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This is an old point that clearly indicated in S2 that Red was not Liz’s dad.

If Red was Liz’s father, why would he not remember putting the fulcrum inside Liz’s rabbit? Clearly it was her father not Katarina who gave her the stuffed rabbit containing the fulcrum.

Yet when Red was with Liz during the memory extraction scene he kept asking her “Do you see it? Where is it Lizzy?” Wouldn’t he know that it is still safely inside the stuffed rabbit that she’s had in her possession for the last 26 years? Why would he need her to try and figure out where it was the night of the fire?

Of course I know that tptb totally don’t care at this point how much they retcon very important details like this, but seriously….Red can remember the name of the baker that he stole a strawberry bismark from when he was 11 years old, and the baker’s wife TRUDY ZAPPOTA…. but he can’t remember putting the most important piece of his survival inside a stuffed rabbit?

TPTB are totally mind fucking us with these retcons.

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I drank blue Powerade and ate rice Krispy treats from the cafeteria and used the extra money to buy the whole run of Knuckles The Echidna comics.
I was totally addicted. Apparently the back story with the Dark Legion has been retconned away, but it lives on in my tween heart.

Last of his kind, guardian of the chaos emeralds, Echidna of the floating island.

Knuckles forever.

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I just realized; what if it was always an act on Kevin’s part? What if he manipulated Jericho, put up an air of harmlessness, pretended to be is friend… just for the satisfaction of the betrayal at the greatest moment? Lord, Kevin is evil. And can we consider this a face turn for Jericho?

The fascinating thing about wrestling is that everything is subject to retcon!  So yeah, Kevin could totally come out next week and say that it was his plan all along–and I think you can certainly headcanon that no matter what, depending on how you like to imagine Kevin’s personality.

I don’t tend to see him as that much of a schemer, myself.  Most of his big betrayals are very spur-of-the moment:  with Generico, for example, he literally says that he didn’t realize until in the middle of hugging him that he had to turn on him.  And Sami’s said on more that one occasion that he believes strongly that everything that happened between him and Kevin in the ring after Sami won the title was “100% real”–obviously a nod to the fact that the celebration was very legit between the two actors, but also I think a belief that Kevin meant all of that in that moment.  It’s, I think, a kind of unusual headcanon on that turn, but I tend to believe that Kevin knew intellectually they’d have to fight each other soon, but kept telling himself they could keep it professional and clean–until that moment on the ramp where he suddenly realized that nope, it’s going to hurt me too much to fight him if I care for him, so I’m gonna wipe him out here and now and come up with some reasons for it later.  Kevin strikes me as very much the kind of character who does things first and then talks himself into why he did it later, and spends a lot of time and energy and bluster on digging himself in deeper and deeper with those reasons (”Sami was the bad friend!  I say this because he had to be because I turned on him, despite the fact that it’s obvious lunacy to assert so!”)  I personally believe he was backed into a corner by Hunter for some reason and did what he felt he had to do, but by next week there’s a good chance he’ll be certain it was always his own idea from the beginning.

That’s the fun thing with a character like Kevin, whose entire personality is basically a very complex messed-up web of denial, defensiveness, lies and self-delusion:  who knows when he’s lying and when he’s telling the truth?  I’m not sure he even knows himself, and that leaves us very free to construct our own versions of how his mind might have been working.

Chris MIGHT be able to manage being a tweener when he comes back, but I have to think the weight is in favor of his being a face!  The way he delivered the “Why’s my name on this?” line (and oh man, that beautiful authentic emotion in the shoot sections where he thanks Kevin Steen) really makes it hard not to come out of that segment empathizing with him…

im gonna be rebooting this blog
long story short im feelin real stale here, my tags are a mess, ive developed some new headcanons that totally retcon stuff ive done here already, and
i just want a fresh start

ill probably still dick around on here until it’s done, but i just wanted to give y’all a heads up

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Headcanon: something as simple as a cold or flu virus is enough to turn the entire crew into whining, miserable mess. The time the entire crew got food poisoning is remembered as possibly one of the worst weeks FAHC ever had. Including the time they nearly all got shot. Gavin is absolutely the worst whiner.

Yeahhhhhhh. No one talks about the great food poisoning incident of ‘09 - it is one of the very rare occasions when not a single person came out of it with enough dignity to mock anyone else, so it’s been universally retconned from their memories. General illness is totally fair game though, and for the most part the FAHC doesn’t handle it well. They’re professionals - If they’re on a job they’re all actually amazing at shoving down everything else and getting shit done, but in their free time? All bets are off. 

Gavin would be clingy as shit - doesn’t matter that he’s gross and probably contagious and really just about as unappealing as its possible for him to be, he doesn’t understand why no one wants to cuddle him. He generally ends up in a blanket burrito on the main couch, making tragic puppy eyes at everyone until someone folds to the relentless whining and comes to join him. 

Michael has an amazing immune system, but when it goes it really goes, he winds up sniffing and hacking disgustingly for weeks. The inefficiency of being sick frustrates Michael to no end, but he does take a perverse kind of pleasure in following Gavin around and terrorising him with the gross sounds.

Ryan lives in utter denial, refusing to acknowledge any sickness he can ignore, acting like no one can hear the gross muffled sound of sneezing inside a mask. On the occasions that he is too sick to push through he disappears, dragging himself off on his own like a sick animal crawling off to die. Tracking him down and dragging him back to the penthouse is as frustrating as it is endearingly pathetic. 

The moment it starts getting cold Ray bundles himself up in layers of hoodies and flat out refuses to go outside for anything less than a job. If anyone in the crew starts to come down with anything Ray cuts all ties to them until its over, straight up refusing to share air with them, ice cold. Ray will absolutely conduct his part of a crew meeting over the phone from two rooms away, he is not playing around. 

If they’re not in the middle of anything Geoff goes the full blown man-flu route, totally writes himself off at the slightest sniffle, declaring his imminent demise and making all kinds of ridiculous last requests and dying wishes. No one can take him seriously at all when he gets like that - Jack and Ryan rolling their eyes at each other while the Lads squabble over what they’ll each inherit. 

Jack is an actual competent adult who gets a yearly flu shot and takes herself off to see Caleb at the first hint of a stuffy nose. She dresses appropriately, takes beneficial vitamins in winter, and is just generally 300% done with her hopeless crew-mates. Most terrifying men in Los Santos her ass. On the occasions when Jack is inevitably laid low she has accumulated so many favours from helping out everyone else that she has a pretty easy time of it. 

Jeremy doesn’t get sick. Not one little cold in the whole time he’s been with them, no matter how determined they’ve slowly become to force him to catch something. It’s not fucking natural. 

Luke, Leia and Ezra all share a birthday and a very strong connection to the force

I’m not saying Ezra is actually triplet number three …  but I’m not saying he isn’t, either.

Rorie being outraged that dalish child mages are sent out to fend for themselves.

Rorie working with his advisors to send word that the Inquisition will take in these mages and teach them how to control their magic.

Rorie taking care of a bunch of elven children.

Said children following him around skyhold and interupting his time with Dorian.

/throws self out the window

So, after all their hard work No Homoing the shit out of their own show, in a season where Dean and Cas barely interacted, had less than ten minutes of total screentime alone together, where they retconned Dean’s character beyond recognition so they he would show no concern at all for his dying friend (cause caring about your friends might look queer), where they were so desperate to heteronormalize Dean and Cas they didn’t care if it the sexual contact was nonconsensual and kinda incestuous so long as it was heterosexual, literally shove Dean head-first into a frightened sex slave and rape victim and make some Pretty Woman jokes about it, have Cas’s sister really want to ride his dick for some reason to the point where even after he turns her down she strips her borrowed body naked in front of him in a scene we’re supposed to find funny for some reason, after the Executive Producers *literally* killed all queerness on the show…

…after all that, Dean and Cas still won Best Chemistry at the TCAs.


All your desperate flailing No Homo was all for naught, Supernatural. You will never escape your Big Queer Legacy. A slash ship between two men, a queer romance you didn’t want, that you only used for ratings bait until you realized people would expect you to pony up, that is what you will be known for, there you will dwell, bound to your Queerbaiting, under the fading residuals, until all the cultural zeitgeist has changed and the long seasons of your show are utterly spent.

Seeing Matt Burnett refer to Pearl’s dislike of food as a retcon made me really happy. I can totally understand and respect a show not quite finding its footing, and it’s nice to get a little insight into how a show has grown since it was first conceived. So what if it causes a few continuity errors? I’m sure the writers know what’s best for the show and its characters in the long run.

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