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Okay…I know this is several days late, but…I’ve been busier than I wanted to be, and of course the art took some time to make!

But here we go: prepare for Sylvie mun rambling and blubbering below the cut. For those of you who want to avoid all that…just know that I appreciate every single one of you who has clicked that follow button and stuck around. I honestly never thought I’d come this far when I started, and I truly appreciate it <3

And now, for far too many words =‘D

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YES I’m running a Poetry Smash week!

August 1-7 is getting dedicated to the resurrected Romantics of Les Miserables, Jehan Prouvaire and Bahorel, and any fanwork that might get made for them!

What sort of fanwork? Anything! Playlists, headcanons, art, fic, analyses, whatever!  Canon or AU, any time, universe or version!

Why: Because this pair is awesome!  and it’s my birthday and I want to.

But I don’t ship it?  FRIENDSHIP IS AWESOME. Really! This isn’t a Ship Week, it’s a celebration for anything about these two together! 

But I do ship it!  ALSO AWESOME.  Really!  Party!

What about NSFW?   Totally okay! Just tag it for those sneaking onto Tumblr at work.   

Whatever you make, just tag it #poetrysmashweek  !  I’ll be reblogging all of it over to the @poetrysmashparty  blog (which already has a bit of an an archive, so if you’re interested check that out!) 

Questions, ideas?  Send me an ask! 

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Is it bad to ship Harley X Joker?? I mean I don't support/ship the abusive stuff but the other things??? I mean, I just love them together.

No. Absolutely not. It is totally, 100% okay for you to ship them. It isn’t a bad thing at all.

Many of us are actually like that too. I absolutely hate the abuse that comes from both of them. I know that it’s just who they are, but if there’s one thing I could take out of their relationship, it would be the abuse.

The DC fandom is just fairly cruel to us. They like to ridicule those of us who are open about shipping Joker x Harley and make us feel like we’re abuse supporting freaks or something. It really isn’t fair. But those of us in the Joker x Harley fandom are very, VERY loving and supportive of one another. I’ve never been a part of another shipping community as caring and positive and passionate as this one. It’s amazing.

But you should never, EVER feel ashamed to ship anything, no matter what anyone else thinks. It can be hard at times, but I’m always here to talk to. :)


oh boy angsty fluff with the edgelord!!! it’s totally okay honey! i love it when people self indulge! and all ocs are good ocs, so i do still wanna hear about them! :D i’ve done exactly the same thing so don’t u even worry honey

  • reaper is just so incredibly confused???? his s/o was incredibly loyal to overwatch so for them to just up and leave like that???
  • he’s not really used to people feeling that much love for him, after all look what happened after the omnic crisis
  • he’d avoid them a lot at first, finding every excuse for a mission and taking it, even if it just means doing a shopping run, he doesn’t want them finding out exactly what happened to him and how he is now
  • when he can’t avoid them anymore and they demand to know why he’s been avoiding them, things get a little heated and reaper shows them exactly why he has more out of anger than anything else
  • he’s expecting shock and surprise, maybe a little disgust? pretty much anything except them taking his face gently in their hands and giving him a smooch, which is exactly what happens
  • he’s just an emotional wreck after that since the last thing he’d ever expected was this much love and compassion from somebody, au he just pulls them in, mostly so they don’t see how much he’s crying
  • bonus: they become a sort deadly tag team that gives overwatch agents actual nightmares

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Geez, what happened to that bitch Amarantha was suuuuuper dark, like geeeeez. But I am totally okay with this because it is no less than she deserves. Arguable she deserved more... Thank you for that awesome chapter!!! I hope that you write like 10 more and then a spinoff fic because that would be awesome and amazing and tremendous and fabulous because your writing is all of the above! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

I’m so interested in the mixed reactions I’m getting to her death! It’s great, because it’s the sort of thing people should have mixed reactions to! It was definitely dark and dramatic and it was very cinematic in my head as I was writing it. 

I’ll probably dabble with more one-shots once ACOWAS is over, but I’ll also be moving 600 miles and starting a doctorate program, so I won’t be doing anything the magnitude of ACOWAS for a long time, lol.

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I'm actually really excited for the st@lia this season. It's gonna be a brotp I think and that's really cool for me because I think you can tell Stiles and Malia are really compatible friends and I think Shelley and Dylan do care about eachother so I'm totally pumped

Okay, I hear what you’re saying and that’s very mature. But also… I’m such a petty asshole who can remember a not-so-distant time when Stydia was pushed all the way aside– even FRIENDSHIP WISE– so that St@lia could happen. 

So if they got, like, no scenes, I wouldn’t feel super bad about it. I’d be like “Oh, TW still doesn’t know how to balance their friendships and their romantic relationships. Isn’t that just too. Damn. Bad.” *blows smoke off of the top of a gun*

Hey y'all!

I’m Kathleen. You can call me that, Kat, Kittie, or Kit. I am 24, single, bi, and live in #SouthFlorida. I’m 100% country girl that loves metal. I am a freelance writer and self-published author, and I’m heading to college once I have enough money saved up for a degree in English and to get my culinary certification too.

I love anything outdoors, netflix, swimming, music, movies, video games, photography, writing, reading, graphic design, cooking, makeup, etc. I am a little nerdy but totally okay with it.

I love animals (most times more than people!) and have a dog and a bunch of cats. I also help take care of abandoned/stray animals in my neighborhood.

I’m single, would love to make new friends and also find someone special! Hit me up on Snapchat or Kik to talk :) I Don’t bite!


Snapchat: WildAngelofSin

Kik: MissReedus69

meme because this looked fun :)

i was tagged by @ciscoscaitlin :)

A) Age: 20

B) Biggest Fear: failure and losing people

C) Current Time: 9.09pm

D) Drink You Last Had: tea

E) Easiest Person To Talk To: @laurivcr and @wondertwinc for sure <3

F) Favorite Song: hurricane - 30 seconds to mars (it’s totally my lauriver jam okay)

G) Ghosts, are they real: yes I think so

I) In Love With: candice patton

J) Jealous Of: ppl with rly good skin /sophia 

also people who have actual lives lol

K) Killed Someone: not yet

L) Last Time You Cried: night before results came out because I was convinced I had failed

M) Middle Name: not saying

N) Number Of Siblings: 4

O) One Wish: speedy gets a new heart and outlives me

P) Person You Last Called: my sister

Q) Question You Are Always Asked: have you checked her nappy? (not kidding sigh)

R) Reason To Smile: @anonymous033 gave me an idea for a companion fic to distance and stained and I am super excited to write it and I might be able to tomorrow. also I got an interview with the citizens advice bureau where I want to volunteer. I didn’t fail my exams and actually did better than last year - i.e. I’m not totally stupid.

S) Song Last Sang: last night at the mehndi I think it was kabhi kushi kabhi gham lmao.

T) Time You Woke Up: 8am I think. I couldn’t sleep ugh.

U) Underwear Color: black

V) Vacation Destination: somewhere beachy but not too hot. or if it is hot - a secluded beach so I can wear less clothing.

W) Worst Habit: talking too loudly and eating too much

X) X-rays You’ve Had: two or three for my teeth I think?

Y) Your Favorite Food: shepherd’s pie, kebab rolls, half pounder beefburgers, steak.

Z) Zodiac Sign: libra

i’m tagging @laurivcr @wondertwinc @crollalanzaa @karasunovolleygays @karadnvres @starklinqs @dadvos @superbatlane @piggiesaregreen and anyone else who wants to play!

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hey there, i saw in one of your tags that you dont like game grumps? id just like to know why, i dont mean to be rude. if its too personal its totally okay to ignore this, i understand.

oh it’s not personal at all

they’ve been racist on the regular (arin REPEATEDLY uses a racist japanese accent whenever he feels like, then in one of their videos they point out a videogame being racist…. and right after start using a racist indian accent when an indian character comes up), misogynistic, transmisogynistic, as far as i know they’ve apologized for like Two things they’ve fucked up, when they made a video that’s 90% pedophilia jokes they didn’t even REMOVE IT they just added a shitty little warning at the beginning… like

throws arms up in the air and leaves

i don’t care about lucaya, i don’t care about rucas, i don’t care about riarkle, i don’t care about anything. i only care for the little girls that are going to watch the episode and will think that when an older boy wants to get with them even tho it’s illegal, it is totally okay for them to accept.

anonymous asked:

shitting on people for fictional ships is never okay, but saying a relationship is okay because "techincally" is not illegal /everywhere/ isnt really okay either. someone still in high school dating someone who already graduated from university? not for me!

Well to me that is fine. If the person is legal age where they live and they have understanding and consent then there is no problem. A person in Finland is 17 and dates a 24 years old? Totally okay by our standards. Are you saying your values are better than mine then? If it’s legal here, you can’t exactly come to me to say it’s wrong, just like I can’t say you have to like it. It’s about mutual respect between different societies.

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In which year were you born?Like 1999 or something?I'm sorry that I am asking this personal information and it's totally okay if you don't want to say it in public...😊

Haha… If I were to say that, everyone will know how old am I. I can just said that I near 40.

Hey guys, just throwing this out here because it’s something that I have to remind myself of often, too.

Never feel bad about not getting things done on your blog, or being slow with replies. RP is a hobby, and is something that shouldn’t be an added stress! Sometimes it can be frustrating, not getting to what you intended to, but hey, take your time, take care of yourself first.

If you don’t have the energy or the inspiration, that’s totally okay. Come back to it when you do. We’re all only human, after all.