totally rhink

I tried.

GMMore low down

Stevie: adorable hilarious sweet human that can’t even with her bosses.

Link: blushing laughing mess the entire episode.

Rhett: full of blushy oh goshes and getting way too into the experiment.

Eddy: lemme just pull up a slideshow of rhink pictures that I have over here. Because this is a totally normal workplace situation.

Ok but think about this Rhink scenario: Awkward dads on their first date after being friends for 30 years.

  • They’ve had this thing between them for a while, and obviously they’ve eaten together a million times, but this is the first time it’s an actual date.
  • Link keeps changing his clothes, because what do you wear when you’re about to go out on a date with you best friend turned something more? They’re just going to a restaurant they’ve been at before, but should he dress up a bit?
  • Rhett bought flowers kinda as a joke, but as he’s waiting for Link to pick him up he decides that it’d just be way too cheesy and leaves them at his house.
  • Normally they are super talkative in the car, but it’s very weird and they just kinda listen to the radio.
  • At the restaurant they can’t seem to be able to find something to talk about, and both of them are starting to wonder if this was a massive mistake.
  • When the waitress comes to take their order, they order the same thing on the menu, and say it simultaneously, and it just completely breaks the tension and they can’t stop laughing because tension is so dumb, and for the rest of the dinner they can’t stop babbling. 
  • After they finish dinner they decide to just go for a walk at the beach and they walk side by side in a comfortable kinda silence.
  • Rhett keeps kinda glancing down wondering if Link would be ok with them holding hands, and obviously Link notices, rolls his eyes, and takes Rhett’s hand. 
  • They stop to sit on a bench and kinda lean against each other, because they are finally allowing themselves to do this.
  • They share a quick kiss, and Link leans against Rhett’s chest, and they just sit there until Rhett’s back starts to hurt and Link calls him and idiot for not saying something sooner.
  • Link drives Rhett home, and stays for the night. They just sleep together in the same bed, which is nothing new to them, but this is the first time they share a bed and Rhett sleeps with reckless abandon as well.