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(TRANSGENDER CONNER) conner/evan and zoe/jared going to the senior prom. the 4 of them go shopping together and conner kinda gets triggered when he goes into the dress section with zoe because he hasn't gotten top surgery yet. And evan is trying to comfort him and then evan says something silly and conner gets the idea to wear cute tuxes AND JUST SO MUCH FLUFF



“Prom shopping.” Zoe smiled as the foursome headed into the shop. It was a unisex shop so it sold dressed and tuxes. All four members of the group could get their prom attire in one go.

“Connor come with me.” Zoe pulled her brother away from the their boyfriends and headed over to the dress aisle. She would help him pick out a tux once he helped her pick out a dress,

“I-Zoe I’m not good at this kind of stuff.” Connor muttered as his arms went to cover his chest. He felt weird dress shopping, almost like he was a little kid again and his mom was making him wear pretty pink frilly dresses.

“Connor are you okay?” Zoe questioned. She didn’t know what was up with her brother right now. “You don’t have to help me.” Zoe started.

“N-no.” Connor shook his head. “It’s okay, I’ll help you.” Connor muttered as he rifled through the dresses. His hands were shaking, but Zoe didn’t seem to notice.

Once she grabbed a lovely red dress she headed into the dressing room and Evan rushed over to Connor. “Your hands are shaking, are you okay?” Evan questioned.

“The dresses, they just remind me.” Connor didn’t need to say anything else before Evan pulled him into a hug. Jared made his way over to them.

“Hey Connor, it’s okay to feel uncomfortable.” Jared told him. He’d already gotten his tuxedo. “I’ll stick around here to help Zoe.” Jared had ulterior motives, he did want to get Connor out of this situation but he also wanted to see his girlfriend in a beautiful dress.

Connor nodded as Evan pulled him away.

Zoe pulled back the curtain. “Where’s my brother?” Zoe asked her boyfriend, Connor had just been here a few minutes ago.

“Ah, Evan wanted to go tux shopping with him.” Jared lied. “So they’re going to do that, and babe you look stunning.” Jared smiled. Zoe blushed as she looked down at the dress.

“This is the one then?” Zoe smiled at her boyfriend.

“Oh yeah that is definitely the one.” Jared nodded.


“You okay babe?” Evan questioned once they were safely out of the dress section of the store.

Connor nodded, he’d stopped shaking and was calmed down a bit more. “I’m sorry about that, it’s just dresses and the boob shapes in some oft them, it all reminds me that until I graduate I’m stuck with ya know.” Connor motioned to his binded chest.

Evan nodded. “It’s okay, I get it, let’s just find you a tux okay.” Evan smiled, he’d already picked out a simple black one for himself. He just needed to help Connor find one so they could find matching ties.

Connor looked around and smirked when he saw a certain tux. “I think I found one.” Connor hurried over to the tux and grabbed it off the rack. Evan followed his boyfriend to the changing room, unsure of what tux Connor had seen.

Once Connor finished changing he stepped out of the change room and Evan’s eyes widened. “W-wow, you look-”

“Connor you look great!” Zoe gushed as she and Jared made their way over to them. Her brother was standing there in a wonderful teal tux, that made him look great. “You have to buy it.” Zoe told him.

“If I was gay Murphy, I’d totally be banging you and not your sister.” Jared told him.

There was a chorus of “Jared!” from the three of his friends. 

“I’m sorry it’s true!” Jared told them.

Once prom shopping was done all of them parted ways and it was safe to say that Connor Murphy and his teal tuxedo were the highlight of their prom night.


Hope this is good for you and that you enjoyed and thanks to @maggieisnotacat for getting the idea of Connor wearing a teal tux to prom stuck in my head. You da bomb fam.

Mc Looking After Deaged RFA members + Saeran

So we’re ignoring Rika for this one
Just a random thought I had at 2 am and couldn’t get outa my head.
Assuming by some magic shenanigans, everyone in the RFA is suddenly like four to six years old and MC has to mom them until they figure out how to undo this

•Jumin and V would 100% be inseparable. Jumin will NOT talk (decently) to anyone who isn’t V. They’d be joint at the hip and just sort of babble in six year old Korean. If they were to find plastic flowers lying around, they’d attempt to make bff flower crowns probably.

•Jumin’s looks like a pathetic rose boomerang but DAMN V is greAt at this kid’s got art skills

•V’s actually v sweet and thoughtful even as a baby. He’d probably try to get you a glass of water when he notices how worn out you are by this baby sitting thing (except he’s like barely six and can’t reach the water dispenser much less the sink) so he just ends up staring at you with large teal eyes

• Totally loves when you give him attention bc his parents were inattentive af but he won’t bother you for it

• in general precious angel. Total good boy

• Jumin’s another story tho

• Hella hard to please. Won’t eat just anything

• Until the MC makes him pancakes and he’s like

• ??? am I in heaven??

• Is actually really really really clingy when MC starts growing on him

• Always wants you to pay attention to him and WILL badger you for it at all possible times

• But not with words cause the kiddo can’t express his needs well, even as a six year old. He’d just poke you. And stare. Possibly hold his arms out for you like “carry me you peasant ”

• jaehee is just adorable

• Even as a baby she’s incredibly smart

• she follows you around and gazes a lot. Very curious. Usually she’s that ones kid who asks all the what, how and why questions.

• She’d be extremely timid and reluctant to open up to you, but once she does; BOI IS SHE A CHATTERBOX

• She adores when you give her attention but tries not to show it. Cuddle her and kiss her cheek and she’ll be so happy she’ll internally melt.

• Saeran and Saeyoung, let’s say they’re around five- would be pretty much like Jumin and V. Pretty inseparable

• Except Saeyoung loves to wander around and pull the other kids’ hair and just mess with them in general

• More than once one of them will come crying because of something Saeyoung does

• But then Saeyoung gets really confused if you get mad at him because?? He was just being affectionate?? For real? How was he supposed to know squeezing them in THAT tight of a hug would hurt?

• Much like Jumin, he’s a little shit and honestly just wants you to give him attention. But he’s blab about it in an obnoxiously loud way, all like “NOTICE ME!”

• Constantly poking you

• Saeran is very very restless

• Kid walks fucking everywhere

• That’s OK tho because Saeyoung always follows him to make sure he doesn’t get locked up in the fridge accidentally (-again-)

• Saeyoung hugs him hardest of all

• Saeran probs has high pain tolerance because of that lmao (-I’m sorry don’t kill me-)

• Kind of intimdated by you tbh? Like he does want the cuddles and the kisses and he secretly needs the attention but Saeran’s also kind of anxious about it?

• Zen tho

• Zen thinks he’s the best kid of all

• Constantly tries to prove it

• Tries to break the child/mum relationship and be a caretaker along your side

• He’s six, for God’s sake. He can take care of himself and others!

• Total big bro figure

• Or tries to be. He always tries to seem like the comforting big guy who the other’s can look up to and come to for help in case you’re not here

• But then he’ll trip on something and scrape his knee and start crying until you pick him up and embrace him

• At which point he’d cling to you as if his life depends on it

• Oh boi let’s talk about yoosung why shan’t we

• Youngest baby. He’s like, four. And he’s the cutest little shit you’ve ever seen

• Wide violet eyes and cute chocolate coloured bangs and those pretty lil lashes

• He’s secretly a little shit tho, even more than Saeyoung

• Except he’s better at hiding it bc he will legit cry

• His tears make him look so vulnerable and innocent?? You can’t help but think he is

• Has totally eaten the last cookie but makes you think it’s Saeyoung who did it

• He LOVES your attention. Infact he gets kind of jealous when he sees you giving too much attention to anyone else.

• Keeps trying to trip V

• Doesn’t know why he just,, rlly doesn’t like V

• But when you look at him he looks like a total angel, so precious and pure and?? How could you be mad at him, like ever? And if you do, do you even have a heart??? It’s impossible.


My Christmas Truce gift for @paplup! I hope you enjoy these goofy siblings bonding over selfies!

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No7 Totally Teal

I managed to catch a break in the torrential rain to get outside and photograph this. Totally Teal is the colour that kicked off my nail varnish collection. I decided, after years of disinterest, that I wanted teal nails. I still adore this colour. It’s the perfect teal in my eyes, and the application is superb.

This is the most Portland thing I have ever seen.

It’s like a parody of Portland Things.

The turtle

“can’t wait to put these carrots in my smoothie!” “yeah, totally!” says teal and pink haired girl wearing blue plaid

“My goal was to start a business with just $500!”

*gratuitous shot of kale*

“I found a way to remix my healthy and active lifestyle, and share it with the world~”

*using a mason jar as a cup*

“I can take it to the next level and make mo the turtle proud”

*handstands and hangs off a colorful beam with sheep painted on it* SEIZE THE DAY