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This is just a quick little thing I just realized, and it’s not meant as wank in any way, it’s just something I’ve noticed and gives me actual hope for desus.

I was thinking about something I’ve seen a lot in forums lately, and that is people speculating on Car//yl becoming a thing in season eight, how likely the possibility is, whether car/zekiel is more likely, etc. And something occurred to me, and that is how little time they have spent together the last four seasons. Then I got thinking maybe I was forgetting stuff. So being the person I am, I decided to actually look it up. I went on the twd wiki and looked up their interactions starting in 401 until the end of season seven, which is total of 64 episodes. From what I could find, Daryl and Carol have interacted or been on screen together in a total of 11 episodes, most of those being in s5 and smaller interactions (other than consumed of course). And 2-3 of that 11 are where they are on screen together and don’t interact or it’s a group interaction instead of one on one. 10 is the total number of episodes Jesus has been in since he showed up a year and a half ago and he has interacted with or been on screen with Daryl in all but one of them. He showed up in 610 so thats a total of 23 episodes, just over a third of what the s4-7 total is. And I get that Carol wasn’t in ALL 64 episodes, but she was in a shitload without any Daryl interaction. Not Jesus. They just need to shove him in Daryl scenes whether or not he’s needed. Now let us remember richonne and gleggie and abrasha interaction amount……Cue conspiracy Charlie pic!

I just feel if they might actually be building something here, but I’m willing to be wrong. Or crazy lol.
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Just FYI: there’s another place in Chicago that my mom swears is better than Garrett’s. It’s called Mother Butters and it’s way southwest of you, but I think they also ship.

*googles* Yes, I would hesitate to call that “in” Chicago, it’s definitely a bit far out. But if I’m ever in Oak Lawn for some reason I will totally hit it up! :D 

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I have not seen the rest of these posts so I don’t know what’s going on but if I ran into a bunch of ultralight campers EACH armed with their very own handgun I would nope out of their so fast hopefully none of them would see me. For a kid who grew up in the inner city I am ridiculously uncomfortable with guns/people with guns.

He got weirdly aggressive about it in the video too, like super defensive about caliber size when literally nobody was there to question it. I suspect the gun was more because Guns Make You Cool than for any practical reason. The guy came off as a total dipstick in other ways too, so it’s unsurprising he’s the kind of person who thinks taking a Glock on a camping trip makes him cool. 

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Am I the only one that almost got kicked out of a Garrett’s?

I mean, probably not in the history of Chicago, but I would imagine it’s relatively rare…they’re so small to begin with….

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I would *adore* a series of hiking themed detective novels that were all secretly pastiches/tributes of the Wimsey novels. Would one of them contain an entire letter written in Kilgnon/backslang/binary on which the whole plot hinged but for which no translation was given? (I was a horribly smug French and Latin scholar on first reading those books).

I’m not recalling that one, which one was it? There are a few of what I call her Agatha Christie Tries where I haven’t read them more than once (Five Red Herrings, Nine Tailors, etc) but I feel like I would recall having to google an untranslated letter. 

Digimon Adventure tri. - Chapter 1: Reunion | Thoughts

I enjoyed it, but I honestly thought it was someone’s fanfiction. Someone with a budget.

  • I thought the characters were a bit “off” – perhaps not out of character, per se, but something was “missing”. I thought it was obvious that they were re-interpretations of them. Mimi seemed the most perfect to me though (I love her). And parts of Yamato. Well, at least tri. actually gave Takeru a personality. I like.
  • I have this thing for “brotherly love”, but despite that, I’ve never cared all that much for Yamato and Takeru’s relationship. Perhaps because I’ve always felt that Takeru didn’t show enough appreciation for all that Yamato did for him in Adventure (like, kid, don’t yell at your older bro for, you know, being your older bro and loving you to the ends of the Earth). But I loved their relationship in tri. (plus I just find Takeru a whole lot more charming now, instead of annoying and bland like in Adventure and 02).
  • Taichi and Yamato had a complete role-reversal and it was weird. Especially when Taichi said that Yamato hadn’t changed at all … Like, Taichi, yes he has. He changed into you.
  • Taichi’s “dilemma” was so forced and OOC. I didn’t like it. Yamato’s the cautious one, not Taichi. They really could’ve come up with something else to show “development”. Or just not make it such a big deal … I think collateral damage is something Taichi should take into consideration (to show his “maturity”), sure, but it affected him to such a significant extent that it was OOC – especially considering the predicament they were in. He’s smarter than that. (But apparently not.)
  • Though I loved that Yamato had a big role and shone so brightly (Yamato fangirl, hello), I wish it wasn’t just for him to be a foil to Taichi’s OOC angst. He deserves his own independent storyline (as does everyone else).

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