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Because I have written 21,000 words and 40 pages worth of Monsters so far this week, have two previews and two bloopers.

(All the stuff in blue has been added this week.)

According to this website, to qualify as being mean on the internet is stating an opinion different from someone else’s and having people agree with your opinion.

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping

tagged by @su-waga thank you friend!!

  1. Stigma - BTS
  2. Barcelona - Ed Sheeran
  3. C’est La Vie - Tinashe
  4. Hallucination - Amarante
  5. If You Do - GOT7
  6. Time - Pink Floyd
  7. Today - iKon
  8. Introduction and Rondo Cappriccioso - Saint-Saens
  9. You Know Me - AKMU
  10. Heavy Rope (Acoustic) - Lights

tagging (probably not gonna be 10 people oops): @newest-sun @jhobbes @haechahaechanie @isaidhello-tothepoodle @daisy-hoseok


Phichit might be the biggest Victuuri shipper, but there’s no way he’s going to let Victor whisk his best friend off to Russia before a few rounds of merciless teasing.

Phichit: And then he started crying! I can’t believe he felt threatened over that. It’s like he forgot he’s the one you’re choosing to marry!

Yuuri: Ha ha…Victor can be a bit extra sometimes.

Phichit: Yes, he is. You two are made for each other.

Yuuri: ?


that’s what people had in mind with the prompt “handcuffs” right? i’m sorry, it was funny in my head

(it’s right past midnight here but it’s still the 14th somewhere isn’t it? so i am not late)

Voltron: Legendary Sweater Weather Defender!

I hc that Lance easily gets cold on the castle and that he somehow ends up having a huge stash of big sweaters…no one knows from where though

I also hc that Keith secretly loves seeing fluffy Lance in too big sweaters

“We can escape to the great sunshine

We made it out to the other side…”

i lost my voice for a week & nobody noticed because i never freaking talk