totally not making fun of one direction

Spin The Bottle

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,351
Warnings: Drinking
Request: ( @sdavid09 ) Could you do a Lucifer x Reader where Lucifer gets drunk? There is that episode where Cas gets drunk, and I know it takes a lot…but now I have to wonder…how would the other angels be like if they got drunk?!
Authors Note: I totally ended up taking this in an angsty love direction instead of a fun ‘what is Lucifer like drunk’ direction.  This is what came to me.  I’m sorry !

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The third ‘M’

I’m stuck with this idea running a marathon over my braincells, so I kinda couldn’t resist writing this for one of my bebs, Ice’s Bday, soooo… HAPPY BIRTHDAY my cause of depression @illustraice who don’t let me marry her food (mean bastard). For you just to know that I love you with all the skype times and your crazy explaining skills bc you sure are wonderful! Have fun with this one and I hope you’ll like it!

There’s always been two things that interested him: music and messing with poeple. Now Natsu - the saxophonist - may found the third thing that could make him an addict.

1953, New Orleans
Long fingers were running along the pipe, pushing buttons over and over, the heaving of his chest giving captivating sight. The shadows of his eyelashes stretched to his cheekbones in the dim lights, his rosé coloured hair ruffled and totally not in the best shape as the strands stuck to every possible direction of the compass rose.
However the saxophonist had no mind over it as he blew out the best melodies of his instrument that Lucy had ever heard in her life.
She studied his attire, a somewhat white shirt’s sleeves rolled up to his elbows, battered, black-shoed foot tapping with the rhythm of his solo.
She hummed in delight, imperceptibly nibbling on her lower lip, clearly interested in his skills.
Lucy studied the thin sheen of sweat over his forehead, how the deep valleys seemed engraved in his skin in concentration, how he bent his body in an arch just to be able to make those sounds became music and it blended with all the other instruments. His improvisation was immensely good!
Tapping her perfectly manicured nails to the beat, she continued on with watching the man with the interesting hair colour, unable not to think about the legends she heard from her maids: saxophonist being the biggest swindlers of all time!
She was hardly able to hold back a snort. No way that someone so focused, and enthusiastic about music could be a bad ma—! “…ucy! Miss Lucy!”
Besides, businessmen were far more the worst.
Taking a deep breath, she was able to calm her vigorously beating heart as she slowly turned back to her dinner partners, her father with a snobbish and menacing expression over his face, and other businessmen, in suits and with their usual Havannan cigar in place. Some of them were already smoking like chimneys in the winter night.

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What I love about this gif is the eyes and the Louis expression. I mean, look at him. He is totally and completely glaze on Harry, he is not the “look of teasing” or like he was only doing it to make fun with it. It may be that for a moment he was, but seeing Harry gives to feel that the story changed.

I Know That You’ll Forgive Me (Listen Here)
Forget the past and let me hold you (based around the end of 2012– or what they realized making pinof 4)

Thinking Out Loud+2009 by Katherine and Eden (like-totally-phan) // Stay by Boyce Avenue (cover) // We Are Young (acoustic) by FUN // Lay Me Down (acoustic) by Sam Smith // Tear in My Heart by Twenty One Pilots // Chocolate (acoustic) by The 1975 // Nine in The Afternoon by Panic! at the Disco // Where Do Broken Hearts Go? by One Direction

Hello everyone!

Today is the day of the XFactor Final 2015, which means its the day of the boys’ last live performance until after the 18 month break!

These past 5 years have flown by, haven’t they? Its crazy how time flies when you’re having fun.

I have seen One Direction 9 times in total (Summertime Ball 2015, 5 times at the O2 for OTRA, WWA at Wembley, I flew to Germany on my birthday to see them again on the WWA tour and saw them at the O2 for the TMH tour), and I’ve also met them twice, and I can honestly say they are the most amazing boys ever.

One Direction have made us all so proud over these past 5 years, and I’m sure they’ll continue to make us proud even when they’re on the break.

All they’ve done for us over the years is make us happy and proud, so I’m sure all they’ll ask us is to just respect their privacy, and allow them to finally have some free time with friends and family.

I love them to the end of the universe and all the way back again, and I’m sure you all do too.

Goodbye boys, have a wonderful break, and I’ll see you all when you return.💜

my friend who was a het fan in 2013 and thought the theories were totally unrealistic just sat down and had a talk with me about how ridiculous babygate is and she finally understood all of our theories. is this what whoever is in control wants to happen? are they trying to make it as ridiculous as possible for some reason?