totally not a model

this is the opposite of a problem

have you ever taken the time to really look into this face, though

just your heart beating close to mine

for nurseydex week, day 2 - bed sharing

Nursey’s a clingy drunk.

Freshman year, Dex hated it. He and Nursey spend all their sober time bickering; fighting nonstop about everything from politics to slapshot form to whether ketchup belongs on scrambled eggs (Dex will never fucking admit it, but he’s actually started to find it delicious; Nursey can never know). But the second Nursey slips over the line from tipsy to drunk, he’s Dex’s best friend–hanging off Dex’s shoulders, draping his feet into Dex’s lap, hell, draping himself into Dex’s lap, two hundred pounds and then some of languid muscle. He’s sweet when he’s drunk, his chirps soft and fond instead of scathing, and his fingertips are gentle when they wander over Dex’s skin, dipping under the collar of his t-shirt, brushing against the short hair at the nape of his neck.

And Dex hated it, because morning would come, and hungover Nursey is clingy too but not in the same way, and they were always back to sharpness, and Dex would have to pretend he didn’t get home from those kegsters and throw himself into very, very cold showers.

Sophomore year, it’s a little better. They’re friends more often than they’re not, but on the flip side, that means the rest of the team actually trusts Dex to be on Nursey Patrol (“If you don’t want to kill him all the time, we can probably trust you to make sure he doesn’t drink himself into a coma,” Bitty said cheerfully the first time, shoved Nursey, already tipsy, towards him, and disappeared onto the dance floor with a solo cup in his hand).

Except Nursey Patrol, he learns, doesn’t end with the kegster. No, Nursey Patrol ends with Nursey safe in his bed, at least out of his shoes but ideally in something comfortable enough to sleep in, after a cup or two of water and two tabs of Aspirin, his phone plugged in and the door to his room locked.

(Dex does not want to know the series of events that led to this level of Patrol being in place. If he thinks about it too hard, his chest starts to hurt, and he doesn’t wanna deal with that.)


“Dexy,” Nursey says, as Dex manhandles him down to his bed and then flops down next to him, hauling Nursey’s foot into his lap to start on his shoelaces, because Three Cups of Tub Juice Derek Nurse is not a Derek Nurse who has the coordination for tasks involving dexterity. Dex had said that, once, and Nursey had said “ha, Dexterity,” and giggled for ten minutes. “Dex, will you stay with me?”

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Your hair is gorgeous. Who's tried to style it?

well, most of the avengers have at some time or another. steve, tony, thor, and clint are all surprisingly good hairstylists.  i used to be able to do basic braids for my sisters, but the asskicking robot hand makes it pretty hard. hair tends to get stuck in the plates.
also–and my memory is pretty spotty, so this could be wrong–i think a hydra tech gave me french braids once??? i dont know why.
fuckin nazis.

Closet Artists

Request: “Paladins when s/o can draw and draws a pic of them when the paladin isn’t’ looking. (S/o get’s caught doing art of their partner lol)”

A/N: i live for these


  • He finds out when your sketchbook is lying open to some doodles of him and the team
  • Asks you about them
  • A little shocked that you would actually draw him
  • When you show him some more, he almost dies
  • They’re just. so. good?
  • He just loves your art so much


  • Is rummaging through some stuff to look for something
  • Finds your sketchbook, realizes it isn’t his, but it looks a little familiar and flips it open
  • Is really blushy when you find him looking through it
  • Realizes that this is what you were doing all the times he caught you staring at him
  • Will deny it, but he actually really likes how you draw him


  • Sees you drawing him while he’s just chilling out
  • Doesn’t say anything, but he starts to pose
  • When/if you realize, will either totally deny it or just, “yeah i’m modeling for you, you can draw and I’m hot.”
  • Doesn’t really see why you’re so embarrassed
  • Assures you that it’s good
  • Loves your style


  • He sees your sketches of him when he walks past you when you’re drawing
  • Stops and kinda just… what?
  • Is practically breathing down your neck to look at the sketches
  • Wonders why you’re drawing him
  • And then he’s like, draw me


  • She just steals your sketchbook
  • Like you’re asleep and she knows where you keep it and she just looks through it
  • She flips through like every page and finds all the ones of her(probs finds some drawings of Matt in there too)
  • Feels so nice??
  • Like, wow you think I’m interesting enough to draw me
  • Laughs when you freak out
  • Will purposefully turn away/move more when you’re trying to draw her
Sweater Weather

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 2.2k

Request: Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and she doesn’t go  to school for a couple of days and when she returns she’s a mess wearing joggers and something of Jugheads.

Warnings: none/fluff/possible swearing

Summary: Based on the Neighbourhood Sweater Weather, Jughead breaks the readers heart, she’s a mess and when he sees what he’s done he realises it was a mistake.

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Wayne Manor is Totally Haunted

(its still friday the 13th heeeeere)

b/c of the Wayne family’s extensive history & the fact that they’ve owned most of the land in what is now Gotham at sm point, ofc the manor & grounds are haunted

-bruce grew up in the house so he’s just in denial completely. its just the usual creaks and groans of an old house guys theres NOTHING HAPPENING

-when dick was in the circus, he was taught to ignore spirits. Ofc some of them could be friendly or familiar but there were too many bad ones trying pretend to be good. So better to not acknowledge any of them

-so ofc he just ignored all the weird shit in the manor before finally moving out & starting the Titans

-after meeting raven he made a promise to himself never to mess w/ supernatural stuff unless there was ‘an expert’ there. (he can, will, and has backed out of rooms w/ his hands in the air repeating “nope nope nope” until he was far enough away to be safe)

-babs always got bad vibes from the west wing of the manor but she’s only ever seen a ghost once on the grounds.

-it was one of the first times she visited & there was a groundskeeper pruning the bushes & making them neat. She waved politely at her & she nodded back and that was that

-it was only a year later when Bruce mentioned that they needed some more ppl to do groundskeeping, b/c there was only the one /guy/ Harold? she doesnt remember ever seeing him… & it’s been a good 4 yrs since they hired someone else… that’s when she realized she saw a ghost.

-she never rlly mentioned it until a year after that revelation bc she was kinda freaked about it

 -Jason nicknamed all the specific knocks and bangs ridiculous names. (& found out years later some of them were actually spot on for some Wayne ancestors ???)

-after he died, he was totally in tune with the dead. Still gave them nicknames, but now they were more appropriate & a lot more chill abt their /paranormal activity/ b/c jay understood where they were coming from

 -Tim is the only one who’s adamant abt there not being ghosts in the manor. (Bc it secretly freaks him out too much but he wont admit it)

-tries to combat his fear w/ memes

-Cass & Damian both know better than to mess w/ demons, so they ignore the hauntings of the house.

-but like dick, they take a ‘supernat. expert’s’ experience & advice seriously.

-steph chooses to remain blissfully unaware & blames everything on Bruce’s imaginary cat. (eventually on Alfred the cat too)

-“Bruce u rlly need to put a bell on that cat & get him to stop pushing stuff over” “steph, u don’t even live here??? Why.”

-duke was the one who put his foot down after his 3rd sleepless night

-“you guys know like 3 ppl who regularly talk to the dead. Each. cant someone come & exorcise the demons or help these ghosts move on???”

-suffice it to say, the manor got a lot quieter after that… but the grounds are still hella haunted b/c its so much harder trying to track down ghosts in the woods

-alfred is p sure that there’s a couple dead bodies in unmarked graves around the wayne property, but it was before his time so its not rlly of concern for the kids.

-”just.. don’t wander too far from the trails. i know you can handle urself but plz”

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pan and bi are the exact same thing, and please don't use the split attraction model (saying panromantic bisexual or any variation thereof) unless you're ace or aro. :)

Haha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “The exact same thing”. You sure seem to know more about other people’s sexual/romantic orientation than themselves. I’m very impressed. Thanks very much for educating my ignorant ass. Hahaha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. 

heyo, i know this is a long shot, but are there any 15-25ish y/o disabled people in the dfw area who’d be willing to meet up with me for a brief photoshoot? i’ve designed a line of patterns for fashionable, modern adaptive clothing (specifically for wheelchair users, crutch/cane users, knee brace users, people with muscle weakness in their hands, people with hypersensitivity or who are prone to overheating, and arm amputees with or without prothesis), and i’m filming a lookbook video for a final presentation i’m giving in mid-may. if you’re interested in modeling the clothes i’ve made, please, please shoot me a message and i’d be happy to give you more details and show you the clothes you can pick from to model!

this is a nonprofit project with the end goal of posting the patterns online for free to make fashion more affordable and accessible for disabled people. unfortunately that means i can’t offer you much in terms of payment for your help, but i’d be happy to buy you a coffee as thanks!! B)