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Okay, but still give the gifs of Lance and Sokka when you're done finals 'cause I totally want to see those. =D (So, just save this ask for later!)

Sokka and Lance are the same: A summary

1. They’re both idiots

2. IDEK what to call this one but theyre pretty much the same arrogant fools I love them

3. Smooth with the ladies

Pretty much they’d be pals

shadowhunters urls

I have some shadowhunters related urls that I probably won’t use, so I’ll give/trade some of them :D

* = favorites, I’ll not give them away that easliy, but you can always ask for a trade*

bold = I’ll probably not give them away or just for a really good trade*

“you don’t have to use the url immediately, it’s totally okay if you want to save them for later”


  • itsharryshumjr*
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  • silkybane
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* if you want to trade, those are the types of URL’s I would like to have: magnus bane, luke garroway, maia roberts, simon lewis, or raphael santiago related.  

Read It Wednesday

Welcome to the first Read It Wednesday in 2017! I’m super happy to be doing this again, but I will admit it was nice to have a little break. This is week 6 of Read It Wednesday. Like always, if you don’t see a series here, it means I’m not caught up on it yet, but be on the look out for it in future Read It Wednesday’s. Now, onto some amazing fics!

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The One With The Secret

Pairing: Scott McCall x Reader

Summary: Moving back to town and trying to reconnect with your friends is difficult when Scott, your ex boyfriend, is being a dick because you left without saying goodbye. It’s even more difficult when you witness him turn into a werewolf.

A/N: probably won’t be posting for a while - that is until teen wolf returns next month and my thirst returns with it xx

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)


“It was totally awesome,” you grin, tossing the last of your popcorn into your mouth before throwing out the bag.

Stiles shakes his head with a frown, “You’re insane.”

“Why? Because it was a chick flick?” you roll your eyes.

“No, because Ryan Reynolds only took his shirt off once! That’s crazy. If I looked like that, I’d be naked all the time.”

“Well, you could be naked all the time if you wanted,” you shrug, giving him a once over. Stiles nudges you playfully, “Shut up.”

“So, how are things back home?”

You shrug and take a sip of your milkshake, “The usual – mum’s always working.”

“And how is Kyle?”

You scrunch your nose up, “We broke up a while ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he frowns as he stops walking and turns to face you.

“Because I haven’t seen you in month and I wanted to tell you the good news first.”

“What’s the good news?” he prods you curiously. You chuckles and push his hand away, “I’m moving back.”


“Yeah, my mum’s taking a promotion in New York so I’m moving in with my brother next semester.”

“Your brother? I haven’t seen him around, I figured he’d moved out of Beacon Hills.”

“He’s doing some science stuff that I don’t understand but he’s always at the lab. But it beats moving to New York with my mum, at least I know my way around Beacon Hills.”

Stiles’ excited grin slowly fades, “Does Scott know?”

“Given that we haven’t talked in a year… no,” you shake your head, “I was going to tell him at the game tomorrow night. Last one of the season, right?”

“You’re coming?” he asks with raised brows.

“Yeah, I mean, I thought I’d come watch you play. Why? Do you think it’s a bad idea?”

“No,” he smiles, placing his hands on your shoulders, “It’s great, I’m really glad you’re moving back.”

“I just hope Scott feels the same way,” you mumble under your breath.

Game day was always big in Beacon Hills. The bleachers were packed with supporters for both teams though Beacon Hills did have fair few more. You skim the stands for Stiles but instead spot Lydia sitting beside a dark haired girl.

“Lydia!” you wave at her. She stares at you with furrowed brows and then shoots up, waving you over.

“Omg y/n! What are you doing here?!” she squeals, throwing her arms around you as you reach her.

“I just came to watch the game,” you shrug, “I’m moving back over the break.”

“You’re not serious?!” she grins, bouncing on her heels, “Oh my god,” she gushes, shaking you slightly, “We are going to have so much fun. I’ve missed you!”

“I missed you too,” you laugh.

“This is Allison, by the way,” she nods towards the dark haired girl, “Allison, this is y/n. I’m not sure if you remember her, she moved around when you transferred here. But now she’s back!” she squeals in excitement, taking your hands in hers.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Allison smiles, “Again,” she tilts her head, “I think I do remember you. You’re Scott’s ex, right? He told me about you.”

Your face drains and you nod, finally remembering why she looked so familiar, “And you’re Scott’s current girlfriend,” you stammer.

“Actually, we broke up too. I’m dating Isaac now, you’ll probably meet him after the game,” she smiles, turning back to the field. Lydia gives you a reassuring smile but you don’t feel any better – maybe returning was a huge mistake.

After all, you had left partially because of the break up. Despite growing up together and always being best friends, dating and breaking up with Scott had changed things – and the breakup had been messy. You didn’t understand why he had dumped you or how to fix things but when you realized he had a thing for Allison, everything became too painful and confusing, so, when your mum told you she was considering taking a job that would mean moving, you jumped at the opportunity. Once you had left, Stiles eventually told you that Scott had moved onto Allison and you were glad you had moved away, but it had been a year since then – you could get past it now and go back to being friends.

Or so you hoped.

Just as you’re about to sit down, you spot Stiles walking onto the field and rush over to him.

“Hey you,” you smile, your hands deep in your pockets as a wind sweeps across the field.

“Hey,” he grins, giving you a one-arm hug, “How does it feel to be back?”

“Kind of weird,” you shrug, “I met Scott’s ex. We’re thinking of starting a club.”

“Oh,” Stiles nods.

“Why didn’t you tell me they broke up?” you frown.

“It slipped my mind,” he mumbles though you’re sure there’s more to it, “Have you talked to Scott yet?”

“No, I didn’t want to blindside him. I was going to wait until after the game.”

“A little late for that,” Stiles mumbles, rubbing the back of his neck as he looks over your shoulder. You turn to find Scott and a blonde haired boy staring at you from the bench. Scott’s jaw clenches as he stands up and walks over, the boy following behind him.

“Y/N,” he says, “What are you doing here?”

“I just, uh – I –“

“She’s moving back to Beacon Hills so I invited her to the game,” Stiles says on your behalf. Scott shoots him a look and then turns back to you, “You look… different.”

“So do you,” you try to smile, “Captain off the lacrosse team, huh? Things sure have changed around here.”

“He’s co-captain, actually,” the blonde boy says, “I’m Isaac.”

“Hey Isaac,” you mumble turning back to Scott, “Anyways, I should get back to the stands.”

Stiles walks past you and drags Isaac back towards the field but Scott doesn’t move and instead stares at you with furrowed brows.

“You’ve changed,” he says softly, “You’re less…”


“That’s not what I was going to say.”

You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, “It’s fine Scott,” you smile, “I know it’s weird that I’m back but I do hope we can get past… whatever it is that’s weird between us,” you say, unsure of what it was yourself, “Good luck,” you say, quickly returning to the stands. Scott stares at the floor as he walks off and mumbles something to Stiles before jogging onto the field.

The game is painful to watch from beginning to end – not only was Scott completely off his game but right at the end of the game, he’s knocked so hard to the floor that when he lands you’re sure the sound of his arm snapping echoes across the field.

You clap your hands over your mouth as a few players crowd around him, parting only when Stiles and Isaac help carry him off the field.

You rush down the side of the bleachers, meeting them as they head towards the locker rooms, “Is he okay?!”

“I’m fine,” Scott says, keeping his eyes pinned ahead.

“I heard your arm snap,” you say, studying him. He shifts slightly so that his arm is hidden behind Stiles.

“We gotta get back to the game, there’s still a few minutes left on the clock,” Isaac says, looking over his shoulder at the field, “We’ll catch up with you in the locker rooms after the game?”

Scott nods and you stare at them wide eyed.

“Wait, you guys are leaving? His arm is broken!”

The three of them exchange glances and you’re sure you see a small smirk on Stiles’ face.

“Why don’t you walk him to the locker rooms?” Isaac suggests, dragging Stiles away before you can get another word out.

“Great friends you got,” you say sarcastically, reaching for Scott’s arm. He yanks its away, “I can walk, I’m fine. Go back to the stands.” He shifts uncomfortably wishing you’d leave so he could just snap his arm back into place.

Unaware of his abilities, you roll your eyes and pull your arm around his shoulder anyway, helping him towards the locker rooms.

Scott slumps against the lockers when you walk in, “You can go now.”

“Let me find a first aid kit – maybe there’s some ointment or something,” you mumble, searching the cupboards.

You hear a crack and quickly rush back to Scott who is standing up, stretching his arms over his head, “I’m fine,” he waves his hands in your face, “See?”

You grab his arm so he stops moving it and prod it slightly, “It was all wonky and swollen a few minutes ago.”

“Don’t think so,” Scott shrugs, looking at it himself, “You can go now.”

“I was just trying to help,” you mumble, slinging your bag back over your shoulder and heading towards the door, “You don’t have to be such a dick.”

Scott sighs and pulls you back by the arm, “Sorry,” he mumbles, “Will I see you at the after party?”

“Probably not,” you shake your head, pulling your arm out of his grasp.

He bites his lip, “Look, I’m sorry for being an asshole it’s just – you caught me off guard. I had no idea you’d be here, Stiles didn’t tell me and I just – I was surprised, okay?”

“Good surprised?”

“What do you think? You left without telling me and didn’t talk to me for a year.”

“You dumped me and then started dating Allison!”

“I was trying to keep you safe!”

You stare at him, “What?” you ask in confusion.

He shakes his head, “It’s not important. We were friends before we dated, let’s just go back to that, okay? I don’t want things to be weird once school starts again.”

“I’d like that,” you nod. Scott smiles at you, this time genuinely, watching as you leave.

It had been a week since the after party and the game and you hadn’t seen Scott at all. Given it was term break, you weren’t surprised but you found yourself hoping you’d run into him each time you visited Stiles.

On your evening jog, you take a shortcut through the park so you can visit Stiles before heading back home but from across the park you spot a few cars outside his house. You duck behind a hedge as his front door swings open and Stiles, Scott, Lydia, Allison and Isaac all walk out in a hurry.

You feel kind of bummed out that you weren’t invited by try to work up the nerve to walk over casually, that is, until you see Scott crouch on all fours. You crane your neck trying to hear something – anything – but it was hard with the wind rustling all the trees in the park. If you stepped any closer they’d be able to see you.

Scott holds a sweater up to his face and inhales deeply before growling. He faces the park, his eyes glowing red and then bounds off in the opposite direction.

You clap a hand over your mouth.

What had you just seen?

Weird crap had always happened, growing up in beacon Hills – unexplainable things. But this? Your ex-boyfriend running off on all fours with glowing eyes, how does one explain that?

You squint, watching as Isaac follows after him while the rest of them climb into Lydia’s car and drive off.

There’s a knock at your door and you fumble off the couch to answer it.

“Scott?” you frown, rubbing your eyes. Seconds later you remember the events of earlier on in the night, “W-what are you doing here?” you stammer, backing away from him.

“Can I come in?”

“N-no - my brothers not home,” you shake your head, holding a hand out.

“Maybe that’s a good thing, I need to talk to you about something.” He walks towards you and you press a hand against his chest, pushing him back outside.

“In the morning, okay? It’s kind of late.” You try to shut the door but his hand shoots out, pushing it open, “Are you okay?” he asks, listening to your heartbeat race.

“I’m – I’m fine Scott, I just – we can talk later.”

“Is someone in here? Are you okay?” he shoves the door open and you scatter backwards, rushing upstairs.

“Y/N?!” he yells, following behind you. You slam your bedroom door shut and he rattles the handle, “Y/N, open the door! What’s going on?!”

“WHAT DO YOU WANT SCOTT?!” you yell, scanning the room for a way out. If you jumped out the window, you’d break your neck landing on the grass.

“I – I just want to talk?! We haven’t really talked since you got back, I – I can’t stop thinking about you,” he says, his voice strained. You pause for a minute, hesitating at the door. Even if he was telling the truth, whatever he was, it looked like he could hurt you.

“W-why’d you come alone? Where’s Stiles?”

“Stiles? Why would I bring Stiles?”

You hear a thud against the door.

“Scott, stop!”

“You’re scaring me! What’s going on?” he shouts, struggling with the door.

“I SAW YOU TONIGHT AT STILES’ HOUSE! I SAW YOU TURN INTO THAT THING!” you yell. Suddenly everything falls silent.


“Please just go Scott or I’m calling the cops!” you were crying now in choked sobs, trying to decide between throwing the door open and running downstairs but the thought of hurting Scott, even with whatever he was, was still out of the question.

You slide the shutter on your window up, sticking one leg over the ledge, “Fuck,” you mumble to yourself, looking down.

Just as you’re about to get the other foot out, your door flies open and Scott rushes in, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you to the floor before flipping you around and pinning you down. You scream and struggle, kicking your legs about until they’re pinned under his weight.

“Hey, hey, stop!” he pleads, finally clapping a hand over yourr mouth, “I’m not going to hurt you just let me explain.”

You heave in a breath, waiting.

“I’m a werewolf,” he says, “A good werewolf though not – I don’t hurt people.”

You stop moving and just stare at him.

A werewolf? A fucking werewolf?

“It’s why I broke up with you. I got the bite and Derek kept saying that you’d get hurt if I stayed with you.”

“Bmg younjk dangj Alm-“ you mumble against his hand. He moves it away.

“But you dated Allison,” you repeat.

“Allison and I were never meant to happen – we didn’t last very long either, it’s a long story. The truth is, even with everything that happened I never stopped wanting to be with you and now you’re back…”

“Get off,” you mumble.


“Get off.”

Scott stands up and pulls you up but you quickly pull away from him, “You’re a werewolf,” the words come out clean and calm but you can feel your body shaking, “If you didn’t want to hurt me then why’d you pin me to the floor?” you ask, rubbing a bruise already forming on your arm.

“Because you would’ve died or been seriously hurt if you jumped out of your window,” he says with furrowed brows, inching slowly towards you, “I would never hurt you y/n, or anyone, werewolf or not. I didn’t ask for this to happen to me.”

“Well, at least now I know why you dumped me,” you try to laugh but it comes out all choked, “Scott, I need some time to think about all of this, I mean-“

“It’s a lot, I know but you can ask me anything. I’ll tell you everything because-“ he inhales sharply, “Because the reason I came over here is that I really want to give us another go, not just our friendship. And now that you know, it makes everything so much easier,” he smiles weakly.

“I’m not sure, Scott. I can’t even get my head around-“ you point to him.

He takes your hand in his, “This secret,” he says, “It kept us apart. I’m hoping it’s the thing that brings us back together.”

“You’re hoping that the fact you’re a werewolf brings us back together?” you scoff.

Noting your serious expression, he places a hand on your cheek, “Are you scared?”

You shake your head, “Not anymore. I have a lot of questions though.”

“If I answer all of them will you reconsider ‘us’?”

You nod, inhaling sharply.

“Then shoot,” he smiles despite looking nervous and on edge.

“You know in Twilight when Jacob changes and he turns into a wolf and his clothes just rip off – when he turns back is he just naked like do you guys just walk back home naked?”

Scott stares at you and then sighs, “T-that’s your question?” he pinches the bridge of his nose, “It’s going to be a long night.”


Delena & Bethyl Parallels || for @OhMyDEHeart

Thoughts on the Whomping Willow incident

Here’s a thing that bothers me from Deathly Hallows (in fact, maybe the thing that bothered me the most in the entire overall series):

The Whomping Willow incident, built up so well through the early Harry Potter books (the ones of my childhood to which I have the strongest attachment, so integral in particular to Prisoner of Azkaban which remains my favorite), being rendered entirely moot to all parties involved.

It’s made explicitly clear it’s before the lake scene, first when Lily says:

“You went sneaking down that tunnel by the Whomping Willow, and James Potter saved you from whatever’s down there-”

And, then, of course, when Harry’s next chronological step through Snape’s memories is to the same lake incident he observed in his fifth year.

First: wait, since when does the entire school know there’s a tunnel under the Willow? Because this is supposed to be a closely-guarded secret, set up to conceal Lupin’s werewolf-dom, and students at the time played a game trying to touch the trunk (Davy Gudgeon nearly lost an eye!) not trying to get in the tunnel. It certainly doesn’t travel down the grapevine of time: or the Weasley twins would have found their way into that tunnel long before.

But most importantly is how this switch affects characterization (and for the poorer).

Putting it before the lake scene? 



Because when there is one other person in the school who knows your friend is a werewolf – and who, as an adult, proves he is not above letting this information drop “accidentally” as revenge– you’re really going to hang that person upside down in the air and show his underwear to the school?

Just because you’re- or more specifically, Sirius is–  bored? After the last time he was bored, or something like, led to Snape nearly getting eaten by Remus, James risking his own life, Dumbledore definitely becoming involved, and everything nearly being ruined? 

And Remus isn’t going to say so much as “hey, Padfoot, remember last time you were bored, when you nearly got me expelled, and worse, discovered/possibly locked away by the Ministry/stuck with permanent indigestion from Snape’s greasy hair? Maybe think back for a sec.”

Instead, the only reference to a recent full moon is Sirius’ comment "Wish it was a full moon" and Remus’ reply “You would,” which, while nuanced enough to remind us that the transformation isn’t a fun adventure for Remus as it is for them, is not nuanced enough to suggest on a recent full moon an incident happened that they will still be harping on when they are thirty-three-year-old men

Which, if you remember, is exactly what they do.

“So that’s why Snape doesn’t like you… because he thought you were in on the joke?” (Harry).

“That’s right.” (Snape’s entrance line.)

Later, from Lupin: “Is a schoolboy grudge worth putting an innocent man back in Azkaban?”

Since Snape’s reply is to silence Lupin, the implied answer is yes.  

The thing about the Willow incident, and its importance, is that we get it back in Book One. It’s there from the beginning at the end of the first book, as part of that book’s reveal (just as Sirius Black and his motorbike are, right in the first chapter, and man oh man do I love when the pieces are there all along).

And then it’s a two-book wait to figure out HOW James Potter saved Snape’s life, and it is an excellent reveal, involving his friends, at a key moment of tension; after seeing so many harmless pranks from the Weasley twins it’s the ultimate Prank Gone Wrong that almost cost them everything and which, again, they are still talking about at thirty-three.

In fact, it has forever colored how Snape sees Sirius; he considers it important enough as an adult that he is still reminding Dumbledore about the whole prank:

“Sirius Black showed he was capable of murder at the age of sixteen. You haven’t forgotten that, Headmaster? You haven’t forgotten that he once tried to kill me?”

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Prompt: (I'm not sure if you know come dine with me the UK TV show?) stiles and Derek contestants competing against each other / couples come dine with me with established!sterek competing against other people? LOVE U XX

“You know,” Stiles sits down on Derek’s bed gingerly, wiggles his eyebrows at the camera, “I’ve been picturing this room all week.”

There’s a lot of dark green, and dark blue like Derek’s walls have to match his dark, tortured soul. But, by god, can that man cook. 

“Oh jeez,” he murmurs, “These sheets are nice. Silk! Of course,” he points to the camera man, “We called that, right?”

The camera man snorts and rolls his eyes, “Answer the questions, Stiles.”

“So glad it took you till our last day together to quit calling me Mr Stilinski, Scotty.”

"It’s my job,” Scott hisses, forgetting the camera for a moment and batting Stiles’ hands away from where he’s still feeling up the sheets. “I have to be professional.”

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as far as sorrowful and immaculate hearts is concerned the joker actually actively dislikes bruce wayne because bruce was a terrible hostage and kept stepping on his punchlines

  • Pearl: I understand we need to keep Peridot under control but
  • Pearl: Isn't this a little bit...demeaning? *holds up kid leash* I'm always so affronted by humans using it...
  • *later*
  • Peridot: *saves Amethyst**totally crushing on Amethyst* *apologizes to Amethyst*
  • Garnet: *whispers satisfactorily from afar* ....Future Vision.

repeat after me:

riley blue got in a car accident while in labour with her half frozen husband bleeding out next to her

riley blue trudged through the hilly snow in a dress and thigh highs to get her baby to safety only to have it die moments after its birth

riley blue gave a random blind pianist in the subway thousands of dollars when she totally could’ve used it for herself (and later to save herself)

riley blue overcame the ptsd, the depression, and the fear and sadness pulling away at her heart for everyones survival

riley blue gave up luna and magnus again for the other sensates

riley blue drove the road she almost died at with will drugged half to death next to her

riley blue saved them all

riley blue is fucking badass and everyone should know it 

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You keep giving me Sannin feels. I have this headcanon where Sarutobi was promoted to Hokage just three months after he's given the Sannin as a genin team. And everyone is just like "give the team to someone else" but Sarutobi Made A Commitment, so he insists on sticking with it. And it would be fine, but these are three kids who graduated from the Academy aged six -- they are precocious as all else. They need supervision. (1/?)

And the one thing Sarutobi does not have, new Hokage in the middle of the First Shinobi War? Time. Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru get into SO MUCH trouble as genin, simply because they’re just left alone for so long, and Sarutobi really only has time to stop by occasionally and then assign them research projects. Most genin? Drilled on their taijutsu. The Sannin? Told to analyse the tactics the ANBU use to protect the Hokage. And all their C-ranks were weird diplomatic missions, where they had to accompany the Hokage to peace talks in Iron Country, or sit in on trade negotiations with Tea, or talk to children on the streets of Wind Country about the current situation, or whatever. This is why Jiraiya performs the summoning technique without a contract – basically, he wants to find out what will happen, and Tsunade and Orochimaru are basically egging him on. There is no Responsible Adult there to say, “Hey, kid, not a great idea. How are you going to get back?” (After this, Sarutobi promoted them to chuunin, hoping they’d have less free time to get into trouble. It didn’t work. At all.)

Oh wow, this is fantastic. Headcanon accepted! Also a truly fantastic explanation behind the various team dynamics we see. This is beautiful and I would totally write it if I wasn’t buried in WIPs. Definitely saved for later, though, if you’ve no protests, anon!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Part 3

A/N:Final part and FYI my life is starting to get busy again.

Summery:Three weeks later the reader and Wade go kill some more people.

Word count: 2378

Warnings: Swearing. Violence. Slight sexual content. Possibly worse. You have been warned.

Master list Part 1 Part 2

Your name: submit What is this?

“You found him?” Your voice shock and he nodded. “Okay cool.” You shrugged it off trying to keep your cool. “Do you have a plan or?” You asked and he paused.

“You know I only made that up so you would sing and fall in love with me right?” He laughed and your eyes narrowed before you frowned. “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” You told him as you walked past him into the kitchen. You rummaged through the cupboard a couple of times before finding what you were looking for. “Are you mad at me?” You heard Wade ask from behind you. You got the ammo and guns out of the cupboard and placed them on the counter. You cocked the gun and point it to the ceiling. “Let’s kill some bitches.”

“You’re going to wear that?” He asked and you frowned before looking at your sweats.

“No.” You grumbled as you went into the bedroom.

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