totally smitten with him

Remember when Louis was just being louis and the interviewer turned to harry complaining about it…. i wonder why harry looked like a fed up , frustrated yet smitten boyfriend , totally done with people coming to him complaining about his feisty boyfriend on daily basis !!!

What if Gabriel Reyes never realized he had resting bitch face? Like, he always thought he was a fairly pleasant looking fellow. Then he overhears new best bud and current crush Jack Morrison talking to their fellow soldiers.

“Nah. Reyes is a total teddy bear. He’s just got resting bitch face.”

And shit. Now that he really looks in the mirror, he DOES have resting bitch face. He’s not going to be nabbing any of that farmboy lovin’ like that. So he goes online to search “How to minimize resting bitch face.”

Of course, he gets a bunch of makeup tutorials. Which somehow leads to him burning the rest of the night away, watching somebody named MostlyDead doing all the latest makeup trends in 30 easy steps.

So the next night he searches “How to minimize resting bitch face -makeup.” And there are all these ‘professionals’ talking about how proper facial hair can not only make you look younger, but ALSO help you look more pleasant.

Which is how he ends up with his trademark look. And what do you know, it works because Jack is totally smitten with him.

Or so he thinks  until the day Jack decides he’s going to befriend the perpetually angry Jesse McCree.

“So, what’s his deal? He always pissed off at the world?” Jesse asks.

“Who? Gabe? Nah. He’s just got resting bitch face,” Jack replies.

“I ain’t so sure about that,” Jesse says.

“No, trust me. He just plays it up because he wants to be a bad ass. Hell, why do you think he’s had that same facial hair for years? It’s there to enhance the scowl.”

(Idea not at all inspired by me putting on lipstick for the first time in over a year, getting irritated by how the bottom corners were turning down, and coming to the horrifying realization that I had resting bitch face.)

The Joker x Reader - “5 Minutes”

After a nasty concussion you got 2 months ago during a car chase where Batsy was involved, you developed a strange ability: for 5 minutes every day you can read minds. It happens at random times, you never know when it’s going to hit. It’s not necessarily a good thing…or a bad thing…

Friday, 3:25pm

You must be kidding me, you gasp, getting up from your loveseat, enraged as you can be and you go kick the desk, pushing all his papers on the floor.

“What the hell, Y/N?!”The Joker spins in his chair, turning towards you, wanting to start a whole tirade about how much you annoy him when you do random shit like this.

“Why are you thinking about Lexi’s boobs, huh?” you smack your lips, feeling your blood boiling. (she’s the new bartender at the club)

Dammit, J thinks, I’m busted. You couldn’t have read his mind at a worst moment so he tries to fix it:

“I was just accidentally thinking about that, Doll, and…”

You don’t care and block his attempt:

“Mine are not good enough for you?! I’m a G-cup; what do you need, triple G???!! You wanna suffocate with these airbags?”

He takes a deep breath and grins, knowing he might talk his way out of it:

“Daddy likes your airbags, ok? They’re purrrrrfect,” he purrs, slowly pulling you in his arms, wishing you would let it go. “Are you jealous?” he winks and you slap his hands away, annoyed.

“You suck!” you kick his foot, taking a couple of steps back.

“Where are you going, Pumpkin?” J inquires, irritated he got in trouble for such a trivial thing (in his opinion).

“I’m gonna go and stare at our henchmen’s butts and see which one looks nicer!!!” you yell, already heading out of the office.

“Don’t you dare, Y/N, come back here!” he growls, following you so he can set you up straight.


Saturday, 9:57pm

Next day you evade him as much as you can and decide to go for a drive after dark. You are still livid from the day before and decide to take it out on a jewelry store you kind of had your eyes on for a while, breaking inside and smashing all the fragile glass counters, deciding to keep just a necklace for yourself when…

Fuck, you freeze for a few seconds when you realize Batsy is close, watching, probably waiting for you to notice him. You feel kind of stupid because you only have the baseball bath with you but your ability couldn’t find a better time to kick in for today.

You sniffle, placing the bath on your shoulder, and ask:

“Why do you keep on thinking about Bruce Wayne? Do you know him?”
Batsy is shocked; he doesn’t know what to do with this so he doesn’t move a muscle when you keep on yapping:

“Are you related or something? All I see in your mind is that name,” you tilt your head to the side and smile; and my God, he freaks out and doesn’t show it when you wink at him (he just thought about it for a second but you caught it):

“Oh, thank you, they’re real. Mister J loves them too… supposedly,” you scoff and look down at your low cut top, passing your fingers through your hair. “Are you taking me to Arkham?” and you bend over because a very shiny diamond on the floor got your attention. ”Hey, don’t think that about my boyfriend!” you snap, kneeling so you can collect your treasure. Batsy didn’t say a word and he has no clue what the hell is going on, but you sure seem to know what’s in his mind. When you look up again, he’s gone.

You’ve never been more confused in your life; you thought you will for sure be locked away which will happen soon anyway if you don’t run: the police sirens are getting closer and closer.


Sunday, 8:17am

The following morning you wake up, stretching and realizing J is not next to you - probably taking a shower and…it hits you for the present day. After a few seconds you hold your breath, stunned at the revelation: Oh my God, no way! And you jump out of bed, dashing in the bathroom, yanking the shower curtain to the side and just stare at him with the widest, creepiest grin ever:

“That’s your real name, baby??!!”

“Huh?” he turns towards you with soap in his eyes, trying to rinse his face. “What?” he makes you repeat because he didn’t quite hear you the first time.

“I know your real name, you were just thinking about it!” and your smirk gets even wider, if that’s possible.

“Are you kidding me?!” The Joker snarls, gazing at you with his mouth opened in frustration, debating on what to do.

“I knew it your name doesn’t even start with a J, I just flipping knew it !“ You suddenly sulk, furrowing your eyebrows, “Hey, stop thinking about killing me!…Stop it I said!”

“Then stop reading my mind, woman!!!” he splashes you with water, feeling homicidal and you try to ignore it:

I can’t help it, you know that. Can I call you by your real name?”

“NO!” he slaps your shoulder but you don’t even care and get inside the shower with him, totally smitten.

“What about when we have sex?”

“No way!” he protests yet you get in his face, keeping that eerie smile on your lips. Right when you thought he can’t surprise you anymore…

“It’s suuuchhh a cool, unique name, I reaalllyyy dig it!” you roar, kissing him and getting such an urge to spend the day in the bedroom. “Sexiest name ever!”

The Joker doesn’t really react for a few moments but then he kisses you back as you grumble, locking your hands around his neck, enjoying the warm water on your skin:

“I said stop thinking about killing me!”

I can’t help it,” he mocks your voice, actually telling the truth. Yeap, you know it too since you can still hear his thoughts.


Monday, 1:31pm

You walk alongside Frost, holding his arm, focusing on walking normal since J went crazy on you yesterday. He was sooo pissed you found out one of his secrets that no living soul is supposed to know. Jonny is confessing how much he hates the latest missions because they are getting more and more dangerous when…here it comes for today.

You would leave?!” you detach from his hand, astound while reading his mind. “You would just leave??!!!” Your eyes get watery and he doesn’t know what to say seeing how flustered you got.

“What’s going on?” J wants to find out when he catches up with the two of you. “Did you say something to my girl?” he barks at Frost after seeing your tears. “Nobody makes her cry but me, understood?” he continues to lecture while you don’t hear anything, too distressed about what Jonny was thinking.

“YOU!!!!!!!!!” you suddenly shout, interrupting The Joker’s discourse, pointing your finger at Frost, fed up with all the crap: “You don’t deserve me as your best friend!!!” and you are so mad your body shakes. “AND YOU!!!!!” your finger is now pointing towards J, “You don’t deserve me as your girlfriend!!!!”

You take a few deep breaths, letting it all out and even more irritating information comes up:

“Stop thinking about killing me!!!!!!!!!” you address J so loud all the other henchmen halt what they’re doing around the warehouse, puzzled on what’s going down with your little group. “YOU BOTH SUCK!!!”

You can’t even be there anymore so you turn on your high hills and strut away, not wanting to hear what’s going on in anybody’s brain anymore. But it’s not up to you; your daily 5 minutes are still here.

Yes, they are real, OK????!!!!” you yell at all the guys on your way out, pointing at your cleavage, exasperated that so many have doubts about it. For once, you would just love to silence all the voices in your head and since you are aware you can’t, it really pushes you to the limit as you storm outside the building.

“Who was thinking that way about my Princess, YOU JERKS?????” The Joker’s angry rant resonates behind you before the heavy metal doors shutting down cut off all the sound.


Tuesday, 6:21pm

You drove away to your house on the secluded small patch of beach you own on the coast because you really need a break.  Your ability hits and for once you don’t have somebody around; it feels really good not to deal with reading minds. You blocked J’s and Frost’s phone numbers, this way they won’t bother you. Sure as hell they will try and that’s not an option for now.

* Frost was thinking about leaving on vacation, not permanently, tired as he can be after all the assignments but you didn’t let him finish his thoughts since you panicked and lashed out. On the other hand, J really had murderous intent in his mind- again. That was genuine. He’s such a sweetheart…*


Wednesday, 10:01am

You are finally finished with the morning walk along the shoreline and you are heading back to the house. It’s so nice and warm you can actually get away with wearing your favorite two piece bathing suit without feeling cold.

You slide the glass panel and tread inside.

“Oh,” you frown, seeing him in the kitchen, twiddling with your cell phone.

“What kind of greeting is that, hm?” J moves his elbows towards the end of the kitchen counter, not lifting his eyes up, concentrating on his task. “There, I’m unblocked,” he sighs, sliding your phone towards the center of the table. “Nobody blocks my number, Pumpkin, especially you, got it?” he bites his lip, huffing so you get the point faster. “You can keep Frost blocked thought,” the suggestion is fast to follow.

You gulp, noticing what he has on: the nerve on this man! He is sporting (try to keep yourself together) the purple shirt of sex, your absolute favorite. This shirt does things to you and he is very aware of it.

“Wh-what are you wearing?” you utter, feeling your heart skipping a beat.

“A shirt, Y/N,” he responds, the level of sass going up pretty high.

You take a few steps towards him and glance at that almost unbuttoned, enchanting piece of clothing, but have the confidence to mumble:

“I’m staying here for a while and you’re not welcomed, so…” and you show him the exit.

“HA!” The Joker sarcastically grins, slowly approaching and it gives you goose bumps.

“Y-you and your shirt stay away from me, alright?” you try to bargain without success. That shirt and those eyes sure are a lethal combo.

“What’s wrong with you? It’s just a shirt,” he insists, no doubt having some plan regarding the whole thing.

“Stay away, I mean it,” you sniffle, backing out more. “I’m not sleeping with you and I don’t want to…ummm… talk to you.” Wow, that sounds so fake it makes you hate yourself instantly.

“Good, makes two of us,” J shamelessly lies without blinking, being so close you can smell his cologne. Jesus, your favorite one: you’re so screwed.


“I don’t want to!” you stop his hand pulling down on your bikini.

He just snickers with a devious expression on his face, forcing you against the wall.

“I-I really don’t want to,” you fight the sensation and for some reason manage not to lose your shit.

My God he’s a good kisser, you think when his lips find yours and you close your eyelids, moaning; he doesn’t see it coming when you push him away:
“That’s enough, p-please take your shirt and go!” BUT, luckily (or unluckily) it kicks in for today:


That freaky smile flourishes on your face once more as you read his mind.

“Really???” you whimper, emotional at that split moment he thought about it. “You love me?”

“What?!” he scoffs, so vexed your ability always hits when he is thinking about stuff he doesn’t want you to know. “No way, I barely tolerate you!” J attempts to save his pride but you sure have that bizarre, unsettling sparkle in your eyes that makes him tense.

You giggle, not giving a damn he is denying it, signaling him to come to you.

“Don’t put words in my mouth, woman,” he bitterly mutters but approaches regardless.

“I don’t have to,” you whisper, happy like never before and elbow him in the next second:

“Seriously??!!! Stop thinking about killing me!”

He starts chuckling and you tug on his shirt, antagonized:

“Are you… are you thinking it on purpose to annoy me?”

“Ahhhh, I wouldn’t know, Kitten, you’re the mind reading expert,” The Joker lifts you in his arms, making sure not to think about how much he likes you (in his own way) by the time the 5 minutes are up.

Too late, you already know.

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Being Lydias younger sister and Dating Liam would include...
  • Meeting Liam before he gets turned into a werewolf
  • You watching him at lacrosse practice
  • “So, sweet sister, who are you watching?” - “What makes you think I´m watching anyone? Maybe I´m just interested in sports” – “(Y/N/N), I´ve got an IQ of 170 and you haven´t been interested in lacrosse since day one at this school. Sooo … who are you checking out?”
  • “Coincidentally” running into him in school
  • Liam being totally smitten at the second he sees you
  • Study dates in the library
  • Shy glances
  • “Just ask him out!” - “It´s not that easy Lyds!”
  • Until suddenly Liam starts avoiding you
  • And even if haven´t inherited Lydias Banshee powers you can sense that something is wrong
  • You telling Lydia about his change and Lydia – lip biting and hesitantly – telling you about the incident with Scott
  • Agreeing to the packs plan in order to keep Liam safe
  • “What the hell, (Y/N), you´re in this to?” - “I´m sorry”
  • Going after Liam when he escapes
  • Although Big Sister Lydia does not approve
  • “I know you like him, but in his current state he could seriously hurt you.” - “I know. I don´t care”
  • Finding Liam in the woods and comforting him, reassuring him that it will be alright
  • Explaining everything you know about the supernatural world
  • Which leads to more study dates
  • Which leads to an “Maybe we could go out sometimes … like, on a real date?”
  • Lydia helping you with your clothes and make up
  • Giving you advice
  • “Since you know each other for quite some time now, so a little bit kissing might be tolerable” – “Lydia!”
  • Eventually there is a lot kissing that night
  • And more dates to follow
  • Puppy Love
  • She´ll never admit it, but Lydia is shipping the hell out of you two
  • Cuddling and making out all the time especially when you´re supposed to do homework or stuff like that
  • Kisses. Of all kinds. Everywhere. Anytime.
  • Tons of PDA
  • Tons of cute nicknames that make Lydia and the rest of the pack aw at you
  • “Babe”, “Baby”, “Cutie”, “Doll”, Teddy" etc.
  • Helpihim with his I.E.D.
  • Liam always insisting on going on missions with you so that he can protect you
  • Sometimes getting a little overprotective
  • “I will be fine, baby. I´ve been dealing with this for a while now, it´s practically in my blood.”
  • Supporting each other no matter what – you are the Power Couple

anonymous asked:

Okay but with the baseball AU: Tony going to Steve's games even without the others because he is interested in the game (NOT the handsome player, no matter what anyone says) And Steve notices him each time. After one game, Steve is heading back in to celebrate their win when he stops and jogs over to Tony to hand him the winning ball, telling him to come again. He always seems to play better knowing Tony is there and he would hate to loose his lucky charm.


Tony would definitely grow interested in the game and with his mind, he’ll probably start making all sorts of calculations. How to hold the bat at a certain angle so it hits the ball every time and all sorts. But he’s not going to lie, he’d really like to talk to the handsome player but I live for slightly/very shy Tony so I imagine he’s kind of working up the courage to say more than ‘thanks, you played a good game’ when Steve actually jogs over and gives him the winning ball. 

Steve is totally smitten by the seventh game that Tony attends and always looks out for Tony when he goes onto the field. And when he sees the familiar dark hair and big brown eyes, he grins like a goof and Bucky has began teasing him about it because it’s so damn amusing. At one game, he realizes that Tony hasn’t come and his performance is still really good but he feels like he’s lacking somewhere, like his hits aren’t hard enough and his feet don’t move fast enough when he runs. He never wants to go one game where Tony isn’t there. 

It isn’t until after another game that Bucky tells him to ‘grow a pair’ and go and talk to his wonderful lucky charm. Steve, after trying to laugh it out, actually goes to Tony and calls out for him. He doesn’t even know his name but he feels so happy when Tony turns around as if he knew that Steve was calling him. 

“Hey.” Steve simply says, not knowing what else to add but he’s has that goofy grin on his face, the one he gets whenever he sees Tony. 

“Hi.” Tony replies, finding Steve incredibly endearing and giving a little goofy grin of his own. 


anonymous asked:

Okay, I need you to give a blow by blow on how you met your Rick, so I can use it as a map to find my own, lol.

Have I not shared this?  Huh.  (And sorry for the delay!)

Many stars had to align for this. and the following should be noted:

- He won the Talking Dead contest on his second try 
- If I had not been living in Los Angeles, this would not have happened, even if i had won tickets
- I had no tickets when I went to that event
- I worked at that time, literally four blocks away from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
- I had only started cosplaying as Michonne since SDCC ‘16
- I have been going to SDCC for the last…seven years, and he had been going for the last, like twenty, and we never ran into each other. Can you imagine that? His tall ass is walking around the floor at comic con, dressed as Rick Grimes, even by the Negan trailer, and we never saw each other
- Back to my not having a ticket: me being me, I showed up anyway, dressed as Michonne, sure as shit someone would let me in

Okay, so I roll up there dressed, right, and the lines were already moving.  I scan the crowd, and see this one dude–the only dude–who appeared to be there alone.  Ignoring the line, I cross over three rows and walk up to him and ask, “Excuse me, but did you come here alone?”  Low and behold, he has.  Even better?  His friend was supposed to go, but canceled the night before.  I asked if he wouldn’t mind I go as a stand-in for his friend, to which he agreed.

This also has to be noted: You can’t be afraid.  Many people who didn’t have a ticket would not have showed up like I did.  I grew up watching Nick at Nite, and binging on I Love Lucy.  Lucy Ricardo always had a scheme going.  Even if it didn’t always work, she tried.

As my mother always told me, “Nothing beats a fail but a try.”

I showed up, had two big brass one’s to ask a total stranger for a ticket, and I got in.  Once inside of the grounds, the helpful stranger and I parted ways, and I went to go find seating near the Talking Dead stage. Once I found my seat, I headed back towards the front gates to get a signal on my phone (I was having someone technical difficulties at that time with it; new one now!).  As I was walking towards the front, I see him walking towards me, headed in.

For a split second, I was a bit put off because, I am not totally keen on s1 Rick cosplay.  I’m more of a murder!coat kind of gal.  Anyway, my criticism of his cosplay vanished when he smiled at me.  There were a lot of thoughts going through my head–my phone situation, trying to hurry back cause the show was starting soon, blah blah blah, but I wanted to talk to him.  And…I didn’t.


But I figured I’d see him inside.

And I didn’t, lmao.  Crazy, right?

It took a cosplaying Andrea to bring him to me, literally.  She wanted a photo op with both of us, lol.

There was one moment where it was just the two of us taking photos for fans, and he had his arm wrapped around me, and someone yelled, “You should kiss her, like on the show!”  And I looked up at him, and he looked down at me, and he gave the most devilish smirk.  Between the lights flashing and him looking at me like that, I would not have minded.

Anyway, security broke the photos up, because the show was starting.  This time, I was not going to let him get away.  Nope!  Just as I was about to mention giving him my number, he took my hand and shook it.

Me: Brandenn, right?
Brandenn: Yes. Jill?
Me: Uh huh?
Brandenn: [stares at me, unblinking and quite serious] After the show, I will find you.

I was totally smitten by his certainty about that.  Still, I saw him after the show before he saw me, and I made sure to be in his line of vision, in case he forgot…

In short, my advice would be this: You can’t be afraid. If you see your Rick, go and talk to that man.  Maybe he’s interested, maybe he’s not, but my god, isn’t it worse to not know?

malec4everr  asked:

New writer ask meme... how about You've got mail Coldflash AU with tons of angst and tons of smut and fluff towards the end??

(WHAT are you doing to me!)

Barry Allen owns and runs his mother’s bookshop, which he practically grew up in and has worked at all his life. His mother died from a B&E when he was 10, but that just makes the shop more special to him. His father passed away last year after a heart-attack, and ever since, Barry has been even more obsessed with staying in the shop rather than going out with friends or dating or anything outside of work.

Iris, his best friend since school days, keeps trying to get him to just DATE and live his life, but Barry never confessed that his first love was HER, and now she’s married and pregnant with her first child, and that just makes it harder even though Barry knows he needs to move on.

His employees are great friends too, though they’re a little subtler about how they try to get him out of the shop. Cisco will ask Barry over for video game nights, and Caitlin will invite Barry along to theater excursions, but Barry hates being a third wheel with her husband, as nice as Ronnie is. HR is great too, he’s just a little…difficult to handle in large doses. Plus, the guy seems far too obsessed with this popular romance author, E.B. Thawne, which Barry accused Iris’s husband of being once, but Eddie swears it’s just a coincidence that their names are so similar.

“Besides, my middle name is Richard, Barr.”

(The romance novelist is HR, using the pseudonym of Eobard Thawne but changing it to EB to be more like HR. He totally got the idea of using Thawne after meeting Eddie and Iris. He works at Barry’s shop for fun, since he makes A LOT of money from his writing.)

Cisco and Caitlin have started reading those romance novels too, which is highly inappropriate to be pouring over during shop hours. Barry’s bookstore is for CHILDREN.

Or at least it should be, if they can survive the corporate giant moving in around the corner, Rogue Books. Lisa Snart is the face of the company, “A really nice face too,” Cisco has said on more than one occasion, but her partner and brother Leonard Snart is known as the real shark behind the business. He’s so ruthless, they call him Captain Cold. It’s terrible the way this powerhouse is ruining family owned businesses like Barry’s. The Scarlet Reader is everything a little book store should be.

At least Barry has his secret pen pal, who he met one night on a message board support group for people who’ve lost their parents. No real names or details are given, it’s just the chance for people with similar experiences to connect and vent – like group therapy for busy people (or in Barry’s case, people who don’t get out much.)

WynterNights72 is just so easy to talk to. He lost his mother when he was young too, and his father passed away a few years ago, just like Barry’s passed away last year. Of course Wynter didn’t have a good relationship with his father like Barry did, but it’s still a similar tale of woe.

They don’t even chat about their folks much anymore, just random things. They created their own private board so they can leave each other messages whenever they want and keep it between them. It’s nice to have someone to talk to who doesn’t know Barry’s real name, someone whose face Barry has never seen.

Of course he likes to imagine the guy is attractive and successful and totally smitten with Barry like Barry is with him, but he could never actually do anything about it. They’re just pen pals. The only thing Barry knows is that the man also lives in Central City. It would be insane to ever be more than friends.

Meanwhile, Leonard Snart runs Rogue Books as joint CEO with his sister and their childhood friend, Mick Rory, who handles the logistics when it comes to demolition and construction of new stores. Len has a great team who handles financials, staffing, marketing, allowing Lisa to be the spokesperson and Len to stick to the shadows.

Len has learned to be cold because he has to be, that’s what has made Rogue Books so successful. It certainly wasn’t his father’s efforts when he was still alive running the company. The only thing Lewis was ever good for was giving Len the best sister he could ask for…and the best little brother.

Michael is only seven. He was two when Lewis died, so he barely remembers him, and thinks more of Len as his father figure. Michael’s mother has full custody but she lets Len and Lisa take Michael and spend time with him whenever they want.

Outside of Lisa, Mick, and a few close coworkers, Len doesn’t really have friends. He’s odd friends with a few of his exes, but he figures what’s the point in dating when he always loses in love? Lisa tried to convince him to go to counseling, that maybe if he had someone else to talk to it’d be easier to open up to a potential partner someday.

So Len found his way to that message board, because he doesn’t DO therapy, and met Runner_in_Red. He can tell by the occasional reference that this guy is a few years younger than he is, but he’s just so easy to talk to. Len’s never had a friend quite like Red, and he likes having him all to himself, like a secret. Sometimes, he wishes he had the courage to ask for them to meet, but he doesn’t want to ruin what they have. So he pines in private, wondering what Red might look like on the other side of that screen.

It’s one day when Len is spending the afternoon with Michael that his little brother insists on going into the bookshop they pass along the street. Len feels a little awkward about the whole thing, because this place is the competition he’s currently running into the ground with his new megastore around the block, but he wants to encourage Michael’s love of reading.

They stumble upon a children’s circle, where a young man is doing an impressive and adorably engaging reading from The Runaway Dinosaur, which was always one of Len’s favorite children’s books too. Len is instantly charmed—until he realizes that the young man is Barry Allen, the shop’s owner. Shit. Len cannot let this kid know that the enemy walked through his door, so he introduces himself as Len.

“Just Len.”

Of course, Michael thinks that Len’s nickname as Captain Cold is awesome, “Like a superhero!” So when Len and Barry are talking, and Barry mentions that they’re trying to stay afloat against the evil Captain Cold around the corner, Michael spouts off his newest spelling word.

“C-O-L-D. Just like—”

“Well, we need to be going,” Len says and quickly makes scarce, pushing Michael out the door.

His getaway doesn’t save him for long though as he runs into Barry at a party later that week and the cat is out of the bag about who Len really is.

This devolves into their very intense rivalry as bookstore owner nemeses, while privately at home Len and Barry are each asking Wynter and Red for advice…as they slowly fall more and more in love with the pen pal they’ve never met.

Rowaelin part 2: See you at Home

I hope you enjoy and know that your kind words and feedback brightens my day by a mile! I am so grateful for y’all.

Lysandra watched helplessly as her best friend flirted awfully with Nikoles. She hadn’t been with a male since Chaol, as far as she knew. Aelin was good at a lot of things, fighting, killing, eating, reading, lighting things on fire, but she was not good at flirting. It pained Lysandra to watch the catastrophe that was her friend playing with a male’s emotions.  

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Meow Cafe, part 8

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

universe: Figaro universe, cat cafe!au - Tony works as a barista in a cat cafe and Steve is totally smitten by him and Tony’s overly fluffy cat, Figaro

summary: Bucky and Rhodey have a plan to make Tony and Steve met. Unfortunately, someone keeps following Tony around.

length: 6 246 words

warnings: this fic belongs to Figaro universe, there is occasional tickling, but not in this part,

trigger warnings: some brutality and abuse at the end of the fic, but nothing too drastic,

a/n: the next part of Meow Cafe!! I am soooorrry it is so late! because of popular demand, the drama continues! hope you like this part and if you do, please drop me an ask! (you might want to read Meow Cafe part 7 to refresh your memory)


Meow Cafe, part 8

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8)

As soon as he had left the apartment, Rhodey started to regret his decision for many reasons. First, approximately five minutes before he reached his destination, it started pouring like crazy and he didn’t have a hoodie or anything else for protection. Second, he didn’t want to talk with Steve’s friend about what happened between Steve and Tony. In his world, Steve didn’t deserve a second chance. Steve’s friend also didn’t deserve a chance, seeing that it was his stupid speeding years ago that started this wheel of misfortune, and the grand prize, a whole ton of misery, had all go to Tony.

Yet, Tony was miserable without that blond bastard. And if Rhodey could help, maybe even with just giving his friend an opportunity to close that sorry chapter of his life, he would do it. Then he could work on getting Tony’s job back. One thing at a time.

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Viktuuri AU in which Yuuri is a cupid and has been assigned to make the famous Viktor Nikiforov, of whom he has also been a fan for the longest time, fall in love.

- both are supidly inexperienced with love, because even though Yuuri spent almost his whole life with watching and making people fall in love he’s never felt that way himself before. Viktor on the other hand was just never interested and too fixated on figure skating routines

- Yuuri taking his job impossibly serious, and he calls this particular one the ‘project of his life’ because it’s Viktor Nikiforov! And he really wants to do it right this time

- But whoops, Viktor is actually even nicer and more interesting in real life than in his interviews

- And his eyes are quite beautiful and at some point there’s just no denying that Yuuri is totally smitten with him

- His cupid boss actually planning for the two to fall in love with each other from the beginning that little shit 

- Cupids falling in love is really, really rare to the point that it’s almost a legend

- Yuuri could be around 500 years!!!!

- Viktor slowly getting interested in that Japanese guy that came to Russia one day and stuck around him since that

- and oh god he’s actually quite cute and his skating is astounding

- and for the first time someone is interested in Viktor, not just Viktor Nikiforov, skating legend, which surprises the Russian man at first but as time goes by he starts to want Yuuri to be interested in him

- and as they’re falling in love Yuuri struggles because Cupids don’t usually fall in love but what’s this amazing fuzzy feeling in his stomach????

- but Viktor is just so kind and warm and Yuuri doesn’t even notice that his powers slowly vanish and he’s becoming more and more human

- he starts to notice one day as he gets sick because cupids don’t get sick and why is he feeling like hell is he dying???

- Viktor trying to make him feel better, meaning he spoils him beyond what is healthy and is just so worried, because it seems to be quite a serious case of the flu??? (Yuuri has a rlly high fever)

- the other cupids, lead by Phichit in the background as their personal Viktuuri shipping fan base

(please feel free to continue this)


(Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: I wanted to write something where you guys are filming an avengers movie or something and Seb’s totally smitten with you and then everyone teases him about it. So in that case if that kind of stuff interests you, I hope you enjoy!

Everyone, from the directors to the actors, sat at a large conference sized table inside a room you’d never been to before. It was pretty hidden being tucked in the corner of the studio, and from all the dust it looked as if it was rarely used. An emergency lunchtime meeting had been called by your directors for Captain America Civil War to talk “Important Business”, as the email stated. You looked around and all your fellow cast memebers were here except for one. Sebastian.

“Okay guys so I’ve got some bad news-” Joe begins however is interrupted as the door swings open abruptly.

“Sorry I’m late.” Sebastian exclaims out of breath with sweat glistening on his forehead.

“That’s alright just grab a seat.” Joe smiled at him.

He passed plenty of open seats until he finally reached the one he wanted; the one next to you. You greet him with a short smile before you focus your attention on your directors. He sits down the brown drink tray he had in his hands and settles back in the black leather office chair.

“So what I was saying is that it looks like we’re going to need an extra month to finish filming.” Joe sighs expecting everyone to be upset.

“That’s great!” Chris says enthusiastically.

“What?” Joe asks, clearly puzzled by the the reaction he was receiving.

“Yeah I think it’s great. It’s fun to film when you’ve got great people around you.” Sebastian says while winking at you.

“You’re talking about me right, Vanilla Ice?” Anthony inquires jokingly causing scattered laughs throughout the small room.

“C'mon Mackie, we all know you’re not the only person he’s happy about spending more time with.” Robert adds while pointing at you causing everyone in the room to laugh even more.

“Alright, well thank you guys for being so understanding, we’ll continue filming in thirty minutes.” Joe says letting out a chuckle and sighing as if there has been a weight lifted off his shoulders.

The directors leave, however your cast members remain seated indulging in the food they have brought for lunch.

“Hey is that a cool lime refresher with my name on it, sexy seabass?” Anthony asks from across the table.

“Not today Chocolachino.” Sebastian laughs while handing you the drink Anthony thought was for him.

“Thanks Seb.” You say gratefully with a hint of surprise considering you never asked him to pick anything up for you.

“Wow Y/n you’ve got him whipped.” Anthony yells jokingly imitating a whip noise resulting in ‘ow ows’ and ‘oohs’ being thrown about the room quietly by your cast members.

“I am not whipped. I’m just being nice, she didn’t even ask me to get it for her, it was just an act of kindness.” Sebastian says partially defending you, partially defending himself.

“I believe it, he is so smitten with Y/n. We’ve all seen the way he looks at her.” Chris says smirking, adding to Sebastian’s existing embarrassment.

“Yeah seriously Stan, when are you going to ask her out?” Robert questions tilting his head slightly to the left, “Y/n he talks about you all time.” He says directing his attention towards you.

You however were looking down at your salad trying to avoid this conversation for yours and Sebastian’s dignity’s sake.

“Okay enough already, leave the lovebirds alone.” Scarlett laughs hitting Robert in the shoulder gently.

Exasperated sighs were let out as Jeremy let everyone know they have to be back on set in five minutes. The room begins clearing out as everyone packs up their things. You stand up and collect your belongings and begin walking towards the door when you hear Sebastian call your name quietly.

“Y/n?” He says while running his hands through his hair.

“Yeah Seb?” You answer politely, turning around to face him.

“I’m really sorry about that, I know that must have been really embarrassing for you and I kn-” He rambles adorably until he is interrupted by your soft lips on his.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a really long time.” He whispers breathily once you end the kiss, “I’d like to take you on a date Friday night, I’ll pick you up at 6?”

“That sounds wonderful.” You grin back at him.

The rest of the day he could not wipe off the huge smile that was plastered on his face. He finally got the girl of his dreams, and little did he know, but he was the guy of your dreams too.

Marriage. *Shawn Mendes*

*Y/N’s pov*

“Tell me, why are we here again?” I yawn and play with Shawn’s fingers and the ring around his little finger.

“Because of your brother getting married,” he chuckles and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Mmh, it’s just that I am so bored, Shawn…”

“Me too, if your brother and his soon-to-be-wife keep on talking like this I’ll be asleep within a second,” he whispers back and points to my smiling brother and sister-in-law. They’re proudly saying their vows, honesty radiating off of them with each word that leaves their lips. There’s a glint of love in their eyes and I can’t help but smile at myself. My brother used to say he didn’t want to get married and look at him now. He’s totally smitten, standing in front of the altar whilst looking at the love of his life.

“Promise me, Shawn, when we get married, we’ll keep the vows short and simple so people stay awake.”

“I promise, Y/N,” he kisses my cheek and takes his ring off of his little finger. “For you. From now on it’s a promise ring. I promise not to bore our guests at our wedding and I promise I will propose to you someday. Maybe sooner than you’ll expect,” he whispers and a small smirk appears on his face.

“Thank you,” I blush and smile down at the ring he’s just given me.

“So, you definitely want to get married someday?”

“Yes, do you?”

“If you say ‘yes’…” Shawn chuckles and looks down at our intertwined hands.

“Of course I will say yes. I love you.”

“I love you too.“

“What kind of wedding do you want?” he asks curiously and smiles politely when my aunt tells us to shut up and listen to my brother instead.

“A small wedding, with only our families and closest friends. That way I don’t have to slow dance with you in front of hundreds of people,” I joke. He snorts at me and turns red when my aunt and parents send us a disapproving look. I giggle softly and nudge his side.

“If that’s the only reason you want to keep it small, you can put your feet on mine and I’ll shuffle us around. I want a big wedding so I can show you off and brag to everyone about my gorgeous bride,” he whispers real quick, scared to get caught talking once again. I smile softly and look up at him. “You’re too cute,” I mumble and shake my head at him.

“And you love it,” he winks and wraps an arm around my shoulder. “Keep it down, you two,” mum hisses but turns around right after so she doesn’t miss a word of what my brother is saying. Shawn shifts uncomfortably and sends me a panicked face. I reassuringly kiss his cheek before replying.

“I do indeed love it,” I confess barely above a whisper and rest my head on his chest. He nods knowingly and pecks my nose to which I sigh softly. “Oh, get married already!” my aunt says whilst rolling her eyes at us. I feel my cheeks heat up and suppress the smile when I see Shawn’s cheeks tinged in pink. “On it,” Shawn whispers in my ear and I feel the butterflies swarming around in my stomach. 

Meow Cafe, part 9

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

universe: Figaro universe, cat cafe!au - Tony works as a barista in a cat cafe and Steve is totally smitten by him and Tony’s overly fluffy cat, Figaro

summary: Tony and Steve are a happy couple again, their friends are getting along and everything seems to be perfect. Yet, the past doesn’t want to leave them.

length: 7 613 words

warnings: this fic belongs to Figaro universe, not focused on tickling, but has some from time to time (this time it has!)

a/n: thanks for being patient with this series!! hope you will enjoy this part! (and the plot twist, because what is a fic without a plot twist, right?) likes, reblogs and feedback means love!


Meow Cafe, part 9

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8)

Steve was looking at the closed door, with a metal number 12 on them. It was a nice door, solid and painted white, but he wasn’t here to admire it.


No answer. No sound on the other side.

“Tony, darling… Come on,” Steve asked in a low voice. He knew that Tony could hear him. He gently knocked. Once, twice, three times. He could almost imagine his boyfriend curling in fear on the other side.

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thebrightclearline  asked:

Gangster AU totally works! Frank as the mafia don (or whatever word would work, I suppose, for an Irish mob?), Dee the overlooked daughter desperate to take over and always planning elaborate schemes that never work out in her favour, Charlie the beloved up-and-comer who has the absolutely absurd ridiculous schemes (wildcard!), except in this, Mac is a low-level gangster that Dennis, pampered son who never lifts a finger, is enamoured with &they start an illicit affair, preferably in a jazz bar

dude oh my god i love this…Mac as a gritty down on his luck muscle who still lives with his mother and Dennis as The Boss’s spoiled playboy son who has people catering to his every whim and brags that he can win a girl’s undying love in ten minutes flat yet is totally smitten with Mac in literal seconds when Mac like walks in on him doing coke in the backroom of Frank’s bar or something and they become star crossed lovers

REAL TALK THO tododeku can potentially be such a beautiful relationship??? like deku flipped todo’s world upside down and i can totally imagine him being smitten with deku and he’d try to flirt but at first he’d be sO AWKWARD because he doesn’t have any social skills and it’s not like deku is that social either so they would awkwardly tiptoe round each other 

and deku would have the cutest little crush on him but he doesn’t let himself dwell on it because he honestly doesn’t think todo would ever reciprocate it and he’d be so hAPPY!!!!!! when he finds out that todo likes him back

and tbh i can only see them being in those long term relationships where they are each other’s first and one and only and they’d keep supporting each other to be the best and they’d bring out the good in each other like MUTUALLY BENEFITICAL PARTNERS HECK YA and just being the old married couple of the class where they just smile at each other and blush and say ‘hi’ and the whole class groans my god this ship will end me

webisode cleuce moments we all need to remember
  • him kissin her cheek and saying “you killed them out there babe” after she just waved her arms around on a stage
  • draculaura telling cleo about a guy she met and she says he’s the hottest and cleos like “nope deuce is the best one you are mistaken”
  • them straight up murdering whatever was in the egg for their home ick project because deuce stoned it
  • deuce ruining another monsters happiness at the carnival in an attempt to cheer cleo up because he knows she loves other people’s misfortune
  • cleo straight-up hugging deuces arm after stopping a large cookie dough monster
  • draculaura, with grave sincerity: “the evil aliens are invading our school! they want to control us” / cleo and deuce: laugh and walk away 
  • deuce beating up a plant because it called cleo ugly
  • operetta asking deuce “you really like her huh?” and him replying “totally! sooooooo much” like a smitten 12 year old
  • hissette drawing cleuce fanart
  • cleo taking care of deuces injuries and holding his hand after hoodude made the school go haywire
  • cleo’s inner monster app translating deuce stumbling over his words to “he likes you, too" and then they hold hands and touch heads

OKAY so I know the request said Hank as their totally-done teenage son, but while drawing this my brother was like “what if he was the only baby sitter who didn’t refuse to watch Cherik’s children from hell because both of them were totally smitten with him” and I was like yes so I’m sorry I didn’t completely follow the request, it was just too good!

also what are child proportions? I do not know.

anonymous asked:

I have a headcanon that Nico and a Hazel can really dance to swing music


  • Hazel and Nico are a notorious brother/sister prodigy duo who compete at swing competitions, and they are fucking savage. Like get out the way, man, they will take you down.
  • After high school, they both are offered a scholarship for a prestigious conservatory.
  • Hazel is thrilled; Nico is a little more skeptical, but he agrees to go
  • The rest of the squad.
  • Nico’s roommate is Leo, who’s another scholarship kid - he’s from a poor neighborhood in a town in southern Texas, right on the border of Mexico. His mama couldn’t afford to send him to classes, so he taught himself hip-hop as a kid and started entering himself in competitions. He loves the mechanics of dance, the way each step breaks down and becomes something magic.
  • Percy and Annabeth are also in the hip-hop program, but their specialty is breakdancing; they leave campus almost every weekend to busk for money, dancing on the street.
  • Piper was part of a huge hop-hop dance crew as a teenager, touring the country, until issues with her family made her quit and return home. After helping her father clean up his act, she leaves home again and pays her way through university. She keeps getting in trouble for hot-wiring the professors’ Ferraris.
  • Jason and Reyna are both in the ballet program.
  • Reyna is prima ballerina, and everyone fears her because nobody’s ever seen someone look that graceful and powerful and serene whilst standing on their fucking tiptoes.
  • Jason is a bit more awkward, but his jumps make it look like he’s flying.
  • Frank is an absolutely incredible ballroom dancer; Hazel spots him practicing one day and is totally smitten, and then she meets him and he is the biggest fucking dork imaginable and she immediately texts Nico and is like “help me I’m in love”
  • Will’s not a dancer - he’s an aspiring athletic trainer, working at the university as part of his internship.
  • Actually, he can’t dance for shit (but he does love super cliche group wedding dances like the macarena and the electric slide). So he’s really really intimidated by all these beautiful talented very very tall people running around doing pirouettes all over the place.
  • And then one day Nico hurts his ankle in rehearsal and Will is called in to help.
  • And it should be really romantic what with Will gently touching Nico’s ankle, both of them blushing, complete with fleeting eye contact and careful smiles. But instead they BICKER THE WHOLE TIME and Will starts calling Nico Death Boy because he’s a grumpy toe bean with a sick death glare.
  • Nico flips Will off at least twice.
  • And that kids is how I met your mother.
Fic Rec Mega Post!

Been a while since my first one of these, which is bad. But! It means I have a whole lovely twelve (well, fourteen if you count individual series instalments) fics to tell you all about, which is good! As usual, there’s a mix of old and new, and most of these are on the longer side. Speaking of which, this post is gonna be big, so I’ll try not to be too long-winded about it (*scoffs at self*).

First up, then, is Tides of Fate by nightliferogue (@slashyrogue). Will Graham finds his life going from bad to worse when he is rescued from one group of pirates by another, who just happen to be led by the fearsome Captain Hannibal Lecter, with whom Will has a turbulent and painful history. Stuck together on the high seas, the two argue, obfuscate and try desperately not to fall back in love. As ever with slashy, this is boundlessly entertaining, with Hannibal as a devastatingly sexy pirate and sassy!Will in all his (sea) salty glory.

Next, a couple by TigerPrawn (@desperatelyseekingcannibals), one old and one new. The new is Write Here, Write Now, a Hannigram AU in which Will is a one-hit wonder literary author and Hannibal is the successful, populist pulp-pedlar he despises. Which is awkward when it turns out that not only is Hannibal seated next to him at the convention they’re both attending, but that professional loathing might not be the only feeling Will’s harbouring for him. Literary snobbery, cannibal puns and a totally smitten Hannibal abound in yet another of DSC’s completely delightful fics.

The older one is Past and Future Designs, in which, post-fall, Will’s subconscious is trying to deal with his new (ahem) attraction to Hannibal by dreaming about a certain pair of Samartian knights. Tristhad meets Hannigram in a not-quite reincarnation AU, and a good, fun, very seriously sexy time is had by all. There’s also a companion fic to this, Past Redesigns, which fleshes out the Tristhad relationship and is equally charming.

Onwards, to mokuyoubi’s (@moku-youbi) The God of Appetite. Vampires and Hannigram are just such a perfect combination, don’t you think? Certainly in this wonderful period-set fic, in which Will is an academic tasked by Jack Crawford to prove that a vampire is responsible for a slew of murders centred on a small Lithuanian village. While there, he is aided by a certain doctor who has cold hands, sharp teeth and a definite interest in getting to know the young professor. Beautifully written, with the same lyrical sensuality as defines the show, this is a gorgeous and inventive reframing of canon.

Now some Spacedogs for you, in the form of Cell 30 by VictoriaSkyeMarsters (@artbyvictoriaskye). The cute idea behind this is that Adam’s uncanny resemblance to a certain former FBI special agent leads to him being flung into a Romanian jail cell. Fortunately, his cellmate is a very bad man from Bucharest, who’s rather taken with the blue-eyed spaceman he’s suddenly bunking with. Putting Spacedogs in jail works brilliantly, with the trademark Adam and Nigel fluff transported to a dangerous and brutal environment. VSM has a fantastic grip on the character’s voices and their unlikely connection evolves beautifully, despite being shot through with pain at the seeming impossibility of things ending well.

Next is A Room Without Doors by cartouche (whose tumblr, if it exists, I could not find). This is an amnesia AU in which Hannibal loses his memory, after attempting to kill Will for figuring out he’s the Ripper. While Hannibal deals with the shock of finding out he’s a monster, Will deals with how to relate to this new version of his friend, and they both deal with their growing feelings for each other. There’s a yearning, aching quality to this fic that’s at once heartbreaking and hopeful, exploring the ways in which our pasts define us and how these two men just fundamentally fit together to make a whole.

I’ve been looking forward to Cathexis by Weconqueratdawn (@weconqueratdawn) ever since I subscribed to the first chapter (the no-reading-WIPs rule is a hard one to keep sometimes). Happily, it doesn’t disappoint in any way. This is an s1 non-cannibal AU, in which Will finds a complement to his submissive desires in Hannibal’s dominant ones and the pair navigate their way through how this works as part of a romantic relationship. The thing I love most about this fic is that, despite their dom/sub markers, Will and Hannibal are absolute equals, both capable of making mistakes and both with complex needs and emotions. It rings absolutely true as a relationship, with numerous bumps along the way and an ever-growing understanding between the two that quickly becomes something neither can do without.

So, I’ll be honest, I was a little uneasy about diving into Gweezle’s (@gweezle) All Flesh Consorteth, given that the tags make it clear this is “Daddy Kink taken to its logical extreme.” Yep, in this AU, Hannibal is Will’s father, which does not mean that he finds his boy any less appealing when Jack insists that Will interview him in the BSHCI. If you’re squicked by incest, run now. For everyone else, this is dark, twisted and utterly compelling, with a sadistic yet seductive Hannibal and an ever-darkening Will at its core. There’s a kind of hypnotic fairytale quality to Gweezle’s writing, which works beautifully here as the tension and forbidden intimacy twists itself between the characters, luring the reader into the darkest of places.

Pirate AU number two (I know, how awesome is that!) comes courtesy of PoisonChocolateCake (@poisonchocolatequake) in the form of The Pirate Bride. And not just any pirate AU but, as the title suggests, a Princess Bride one in which Will finds himself taken on as valet to the Dread Pirate Lecter (“Goodnight Will, I’ll most likely kill you in the morning”). Cue swashbuckling adventures, plenty of sexual tension and a crazy rescue attempt when Will hears that his friend Abigail has been forcibly engaged to marry the awful Prince Humperdinck.

Some Tristhad AU loveliness next, courtesy of BloodToInk, bonelines and howlscastle (@bloodtoink, @bonelines, @hxwlscastle). In Opia, Galahad is a psychic being sold into sex slavery, who decides that Tristan, despite his outwardly fierce demeanour, is the best choice of a bad lot for his new master. Tristan, however, is not so easily convinced. What follows is a night during which both men have their pre-conceptions overturned and find that connection and understanding can come when you least expect them. The short timeframe of this story gives the authors plenty of time to build the intensity and power of this unexpected relationship and the result is a compelling, truly lovely (and pleasantly smutty) fic, with a pleasantly fresh take on the original madancy pairing.

There seems to be fairly wide agreement that the moment Will initiates a physical relationship with Hannibal, the cannibal won’t be able to contain himself. Lunarwench’s (@lunarwench) marvellous Cheap Motel takes this notion and runs with it, as the murder hubbies’ first kiss results in Hannibal dragging Will to the eponymous establishment to have his way with him. Of course, there are feelings to be sorted through first (yes, the bone saw comes up) but suffice it to say, nobody leaves that motel room unsatisfied.

And finally, I know I’m late getting to TheGlintOfTheRail’s (@theglintoftherail) Revelation series but that ain’t gonna stop me raving about it! The first instalment, Silence in Heaven, sees Will, post-fall, strike a deal with Hannibal: if he can stop killing, Will will stay with him. The Mark of His Name, meanwhile, picks up two years after the fall and finds Will struggling with his own killer instincts, while still trying to keep Hannibal on a leash. The question of exactly who Will is going to be after he emerges from the water is one that’s had plenty of attention paid it. But I think this is one of my favourite approaches, its patient examination of Will’s sense of himself while Hannibal hovers, ever-ready to watch how Will transforms, is intelligent and thorough. And the climax it works up to is both thrilling and powerful (and left me bloody desperate for further instalments!).

Wow, that was long. I hope somebody finds it of use ;) If there are bad links, or I’ve miscredited anything, do please let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP.

Meow Cafe, part 3

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

universe: Figaro universe, cat cafe!au - Tony works as a barista in a cat cafe and Steve is totally smitten by him and Tony’s overly fluffy cat, Figaro

summary: Tony and Steve continue to date, and Steve gets to know Tony’s world better

length: 6 588 words

warnings: this fic belongs to Figaro universe, there is a little bit of tickling in it (finally!), a lot of cat talk, so it is highly recommended for all cat loving people out there

a/n: the third part!! I am really proud of this chapter, and think I put some really good stuff in it, so feedback is very much desired and needed <3 !!


Meow Cafe, part 3

(part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6)

“Here you go. And drop by soon, cats will miss you.”

Smile and wink. It was cute. Too cute. How dared he to be that cute.

Steve watched with a grim expression, his hand stroking down Figaro’s fluffy back, the cat comfortably stretched out in his lap, how Tony smiled and flirted with a group of girls, going out from the cafe, that decided to take some cookies with them. Tony kept joking and smiling, and it wasn’t just being polite to the customers. It was 100% flirting.

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