totally not played while on a date

tbh will and nico are both canonly huge nerds (nico with mythomagic + will makes a star trek reference which im taking to mean hes watched it headcanon accepted yes please)



• listening to the adventure zone together and realizing they could totally find people to play d&d with at camp and having monthly or potentially weekly d&d sessions (their characters may or may not be dating)

• will finds out nico only knows anything about mythomagic and shows him tons of other trading card games, because even though he doesnt play he’s a total card hoarder and loooves to collect. nico finds himself partial to pokemon for a while. theyre just so cute…. but he doesnt say that

• they go to toy shows and things because will is all about Quantity (“buy me that one- oh and that one- oh and that one!!!”) whereas nico is a total dork and needs his figures to be High Quality (“hmm…. nico yazawa is one of my favorite girls…. but is she favorite enough for this price?” “whats the price” “[points]” “[in quiet horror] holy shit”

• will is super nervous about showing nico star trek because its his Favorite Thing Ever but even though nico kind of finds it super boring, seeing will laugh and get so passionate about the characters makes it one of his top ten favorite shows

• they also watch xena warrior princess and laugh for ages about the inaccuracies while lementing that xena and gabrielle should just kiss already, obviously theyre in love, anyone can see it

• they also convince the hermes cabin to bring in some game consoles so they can beat eachothers asses at videogames whenever they want. will likes games like skyrim and fallout where you can kinda just screw around a bunch but nico likes it better when he convinces will to play dark souls “WHY DO YOU EVEN LIKE THIS GAME” “because its the only time that you suffer when i’m allowed to laugh” “….you are an evil man. no kisses for 2 weeks.” “okay” “wait no i take it back-”

• nico doesnt know the famed star wars plot twist. he doesnt know. he is pure. will realizes this and it wakes him from deep sleep and, in a cold sweat, he leaps out and runs to the hades cabin, hands shaking. “NICO YOU HAVE TO WATCH THESE MOVIES OH MY GODS-” (nico; “luke and leia are cute i guess but endgame is obviously luke and han, right?” will; “just… just wait for it, okay darlin?”)

• will showing nico all the gay comic book heroes, like northstar and iceman and barbara gordan and billy kaplan and striker and hulkling and midnighter and apollo and tommy shepherd (“okay its not canon but he’s totally bi and i can confirm because im totally bi-”)

• just… will and nico being cute gay nerd boyfriends

mass effect mom headcanons
  • Ashley: “I’m calling the principal” when you tell her your teacher embarrassed you. Made you take karate until you broke your wrist. Gives bear hugs and reads you bedtime stories until you complain you're too old. Has a picture of you as her phone background. Wants to speak to the manager.
  • Liara: Definitely the leaves notes in your lunchbox with pintrest quotes and kisses you on the forehead in front of all your friends. Bought you “Baby’s first archaeology set″ and liked playing with it just as much as you did. Always making you try her new quinoa recipes. Always up to date on the Tea™ “I think you need to take some time to meditate”
  • Samantha: Goes to the pet fair 'just to look' but comes back with 3 dogs and a hamster. Sends you funny pictures of them while you're at school. Only has a minivan ironically and never lets you win at checkers. "I'm totally a cool mum"
  • Miranda: Privately interviews all of your friends (she means the best). Gets your prom outfit professionally tailored. Her relationship advice is always “dump them”. 100% waited for you in the living room sipping wine when you tried to sneak back in after curfew.
  • Jack: “You’re not allowed to fucking swear” KNOWS for a fact you're better than everyone else’s stupid kids, but sometimes gets a little too competitive (translation: banned from PTA for the next 6 weeks) Shovel talks everyone you bring home. Probably cried after she dropped you off for your first day of school. It can be hard when your mom just loves you so much.
  • Chakwas: Argues with your school nurse when they won't give you an Advil. She gets more excited about action movies than you. All she had to do was glare at those kids who were bothering you and you never saw them again. Generally laid back because she trusts you, but its hard not to notice her rolling her eyes when you do something against her advice.
Happy birthday Guang Hong!

Just friendly reminder that our sweet flower Guang Hong Ji, the cutest and purest of them all is turning 18 today and he’s probably spending this time with his family being excited about presents and eating a lot of sweets and replying to his friends and fans on Instagram but he just can’t wait for his daily chat with Leo and he doesn’t really know why until Leo smiles to him and says that now he’s an adult he totally could fly to the USA by himself and they could do some cool stuff together “like you can drink now and umm, kiss people and-d go to clubs of course, I know where they play the best music and…” he stops because Guang Hong is laughing and blushing a bit and goes “that kissing part was really specific, are you asking me on a date or sth?” and Leo just smirks and says “well, not really but if you are then I would say yes” and they just sit there smiling like two idiots for a while before Guang Hong whispers “I hope I will spend my next birthday with you” and Leo’s heart just stops beating for a second.

Dating Kit Walker (after the asylum) would include...

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there needs to be more kit in this damn place i’m tired of waiting

- meeting after he gets out of the asylum at his garage

- him flirting with you non-stop while fixing your car

- looking around the shop and seeing a picture on his tiny desk

- “that’s my kids; Thomas and Julia (a/n: hehe not me)””oh…they’re quite cute””thanks; they’re all i have now”

- thanking him when he’s done

- going on a date

- where he’s a total gentlemen

- bringing you to meet the kids

- they adore you

- lots of late night calls

- staying the night sometimes

- waking up wearing his shirts

- helping him get his work jumpsuit on bc he’s too sleepy

- looking after the kids; playing with the lil cuties

- making dinner for all of you since he gets home around 6

- him coming home covered in grease but smiling

- kissing you

- “daddy, mommy made brownies!””ooo brownies””ah, ah, ah, after dinner Kit””aww but sweetheeeeeaaaart”

- mocking his Boston accent though you love it

- he puts the kids to bed

- cleaning him up in the shower

- heated make-out sessions

- sending the kids to Lana’s sometimes

- so you can have sex

- “back up and turn around like a good boy””damn Y/N””was that ok?””do it again babygirl”

- cuddling after as he smokes

- him giving you piggyback rides

- comforting him when he has dreams of the asylum

- trying to drive his truck

- “Kit?!””what? what’s wrong?!””nothing, I just wanted to hear your voice”

- he likes carrying you

- sometimes he’ll bring you to work with him

- being hella bored so you sit on his lap when he does paperwork

- making coffee for the both of you in the morning

- playing with his curls

- taking bubble baths together

- worshipping each others bodies

- “daddy kissed mommy””ew’’

- dancing together

- laughing bc he’s a dork

- him picking you up in surprise

- hearing him complain about his vision

- denying that he needs glasses though

- until you drag him to the doctor

- “wow Kit Kat you look like an old man””gee thanks babydoll””but you’re my old man- Kit stop rolling your eyes”

- many many m a n y dad jokes

- growing old together

- being there when he gets cancer

- “you better not leave me Kit Walker!””I won’t; I love you”

RFA High School [dating] HCs First Meeting and Asking Out

Lovely anon-san, just for you. <3

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 4th(cont) 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

Music I listened to while writing: “Innocent Blue” from BroCon, Yuri!!! On Ice Soundtrack


  • You had just entered high school as an incoming freshman
  • The Junior class pres went up to speak at the opening assembly
  • You locked eyes with him and it was just like BAM!
  • Something totally sparked between you two.
  • After the assembly he sought you out
  • You were standing by the front doors playing a game on your phone It’s MysMe we all know
  • And he just stood in front of you until you acknowledged him and his beautiful bangs
  • “Um… Can I help you?” *blush*
  • “Yes. I’m Jumin Han.”
  • “Junior… class president?”
  • “Yes. I just wanted to say that I like your cat backpack. Will you go out with me?”
  • “… excuse me?”
  • Let’s just say that he ended up getting your number after you rejected him.
  • He texted you at the most strategic times ever
  • Like, you would be walking home from school and he would text you, leaving you no excuse to make but to text him back
  • Or he’d text you in homeroom on a day when you were doing literally nothing, causing your best friend to ask which guy was texting you 
  • This resulted in you two planning out really specific responses that were “absolutely perfect” for the situation and Jumin could totally tell it wasn’t you 
  • You only slightly regretted giving him your number.
  • Eventually you gave in and promised him one date
  • Just one date, Jumin.
  • But we all know you can’t just go on one date or spend one night with Jumin.


  • You both entered as freshmen at the same time, and friendship bloomed easily through your mutual love of MMORPGs when you caught him playing on his laptop that he always brings to school
  • “Hey, isn’t that…”
  • You didn’t have any classes together, but you made up for that through all the time spent outside of school logged in to your game
  • You both had reallllllly high-quality headsets
  • This meant that you could hear each other’s voices perfectly moan for me, baby
  • “Yoosung, behind you!”
  • “Ah, I got it! [y/n], go get the power booster! It spawned near the cliff!”
  • One day, after a particularly extensive dungeon, Yoosung seemed awfully quiet
  • “Hello? Superman Yoosung? You afk?”
  • “… Ah! I-I’m here.”
  • “You got something on your mind?”
  • “…”
  • “It’s just us in this channel. Spill it.”
  • “I… I’ve got a mission request for you.”
  • “What? I didn’t know that was possible? Player to player missions?”
  • “J-j-just! Will you… acceptYoosung’smissionofgoingonadatewithhim?”
  • “Wha…”
  • It’s takes a while for it to sink in. Then you realize…
  • “Omg, Yoosung, you just asked me out!”
  • “Y-yeah, kind of…”
  • “What do you mean, kind of? Yes! Let’s do it right now!”
  • It was awkward meeting outside of the game since you two hadn’t ever done it before, so you both agreed to postpone it and play more LOLOL relationship goals


  • Oddly enough, you met sophomore year when you both had a cooking class together.
  • One day the teacher paired you two up on baking day and you were inseparable since
  • Much like Yoosung’s, Jaehee’s relationship started with a friendship but unlike in MysMe there’s no friendzone please love me Baehee
  • At the end of the class you were supposed to make a food and drink for a panel of teacher judges
  • Jaehee made hella awesome coffee, and you had perfected your apple walnut bread
  • Let’s just say that you both knocked it out of the park
  • Celebrating afterwards… you took the moment to tactically invite your hidden crush over. “Hey, Jaehee, want to come over to my house and make some that we can actually eat?”
  • She blushed an adorable pink
  • “G-Go to your house, [y/n]?”
  • “Yeah. You don’t want to?”
  • “That’s not it…”
  • You both ended up going to your house and having a cooking spree
  • When you were sitting at the table sipping coffee, Jaehee suddenly grew very serious
  • You had just been laughing about how everyone else’s presentations had failed I love evil Baehee
  • So you asked her what was up
  • “It’s… I think I like you, [y/n].”
  • You took a breath. She… liked you back??
  • HUG
  • “Bae- I mean, Jaehee, I like you too!”
  • “D-does this mean… we’re dating?” inexperienced jaejae is so cute


  • This boy.
  • He thought nobody was prettier than him until you came along.
  • Nothing could hold his attention like the way you flipped your hair... after which he had to do it too just keep up his self esteem
  • But he’s the popular Junior everyone knew about and you were the new freshman
  • You would pass each other every day in the hall, Zen surrounded by people, and you by yourself with your earbuds in
  • Contrary to what both of you thought, you were both aware of the other
  • There’s that white-haired kid. 
  • There’s that headphones girl/boy.
  • Then one day you were holding a stack of freshly copied papers that you were taking to your French teacher
  • Zen walked towards you alone, this time with his headphones in, and didn’t notice until it was too late
  • Shaaaaaaa
  • The papers went flying all over the floor
  • Zen immediately took off his headphones and helped you pick them up like the gentleman he is
  • Your hands brushed and your eyes met
  • You didn’t believe in love at first sight but omg this was seriously it
  • Zen must have felt the same way because:
  • “Hey, I’ve seen you in the hallway before. Want to… go grab some coffee after school?”
  • There was no way you could refuse this pretty boy him.


  • God, or not, someone help you.
  • You didn’t know it yet, but you had a stalker.
  • Seven had spent an absolutely devastating freshman year, so when the next year began, he was so ready to give them what he had gone through
  • Then he saw you
  • And all thoughts of revenge disappeared from his mind
  • He cross-dressed to school every single day after that
  • You, being the lonely otaku you were, sat by yourself in Chemistry until the day a girl with long, red hair transferred into your period
  • “Class, this is Lucy.”
  • Strangely, you got along surprisingly well with this girl
  • The next semester came, and you had Web App Development
  • The first day, you came in and noticed a head of strikingly-familiar red hair… except it was short.
  • It confused you, but you shook it off. 
  • Seven, on the other hand, was freaking out
  • Shit! I totally forgot that schedules change at the semester! 
  • The IT teacher paired you with Luciel for a programming project, and that’s when you fell head over heels for him
  • His charms… his humor… his computer skills…
  • You still had Chemistry with “Lucy”
  • And, being the best buds you were, you had to tell her about your newest crush
  • “Lucy! There’s this guy in my programming class… and he’s so nice and talented and just…”
  • “Do you like him?”
  • “What? Um… yeah. I think I do.”
  • Strangely, Lucy’s face went beet red. adorable FEM!Seven
  • You didn’t get a chance to ask if she was alright because the Chemistry teacher called for attention
  • When the bell rang you tried to approach her, but she left really fast, disappearing into the sea of students in the hall dunno how she hid her super obvious red hair
  • As your affection with Luciel grew, you noticed your friendship with Lucy was fading
  • Then came the point when Lucy wouldn’t even talk to you in class
  • You approached her. “Lucy, have I done something wrong? Why aren’t you talking to me?”
  • “I’ll tell you after class, okay?” 
  • Her curt response cut deep into your heart, as she was your first friend in high school.
  • After class she took you aside and silently pulled off her hair
  • You were speechless, but then it all made sense, and you became a blushing mess, realizing all the embarrassing things you had said to her about herself
  • Luciel pulled you into a hug. He whispered into your ear:
  • “Hehe. Your blushing face is so cute.”
  • You two were inseparable after that.


  • You both entered as freshmen the same year
  • But you had never heard of “Saeran” before until now
  • “[y/n], he’s there again…”
  • Yup. The strange, dark boy was crouching in the shadows, staring at you again with his glowing blue eyes.
  • At first it creeped you out a ton
  • Eventually though, you got used to it, and even came to expect it
  • He was always there, in that same shadowy corner
  • Sometimes you waved to him, the mysterious boy.
  • He never waved back.
  • It made you kinda sad, but you went on with your day. If he wasn’t going to make any move but stare, it wasn’t your problem.
  • That was, until one day he wasn’t staring at you.
  • He had… his head in his hands?
  • The small change was a bit disconcerting, and you felt a bit off-put
  • Is he… crying?
  • You approached him from the back.
  • Touching him on the shoulder, you innocently asked, “Are you alright?”
  • You swore he jumped 10 stories at your touch
  • His eyes immediately met yours and they were filled with a sudden fear that you didn’t understand.
  • “I’m… fine,” he mumbled, before putting his head back between his knees.
  • “No, you’re not,” you pressed. He’s never been like this after all. “Every day, you’re staring at me, and today you changed that. Something’s different.”
  • His eyes widened at that. You noticed? It wasn’t just him looking at you?
  • The lightest blush coated his cheeks. ahhhhh *faints*
  • “Want to hang out sometime?” you ask him, gently. It’d be better than just having him stare at you every day.
  • “Mm…” he hummed neutrally, but nodding his head yes.
  • You smiled. This cute fuzzball will be the death of me
Roadhog Relationship Preferences

Turn Ons

  • Having you completely at his mercy
  • If you’re a capable fighter
  • Voyeurism/Exhibitionism
  • Dirty talk
  • If you can be silly with him and not take life too seriously

Turn Offs

  • Being a picky eater
  • Not getting along with Junkrat
  • Disapproval of his work activities

Sweet Spots

  • His nipples
  • His neck
  • His balls

Sexual Preferences

  • Will throw you over his shoulder and carry you somewhere to have his way with you
  • Tying you up/ Bondage
  • He’s a dom
  • Hair pulling
  • Orgasm delay/denial
  • Threesomes with you, him and Junkrat (possible poly relationship)
  • Creampies
  • Spanking
  • Using sex toys on you
  • Breath Play
  • Biting
  • Belly Bulging

Intimate Preferences

  • He loves it when you just sit in his lap while the two of you read or watch tv
  • Laying your head in his lap
  • He’s oddly gentle when he plays with your hair
  • Give him neck rubs
  • If you’re into makeup, he’s totally the chill guy to let you put it on him and paint his nails
  • He loves to cuddle and feel how small you are against him

Dates/ Spending Time Together

  • Doing jobs together
  • Going out to eat
  • Camping
  • Having a bonfire
  • Help him improve his hooking skills
  • Training
Things that remind me of Min Yoongi:

• When you finished an assignment before the due date and you are totally satisfied with it.
• Hot coffee on winter mornings.
• That feeling you get when you change your bed sheets for a new pair.
• Comfy beds.
• Late night talks about the future.
• Whispered I love yous.
• When you feel at ease being alone.
• Driving in the car while your favourite song is playing.
• The feeling of not setteling down for small things.
• Journals full of unsend letters.
• Photos of people passing by.
• Cold hands trying to warm you up.
• Enyojable silence.
• Shy and secret smiles.
• Studio nights.
• Movie marathons when you both fall asleep.
• Lazy fingers running trough your hair.

Weird crossover dream, ends in tragic headcannon

So I have been playing FFXV recently, and let’s just be honest.  I am in love Ignis and there’s just no way around that.

I have also had Battlestar Galactica up in the background while I have been doing my work (I never really watch movies or TV shows, I just put them on play in the background)

So, in my dream, Amaryllis started dating Ignis.  It was adorable and wonderful.  They were on Earth and setting up camp and just being romantic.  He’s totally her type so it works out perfectly.

Flash to Solas on a baseship in full Dreadwolf Regalia and he’s talking with Cavil— Then suddenly he freaks out.  Falling to his knees and clutching his head he says, “Vhenan! I cannot feel her anymore!” with just intense distress and Cavil just looks at him confused. I legit woke up at this point as it was so distressing. Then I laughed at how crazy it was.

And that’s how I came up with the tragic headcanon that Solas knows when the Inquisitor is no longer in love with them as he can no longer traverse to their dreams across great distances because her heart and mind is locked to him.

i remember when it was 1994 MTV played Real Music and Reality Bites was the height of social commentary while we all listened to nirvana wanting to stick it to The Man except when my deadbeat brother hogged the tv playing donkey kong country on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on a busted up d-pad with a missing r button he totally jacked from our local Blockbuster Video Store in order to make a totally not hackneyed statement on the predatory nature of capitalism

When the past comes back to bite you


He’d almost forgotten about it. Almost. His life had been going so well now that he totally ignored his past. And what day was steadily approaching. Well how was he meant to keep track of the dates in a cabin? Days apart from the kids milestones didn’t matter to him.

The kids where two years old, smart, walking and talking. He was so proud. He’d stayed back at the cabin while Hamish was out hunting.

He was sitting outside, watching the kids play and toddle around when he noticed something, or someone he hadn’t seen in a while. A Praepes, slightly shorter than Ater, white and red colouration.

Ater’s breath hitched and he darted forward, scooping up the kids and dashing into the cabin and locking the door. He hoped that they hadn’t been seen but… He knew it was already too late. He could hear the wings beats now, getting closer.

silver1bow  asked:

1, 2, 8, 12, 26, 28!

1. Your favourite non-canon ship?
But there’s… so many… 9/10 of my ships are non-canon! :^0c

2. Is there a ship you didn’t like at first but ultimately started shipping?
I didn’t like Junkrat/Mei when it first happened. At all. Then antis came out of woodwork, snapping fingers menacingly, and said that JunkMei is disgusting because Mei is a lovely sweet girl who would never date an evil criminal bc he’d probably abuse her or something.

“That’s not true”, I said, “I play OVW too much, I can’t unsee Mei as a hardass survival horror protagonist who would shoot an enemy while they’re frozen but fully aware of what’s happening. If anything, Junkrat is totally harmless compared to the terrifying powerhouse that is Mei.”

So I ship Junkrat/Mei now. Also their ults go well together.

8. Your oldest ship; the one you’ve shipped for the longest time?
…I don’t remember anything before Doctor/Master. Actually, I don’t remember who was I even before superwholock happened to me in middle school.

12. What is your favourite canon ship?
Still not over that Cecilos wedding! God bless. I also appreciate Handsome Jack/Nisha and Outsider/Vera Moray a lot. #goals tbh And lately I’m very into Sangwoo/Yoonbum, which is… canon in its own fucked up way.

26. Name a ship that ended like you wanted it to.
Victuuri. I’m glad they didn’t fuck the ending up with some drama. It’s just pleasant that canon gays have a sweet story and happy ending, you know?

28. Is there a character you have several ships for?
As I said in previous ask, Dio my ultimate multishipping target. Current closest contender is the Outsider, whom I lowkey ship with all his marked who are of age (including Emily lmao). This may or may not be shamelessly self-indulgent, because I’d definitely date an eldritch void god who thinks I’m kinda fun. What kind of fool hits up an eldritch void god that you can’t date.

robwrecks  asked:

Bit of Scira fun for you. Basically, while Kira lived in New York, she loved Hockey so much or any other sport, she joined a local team. Once in Beacon HIlls, she and Scott end up teaching the other how to play their preferred sport as a date or a hang out thing in an amusing attempt to convert the other to their preferred sport.

Aww that’s so cute ! I can totally see them do that. Thank you for this blessed ask

anonymous asked:

very smol trans mlm who loves aquatic animals and cooking. always carries bugs outside instead of killing them because he doesn't like killing. also plays contact sports. takes care of injured animals and is working on a comic. working on a meteorology degree so he can study how bad weather impacts animals

you sound absolutely adorable! i was hella into marinebiology for a while, and i still love it, but it isn’t where my heart is set. i’d totally be willing to go on a date with you, you sound really interesting!



The narrative so far:

  • Louis: Terrible father, fucks all the club girls, upsetting Briana while dating Danielle, has dandruff
  • Harry: Cheated on Kendall, who he was totally dating, while signing a solo deal with Jeff Azoff on a yacht on New Year’s Day, effectively severing all personal and professional ties with his band who had no idea this was happening
  • NIall: Will be a golf agent
  • Liam: Is a great songwriter
For the Record

A. Zay did not ask Maya on a date. They are just friends. They are just friends. They are just friends. No matter what you say he didn’t ask her on a date, that is simply not what happened.

B. Saying Zay “destroyed joshaya” is idiotic because Josh and Maya are playing the long game, as in they aren’t going to be together for a long while. So it’s totally ok if they date in the mean time,(even though MAYA ISNT DATING ZAY) it doesn’t mean they can’t be together later on.

C. Please don’t with the “why is this in my tag” the whole reason I had to set the record straight is for all you anti joshaya shippers who watched a different version of GM Bear than the rest of the fandom. Or anyone else posting hate in the tag. This isn’t hate on any ship, just trying to set the record straight. If you ship zaya cool, I’m not mad, or even Lucaya, do whatever you want.

D. This is not an attack on anyone in particular. Just in general. Be nice and love GMW😀❤️

anonymous asked:

Hey Jin~ have you ever gone on a roller coaster? *pshht totally not asking you out on an amusement park date >//>*

Jin: he hums and thinks for a moment while his cute ears wiggle on top of his head. “You know what come to think of it I haven’t! Let’s go together anon!” He grabs the anons hand and starts flying to the closet amusement park.

Things PBG and Hana would totally do while dating

*Get a dog and hide it on campus

*Settle any arguments (which were rare) by playing Stomp (Hana usually won)

*Tease each other tremendously, but get embarrassed when their friends teased them about each other.

*Hana would stay up super late while PBG freaked out about aliens, partially to calm him down and also just because she thought it was cute

*PBG would lend her his jacket even though he was cold too, despite her protests.

*She’d teach him origami, even though he was really bad at it, and then he’d fold origami hearts and put them everywhere constantly.

*Accidentally fall asleep while stargazing outside

*Go to an aquarium, and Hana would get super excited and want to see the otters and cute octopi, and PBG would cling to her as they passed the shark tank room

*Pretend to get married over the weekend just to freak their friends out and laugh at them

*Both cry over sappy romantic movies but pretend they’re not

*After the above fact, watch Marley&Me, and then openly cry. A lot.

*Continuously prank the Hidden Block guys, especially Jeff

*Fall asleep while Satch is tutoring them

*PBG trying to teach Hana how to play soccer and then her getting frustrated (He cheers her up with hugs and kisses though)

Literally I could go on and on

When you are sporty even though you look like a girly girl (hip hop unit)


Would probably mimic you saying things like “but I can’t even climb up a flight of stairs!” or “I really have no hand eye co-ordination” but sooooo mockingly and in your voice, only much higher and much squeakier. Would probably then ask you to show him other sports that you were good at and would probably watch in awe like “damn..” and dates would probably involve him challenging you at one of your favourite sports even if he had no experience in it what so ever.


It would take a while for poor Vernon to catch on to what’s going on and whilst this was happening - a lot of “Wait’s” “what’s?” and his trademark confused expression (wide eyed, mouth wideeee open) Once he got over that faze, he would find it so cool that you totally SLAY sports whilst looking so awesome. If you two were ever to play a sport together - he would be like your personal cheerleader not that he would necessarily show that… but his smiles were more than enough…


Hella impressed and curious. God, he would be firing questions at you like “oh my gosh since when did you learn how to do that…” but once you start answering - congratulations - Mingyu is officially your #1 fanboy. He would be so drawn into you explaining everything and seeing you talking so passionately about something. He basically just loves seeing different sides of you…


You would notice his strong intense stare and you would start to wonder if there was anything wrong.  It wasn’t like he was surprised I mean he’s observant (to the point he notices the smallest of details ) but he would just be so drawn into you doing the sport and when he finally says something it would just be

“W o w”

in his deep husky voice…..

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Imagine you and Loki listening to music on your iPod. You two have been dating for a few months now and you both share the love of a couple of your songs. While you two are listening, Ride by SoMo comes on. You check and see that you are on a different playlist than what you two usually listen to. Embarrassed, you just smile at Loki as the song continues playing and he begins to think something totally different, something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time based on what the song is describing. 

i’d die if someone gave me a plot where A is this badass dropout in an up-and-coming band, and while the band is playing at some weird little music festival they meet B, a cute, naïve little flower child who is far more experienced than they seem (or not, it’s all you) and meet and end up making out backstage and B p much becomes A’s groupie and leaves with the band to travel across the country playing any gig they manage to snag and as much as they seem like it they’re totally not dating and A certainly isn’t falling for B what are u talking about