totally severe

  • <p> <b>Someone:</b> so Locus is a villain<p/><b>Me:</b> i mean yes-<p/><b>Someone:</b> and he like... was most likely responsible for countless New Republic deaths<p/><b>Me:</b> youre not wrong-<p/><b>Someone:</b> deaths of people who are heavily implied to be very young adults or even teenagers, who were just fighting to save their home and their friends<p/><b>Me:</b> ok but-<p/><b>Someone:</b> and he did it because he was working for a gross money grubbing wrinkly old white guy<p/><b>Me:</b> he-<p/><b>Someone:</b> and working with the Personification of Minute Maid Douchiness<p/><b>Me:</b> I-<p/><b>Someone:</b> and it took severe injury, total failure, and an angry alien ai to make him even realize he'd done wrong<p/><b>Me:</b> listen here bitch Locus has suffered hell and then severe manipulation as well as verbal abuse and some pretty shitty circumstances and he's trying to do good now pls just give him a redemption arc just give him a chance <p/><b>Me:</b> ...also he's really beautiful did you WATCH s14<p/></p>

So I’ve had some time to recover and decompress after the whirlwind that was yesterday.  Early in the morning, as the line formed for Jack’s autograph session, I was attempting to hobble my way to the line without being run over by the crowd, which was terrifying.  I met some very lovely people, including @sherbertime who had an even scarier experience with the crowd than I did.

The night before the autograph session, I told myself I wouldn’t get nervous, that Seán is just a person like us and it should be liking finally meeting a friend you met over the internet.  What I didn’t really think about was that there would have several hundred eyes on me as I met him.  I also made the mistake of not eating a decent meal before the signing and I was totally exhausted from a severe lack of sleep, (I think it shows in the photo).  To make matters worse, right as it was my turn to go up to Seán ,I lost the ticket I’d been clutching desperately the entire time I waited and was almost turned away.  All of these factors caused my tremors to become much worse than they had been all morning, my throat and lips completely dried out, and I barely had the energy to walk away after my turn was over.

I realized moments after I left the line that, while I told Seán that it was my birthday, I never told him my name.  I apparently lost my ability to be a logical human being and rambled incoherently about the Dragon Scale Gauntlets I’d been wearing and how nervous he must have been that all these people went to the lengths they did to meet him.  I didn’t say anything that I was hoping to say.  I’m likely overreacting, but I feel like I blew it. :(

Anyways, Seán/Jack, if you happen to see this post at all, I’m sorry that I was such a mess.  I wish things had gone a lot more smoothly.  Anyways, since I didn’t get to say it when I met you: Hi, my name is Jenn.  I’m overjoyed that I got to meet you, especially on my birthday, of all days.  Thank you for trying to make my experience a little less awkward than it turned out.  You’re an amazing and lovely human being and yesterday was easily one of my Top 3 Birthdays of All Time.  I know you hate when people do this, but Thank You!

  • Me: [sees ad on friend's computer] Oh. Orphan Black. Rad.
  • Her: Oh, yeah, I just started. Like three episodes in. I like it.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: [internal fandom scream of total uncool everything]
  • Me: That's...awesome. Good show.