totally ruined circuits


NICK CORBO of TOTALLY RUINED CIRCUITS (and LVL UP and SPOOK HOUSES) is changing the structure of his “made to order” noise machine company to a more standardized format that will allow for quicker shipping, higher quality builds, and custom artist editions of new effects pedal designs.

The first release is the MOUTHBREATHER FUZZ, and it sounds really great. The kickstarter has already raised almost 7x the initial goal fund and so I’m glad to announce that I’ve got the honor to be the first artist edition release of custom painted pedals! It will be a release of five Colin Alexander original paintings using each pedal as the painting surface. Above, you can see how Nick’s designs turned out. These one of a kind painted pedals should be popping up in the next two months or so. Lend some support his way in the meantime so he can quit his sad barista job.