totally regulation

okay but please consider Jeremy wearing a dress to prom (while feeling completely beautiful) and totally breaking gender regulations and expectations at his school

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In other words, you're fine with taking media from a country you don't reside in and changing our characters' ethnicities so you can feel like a good ally™ by drawing a quota of black characters.

in other words the idea of a black japanese person is so offensive and alien to you that you just had to click that anon switch

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Could you tell us some Anya (or maybe Anya and Lexa) headcanons from GAF? I love Anya and their relationship.

anya is just There for ppl she’s so solid here i wrote smth for anya & carm the other day:

it’s a record of two days into first term when anya is called into the head masters office & she’s totally ready with an excuse that’s actually real this time: her haircut & uniform are totally in regulation so far & she hasn’t done anything else wrong yet so she’s in the clear, she’s sure of it. she’s doubly sure when Kane welcomes her in & offers her something to drink because he’s never generous when she’s in trouble.

“onto the hard stuff yet, kane? it’s late enough back home.”

“water or coffee?”

“coffee. can i spike it?”

“no. but speaking of, i like your hair.”

anya runs a hand over it carefully. the spikes are gelled in place & she doesn’t want to ruin her hard work. “thanks dude. don’t worry though, it’s heaps of work so im not gonna keep it up forever. lexa was just mad thrilled when she saw my hair like this and you know me, mega softie.”

“of course,” kane agrees & he hands her coffee over just the way she likes it. it’s cool because she’s been in trouble heaps but she’s also been here for lots of good reasons, enough that he remembers how she likes her coffee & that he can ask good questions about her baby sister. “is lexa excited to study here next year? we read over the suggestions she made after her visit last semester,” he pats a folder next to him, “and the subsequent emails. i think you’ll be happy with some of the changes. i am.”

“oh cool. yeah, she’s excited. is that what im here about?”

Kane legit steeples his fingers in a serious way & frowns over at her. “no. it’s nothing bad,” he tells her & anya nods. “im hesitant to ask because i know this is your last year and it’s a very important year for college,”


“there’s a girl i would like you to talk to. mentor, maybe. if she wants that.”

anya downs the rest of her coffee and nods. “for sure. she’s new?”

“yes, she’s a freshman.” he hesitates and anya rolls her eyes.

“what’s her name?”

“carmilla. i thought you two would be a good fit”

“oh boy,” she whistles. “yeah, I’ll totally talk to her then,” she promises, & she takes her mug to the drink tray & gives him a lazy salute when she leaves. if she stayed any longer she was afraid he’d do something dumb like tell her something he shouldn’t or, worse, make a bad joke. he has a nephew now & she’s heard he’s been testing out his jokes on unsuspecting students. she shudders.

carmilla is…..not hard to find.

all the freshmen more or less pool, new blood as they are, to the same places they feel they know. their lockers. their dorms. one little portion of the fields where they take PE.

she’s like you, kane hadn’t said but had meant, & so it’s easy to narrow down the suspect pool. she has it down to a few maybes when she spots the kid under the bleachers. she’s wearing boots with her uniform & her sweater even though it’s really not sweater weather, & anya trudges over.


suspicious dark eyes peek out from under wild hair, all tangles & curls, & the girl scowls instead of answering.

“im anya. this seat taken?”

“do you see anyone?” the girl sneers & anya moves to sit because no, she doesn’t. but carmilla holds out her hand & scowls some more. “but don’t.”

anya laughs & shrugs. “cool. anyway, im anya. you can find me around.”

“why would i want to?”

“you tell me. i reckon because you’re new.”

“i don’t need you.”

“alright. im in room 202 though so come round whenever. oh,” she adds, remembering how that invitation works with a certain autistic little sister, “just remember to knock first.” she hauls herself up & kicks gently out toward carmilla’s boots. she really doesn’t like the way she flinches. “they’re cool.”

“thanks,” she says quietly. “piss off.”

Okay but

There is absolutely no way I can continue to go through life without addressing this:

Percy Jackson running an illegal candy business from his dorm, despite being one of the most disliked kids at his school. Yeah okay sure move on right. No. I mean where was he getting this candy from and why was he selling it? I mean think about it who does Percy know that has an almost unlimited access to candy? Sally Jackson, his mother that’s right. My theory is that she sends him care packages absolutely full of candy and most of it is blue and sure he eats most of it but then he decides that maybe they could use the money 💰 because his mums always at work and hey his mum works in a candy shop maybe he should try it out so he decides to copy her and I ahhhhhh I think it’s adorable even if it’s a totally against school regulations. Anyway my favourite headcanon is that Percy just gives Grover as much candy as he wants and takes care of him and ahhhhhhh just being an adorable bromance.

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Headcanon on how Echo, Fives and Cody would react if their s/o is pregnant. I love yours with Wolffe!!! I am a HUGE sucker for the big bad Wolffe! 💘💘💘💘💘

(Cody was actually in the last one, so I’ll do Echo and Fives, and add Kix and Jesse b/c why the heck not! and yes, the big bad Wolffe is 👌 )

Fives: The world around him kinda stops and shrinks to just you; first he looks like a deer in headlights (but unlike Wolffe, doesn’t scare you by swearing out loud). Then he looks around to make sure nobody heard and pulls you somewhere private so he can properly process the information. (”You’re sure it’s mine?” “Are you fucking kidding me? Who else’s would it be??”) He’s afraid - afraid for the baby, for you, for himself last if anyone finds out. He shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath, but then looks at you with the sweetest puppy eyes and says, “We made a baby, didn’t we? A baby.” The wonder on his face far outweighs the fear from before.

Echo: His mouth falls open and he’s kind of stuttering a bit (”P-pregnant?” “Well, unless the med droid was lying…”) And he kind of goes silent a bit; turns his face away so you can’t see him crying. Which makes you scared he’s not happy (because he definitely knows this is so totally against regulations), so you start crying too - until he turns back to you and says, “I never thought I’d get the honor of being the father of your children.” You almost knock him over with the force of you throwing yourself into his arms.

Jesse: It’s pretty hard for you to tell him, (this is enormous news) but once you say “I have to tell you something important,” he won’t stop asking until you finally blurt it out. And you’re pregnant and sick and overheated and you’re just like “Are you happy now? Does that make you happy?” But instead of freaking out like you thought he would - like you did when you found out, he keeps his eyes on yours, drops to his knees, kisses your stomach and whispers, “Hey there, little guy.” It kind of tickles your tummy a little bit so you’re giggling through your tears. And he stands up, and says, “Yes. It does make me happy.

Kix: First he asks if you’re absolutely sure, could it be something else, have you had any morning sickness? Any other symptoms? And he tries to go all professional to detach from the situation at first, but then he realizes that the baby is his. And his eyes go like saucers and he starts crying and laughing at the same time, wondering what you’re going to do and promising he’ll find a way to take care of you and the baby. I think he also would want to make sure nobody else found out (Except maybe Rex) and would say it’s okay if you tell people it’s someone else’s. At which point you smack him on the shoulder and reply that it’s nobody else’s business, thanks very much.

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Your trashesty, Len as Kirk and Barry as Spock. Let's leave that there.

Listen. We’ve been over this many many many times. And I will NEVER GET OVER IT.

I’m a fan of Captain!Barry but I can dig this.

Captain Leonard Snart of the USS Rogue. (COOLEST. SHIP NAME. EVER.).

I need them to not get along at all. They just don’t click. Barry is all too eager to prove Len wrong. To correct Len and let him know when his plans are against regulations. Arguing with him to the point where it’s borderline insubordination, and Len is two stars away from marooning him onto the next Class M planet.

Except… Neither of them request a transfer. Len knows that Barry is the best Science Officer/First Officer in the fleet. Bribed many people to get him aboard his ship, specifically. And Barry knows he’d be stupid to give up serving under THE Leonard Snart. So they tough it out. They can’t seem to agree on anything, but they’re gonna try.

Eventually, they do start getting along. Mostly when there’s a crises, but it’s progress, right? When the ship is in danger, they’re perfectly in sync. Finishing each other’s sentences. Communicating with looks and nods. Making sure everyone is safe on and off planet. And because of this, Len hasn’t lost one crew member since Barry has come aboard. The kid is annoying but dammit, he makes Len a better Captain.

At some point, they start getting along when there /isn’t/ a crises. They both know how beneficial it will be to the crew if they just sit down and talk like actually adults. Try to get along outside of the occasional Klingon attack or manic slave trader.

It starts off as lunch together. Iris basically forcing Barry to sit down with Len and figure their shit out. She can’t stand their stupid arguments any more.

They don’t actually expect to get along. To have things in common. The petty arguments start becoming playful. They eat lunch together every day and people have actually started to join their table now that they aren’t yelling 24/7.

After that, they actually become friends. Missions start running smoothly. The bridge is peaceful for a change.

Len starts planning /with/ Barry, as opposed to coming up wit plans and expecting everyone to go along with it without question. And when Barry disagrees with any part of the plan, he discusses it in private. Proposes alternatives. Most importantly, he stops doing it in front of the entire command crew and embarrassing Len like he was before. Stops undermining every one of his decisions. For the first time, Len actually thinks this could work.

Then the feelings start. It’s mutual, of course. Everyone on the ship can see how much they want to bone. They aren’t very subtle with the looks and the touches and the smiles. Hell, half the ship thinks they’re already sleeping together.

(“HA! If only.” Len tells Cisco when he tries to give him the Best Friend Shovel Talk, only to found out his friend is not, in fact, dating their captain.)

It’s only a matter of time until this sexual attraction turns into more. Risking your life every other day makes you realize a few things. Especially when the object of your affection ends up unconscious in the medbay because you just weren’t fast enough to save them.

Finding out they love each other normally wouldn’t be a problem. They aren’t acting on it. They’re still good friends who run a starship together and still haven’t lost a crew member. It’s perfect.

Until it actually does become a problem.

It was bad enough when Len wasn’t following regulations but now…Barry isn’t either? If one of them is in danger, the other does anything in their power to keep them safe. Even if that means endangering the lives of their crew mates or not following regulations.

Which totally isn’t true. Yeah Len may or may not have strong feelings for Barry. But there’s no way in hell he’d risk all these lives for the kid. At least not now. Now Lisa? That’s a whole different story. He’d do a lot for Barry, but risking the lives of hundreds for him? That’s ridiculous…

Okay it happened once, but no one got hurt! The kid he used as bait was totally willing and harbors no hard feelings.

Same goes for Barry. He and Len just started getting along! He’d go to great lengths to protect his crew, yes. But risking hundreds of lives in the process? Hell no.

But that doesn’t mean everyone believes it. Someone saw their relationship and saw how often they risk each other’s lives to save the other. How often they break the rules to keep the other safe. You can’t really blame them. Len and Barry’s inability to separate their feelings from missions would make many people feel unsafe. Like they are only worried about each other. Which is why this crew member has no problem with bringing this issue up with the admiralty.

They have a field day. They’ve been looking for a reason to get Len out of that chair for the last ten or so years. He thinks Starfleet rules don’t apply to him. He’s far too cocky and self centered to care about anyone but himself and that’s specifically why they think he’s unfit for captaincy.

Only. He is the best Captain they’ve ever had. Has the lowest amount of deaths and casualties out of all the other ships. He hand picked every person in his command crew which consists of Barry, Iris, Hartley, Lisa, Caitlin and Mick aka the highest ranking cadets at the academy. They still have no idea how he managed that.

Basically, Len is the best captain with the best crew and the best ship. He’s never actually been caught breaking regulations, but they know he has countless times. They’ve been looking for a reason to kick him out of that chair for a decade now and this here? Is the perfect opportunity .

And I’m literally falling asleep while typing this so that’s all you’re getting outta me lmao I hope this makes some kind of sense

Sparks Flew - Chapter Three

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Humour, Drama, Angst…
FIC SUMMARY: Loki is magically shackled to his brother whilst he serves out his community service sentence as an unofficial Avenger. He doesn’t make it easy for Thor, or Jane, who turn to Darcy to take over as his babysitter warden.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Thanks for all the love and please forgive me for the irregular updates. xoxox

Previous Chapters - 1 | 2

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Hollstein IN SPAAACE

Hi everyone, I am posting this for the 7 Days of Carmilla event going on this week. Today’s prompt is sci-fi!

This ended up being a thing that I think can possibly continue. For that reason (and also because if I wrote anymore this would have taken too long), I am releasing this first blob of what MAY become something that spans several chapters. Maybe. We’ll see. :)

Here is my little scribbling!

Laura harrumphed at her malfunctioning equipment as she worked her way through some of the space station’s electronic systems. Being an engineer on a space station orbiting a gorgeous gas giant was less glamorous than it seemed. Truth be told, Laura was bored out of her mind.

It didn’t help that she was completely alone.

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The khaki dog club.


OlderTwin decided at the school drop-off curb that he wanted his tie shoes rather than his Velcro ones. I calmly explained we couldn’t do that because they’re at home and school was starting.

Total, complete loss of regulation. Threw himself onto the sidewalk and proceeded to scream and cry. Two ladies (one of them the principal, I think) came flying out of the front office, figuring a child had been hit by a car from the volume and hysteria of his crying.

He’s usually well-behaved at school, reserving epic falling apart moments for a non-judgmental environment like home. So, when the ladies asked if he’d like to chill in the office, he said, “Yes,” and went with them.

So, that was our morning. We both can only go up from here. I hope.