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no one is talking about this but a hockey game in a professional Norwegian league lasted 217 minutes which means 11 periods in total, 3 regulation periods and 8 OT periods

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Could you tell us some Anya (or maybe Anya and Lexa) headcanons from GAF? I love Anya and their relationship.

anya is just There for ppl she’s so solid here i wrote smth for anya & carm the other day:

it’s a record of two days into first term when anya is called into the head masters office & she’s totally ready with an excuse that’s actually real this time: her haircut & uniform are totally in regulation so far & she hasn’t done anything else wrong yet so she’s in the clear, she’s sure of it. she’s doubly sure when Kane welcomes her in & offers her something to drink because he’s never generous when she’s in trouble.

“onto the hard stuff yet, kane? it’s late enough back home.”

“water or coffee?”

“coffee. can i spike it?”

“no. but speaking of, i like your hair.”

anya runs a hand over it carefully. the spikes are gelled in place & she doesn’t want to ruin her hard work. “thanks dude. don’t worry though, it’s heaps of work so im not gonna keep it up forever. lexa was just mad thrilled when she saw my hair like this and you know me, mega softie.”

“of course,” kane agrees & he hands her coffee over just the way she likes it. it’s cool because she’s been in trouble heaps but she’s also been here for lots of good reasons, enough that he remembers how she likes her coffee & that he can ask good questions about her baby sister. “is lexa excited to study here next year? we read over the suggestions she made after her visit last semester,” he pats a folder next to him, “and the subsequent emails. i think you’ll be happy with some of the changes. i am.”

“oh cool. yeah, she’s excited. is that what im here about?”

Kane legit steeples his fingers in a serious way & frowns over at her. “no. it’s nothing bad,” he tells her & anya nods. “im hesitant to ask because i know this is your last year and it’s a very important year for college,”


“there’s a girl i would like you to talk to. mentor, maybe. if she wants that.”

anya downs the rest of her coffee and nods. “for sure. she’s new?”

“yes, she’s a freshman.” he hesitates and anya rolls her eyes.

“what’s her name?”

“carmilla. i thought you two would be a good fit”

“oh boy,” she whistles. “yeah, I’ll totally talk to her then,” she promises, & she takes her mug to the drink tray & gives him a lazy salute when she leaves. if she stayed any longer she was afraid he’d do something dumb like tell her something he shouldn’t or, worse, make a bad joke. he has a nephew now & she’s heard he’s been testing out his jokes on unsuspecting students. she shudders.

carmilla is…..not hard to find.

all the freshmen more or less pool, new blood as they are, to the same places they feel they know. their lockers. their dorms. one little portion of the fields where they take PE.

she’s like you, kane hadn’t said but had meant, & so it’s easy to narrow down the suspect pool. she has it down to a few maybes when she spots the kid under the bleachers. she’s wearing boots with her uniform & her sweater even though it’s really not sweater weather, & anya trudges over.


suspicious dark eyes peek out from under wild hair, all tangles & curls, & the girl scowls instead of answering.

“im anya. this seat taken?”

“do you see anyone?” the girl sneers & anya moves to sit because no, she doesn’t. but carmilla holds out her hand & scowls some more. “but don’t.”

anya laughs & shrugs. “cool. anyway, im anya. you can find me around.”

“why would i want to?”

“you tell me. i reckon because you’re new.”

“i don’t need you.”

“alright. im in room 202 though so come round whenever. oh,” she adds, remembering how that invitation works with a certain autistic little sister, “just remember to knock first.” she hauls herself up & kicks gently out toward carmilla’s boots. she really doesn’t like the way she flinches. “they’re cool.”

“thanks,” she says quietly. “piss off.”

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imo the toxicity in the bagbean community is a pretty predictable result of griffsnuff's lassiez-faire management style. when you have a very large number of people competing for a very small number of available products at a very high price, people are going to get competitive and that shit is gonna get real nasty real quick. combine that with a total lack of market regulation allowing for massive price inflation. opening MYO slots would solve a lot of bagbeans' problems tbh.


OlderTwin decided at the school drop-off curb that he wanted his tie shoes rather than his Velcro ones. I calmly explained we couldn’t do that because they’re at home and school was starting.

Total, complete loss of regulation. Threw himself onto the sidewalk and proceeded to scream and cry. Two ladies (one of them the principal, I think) came flying out of the front office, figuring a child had been hit by a car from the volume and hysteria of his crying.

He’s usually well-behaved at school, reserving epic falling apart moments for a non-judgmental environment like home. So, when the ladies asked if he’d like to chill in the office, he said, “Yes,” and went with them.

So, that was our morning. We both can only go up from here. I hope.