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If no one will give me Allura/Lance bestie content, I will make it myself smh. So here’s some headcanons! :)

-Lance flirting with Allura in a joking, friendship sort of way with Allura either rolling her eyes while smiling or jokingly flirting back

-They would totally go shopping together, they’re shopping buddies

-“Okay, I love this dress but it’s really expensive.”
“Allura, babe, treat yo self.”

-They share beauty tips and fashion advice with each other. Allura is always in awe of Lance’s weird beauty tricks because they actually work like where did you find this Lance????

-Sleepovers! I 👏 demand 👏 cute 👏 sleepovers 👏

-Lance can’t get enough of Allura’s hair and will play with it for hours, trying out new hairstyles

-“Ohmygawd, there he is, Allura. What do I do???? What do I do???”
“Hey, my friend thinks your ass is hella fine!”

-They’re each other’s wingman.

-Lance to Shiro: Nice outfit. Bet it would look great on Allura’s bedroom floor.
Allura to Keith: Do you mind giving Lance your heart? His heart got stolen by a certain red paladin.

-Hunk joins them in their hijinks because 1. They’re his friends and he loves them 2. They need some sane friend to make sure they don’t blow their money on everything they see.

-Team You Can’t Sit With Us

-Their selfies with each other are either them being Gorgeous™ or with the dumbest expression you’ve ever seen, there is no in between

-Lance being overdramatic about something and Allura petting his head going, “There. There.”

-Lance: I’m going to jump! Everyone: Lance no! Allura: *videotaping* Do a flip!

-No but Allura really does care for Lance’s wellbeing and will fight anyone who insults him that isn’t part of the team.

-Allura: Lance is such an idiot. Someone: Yeah, he’s so stupid. Can he do anything, right? Allura: eXCUSE ME I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW HE THE MOST CARING PERSON I KNOW AND IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP RIGHT NOW YOU’LL HAVE TO DEAL WITH MY FISTS.

-Allura/Lance friendship guys

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(TRANSGENDER CONNER) conner/evan and zoe/jared going to the senior prom. the 4 of them go shopping together and conner kinda gets triggered when he goes into the dress section with zoe because he hasn't gotten top surgery yet. And evan is trying to comfort him and then evan says something silly and conner gets the idea to wear cute tuxes AND JUST SO MUCH FLUFF



“Prom shopping.” Zoe smiled as the foursome headed into the shop. It was a unisex shop so it sold dressed and tuxes. All four members of the group could get their prom attire in one go.

“Connor come with me.” Zoe pulled her brother away from the their boyfriends and headed over to the dress aisle. She would help him pick out a tux once he helped her pick out a dress,

“I-Zoe I’m not good at this kind of stuff.” Connor muttered as his arms went to cover his chest. He felt weird dress shopping, almost like he was a little kid again and his mom was making him wear pretty pink frilly dresses.

“Connor are you okay?” Zoe questioned. She didn’t know what was up with her brother right now. “You don’t have to help me.” Zoe started.

“N-no.” Connor shook his head. “It’s okay, I’ll help you.” Connor muttered as he rifled through the dresses. His hands were shaking, but Zoe didn’t seem to notice.

Once she grabbed a lovely red dress she headed into the dressing room and Evan rushed over to Connor. “Your hands are shaking, are you okay?” Evan questioned.

“The dresses, they just remind me.” Connor didn’t need to say anything else before Evan pulled him into a hug. Jared made his way over to them.

“Hey Connor, it’s okay to feel uncomfortable.” Jared told him. He’d already gotten his tuxedo. “I’ll stick around here to help Zoe.” Jared had ulterior motives, he did want to get Connor out of this situation but he also wanted to see his girlfriend in a beautiful dress.

Connor nodded as Evan pulled him away.

Zoe pulled back the curtain. “Where’s my brother?” Zoe asked her boyfriend, Connor had just been here a few minutes ago.

“Ah, Evan wanted to go tux shopping with him.” Jared lied. “So they’re going to do that, and babe you look stunning.” Jared smiled. Zoe blushed as she looked down at the dress.

“This is the one then?” Zoe smiled at her boyfriend.

“Oh yeah that is definitely the one.” Jared nodded.


“You okay babe?” Evan questioned once they were safely out of the dress section of the store.

Connor nodded, he’d stopped shaking and was calmed down a bit more. “I’m sorry about that, it’s just dresses and the boob shapes in some oft them, it all reminds me that until I graduate I’m stuck with ya know.” Connor motioned to his binded chest.

Evan nodded. “It’s okay, I get it, let’s just find you a tux okay.” Evan smiled, he’d already picked out a simple black one for himself. He just needed to help Connor find one so they could find matching ties.

Connor looked around and smirked when he saw a certain tux. “I think I found one.” Connor hurried over to the tux and grabbed it off the rack. Evan followed his boyfriend to the changing room, unsure of what tux Connor had seen.

Once Connor finished changing he stepped out of the change room and Evan’s eyes widened. “W-wow, you look-”

“Connor you look great!” Zoe gushed as she and Jared made their way over to them. Her brother was standing there in a wonderful teal tux, that made him look great. “You have to buy it.” Zoe told him.

“If I was gay Murphy, I’d totally be banging you and not your sister.” Jared told him.

There was a chorus of “Jared!” from the three of his friends. 

“I’m sorry it’s true!” Jared told them.

Once prom shopping was done all of them parted ways and it was safe to say that Connor Murphy and his teal tuxedo were the highlight of their prom night.


Hope this is good for you and that you enjoyed and thanks to @maggieisnotacat for getting the idea of Connor wearing a teal tux to prom stuck in my head. You da bomb fam.

Sorry Dogblr! I took the woofies to the pet shop today for a bath and forgot to take a photo of them being all cute and soapy in the tub!

Here is clean Miss Kiki with her new collar on once we got home.

My 20 year old Idol Husband - [Day 11 - It’s Definitely You]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant.

Read: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7 / Day 8 / Day 9 / Day 10 / Day 11

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i've seen people saying that the scene with magnus and alec in the morning is the flashback todd was talking about to season 1 but idk it seems random

Yeah I mean it’s hard to say but personally I don’t think so; Magnus’s jewelry is completely different and he has that streak in his hair.

Also, Alec has worn that red t-shirt a couple times before outside of just 1x12 and these stills (2x01 and 2x08) and we also know from the 2x14 stills that they’re repeating a jacket for Magnus (the one from 1x13) so it’s not out of the question for them to use a robe they already have. The clothes are part of their budget, too, so Magnus changing his outfits so often is probably a bit of a strain that they’re likely to ease by reusing pieces that don’t really need to be changed.


Some brand new stuff in the shop!

So I’m trying to save like mad for RTX, so that we can actually eat when we’re down there, so I totally revamped the shop! It’s got a whole new layout that I think is a lot easier to navigate. Plus I added a really great summer sale!

The new products (from top to bottom):

Everafter Body Butter: My favorite thing in the world. It smells so damn good. It’s lilac and a sweet peppermint. You wouldn’t think it would smell good but oh my god it is the best

Enchanted Forest Sugar Scrub: It’s like a walk through the forest. Super pine-y and woodsy. It’s a more masculine smell and it’s amazing.

Mermaid Scales: A new bubble dust I’ve been working on. If you’ve never seen me talk about bubble dust, let me tell you I love them. It’s bubble bath in dusty, crumble form. Mermaids scales turns the water a beautiful blue green and smells like a tropical paradise

Mermaids Pearl Bath Bomb: I’ve been working with this recipe since I first opened my shop and I’ve finally gotten it to how I like. It’s super pearly and lovely and turns the bath a lovely ocean color. And it smells like a well crafted mojito. ❤️


Items purchased by Ted Bundy with stolen credit cards while in Florida :

Date unknown : Bought new Levis jeans.

January 21, 1978 : $12 on a dinner at the Deli.

January 23, 1978 : Diner at the Holiday Inn.

January 24, 1978 : Diner at the Holiday Inn.

January 25, 1978 : Diner at the Holiday Inn and the Deli.

January 26, 27 and 28, 1978 : Diner at the Holiday Inn.

January 28, 1978 : Bought tennis gear and socks for $150 in 5 different stores (The Attic, D.C. Wheelers’, 10 Speed Drive, The Yankee Peddler and Walden’s Bookstore).

February 1, 1978 : Bought more socks and 2 shirts at The Pass.

February 3, 1978 : Bought a smoker’s pipe, lighter, and tobacco at Smoker’s World; luggage at Richard’s Luggage; underwear, belt, shoes and socks at Nic’s Toggery; washcloths, towels and sheets at Shaw’s; tennis gear at Rapp’s Racquet Shop. Total : $250.

February 6, 1978 : Bought shirts, pajamas, and a blanket at J. Byron’s Department Store for $60 and spent $8.58 on cookies at Tasty Pastry Bakery.

February 7, 1978 : Meal at the Holiday Inn, including shrimp cocktail, a steak (medium rare), lobster combination plate, blueberry pie with ice-cream for a total of $13.76 including tip.

February 8, 1978 : Bought a map and a hunting knife for $26. Ate for $9.67 and drank (four gins and one draft beer) for $6.40.

February 14, 1978 : Spent $23.40 on drinks. Purchased more clothes and socks.

After his arrest, the investigators compiled the items found in the stolen VW :

- 22 pair of socks.

- 4 Megaphone cheerleader magazines.

- 6 boat books.

Janstar In Face the Music

Star: “Hey Janna Banana! Wanna go to the mall?”

I haven’t seen anyone mention this line in the episode, perhaps because the cut to the lengthy and important scene with Ludo’s family distracts from it.

Star and Janna totally went shopping together! That’s such a sweet outfit. I wonder what Janna bought (or stole)!

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Can I get a drabble based on number 36 with Stefan (tvd)? And could it be something about you feeling stressed? Because my life is just getting more and more busy right now! Love your writing <3

Stefan Salvatore - “We’ll figure it out”

“Yes, what?” You opened the door and you stiffened when you saw Stefan. You had forgotten to call him. You had forgotten to let him know that there was no way you could go out with him tonight. You tensed all your muscles and your heart started to race in your chest. “I’m sorry…” You opened the door a little wider. “I have totally forgotten that we had a date tonight.” You bit your lip and pressed your hand to your forehead.

“Hey…” Stefan wrapped his arms around your trembling body and he pressed you to his chest. “It’s okay. It happens to the best of us.” He kissed your forehead and he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “I can wait until you get changed and ready. The reservation in the restaurant won’t walk away.”

“Stefan…” You shook your head and freed yourself from his embrace. You liked having his arms around you. You enjoyed having him kiss your forehead. You had really been looking forward to tonight’s date. “I can’t go on that date tonight.” You shook your head and Stefan’s eyes widened. “I have so many things to do and I don’t even know where to get started and what to do first and even without this date I don’t think I’ll get everything done and…”

Stefan leaned towards you and he pressed his lips to yours. “What do you have to do?” He spoke softly and you took a deep breath.

Making a list of all the things you had to do had been the first of your problems. “I have a paper for school to finish, I have to prepare two presentations, I have to work three extra shifts this week because my colleague is on holiday and my mom asked me if I could do the grocery shopping for her, because she’s not feeling so well.” You took a deep breath. “Caroline needs my help to plan a surprise party for Elena’s birthday in a few weeks and Bonnie told me that she needed to talk about something and I don’t want to let her down.” You started to talk faster and faster. “My room is a complete mess and I can’t even sit at my desk, so I need to clean that one too and I think I have left my notes in my dorm, which is a few hour drive from here…” Your eyes started to water and you tensed all your muscles. “I’m never gonna be able to get everything done.”

“Yes, you are.” Stefan smiled at you and his hands slid around your waist. “Because we’ll figure it out and I’m gonna help you.” He nodded encouraging. “I’ll use my vampire speed to clean your room so you can see your desk again and while you can go talk to Bonnie, I’ll drive to your dorm to get those notes. Just like I can totally do the grocery shopping.” He cocked his head slightly. “Does that sound like a good start?”

You nodded, even though you weren’t completely convinced yet that you would manage to get all the other things done in the limited amount of time.

“You don’t have to do this alone, okay? And that date in that restaurant, that can wait until next week when things have calmed down again.”

“Thanks…” You leaned on the tips of your toes to kiss him.

“You’re welcome.”

[TRANS] 170528 Siyeon Fancafe Update - You guys~~ Siyeon who misses you is here~~

Hi you guys? How are you? It’s my first letter since Goodnight promotions have ended!
As soon as promotions ended we rushed to Japan ㅠㅠ
But !! I miss you guys from Japan so I’m writing a letter like this 👍
How are you guys??
Are you having dinner?? Not eating the heat~~
Here in Osaka it’s quite hot.. ajjeuajjeu
I think it’s similar in Korea too. Be careful of the heat and have something refreshing, hehe
I’m worried because Japanese food and I match vey well.. But when will I try eating it again?? Kekekekeke
Ah!!!! And I really found my favorite clothing store here, so even though it wasn’t planned, I totally shopped, hing
And each place I went to I want to go to with you guys, it’s a shame.. I hope we can go when we’re together ㅠㅠ Okay???
Now there’s not much left of Japanese promotions ㅠㅠ I’m really disappointed and sad
But we’re going back to Korea and have schedules, so I’m excited!!!!!❤ Until we meet again, be healthy. That appearance, to you
I love you, hehe

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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ayyyy could i request the rfa + saeran and v's reactions to an mc who likes to collect rlly cute lingerie.. like kinda pastel goth-ish? but mainly pink? (sorry if that sounds weird and specific lmao)

That is very specific, but it sounds really cute so I enjoyed writing it. Sorry if it’s a little short- I don’t have much time to write at the moment. I hope it’s what you wanted!~ H x 

RFA with MC that collects cute pastel/goth lingerie


-He didn’t really get it
-He knew that you always wore pretty pink or pastel-y coloured underwear from experience
-But when you told him that you liked to collect it he was just like
-Despite not really getting it, he does think it’s adorable
-He loves that you’re into such cute stuff because it makes him feel like a man
-And after much persuasion, he’s happy enough to go lingerie shopping with you
-“MC why don’t you buy the LOLOL underwear range?”
-Oh heavens, no!
-He likes the ones you pick out, though
-And agrees to come shopping with you again
-He actually loves them but he wants to pretend to be a man
-When it comes to sexy times, he’ll probably admit that he does like your collection
-Before ripping them off your body


-He thinks it is simultaneously the most adorable and the most sexy thing in the world
-You can bet he’s gonna admire your collection
-And go shopping to pick out the nicest stuff
-You find he has a really good eye for cute pastel lingerie
-Plus there’s the fact that Zen thinks you look sexy in everything
-In his eyes, you are so. freaking. beautiful
-You once got mad at him for ripping one of your favourite panties
-Zen blames you
-Because you allowed The Beast™ to escape
-So he ripped them off you
-Literally ripped them
-When you’d… finished… you cried for an hour
-He repeatedly apologised
-But those were your favourites, Zen!


-She noticed the theme the second you moved in with her
-Really, all she had to do was look in your lingerie draw to see the pastel-goth theme
-And despite not being willing to wear them herself
-She thinks they’re really cute and that they suit you
-When it comes to shopping, you totally shop for bras and panties together
-So if Jaehee sees anything she thinks you’ll like, she’ll sneakily buy it without you noticing so she can give them you as a surprise later
-Save your money, Jaehee, you don’t need to buy cute bras for you gf
-Whatever it is that she picked, it’ll fit perfectly you obviously know each other’s bra sizes 
-And you’ll love it
-You make sure you’re wearing it next time the two of you are
-Getting it on
-But Baehee gets flustered at first when she realises it’s the one she bought you
-Basically just loves all your fashion choices and things you’re interested in
-But your pastel-goth lingerie is one of her favourite interests of yours


-When he finds out you have a particular taste in lingerie I bet you can guess his immediate request
-“Cat lingerie, MC. Please.”
-He actually finds a really cute, pastel set online, though
-So he buys it for you
-He’s happy to buy you any lingerie set that you like
-He’s honestly just your own personal, unlimited supply of money
-But you make sure he doesn’t buy you too much
-Jumin thinks it’s adorable that you like pastel goth lingerie because he thinks it looks so unique
-Would probably ask you to just walk around the house without your clothes occasionally because he knows you like your underwear and he wants to see your beautiful body
-It works for both of you
-Whenever you guys are getting steamy, he always removes it so gently because he doesn’t want to damage it by being in a rush
-Unlike some people, ZEN
-Definitely thinks that cat ears make all your lingerie sets look better
-He probably tried to buy Elizabeth lingerie to match yours


-“Haha, you like cute lingerie? Me too!”
-Ok, but we all know Seven has a collection too
-“For cosplaying purposes” Yeah, sure
-So whenever the two of you go shopping, you always make sure to find the cutest stuff
-And he hacks into clothing websites to find really rare sets he thinks you’ll like
-He’s definitely going to try and wear some of your sets, though
-“MC, don’t I look hot?”
-“Saeyoung this is the fifth time this week. Get out of my underwear!
-He’ll force you to wear his so that it’s fair
-And you actually steal a set
-He’ll joke that he looks better in them but he actually gets really turned on when you wear your pastel goth lingerie
-Especially if it’s a cat set
-Saeran just leaves the house if the words ‘bra’, ‘panties’ or ‘lingerie’ are even mentioned because he knows exactly where it’s about to lead
-The bedroom
-I wasn’t kidding when I said they always bang in my headcanons


-Like Yoosung, he just doesn’t really get it
-Sure he’s all into pastels
-And goth
-But why would you want to collect underwear??
-He kind of changes his mind when he sees you in it
-Saeran.exe has stopped working
-It’s just everything he loves in one
-After that, he decides he likes your collection
-And will definitely recommend some to you if you ever go shopping
-Before blushing and turning his head away in embarrassment
-Because he’s so precious
-You eventually encourage him to start his own pastel-goth theme with his underwear
-He’s definitely all for it tbh


-This boy just supports literally everything you like
-Pastel goth lingerie? Sure! You look great!
-But the pastel colours are so aesthetically pleasing for him
-Especially because you wear pink pastel colours
-And he has blue hair and definitely matches you by wearing blue pastel boxers
-Cutest aesthetic couple
-He’ll definitely want to take photos of you in pastel underwear
-But he asks permission first because he’s a gentleman
-And he definitely would never share the pictures anywhere
-Personal gallery only
-He doesn’t even get embarrassed about shopping for lingerie for you
-He’s just happy to have input in your clothing choices- especially if it’s something you’re really interested in
-And no matter what colour or style you choose, he loves it on you
-Honestly, if you didn’t have a praise kink before this boy came into your life you sure do now