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I'm watching the Total Divas hat stealing vid and I'm just ?? "obviously this was a drunk guy and saw all the cameras around and wanted to have a good time" YEAH BUT HE DIDN'T ACCOUNT FOR THE 6'4 ANGRY WALL OF MUSCLE THAT WOULD CHASE HIM DOWN IM SOBBING


((pls full view bc tumblr is the worst hecc. i really wanted to do an animatronic fusion, so bam!! two of my faves 8> even if rwq technically isnt an animatronic //sweats

idk if these two have been done before, i really hope u guys like them aa it took me way too long to finish, they look s h i n y. it was hella fun!! also i know echo is such a lame name oml but idk it just kinda felt right to me :0c))

Okay, so we were playing a game called “Aye, dark overlord!”. For those who don’t know, it’s a card game, where one player is the Dark Overlord and the others are his pitiful goblin servants, and they have to blame each other why they failed their mission.

In this session, somehow we used up a lot of alcohol related cards, and somehow concluded, that yes, Goblin 1 is probably an alcoholic and is still drunk. This went down after.

Goblin 1:  No way, Overlord, I wasn’t in the tavern, it was the worst part of town so I got captured and tortured! *puts down a card showing a operating table*

Goblin 2: Yea, they totally wanted to steal his kidney.

Goblin 1: They wanted to steal my kidney!

Goblin 3: They gave him a new kidney!

We needed a good 10 minute break after that.


The horde of fangirls is real ⁓

Patater Soulmate thing

Soulmate AU in which your soulmate’s first thought about you appears on your skin somewhere that is also a college AU where Kent and Tater end up in a class together before they meet each other through the hockey team (maybe Tater flew in from Russia late and missed team intros but I’m totally stealing that from another fic sorry)

and so Kent is not paying attention when Tater sits down next to him, and Tater is getting antsy and bored because syllabus day sucks let’s be real, and so he starts fiddling with his pencil and Kent just looks over and the first thing he thinks is God, his hands are obscene, and Kent can’t stop staring 

And then of course they get to practice that afternoon and fuck Kent because the guy from his class is here and thank God that hockey players wear gloves

Then fast forward a while to when the team is on a roadie and they won their game and Kent and Tater are sharing a room and someone brought alcohol so Kent ends up having a little too much and he’s laying in bed watching Tater get ready to go to sleep and he just blurts out “Fuck Mashkov, your hands are ridiculous” and Tater stares at him really weird but Kent is drunk and a little sexually frustrated so he just keeps going

“like, I know we’re teammates and everything but fuck I can’t stop imagining your giant ass hands touching me, like I didn’t think I had a hand kink before I met you, but obscene is an appropriate word for what you are doing to me, wait, what are you doing?”

and suddenly Tater is crossing the room in a few giant strides and kneeling down in front of Kent and stares into his eyes like he’s looking for something, and Kent can’t breathe, and Tater’s mouth is moving, and he’s being asked a question but all he hears is “words?”

“What?” Kent manages to squeak out and Tater is asking again, “Where are words?” and all Kent can think of is his soulmark, but why would Tater ask about that? but he subconsciously touches them anyway, right under his t-shirt by his collarbone, and wait, Tater’s hand is there now, what is hap-

Kent’s brain is overheating and Tater’s got his shirt pulled down below the words and is staring at them very intently and brushing his fingers against them

“only seat left is next to hot guy, great, now will get no work done” and Kent is sobering up a little because fuck the sentence on his chest sounds really natural coming from someone who doesn’t speak English that well and Tater is still staring at him, and fuck Kent realizes what’s going on when Tater stands up and turns around and starts taking his shirt off

and now Kent is face to face with the words God his hands are obscene printed on tater’s back and he didn’t notice before but his eyes are tearing up and he doesn’t know what to do so he just leans his forehead against Tater’s back, against his words because he’s really happy right now and still a little drunk

and Tater just leans back into Kent with a smile on his face because I found him.

  • them: why are you so into dolls? what's the point?
  • me: listen Brenda some people's hobby is racist graffiti so at least I'm preserving something beautiful in this garbage fire world
Fear of the Dark (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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(A/N: I can finally get back to writing fics, finals are over! Woo! :D

And I totally didn’t steal the title of this fic from Iron Maiden…)


Huddled under your blankets, you shivered. Not only was it extremely cold, but you could swear you heard something moving around stealthily in your room. Scrunching your eyes shut and trying to hold as still as possible, your heart was racing. Whatever it was moved closer and something jumped up on your bed. Bolting upright and throwing back the blankets, you grabbed the heavy book that was resting on the dresser by your bed and started to swing it at the shape – and realized it was just your fluffy lavender pygmy puff. “You scared me!” Clapping a hand to your chest, you settled back into bed, stroking its fur gently.

A few moments passed before the puff froze and stared at the corner of your room. You froze as well, the familiar feeling of fear clenching your heart in its icy fist. The puff’s head moved over to the foot of your bed slowly, as if it were watching something you couldn’t see move across the room. Then it bolted, leaving you alone in your dark room.

You were still sitting upright, propped against the wall with your pillow behind your back. Slowing your breathing, you listened intently for any sign of movement. You could have sworn that you narrowly avoided a heart attack when you heard something breathing behind you. Frowning, your logical side kicked in and pointed out that it was probably just you shifting, or your own breathing. Holding your breath and staying completely still, the breathing continued. A few tears leaked out of your eyes from pure unadulterated fear, and you were petrified. Whatever it was (you later learned it was just a cord that had fallen rubbing back and forth against the wood of your desk) was still steadily inhaling and exhaling, in some sort of deadly rhythm.

Leaping out of bed, heart threatening to burst out of your chest, you burst out the door and plunged down the dark hallway into Newt’s room. Not even bothering to try to be quiet, you ran in and made a flying jump onto his bed that would have put Olympic hurdlers to shame. “Newt!” Your voice was a squeak, and you had to clear your throat and try again to get your normal tone of voice back.

“Urgh?” Newt said (or at least you assumed that the sound he made was supposed to be words).

Burrowing under his blankets and snuggling up to his side, you shuddered, eyes wide. “There was something breathing in my room!” Your panicked whisper (or maybe it was your cold feet on his bare legs) managed to rouse him out of his sleepy stupor.

“Probably just one of my creatures, love.” He rubbed his eyes, hair tousled and sticking up in every direction.

You didn’t move from his side, still eyeing the gaping black hole that was the doorway. “I’m still not going back in there.” Your voice was shaky.

“Are you scared of the dark?” He sounded amused, much to your dismay.

“…A little.”

Chuckling, Newt wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him. “Go back to sleep darling.” Eyes sliding back shut, he was out like a light.

Nestling into the crook of his arm, you closed your own eyes, finally feeling safe. But just to be sure… You pulled your foot away from the edge of the bed to a safe distance, and sighed happily. Much better. Feeling the warm feeling of sleep wash over you and numb your mind, you were jerked back awake by a strange sound emanating from somewhere next to you.

Groaning, you rolled onto your back and stared up at the ceiling. You had forgotten that Newt snored.

can i just point out that Dex and Nursey switched colors?

my sweet son Chowder is sporting some awesome Sharks fan gear as always but my little hot head Dex and adorable chill Nursey are wearing colors so unusual for them

while their clothing in the comic was mostly neutral the fandom came to the quick conclusion that according to the red-blue-gays-theory (a scientifically proven theme throughout fiction) Dex would represent red while Nursey represents blue

besides his hair, eyes and his often fiery temper, some warm-color-scheme flannels, and his tool box (idk, but it’s red), and the Samwell republican sticker (i hope it’s gone now) Dex is assigned red

Nursey who is chill (get it? chill as in cold as in cold colors? no? okay) the super stylish vest, that beanie that somehow ended up with Dex (they’re totally dating, cute boyfriends stealing clothes) so obviously Nursey is blue

but in this extra they switched colors

Dex is wearing a more laid back pale blue sweater while Nursey is sporting a bright red hoodie

now to my question


is it just symbolism ?

are they dating ?

who knows, not me 


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Also pls write me some sweet sweet asanoya hcs because they don't get enough love NDNWKDKDJDJD SMOL&TOL

  • It’s already universally accepted that Noya totally steals all of Asahi’s hoodies and t-shirts. Asahi does not mind, not one bit, he thinks it’s the cutest thing ever to see his smol boyfriend drown in his clothes.
  • Asahi likes to spend his days off reading on a big comfy armchair with a good book and a cup of tea.
  • Noya will 100% squish up with him on the armchair with either a game or comic book/manga and they’ll just spend the afternoon together silently enjoying each other’s company
  • If Noya is cold he’ll push his head under Asahi’s hoodie or jacket and hug him. Asahi may or may not buy winter clothes in a size too big occasionally.
  • Noya has a pet tarantula that Asahi is terrified of.
  • Noya will let it crawl on his body and spend hours trying to convince Asahi “she’s not dangerous! Look!!” “Noya please, my heart!”
  • Asahi likes to be the little spoon sometimes; even if Noya’s only big enough that he has to wrap his legs around Asahi’s waist.
  • They both really like forehead kisses and will give each other as many as they can
  • Noya learns how to do hair so he can style Asahi’s and he gets really good
very literal descriptions of a few Stones albums
  • England's Newest Hitmakers: hey guise!!1!1 let's form a band even though we're super broke! it's totally fine, Keith can steal food for us!!
  • Satanic Majesties: if you drop acid and use a sitar... you're automatically the Beatles!1! we are all huge fans of holographic shiny things and our setup for the album cover is homemade!! we told Brian to come dressed as normal for this shoot! haha #Sgt.ppr's4lyfe!1!1!
  • Let it Bleed: varying degrees of hillbilly and stuff that's actually cool. Brian is usually too stoned to cooperate.
  • Sticky Fingers: Andy Warhol!!1!1 How to be cool 101!! no that is not Mick's crotch and ass. :))):):):)
  • Exile on Main Street: ok guys, we gotta be cool and badass now which is exactly why we're gonna have Keith write Happy. more hillbilly stuff, Keith's backing vocals are 3x higher than Mick's vocals.
  • Goats Head Soup: No Inflatable Penis On Stage Pls. "Star Star" (what?).
  • It's Only Rock n' Roll: average Stones but of course Mick Taylor decides to steal my soul with Time Waits For No One
  • Some Girls: Mick can't keep up with all 19387382 women he's juggling. Petrol Blues is just 1:35 of Mick ranting in some kind of accent that actually isn't his.
  • Emotional Rescue: Mick's pissed about some other girl. pretty good. Dance Pt. 1 is just mostly yelling but Keith's whistle tho.
  • Tattoo You: Heaven is very soothing to listen to and so is Waiting For a Friend...tits and ass, dead men cumming?¿
  • Blue and Lonesome: WELL GOSH GOLLY NEW STUFF. old men have a gr8 time and Mick kills me with his harmonica and then reincarnates me with his harmonica and then proceeds to kill me again. Ronnie's instagram post of his twins holding the LP also kills me.