totally not ignoring you guys

guys, listen, my heart is hurting right now from seeing a whole lot of matthew hate so i just want to say a few things. 

i think everyone who is upset and viewing him as problematic because of a couple things he’s said this week need to take a step back for a minute and try not to take things so seriously and not read into it. i know some of you have reasons to feel offended and i get that but i can almost promise you he did not mean to or would ever want to offend anyone. he’s never once shown something like this before, at least that i’m aware of. some of you may think that it doesn’t make it okay either way and i get everyone has a right to their own opinion, but people have the tendency to be much more harsh, read way too much into things, and turn nothing into something when it comes to well known/ famous people. from what i’ve gathered about matthew the past many years is that he’s just a big jokester and enjoys being goofy and making jokes/ making people laugh. this past couple times he happened to make some jokes that hurt some people but like i said he’s never shown any sign of purposefully making a hurtful or hateful joke.

we all are problematic at some point and say something that could be viewed as offensive, we’re only human and so is he and i think some people forget that. to those who aren’t just being over dramatic and really do feel upset, i’m sorry that you are offended and may have lost respect, but don’t let a couple silly things ruin how you’ve feel about him. i hope this all blows over and people will forgive. 

but overall, this has turned into a lot more than it should be to be totally honest

ahhh omg hi!! sorry my ims are totally broken so i can’t start any conversations (y’all can hmu for my skype, discord, or kkt tho) but i’m super glad to be here ^^ i’m trice, jinwoo’s mun (also this blog was formerly a part of another group and i haven’t deleted the threads yet j;alkjsd kfsdf just ignore those tho) and you guys are totally welcome to hmu for plotting. =) hope to talk to you all soon, in the meantime here’s some info about jinwoo:

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Imagine being Derek’s fiancé and finding out that naturally born werewolves are born as wolf puppies.

——— Request for anon ———

“A lot of the time it is the one and only time that a born werewolf ever is in wolf form,” Derek continues before gesturing to himself, “but then there are special cases.”

You sit in silence for a moment, absorbing what he had just told you, “Derek, are you telling me that if we ever have kids I will squirt out puppies? Like, literal, barking, puppies?! Please tell me this is a joke.”

Derek tilts his head, amusement written over his face at your shock, “Well, technically, being so young, they’re not really able to bark, more like a squeaking noise.”

“Don’t worry, Cas… I-it’s just a movie, right?”

“If you need to be comforted during the scary parts I’ll –”

“What? No, I mean, uh – Oops.”

“You knocked over the popcorn again, Dean.” 

Happy belated Valentines Day!

Quick doodle I did of Dean and Cas during late a night horror movie-watching marathon!

It really can be dreadful, this Jesus life. Just dreadful. I completely agree and suffer through all the same anxiety about it. I really do. I desire about 64% of Jesus. That is about all of Him and His ways I can handle. I really mean this. For every 6 things I like about Jesus’ stuff, there are 4 that I am totally willing to ignore or discredit. I do it every day, you guys. I look several things in the eye and say NOPE. I hover around a D-.

Take Matthew 25, for example. What a disaster! Jesus so deeply identifies himself with the prisoner and the hungry and the stranger and the naked and poor, He says, “When you consider them and their plight, imagine that it is actually Me you are serving.”

Let me tell you something, Jesus: LOW BLOW. I do NOT want to see your face in the faces of these complicated, hurting, needy people. When I see a prisoner, I want to see “criminal.” When I see the homeless, I want to see “addict.” When I see a refugee, I want to see “threat” or at least “financial drain.”

What I do not want to see is your sweet face.

Why couldn’t you identify with more stable people? We like you in the faces of our children and best friends, for example. We like you in our government and in our Family Friendly Movies. We like you in our pretty churches and gated neighborhoods.

We do not want to see you in the faces of the poor. That sucks. Now you are really messing with us. You do realize what this sort of holy identification will cost and require, right?

Why?? Why did you have to say all that in Matthew 25? I very much prefer Christian rules to this nonsense. (And it is nonsense, Jesus. Your ways do not make any sort of conventional sense.) I know we are to live this death and resurrection with you, but I only like the resurrection part. I’m serious. I want to skip the death part because it is too hard and requires way too much dying. Rules! You know we prefer rules! If we just dress modestly and don’t say the f-word, can we call it a day?

It is so hard down here, Jesus. People are so hurt and scared and abused and confused. We want to follow you but your ways are so terrifying sometimes. Thanks for looking into our faces and seeing “brothers and sisters” instead of cowards and charlatans. You have always elevated our status. I guess if you can see us through miraculous eyes then maybe we have the capacity to look at others and see, well, you.

All this is so hard, Jesus. This world is so banged up. We need you. Help us. Strengthen our faith. Help us trust you. Break our hearts if you must. Give us new eyes to see.

—  Jen Hatmaker