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In today’s episode of the clock-verse we meet Orion’s sister and damn she takes no hostages

Got7: Early Mornings

• He’s probably big spoon
• Holds you close his chest
• Most likely spent in silence with another hug and a hum every now and them
• Sleepy, sleepy smiles
• Kisses in your hair
• Him rubbing your sides
• Being all the way under the covers.

• You guys sleep facing each other
• Waking up to him holding your hand
• Smiling and forehead kisses
• Kissing him on the nose
• Gentle touches and poking each other’s faces
• Messing morning hair
• Jaebum being soft in general because he melts for you

• Waking you up w/ kisses
• His morning voice tbh
• Probably a lot of butt grabbing
• Laughing at each other bc of said butt grabbing
• “I love you.” “Jackson, that’s the ninth time you’ve said that.” “But it’s still true so…”
• Being nose to nose
• “Go brush your teeth, nasty.”

• His cute sleepy eye smiles
• Jinyoung totally steals all the covers so the first twenty minutes of the morning are spent fighting over it
• Hand holding
• Neck kisses
• Things almost getting too heated ;)))
• Planning outfits for the day out loud bc why not
• “We have to get up, Y/n.” “Yes, Mother.”

• His loud yawns
• Him too sleepy to open his eyes
• Small pecks on the lips and nose and forehead and face in general
• Him laughing at your sleepy voice
• “You’re a ray of sunshine.” “Y/n….” “My beautiful ray of sunshine.”
• Holding you close and never letting go
• Him playing with your hair

• Him sticking his cold hands up your shirt
• You yelling at him and hitting him in the chest
• “It’s that time again.” “Bammie…” BamBam: *dabs*
• Holding each other for body heat
• Bareface beauty
• Tangling your legs together
• “Morning, Beautiful.” “Morning, Handsome.”

• Moving his bangs away from his eyes and laughing
• Him nuzzling into his forehead into your shoulder
• Cute sleepy baby Yugyeom
• Being obnoxiously loud to annoy you
• You shoving him to shut up
• Curling up while he holds you
• Hair Petting™

  • Magnus: Whatcha Thinking About Taako?
  • Taako, Thinking About How Technically Elves Don't Need To Sleep And The Deep Meditation He Could Do Instead Would Take About Half As Long As It Takes These Two To Rest Fully, Meaning In The Leftover Time He Could Totally Steal Their Gold, Sabotage Their Weapons And Even Disappear: ...Do You Think I Would Look Good In Knee High Socks? Actually Don't Answer, I Would, I Know It

((pls full view bc tumblr is the worst hecc. i really wanted to do an animatronic fusion, so bam!! two of my faves 8> even if rwq technically isnt an animatronic //sweats

idk if these two have been done before, i really hope u guys like them aa it took me way too long to finish, they look s h i n y. it was hella fun!! also i know echo is such a lame name oml but idk it just kinda felt right to me :0c))

college au where shawn is an anonymous peer listener at one of those late night college hotline things:

  • you guys are irl acquaintances and like to partner up on projects in this one class but he has a huge crush on you and you have no idea
  • and he hasn’t told anybody he’s a peer listener bc he’s not supposed to for confidentiality reasons
  • but one night after you and your ex get into a huge fight about nothing, he gets an anonymous call and he knows the voice/you mention something that happened that he remembers seeing and it’s YOU
  • and then he’s freaking out but he tries to play it cool and offer “advice”
  • and you - completely oblivious - are like “wow you’re so helpful can i call you again?”
  • and he knows it’s probably against the rules but he can’t help himself; he gives you his number bc you use fb messenger to communicate for class so you didn’t already have it (yay for loopholes)
  • and then you guys start talking about your ex, but then about other things. and your calls get longer and flirtier and later, and he won’t tell you his name but gives you an alias instead
  • and then you find yourself falling for this mysterious boy but meanwhile irl, you and shawn partner up for another project in your class
  • and since you’ve shared a bunch of info and things you like in your calls, he starts putting these things to use irl and you think shawn’s some kind of dream guy, hitting all the right notes
  • and you start to feel guilty: you like phone boy, but you also like shawn from class. and you don’t know how you’re supposed to choose
  • meanwhile shawn feels guilty bc he’s lying to you about his identity on the phone
  • eventually you find out: you bump into his roommate, who complains that he’s always on the phone with “some girl” late at night and you put two and two together
  • and when you confront him, he can’t deny it anymore and you yell at him, feeling betrayed, and storm off
  • and there’s a long period where you won’t talk to him but you still need to finish your project so every time you meet up with him you’re just cold
  • and he feels awful and quits his job as a listener, confessing to breaking their code
  • and you start to miss him and the late night talks, and you go on a date with another boy but it doesn’t feel right
  • and eventually it’s late one night and you have a lot to say so you call him, asking him to do what he does best. “can you listen?”
  • and it’s a long, slow road to forgiveness but when you get there, it’s oh so glorious bc you have the boy who comforted you during your saddest moments and the boy who makes you laugh and the boy who saw the deepest parts of yourself and didn’t run away, all in one person. and things are good

Ok but as a white person I can PROMISE you all that the stereotypes about white people and spicy food is so true, especially about my WASP-ass mom, who will gladly cook a chicken and season it only with salt, who tried to make “chili” without chili peppers/seasoning (so basically she was making tomato-bean soup)

…and who thinks pepperoni is too spicy. Pepperoni.

So I just came across a folder for an old post I was going to make a while back, and found this picture… 

This screenshot is from the TeniPuri dating sim about a school festival or something, and I took this while playing Yukimura’s route. 

And I just…