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Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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Lithuania Character Facts

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🇱🇹He is worse than Germany at understanding jokes

🇱🇹He once beat Prussia

🇱🇹He has a weak stomach

🇱🇹He has pollakuria

🇱🇹He hates Prussia

🇱🇹He owns a used car

🇱🇹He likes martial arts

🇱🇹Russia still stalks him

🇱🇹He has scars on his back

🇱🇹He often gets stomachaches because he gets depressed very often

🇱🇹He is surprisingly muscular

🇱🇹Russia did dress him up in a maids outfit and chased him with a whip

🇱🇹He threw away all the stuff related to the Soviet Union after it was over.

🇱🇹He is a member of the choir club

🇱🇹His design is a rejected Hungary design.


For a really long time that’s all I had. Little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And, a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl I worked with but I think, even then I knew that… I was waiting for my w i f e.

Sam goes to HeLLSmart to get a doggo.
(Head #1 is having none of Sam’s crap)

It’s 1am.

I’ve stabbed myself twice, and now have a rather large hole in one of my fingers. Holy hell Kotaro, what did I do to upset you?!

And in true Gabe fashion, Kotaro only has his fundoshi because I haven’t made clothes for him and I’m tired xD

@zacroix he’s so itty bitty compared to Masa xD! I should take a side by side once I’ve clothed him.
…well more so than what he currently is.


“Real monsters are far easier to deal with than imaginary ones.”

Chapter 2 was fantastic. I didn’t think that the dragon and what happened to Achaka were going to affect him that much, and I was pleasantly surprised by what it did for the story. 

i am polygems trash!!!! this was originally ink + colored pencil that i planned to “touch up” in photoshop but i ended up almost totally redoing it

please don’t repost or remove caption, thank you

Sooo, this has been done, right?

homage to the Moulin Rouge! poster (though it needs much deeper shadows. I got chicken about messing it up).


Internet went out for like an hour the other day so I went through my doc of writing ideas and decided to retool one. I’m liking how it’s shaping up so far!


AmeViet icons requested by anon

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A Mergana AU: Getting married whilst drunk.

If you ask Morgana Pendragon how she had gotten herself in such situation, she’d immediately tell you that she had absolutely no idea.

However, what she knew for sure was that she had had no intention in waking up the day after arriving to Vegas, to find that she had not only gotten completely drunk and had shagged someone but she had married that guy.

How you may ask? Well, she did not  have response to that but here what she remembered of that morning.

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hhhh I was totally gonna redo my mettaton neo cosplay but, considering undertales current reputation, I am kind of afraid to…I was thinking of entering it into a contest but, I’d probably get laughed at for trying to enter an undertale cosplay and lose immediately..not that im worried about losing….i’m just worried about losing because of the series I chose to cosplay

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AHHH I love you SOOO... obviously I gotta follow this blog too! <3 Do you have any HC's about domestic life Viktor and Yuri? Living together and such~

AHHH Anon! I can’t believe you like me enough to follow my shenanigans onto another blog! I interpreted this ask to be about Viktor and Yuri P. but if you meant like Viktuuri domestic headcanons I can totally redo this ask just drop me a message!


- MATCHING EVERYTHING - Viktor and his s/o definitely sport matching bathrobes and towels and they coordinate their outfits when they go out. 

- Just like his audience, Viktor loves surprising his S/O! He’ll often sneak up behind them and sneak kisses to their neck or cheeks in the hallways of their apartment - sometimes he’ll just stop mid sentence to give them a kiss when they’re sitting on the couch together (he will also attempt to end arguments this way)

- Their shared apartment often gets redecorated because Viktor’s need for variety and tendency towards impulse buying

- Viktor and his S/O often host parties or have people over - they’ve got hosting parties down to a science!

- Before Viktor goes to the rink in the morning he makes a pot of coffee so he can take some for himself and leaves the rest out for his S/O for when they wake up.


- Yuri is actually a surprisingly good cook when he has time to make a full meal instead of quick salads and such!

- Him and his S/O probably compete in ridiculous mini-game challenges to see who will have to do the dishes

- This inevitably leads to them having to do a coin toss for which mini-game they play each night (Yuri kept on winning at the bean bag toss and honestly that boy’s dish karma needs to go down at some point)

- OKAY TO BE ENTIRELY HONEST THIS BOY IS A ROTTEN BLANKET HOG - He really doesn’t even intend for this to happen he just happens to sleep curled up in a ball and the blanket naturally balls up with him?

- Yuri doesn’t skate on Sundays - Sundays (after his morning work-out) are a sacred day of laziness which can not be interpreted by any force short of the apocalypse.