totally stealing it

Quill: [while taking a bath in Tony’s jacuzzi tub] I think me and your tub are going steady. 

Tony: Oh you found the jacuzzi button. 

Quill: I don’t know who found who but we’re together now. I’m totally stealing some of these ridonkulous bath soaps. 


Today was my first day wearing my yukata at dance class! Satomi-senpai and Akemi-sensei both helped me put it on. I only have the barebones- yukata, obi, tabi, himo- but I definitely plan to acquire things like an obijime, obiage, etc. when I can.

My kitsuke game is still pretty weak and I know that the whole thing looks half a wreck and my musubi is super simple, but I am so proud and happy about wearing wafuku for real! I am so thankful I found a reasonably priced ($78 with shipping from Japan total! A STEAL!) yukata in my size (which is considerably bigger than most Japanese women haha) that is also aesthetically pleasing and good quality.

So here I am in my yukata! Today we continued to work on my first dance: the Kiku Zukushi. It’s hardwork, but so much fun and so rewarding!

Got7: Early Mornings

• He’s probably big spoon
• Holds you close his chest
• Most likely spent in silence with another hug and a hum every now and them
• Sleepy, sleepy smiles
• Kisses in your hair
• Him rubbing your sides
• Being all the way under the covers.

• You guys sleep facing each other
• Waking up to him holding your hand
• Smiling and forehead kisses
• Kissing him on the nose
• Gentle touches and poking each other’s faces
• Messing morning hair
• Jaebum being soft in general because he melts for you

• Waking you up w/ kisses
• His morning voice tbh
• Probably a lot of butt grabbing
• Laughing at each other bc of said butt grabbing
• “I love you.” “Jackson, that’s the ninth time you’ve said that.” “But it’s still true so…”
• Being nose to nose
• “Go brush your teeth, nasty.”

• His cute sleepy eye smiles
• Jinyoung totally steals all the covers so the first twenty minutes of the morning are spent fighting over it
• Hand holding
• Neck kisses
• Things almost getting too heated ;)))
• Planning outfits for the day out loud bc why not
• “We have to get up, Y/n.” “Yes, Mother.”

• His loud yawns
• Him too sleepy to open his eyes
• Small pecks on the lips and nose and forehead and face in general
• Him laughing at your sleepy voice
• “You’re a ray of sunshine.” “Y/n….” “My beautiful ray of sunshine.”
• Holding you close and never letting go
• Him playing with your hair

• Him sticking his cold hands up your shirt
• You yelling at him and hitting him in the chest
• “It’s that time again.” “Bammie…” BamBam: *dabs*
• Holding each other for body heat
• Bareface beauty
• Tangling your legs together
• “Morning, Beautiful.” “Morning, Handsome.”

• Moving his bangs away from his eyes and laughing
• Him nuzzling into his forehead into your shoulder
• Cute sleepy baby Yugyeom
• Being obnoxiously loud to annoy you
• You shoving him to shut up
• Curling up while he holds you
• Hair Petting™

((pls full view bc tumblr is the worst hecc. i really wanted to do an animatronic fusion, so bam!! two of my faves 8> even if rwq technically isnt an animatronic //sweats

idk if these two have been done before, i really hope u guys like them aa it took me way too long to finish, they look s h i n y. it was hella fun!! also i know echo is such a lame name oml but idk it just kinda felt right to me :0c))

Riverdale Cast- Secrets Revealed

* Lili and Cole are driving home after recording some scenes, when Demi Lovato’s Fire Starter intro stars playing on the radio*

Lili: ….

Cole: Aren’t you gonna sing it?

Lili: I-I’m fine, Cole…

Cole: Oh, Come on! With me! There’s an:

Lili: …S under m-my clothes… *sings almost as a whisper*

Cole: Tch, What’s the matter, Lili? I thought you liked this song.

Lili: I do… Just not now…

Cole: Uh? I don’t get it, you- *looks at her fingers, as they’re nervously pulling her shirt down.* Lili?

Lili: What?

Cole: Take off your shirt.

Lili: *blushes* W-What?! 

Cole: Come on, just do it! *he parks the car.* Don’t make me do it!

Lili: You wouldn’t dare…

Cole: *glares challengingly at her* Try me.

Lili: Fine! *lifts her shirt up, exposing the S T-Shirt she stole from his changing room* Happy now?

Cole: …. Well, to be honest, I am… *smirks* But you know you’re gonna have to give it back tomorrow, right?

Lili: Never! This belongs to me!!

anonymous asked:

okay but connor find out jake still thinks he's cute with his grotesque murder face? connor can't stop blushing? a boy who thinks that all of him is cute??

wow!!! conor uses the face to scare jake off, as jake keeps trying to talk to him and sidney’s already told conor off about trying to eat geno’s friends. But Jake just peers more intently into Conor’s serpentine eyes and says, “Wow! Your eyes turn different colors! They’re beautiful!!”

And Conor’s so surprised that his true face melts back into his regular mer-face, and at this point Jake says, “This eye color is lovely as well. You’re spectacular” as Conor gets redder and redder before he dives back into the water wordlessly.

The next week, Jake accompanies Geno on another outing. This time, Sidney swims up to Jake and holds out a conch shell.

“From Conor,” Sidney says. “In case you ever want to call upon him again. He couldn’t make it today because he’s on a hunting trip to the Eastern Seas.”

“It’s a nice…shell,” Jake says, still disappointed that Conor’s not here. “It’s pretty. Send my thanks to him?”

“It’s a communicator,” Sidney explains. “If you speak into it, and if Conor has his shell on his person, he can hear you.”

“Oh. Oh!” Jake puts the shell to his ear, but all he hears is the roaring of his blood. Then he says into the shell hesitantly, “Conor?”

The shell is silent. Jake feels silly for a moment. But in about ten seconds, a very faint, gurgling noise bubbles out, and he hears a familiar voice murmur shyly, “…Hello, Jake.”