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Art thou broken and shattered, precious dear?

You’re starved from soft touch. Lack of love, you reek.

Mother in wolf disguise beats you with fear;

Her mere hate soiled words, making you weak.


Art thou lonesome and detached, precious dear?

Acceptance is a game of hide and seek;

‘Tis not found by vision that’s crystal clear,

Nor by one who is entitled a freak.


Art thou damaged and abused, precious dear?

Do not allow yourself to salt your cheek.

Please, cry no more. The rate of pain will veer.

Your hands with cuts will fade within a week.


My love is sincere. Darling, please come here.

Strike the woman who struck you with a spear.

Destroy the demons she made you adhere.

Never allow people to make you tear.

And so she will no longer be your puppeteer.

Character aesthetics by Rebecca @ampora-evil-incorporated

Poem by Dheepthi Gnaneswaran @massive-times 

Wtf I don’t like Maya romantically! I just let her make fun of me for no reason, refer to her as beautiful to my friends, and impulsively grab her by the face because she was actually Riley this whole time.
—  Lucas Friar 🙄

notes: i think everyone in the ih fandom supports big brother kazui

disclaimer: disclaimed

Ichigo comes home to the smell of dinner, baby powder and cleaning wipes. 

Oh, and a pouting eight year old. 

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playing DA:Origins like...
  • Warden: (◡‿◡✿)
  • Warden: what?! (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
  • Warden: alright that's it, hold my flower Alistair (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿
  • Alistair: I got your flower, go kick some ass ✿\(。-_-。)

@black men: if youre reading a post on or anywhere for that matter by a black woman discussing how black men are *insert problematic shit black men do* and you know youre not doing said claims.. good for you nigga! pat yourself on the back and keep scrolling OR! reblog so other aint shit niggas can see what theyre putting black women through and start a healthy conversation on solving the issue(s). What yall asses shouldnt be doing tho is hijacking the post and crying about how “not all black men are like this” and “black women arent shit either” because A. it totally dismisses what the original post was trying to say and B. you just made yourself look like the aint shit niggas the original post was referring to in the first place


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