters so much.

My wonderful adorable dog, Angel, is dressed as Simon if you can’t tell, and we are reading The Clockwork Princess. The only series where I will whole-heartedly accept a love triangle. 💜💙💚

Angel was meant for this role as Simon too, because I named him after a certain vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He did very well, he was totally method during the photographs, and I only acquired about 4,000 doggy kisses. 😂

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the thing I am making is SO TOTALLY CUTE but it is photographing horribly so I cannot share it but I want to squee about it anyway.

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totally sure, i mean the photographers will help you out with poses im pretty sure,, plus ur really attractive (yes ur face and body are v nice looking)

Okay but my biggest concern is like… I’m not sure if I’m physically up for it. Like I go to theater school so the poses should be fun and easy but Idk if I have… “it”

Yesterday was a bit of a hectic morning & totally forgot to photograph my morning smoothie 😥
So set my alarm a little earlier today & up enjoying a fresh, crisp & smooth juice prior to a morning of rowing 🚣
I wanted to focus on my digestion this morning after a slightly unhealthy weekend resulting in my IBS playing up, so added essential ingredients such as wheatgrass & vinegar 👌
1 x large orange
1 x pear
1 x small handful of frozen raspberries
5 x frozen mango cubes
1 x small handful of blueberries
1 x large serving of spinach
1 x teaspoon of cider vinegar
1 x tablespoon of chia seeds
1 x table spoon of wheatgrass powder
Topped up (300ml) of coconut milk 💚
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Oh shit!!! This bitch actually has a small waist and flat stomach in real life! 👽 So look…I don’t blame people for talking Shit about airbrush bc yes some girls look totally different without it. 😧 Sometimes photographers “airbrush” too much and some not enough. 🤔 The point is…being a model is to be “perfect” and even when we are “perfect” …..we are never “perfect enough” for everyone. 😨 It’s a lot of pressure sometimes and most models are actually super insecure! You would be surprised! 😕 BUT STRAIGHT UP…if u don’t have anything positive to say then just don’t say Shit on my page. Get off my damn page! We don’t need u. We have a million more cool ass folks. ✍🏽 S/O to all my confident/don’t take no Shit from nobody females!!! 💪🏽 S/O to my sexy respectful men! 😍 P.S. Click Link in my Bio to join my little world and talk to me personally! 💋 #byehaters

Eduardo Paolozzi Mosaics

Today’s post is by John Bryden, Project Photographer. John has been working on the photography of the 600+ pieces of the Eduardo Paolozzi mosaics transferred from Tottenham Court Road station in Autumn last year. 

I have been tasked with digitising a large number of individual mosaic pieces which once comprised an Eduardo Paolozzi mural, previously installed in Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, London in 1984. The work of the Scottish artist, recently acquired by the University of Edinburgh Art Collection. Some of the pieces are in better condition than others, with pieces being of a multitude of different shapes and sizes.

Using our top of the range Hasselblad digital cameras, housed within the Digital Imaging Unit, each fragment (there are 600 in total!) is being photographed in order to produce a high quality digital representation of the original mosaic. The next step is to use image recognition software, alongside an image of the original mural design, to digitally piece the mural back together. The Art Collection did not receive the mosaic pieces in any real structured manner, therefore, we are essentially dealing with one big Paolozzi jigsaw puzzle. This makes the project all the more challenging!

While some of the mosaics may need cleaning, on the whole, the colours of the mosaics are incredibly vibrant. Individually they have their own artistic quality despite the fact that they are currently in an isolated, abstract form. Once the digital jigsaw puzzle is complete, this should aid the physical re-assemblage of the mural itself so that it can return to being on public display, this time within the University of Edinburgh campus.