totally spice

Ok but as a white person I can PROMISE you all that the stereotypes about white people and spicy food is so true, especially about my WASP-ass mom, who will gladly cook a chicken and season it only with salt, who tried to make “chili” without chili peppers/seasoning (so basically she was making tomato-bean soup)

…and who thinks pepperoni is too spicy. Pepperoni.

Peter In Autumn

A/n: just some Hcs about Peter in his favorite time of the year,

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  • This boy loves Autumn
  • mean, LOVES Autumn
  • he highkey only wears fallish colors through september and october,
  • also highkey plans his halloween costume months before,
  • only to change it a week before, because he’s a hot mess, we all know this,
  • also can’t sew for shit on a machine (Damn good at hand stitching though) so he ends up taking way longer on the costume than it should take, 
  • Gets no sleep two days before Halloween,
  • makes cocoa everyday,
  • burns it half of the time,
  • becomes obsessed with oversized sweaters,
  • he saves up his money so he can do some thrift store shopping for all the sweaters, 
  • no one take this boy away from his sweaters,
  • Secretly loves pumpkin spice,
  • non secretly loves cinnamon,
  • this dork owns small jars of both cinnamon and pumpkin spice and totally carries it around with him, just in case he needs it for anything,
  • 100% wore a autumn flower crown at one point,
  • marathons scary movies throughout October,
  • okay maybe more like kids scary movies,
  • okay yeah he watched corpse bride and nightmare before christmas,
  • he tried to watch the shining, he really did. He just learned very fast that he can’t handle jump scares or flickering lights. Nope.
  • (Legit, hardly got through Stranger things without having a slight breakdown,)
  • He once found a TV about the size of a computer screen, and recorded a little 
  • homemade tape of a fire, so he could play it in the night, even put some dollar store Spooky stickers on it,
  • Peter’s a BOSS at making pumpkin pieless,
  • basically just the filling. He always manages to burn the crust if he makes a regular pie,
  • hence the pieless,
  • Used to collect Leaves as a child,
  • sometimes still does it,
  • and maybe it gets out of hand,’
  • and maybe he ends up with a whole bag of em’ without knowing.
  • I love peter in Autumn, so should you.
Episode #39: Baby Baby Baby Hairs: A Restropsective on 90s Girl Groups
We're back a little later this week but with a great episode to get you through this Good Friday that we hope you all will enjoy. In this week's episode we talk about last week's hot topics (sorry a

We’re back a little later this week but with a great episode to get you through this Good Friday that we hope you all will enjoy.

In this week’s episode we talk about last week’s hot topics (sorry about that) but the focus is on an ask we got from one of our loyal listeners regarding the 15 year anniversary of the passing of the late great Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes as we all our memories of TLC as a group and who else we choose as our favorite 90s girl groups, so pull up an earbud and take a listen because their are a few hidden gems on our lists.

skystar720  asked:

Hi mama! I'm exhausted and hungry, but I saw this was open and I had to ask. What would everyone's favorite kind of coffee be, if they had to choose one?

I have no idea about coffee and I’ve only been to a starbucks once. But Jean would totally be a pumpkin spice latte person, Levi would be an espresso person, Mikasa Latte Macchiato, and Sasha just drinks whatever coffee she can find. Connie on the other hand only drinks milk with Coffee. Eren’s favorite coffee is Turkish espresso. 

Playing Zarya

Hello enemies!

Shoot at my friend.

Now back to me.

Now back to my friend.

Now back to me.

Sadly I’m now at MAXIMUM CHARGE.

But if you stopped shooting when my bubble is up I wouldn’t be.

Look down.

Back up.

Where are you?

You’re in my ult with your whole team getting shot up.

What’s in your hand?

Back at me.

Tracer has it.

It’s a pulse bomb with six tickets back to your spawn.

Look again.

The game is now in overtime.

Anything is possible when you won’t stop shooting my bubble.

I’m on a bear.

anonymous asked:

ooooh please kiri + bathroom and/or (like you want lovely person ♥) denki + bedroom (*u*) thanks your blog is amazing and you're adorable (>u<) !


How does the character prepare in the morning?

Rolls out of bed after his alarm has been beeping for 10 mins and shuffles to get all his clothes on. It’s early morning and the only way to wake up is to go for a jog. Then he comes back and heads straight to the kitchen.

Do they sing in the shower?

Ofc. What’s the point otherwise? It’s the best place to sing and he listens to the radio whenever he’s in there.

What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?

Either he’s using his quirk or a metric fuck-ton of hairspray.

How clean is this character?

So so. He’s not a complete slob and makes sure he always has clean clothes and bedding, outside of that there’s no order to the way he stores things. 

Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?

He gets gifted a lot at Christmas and it’s usually enough to last him the year. Totally loves Old Spice just because of Terry Crews.

OTP + Kids

I’m doing this based on my story GOOD COP, BAD COP, for Rafi and Reader’s twin daughters, Serena and Lorena.

I wasn’t tagged in this or asked to do THIS, but I’m doing it anyway, mostly for my own amusement, so feel free to totally ignore this.
Please check out the beautiful mood board @theenchantedgalleryofstories did for this story! She is fantastic!
Thanks @minidodds for checking this, and @vintagemichelle91​ for being interested!

  • Who in your OTP carries them from the couch/car to the bed?
    There are two of them so it’s a challenge for one person to do it in one trip! Especially now that they are five years old, it takes both you and Rafi to get them up to bed. But when they were younger, you used to love watching Rafi balance the two of them on his hips and march them to their bedroom.

  • And who soothes the kids after a nightmare?
    It’s always Rafael. You used to be jealous about this for a while, before you realized that you got a lot more sleep. Now you know that Rafael actually cherishes the fact that they come to him for comfort. The twins barely see much of their father during the day, but at night, he is their knight in shining armor.

    Usually if one twin has a nightmare, it’s the other that comes to get Rafi, so he ends up sprawled out on the floor in their room with both of them sleeping in his arms. It’s quite the picture when you wake up to an empty bed and find him asleep on a beanbag with a blanket that doesn’t quite cover his feet because he wanted to make sure the girls were warm enough. You’re sure it is the cause of his back problems!

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Just cast a series of protection spells

So late last night there were a couple of guys walking along the outside of my back fence with torches shining. They weren’t technically doing anything wrong, but…

So I decided to cast a series of protection spells around my property. The numbers 5, 7, and 9 have traditionally been associated with protection, so I cast 5 spells, using a total of 7 herbs/spices/botanicals, and 9 knots in the string of one of the spells.

1. Black and White Protection Powder.
Grind whole black pepper and sea salt. Blend together and sprinkle around the boundaries of your home

2. Charm Bag.
Into a red charm bag put salt, rosemary, and ashes from the hearth. Before binding, tie nine knots into a length of twine. Use this to bind the charm bag, tying nine knots to tie it tight. Hide this charm bag near the entrance to your home.

3. Sigils.
Carved five protective sigils into a fragrant wax cube, then melted in an oil burner.

4. Threshold Protection.
Grind up chamomile, St John’s Wort, and fennel seeds into a rough powder. Pour this in a line across the threshold under the doormat.

5. Compass Sentinels.
Cut a cinnamon stick into four equal lengths, and cast these strongly at the four points of the compass around your property.

Now I’m feeling quite drained, but I can definitely feel a strong aura of protection all around the house and yard, like an invisible dome. Each spell is doing it’s job, but more than that they are interacting and interweaving with each other, binding together in a deeper spell.

Disclaimer: as always, magical methods should always be done to enhance mundane methods. We’ve got dogs, house alarms, and well lit yards.

thelightsofmischief  asked:

Hi! Could you make some couch cuddling, movies night? :D love your blog!

Of course, dear :) thank you for the ask and for liking my blog :3

Later on, Levi will fall asleep, snore and drool on the blanket :D Erwin thinks it’s totally cute.

100 Happy Moments

     20: My Gorgeous Cat :)

This is my cat, Kimby. His fur absorbs whatever smell is lingering in the air. Whenever I am cooking he would smell like whatever dish is simmering on the stove. Sometimes he smells like my guy’s aftershave lotion. I put a pumpkin-spice wall plug-in from Bath and Body Works in our kitchen yesterday. When I picked him up this morning, his hair smells like pumpkin spice! He totally smells like fall! :)

Call me “crazy cat lady” – I am totally head over heels in love with my cat!