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Guys, I personally theorize that Darkiplier arranged this blind date between the two of us, hoping that he could take over and do the date instead.  How do I assume it’s a blind date?  Because this line:

Wouldn’t be saying that if we had met each other before to arrange a date.  So someone arranged us.

Then who could’ve arranged our date then?


He totally did this.

Because he Yandere-loves us.

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I want placey in kinky underwear please :3c

Me: Do a simple thing dude, like in the pic, it’s supposed to be based on the meme so it’s basically Placey doing cosplay don’t add details or shit
*2 hours later*
Me: ……. fuck that’s not kinky undie anymore that’s more like a demon AU. 

me: now she’s wearing some quality kinky undies

Boku no hero academia AUs

summary of AUs in tumblr

Criteria: Au with more that 2 pictures .No AUs based in franchies (Disney,Evangelion,etc).No sirens,dragons,phantoms or  occupation AUs.No Aus based in parings. Possibily contains yaoi,yuri o Mature themes

Puppies AU


in this au, all charas are puppies <3 includes the villains. Very cute and fluffy  au. Ps: eraserhead is human, Shoji is a squirrel & Tokoyami is a crow

Footbal AU


In this sporty au, all Class-A male students are in the same football team. All might is the coach and the trio Deku-Baku-Todo are the star players.

BHA Swap Au


The Au exposes the idea that Deku and All might  (yoshinori here) swaps roles. Deku is Allmight, Toshinori is deku. Simple and effective.

Dad Might & Mini Deku AU


Toshinori is a proud dad & Deku is cutest-son-ever in this au. The young father Toshinori is training his small son Deku for be a superhero. You can enjoy this au in  athanatosora page, with outstanding animations.

Expelled AU


Here Izuku, Todoroki, Jiro , Iida and Kirishima are students of the Shiketsu High School. By the way, Bakugo, Urakawa and co. are in U.A. You can read the headcanon in the AfO Blamed orange site.

Apocalypse AU


AU with Post apocalypse  aesthetics, Dondy presents this au.

Pets Au


Our heroes are pets here. Deku is a rabbit, Uraraka is a bird and more. Check out.

Young Toshinori AU


The AU exposes the idea that the adult heroes changes roles & age with the child. All might is a rising star hero, him assists to UA with Endeavor.

Shitty Cousins Au 


Another AU by Blameorange. Mountain Lady and Bakugo are awkward cousins with a Love/Hate relationship.

My friend Nomu AU


Nomu was abandoned in the streets and a youngest Izuku and Bakugo founds him. Bakugo attacks him. Izuku takes care of Nomu and friendship born.

Villain Deku Au

Author: various Artists

The most popular AU in the fandom ( includes Fantasy AU). The premise is a plot twist in the plot. Izuku never meets All might and him keep going quirkless. Finally, Deku joins to the League of Villains. Deku personality (in headcanon fandom) become cruel, unstable with a irracional hate for heroes. The AU has variations in Deku-Bakugo relationship: Sometimes Deku returns the bullying to Bakugo, Sometimes, Deku meets again with Hero Kacchan and Deku mission becomes kill and torture his bully. In yaoi stories, Deku shows a Yandere delusions with Bakugo &/or Todoroki, in other cases, are in a relationship with Dadi or Tomura. In Hetero, we has Deku/Himiko.

The Hero Lover AU


An original yaoi AU. The story tell ous how Izuku has a dangerous quirk, Queen Heart. His tutor was Stain, and with him Deku creates a mortal combo of hero assasins. Izuku becomes total crazie, showing a sweet & seductive attitude for his targets:specially, Todoroki & All MIght. A total yandere. If you like it, you can go to author page.

Prototype AU

Author:  Kohei Horikoshi

AU based in the original idea from the manga. Here Izuku is YamiKumo, a quirkless quy, with a analythic and depressed personality. He creates a lot of strategies and gadgets to be equal in battle (a kind of Batman/Ironman). Kacchan was a outstanding indiscreet student with a rival/friend relationship with Yamikumo. Uraraka’ prototype is unclear. All might stays the same.

spanish version:


(since i wanna participate to the fanart contest, i was looking at the rules and



What do you guys think of Yandere-kun? 

Personally, I really like him. 

I think it would be totally sugoi if Yandere-chan and Yandere-kun had advantages him. 
Like, Yandere-kun is stronger, and Yandere-chan is more intelligent… Something like that. c:

Credits ~
Yandere-kun: 10JmixP
Yandere-chan: nyehnyehnyehmeow
Knifu: TillyGoesMeow
Background: Yours truly ~

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Honestly i feel like most of decepticons will antagonize the human songbird behind Tarn's (and The Pet's) back. Most especially Overlord. i can imagine how much he'll creep the human out, like "Oh what a lovely voice you have. I bet you'll sound best when screaming in agony. Won't you do that for me, little songbird?" And he'll be saying that while he breaks the lock to the cage, slow and deliberate.

Dude!  D: D: D:  

Poor human better hope that Tarn steps in and puts a stop to Overlord’s creepiness before they wind up with several broken bones!

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What if yandere's were open secrets with the Autobots? The bots have being at war for so long. And then they end up on a planet with a race who need procetion. And if a bot finds one or a few, all the better don't the bots decive some happiness after fighting for so long? What if human who had a yandere after them, let the bot have their own way? These are only questions, but if you can make something out of it great!

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Eeeeeeeeey anon.

Surprisingly enough I’m not actually sold on the idea of yandere ‘bots being an open and accepted secret with the Autobots as a whole.

To explain this since I know that seems weird:

Small groups I can get this sort of phenomenon happening. The ‘bots become friendly with one another over the centuries of fighting and struggling to survive, only having their buddies in the squad as their only protection and connection to their life back home when the war starts becoming intergalactic. I can see them becoming closer with each victory and defeat they experience so by the time they reach Earth they’re going to be thick as thieves and have each others’ backs no matter what. If one of their own starts to fall for someone and pursues them, aggressively and obsessively so, I can see the members trying to support them in any way. From gathering intel on the human to providing alibi if the lovestruck ‘bot needs to do something… questionable. Some, of course, may be uncomfortable with how this ‘court ship’ is playing out - the stalking, the sabotaging of relationships, the possible escalation of death of rivals and/or kidnapping the object of affections - but stay quiet for their teammate’s sake. Like you said they’ll want them to be happy.

The entire faction being cool with this sort of thing? I can’t see it. Not really? Mostly because there will be someone who will be against this sort of thing happening. They’ll find it hypocritical that there some Autobots out there, supposedly meant to represent the protection of rights and freedoms of all sentient beings, attempting to force themselves on another sentient being. Going through such lengths too! That is not right and they’ll make their feelings known. They may get silenced by the parties in question but I do believe that’ll be enough to have others protesting too. Causing this whole thing to become a ‘line drawn in the ground’ situation. And good Lord the Autobots don’t need to fight amongst themselves as is with the war efforts going on with the Decepticons.

Hope this helps you out. I know other imagines blog have spoken about this sort of situation since similar questions were sent to them. Feel free to look around and see what they have to say.

Thank you! )