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I know i do this a lot, but I’m needing to save up to pay for a portion of a room and a ticket for a con im planning on going to !! I also need to save up for supplies and such for said con. it’s not urgent at the moment, but I need to save up a lot for the costumes i plan on making.



Pixel Art-$5


Full Body-$10

Extra Characters are +$5 for each one!

send me a PM if you’re interested! thank u for ur time!

Mental Health: The Data

Hey, Tumblr! We hope the week two prompts for Mental Health Month are treating you well. In the spirit of the theme, posting it for each other, we wanted to celebrate one of the most helpful communities out there: yours. You’ve helped shape Tumblr into an incredible community for support. To take a look into exactly how it’s flourished over the years, we teamed up with Fandometrics (@thefandometrics) to bring you some sweet, sweet data.

How you talk about mental health

Discussion around #mental health has steadily grown year over year since 2013, with a 248% uptick of original posts and reblogs made between 2013 and 2016. In that same time span, original posts and reblogs about #therapy increased 29%. Much of that conversation was rooted in real people sharing real stories. Emotional and honest stories, like how therapy can help you better understand your life, how to say good-bye to the wrong therapist, or the difficulty of making the sometimes daunting decision to begin therapy for the first time.

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There has also been a significant rise in people seeking ways to take care of themselves. The self-care movement has seen huge increases in searches (733%) and original posts (567%) between 2013 and 2016. Over the past six months, we’ve seen total engagement (searches, original posts, reblogs, and likes) around the #self-care tag spike with correlations to holidays and events in the news:

  • 240% increase the day after the US Presidential Election
  • 321% in the days following Christmas and Hanukkah
  • 561% in the days leading up to the Inauguration, and
  • 342% in the days following Valentine’s Day.

Anatomy of a post

To get a better understanding of what the public-facing conversations consist of, we looked at the top posts for the #mental health, #positivity, and #self-care tags from the past few years. We noticed a few trends that continued to appear over and over again:

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Make your dash more positive

Because this is all about posting it for each other, here are a few great blogs to make your Tumblr experience more positive and healthy:

  • Positive Vibes (@posiviibes) provides positive and friendly text art in soothing colors.
  • LGBT+ Positivity (@goodpositivitylgbt) focuses on messages of positivity and validation for the LGBT+/MOGAI community.
  • Why Did You Feel Proud Today? (@todayifeltproud), a space to submit your accomplishments, big and small.

For more follow inspiration, check out our roundup from last week. We’ll be posting more each Friday this month. Keep sharing your stories, Tumblr, this month and every month.


In which I scream about aliens a lot and never know what the fuck is happening 

Vergil Headcanons:

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  • Most likely to prefer drinking tea over coffee. 
  • Definitely more of a cat person. 
  • Can probably play at least three musical instruments. 
  • Something of a clean freak. He’ll spend hours polishing Yamato along with the rest of his other weapons. Much unlike his brother, he likes to make sure everything is put in order and has it’s place. 
  • A good amount of his free time tends to revolve around reading and usually some form of training. His thirst for knowledge knows little to no bounds, and he’ll try to find something for him to learn or practice.
  • He’s into just about any genre of fiction.This includes romance, albeit his particular taste here in is much, much more pickier and he sure as hell would never admit it, especially as it tends to be something of a top secret guilty pleasure. He’s far too proud for something like that; much less be caught reading one. He always makes sure his secret stash is incredibly hidden well. 
  • God forbid Dante of all people were to them…
  • Lowkey enjoys listening to Broadway and musical numbers. He enjoys the amount of storytelling and narratives involved with it. He also particularly enjoys the more dramatic and emotional numbers involved. 
  • Definitely an introvert.
  • Drunk Vergil is always funny purely because of the utter emotional 180 he takes in comparison to his usually cold, reserved self. After a pretty good number of drinks and the alcohol really starts to hit him, he’s much more emotional and will most likely even lean on others. Unlike his usual, confident self while sober, he’s much more shy and likely to become flustered.
  • PDA is generally a big no-no with Vergil. He hates it. If he’s ever ends up being with someone romantically, chances are he’d save any or all forms of affection for when they’re alone. At most, the furthest I could see him going would be hand holding. Even then, most of the time it would be done more on the subtle side. That, or something along the lines of him wrapping an arm around their arm or waist. Maybe a slight peck to the forehead when no one’s looking, but even then this sort of thing would be quite rare, at most once in a blue moon. Otherwise kissing and anything other kind of affection is strictly reserved for behind closed doors.   
  • Much prefers the use of the sword over guns. He considers the blade to be a true warrior’s choice of weapon. Plus, he finds the up close combat and overall feel of the blade to be quite pleasing and much more satisfying. 
  • Can speak a large variety of languages. 
  • He’s generally ambidextrous, though has a preference for using his left hand.  
  • While he may be serious at least some 75% of the time, Vergil can be something of a sass master and smartass, and has even been known to get cocky from time to time. 


ICARUS, with the winds on his face

With the breeze ripping at his eyes


Of joy and fear, and the life before him

And as he fell,


The rushing winds are in him.



A thousand more years it has been this way,

Trying to climb back on the stars

For the moments of air when you jump back off,

Once more sacrificing a dying breath to 


Who live forever.


An ancestor (A BROTHER)

Who does it like this:

On a thousand different drugs for sorrow

That brought him up, up 


(Only to look for a fall)


When Icarus fell, and my mother, and my father, and my brother

It was the sea that gave rise

One can see how we would


Down to meet the sea,

The waters, cradling this line to shore,

Has been in all the tears washed away,

And all that is sinks in it’s waves.


I was born eleven miles from the sea

And it’s been calling me ever since,

So I live,

With salt burning my lungs

As I drown, and 

When the sea is calm 

Gasping for air, and-

While I could never tell you of a thousand screaming winds,

The ocean, the sea, it’s 


Will whisper my name.

- New Myth // N.A

Based off of Scion prompt by @nosebleedclub

*when the entire fandom is fighting*

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