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notes: i think everyone in the ih fandom supports big brother kazui

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Ichigo comes home to the smell of dinner, baby powder and cleaning wipes. 

Oh, and a pouting eight year old. 

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Co Workers (Part Nineteen)

A/N: Surprise! I’ve decided to finally bless you all with a fluff chapter!!!!!!! I know I’ve been screwing your emotions for awhile. I thought I’d let up a bit. (for a while anyway muahahahaha) I even left you with a fluffy gooey cliff hanger

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: I don’t think there is any for once! (heheh)

Word Count: 2.2k

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“Okay,” she said as she continued to read, “so you said you’d been drinking quite a lot lately?”

“Yeah,” you started, “I just, I needed it.”

“It’s okay, we’ll work on all of it.-” She sat the folder down on the desk and took her glasses off- “but right now, I’m asking because this shows that your hCG levels are about 75,500.”

You squinted at her and crossed your arms, “What’s that mean?”

She looked at you, slightly surprised that you didn’t know.

“It means that you’re pregnant, Y/N.”

You stared at her for a moment, not quite sure how to process what she’d just said. You looked around, finally holding your arm up and pointed to it.

“I-I have the arm thing, it’s supposed to be good for three years!” you practically shouted.

She stood up and walked around her desk and sat in the chair next to yours. You looked down at your lap.

“I-I can’t right now, I just, my job, and Misha, and-” you looked up at her- “I have to call him.”

You’re eyes shot open as the earsplitting alarm clock went off. You groaned and flung your arm over to hit the snooze button. It didn’t shut off. You sat up, leaning over to look at where the damn shut off button was. 7 AM. You rubbed your eyes and swung your feet off of the bed. You’d gotten maybe, three hours of sleep or so. You’d been up most of the night tossing and turning in the uncomfortable bed that they gave you.

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Quand, avec Al, on arrive à se caler une soirée sushi/ciné au dernier moment

#7 First ultrasound

A/N Helllooooo! This is kind of like a 2 part preference because they can find out the gender if they want to but I’m going to make the second preference a gender reveal party. So when they find out what the baby will be the doctor is going to write it on a card and put it in an envelope and then they will pass it on to someone else who is helping them plan their parties in the next preference. So Y/N and the boy won’t know until the next one posted tomorrow, if that makes any sense? I don’t know hope you enjoy!  

Ashton- Typically you and Ashton loved to sleep in and relax as long as you could if he had a day off. But today there was something really important to do and you were bouncing off the walls with excitement. “Ashton wake up!” You said, nudging him. He groaned and rolled over. You sighed. “Ash do you not remember where we have to go today?” You saw him furrow his eyebrows and try to think when suddenly he remembered and a smile grew on his face. He opened his eyes. “We get to see little Munchkin for the first time today!” You nodded. “Hurry and get dressed or else we’re going to be late.” He did as you said while you finished your makeup. You and Ashton had already made a plan that no matter how bad you wanted to find out what you were having you had to resist and let the nurse write it on the card so you could be surprised with everyone else at the Gender reveal party you and your sister had been planning. “I can’t wait to see him or her.” He said as he held your hand in the car, thumb gliding over your knuckles. You pulled up and checked in. About 20 minutes later a nurse called you in. You laid on the bed and Ashton took a seat next to you. You talked about random things until the doctor came in. “All right lets get started.” She said as she flipped off the lights. You lifted your shirt and she poured the cold jelly onto your small baby bump. She moved the wand around for a second before a picture appeared on the screen. “Ash there’s our baby!” He smiled but didn’t say anything. He was just in awe. The doctor pointed out various things, Like the head, Arms and where some of the organs were located.“We have a pretty cute baby.” Ashton said. You laughed. “You can barely tell what’s what.” “I just know it’s going to be cute.” He said. “Now let’s hear that heartbeat.” The doctor said as she switched tools. A small thudding sound came from the speakers and a wide smile appeared on your face. Ashton shook his head. “Wow that’s so amazing!” “Would you like to know the sex?” You told the doctor your plan and you both watched intently as she write down the very important word on the note card and slid in into the envelope. She handed it to you before speaking “Everything looks great! See you in a month.” She smiled and walked out of the room. Ashton helped you off the bed and took your hand into his. “That was incredible." 

Luke- "Make yourselves comfortable, the doctor will be in soon.” The nurse smiled as she shut the door leaving Luke and I alone. He leaned against the chair next to you and tapped his foot impatiently. “Calm down Luke.” You said to him. You could tell he was worried. “I just want to be sure that everything’s ok.” “It will be don’t worry.” He nodded and stared at the pictures on the wall. “Is that what it’s going to look like?” “Yeah I’m pretty sure. It looks like a baby to me.” You said giggling. It was really cute how he was trying to distract himself. “Luke after this can we go to the store? I have to grab some last minute stuff for the gender reveal tomorrow.” “Of course. I’m so excited for that! I just want to know what it is already!” “Me too but in less than 24 hours we will!” Suddenly there was a knock at the door and the doctor appeared. “Hello! How are we doing today?” She shook both of your hands “Good, Excited, Nervous. Just a whole bunch of emotions really.” You said “That’s normal.” She said with a smile. “So are we finding out the gender today as well?” “Actually we were wondering if you could write it on a card and put it in an envelope so we don’t see it. We’re going to have a reveal party and everyone’s going to be surprised together.” You explained “Of course honey that’s such a cute idea!” She flipped off the lights and started moving the wand around your belly. “Aw here’s it’s little head. Good size too… And there’s a side profile you can see it’s little nose also.” The doctor pointed at the screen. You heard Luke let out a little aw and you smiled because you could tell how happy he was. The doctor took all her measurements and you and Luke watched carefully trying to see all the small details of your little baby. “Everything looks perfect! Ah and here’s what I’ve been looking for. She pulled out a pen from her jacket and scribbled down the word that would mean everything to you and Luke tomorrow. You wanted to look at it so badly but you forced yourself not to. "And now for the best part…” The doctor placed the wand over your stomach again and changed the setting. A steady beating filled the room. “There’s the heartbeat nice and strong.” You couldn’t stop yourself from a few tears falling down your cheeks. From the corner of your eye you saw Luke wipe away a few of his own as well. “You’ve got a very healthy and big baby. We’ll see you back in a month.” The doctor smiled as she handed you the card. “I can’t believe we just saw our baby.” Luke said as he helped you off the table. “Me either that was so amazing. It’s got your nose.” You said giggling. 

Michael- Originally you had scheduled your first ultrasound on a day that Michael had off but something came up with their record label and there was no getting out of it, he had to be there. You were really sad but you tried to hide it because the band was really important to him and you didn’t want him to feel bad. You had showed Michael a cute idea you saw online of not finding out the babies gender from the doctor but in a creative way during a party with your friends and family. Michael doesn’t like normality and neither do you really so you decided this was the best thing to do and he loved the idea. Your mom knew about this as well and decided to help you plan it all out and since Michael couldn’t come with you anyways she was going to come with to the ultrasound. You arrived pretty early so it was a long, boring wait but eventually your name was called and you went back to get ready to see baby clifford for the first time. You explained to the doctor what you wanted to do before she started. “That’s such a great idea! When I get to that part I’ll also turn the screen away from you so you don’t peak!” “Perfect.” You smiled. Just as she squirted the cool jelly on your stomach there was a knock on the door. “Come in.” The doctor called. Michael appeared in the doorway. “Michael! How did you get here?” “I drove.” You rolled your eyes and laughed. “Obviously. But how did you get out of work?” “We ended early. And even if we didn’t I would have left because this is way more important.” You smiled and kissed him quickly before he sat down next to your mom and grabbed your hand. “All ready now?” The doctor asked. You all nodded and she placed the wand down on your baby bump. “Woah we got a wiggly one in there.” She said and laughed. “Ok here’s the face..” “It looks just like me! Look Y/N see! Doesn’t it?!” “I don’t know Michael it just looks like a baby.” You laughed at how excited he was. “No wait I take it back, It has your mouth babe.” “Oh ok.” You said. The doctor explained everything she was doing and showed the heartbeat as well. “That’s like super fast. Is that ok?” Michael said. You looked worried after he made that comment. “Yep! Totally normal. That’s just how babies are.” The doctor pointed out. You took a deep breath now assured that everything was great. “That’s our baby Michael!” You said as you covered your mouth with the other hand that wasn’t holding his. He brought your hand up to his lips and kissed your knuckles. “Now for the good part. No peeking you two.” The doctor turned the monitor away and it took her a minute to find what she was looking for because of how much the baby was moving. She quickly wrote it down and sealed the envelope. “I’m giving this to grandma for safe keeping.” She said as she handed the envelope to your mom and winking. “Ugh can I please look really quick?” Michael begged. “No Mikey wait till tomorrow! It will be so much better.” You said trying to convince him not to. “Fine only for you.” He said, kissing you softly. 

Calum- “Do you think it’s going to be a boy? Or maybe a girl! I’m just so excited I really want to know like right now!” You said bouncing in the car seat. Calum looked at you and laughed to himself. “I thought you didn’t want to find out till that party tomorrow Mali is throwing for us?” “You’re right I don’t. I’m just so anxious to know already so we can stop calling our poor baby It.” “Hey I call the baby my little Jellybean.” He pointed out. “That’s right you do. Don’t let me look at that screen or the card whatever you do.” “Ok I won’t. I’ll make you close your eyes.” “Thank you.” You arrived and checked in but since you were running a few minutes late since you had to wait for Calum to get home, they took you back right away.“ You hopped into the bed and got yourself all ready like the nurse said and Calum paced the room out of boredom. He was trying to tell you the scores of the game but you didn’t understand what he was talking about so you just nodded. You both jumped when there was a knock at the door and he quickly sat down. "Hi how’s it going? I’m Doctor Matthews. ” A sweet looking lady said as she entered and shook your hands. “First baby? You look pretty young.” “Yep first one.” “Great congratulations!” She started up the machine and poured some cold green jelly on your stomach. “Now do you want to know what your having?” She asked. You hesitated but Calum spoke up. “No actually were having this party tomorrow where we find out there and My sister want’s to know if it’s possible if you can write it down on a card and put it in an envelope so we don’t see it and I can give it to her?” “Of course! I love that idea. My cousin did that with her baby also and I loved it.” She smiled and you thanked Calum for saving you from almost spoiling it. “Now let’s hear the little heartbeat.” It was quiet for a minute as she tried to search for it. “Everything ok?” You asked nervously. She didn’t reply she just kept her eyes on the screen very focused. Suddenly the room filled with little booms and you sighed a sigh of relief. “Ah there it is! Sorry about that. You got a little one in there it was a bit hard to find at first.” “It’s alright.” she moved on. “Aw look at that the baby is sucking it’s thumb.” “Oh my god that’s so cute!” Calum said, smiling from ear to ear. “Ah I see the gender you may want to look away.” The doctor said. Calum immediately covered your eyes. The doctor scribbled something down and put it in the envelope then handed it to Calum and turned off the machine. “You’re all set missy! Baby is really healthy but on the smaller side. Nothing to worry about.” “Great thank you!” She nodded and left the room. “So what’d you think?” You asked Calum as you slid your shirt over your head. “If I wasn’t excited before I am now. The thumb sucking thing was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” You giggled “Yeah that was pretty cute. I’m so happy. How about you?” You asked. “Of course! This is going to be amazing. Now come on. Let’s get this envelope to my sister so there’s no peaking.” He said as he nudged your arm. “Ok Ok let’s go.” You said as you took his hand and followed him out of the room and into the car. 

A/N Aw that was so cute! I myself can’t wait until tomorrow until everyone finally get’s to find out what the little babies are going to be! See you then! :)


You know, I’m really glad that Benedict can live his life like a normal person, without the media wanting to get every glimpse of him and his family. After all the madness that was the Awards Season he truly deserves to spend a lot of time far away from the cameras and with his loved ones, especially because of this new part of his life called parenthood.

But boy

do I miss him

One of my mom friends posted on Facebook about how her 4-month-old is still waking up multiple times a night...

It was in a jokey way and not inviting advice, but within minutes, several moms responded with things along the lines of, “Oh, really? My baby sleeps in 6+ hour stretches. Have you tried…?”

A few gentle words of advice from one mom to another:

  1. No one asked you.
  2. Until someone asks you, kindly STFU.
  3. What kind of person rubs it in someone who hasn’t slept in 4 months’ face that her kid sleeps like a fucking cherub every night? Do you hear yourself?
  4. Your kid does not sleep because of a nightly bath or rice cereal. Lots of babies get nightly baths and eat rice cereal, and all sorts of other solids, and still don’t sleep. Your kid sleeps through the night because you clearly handed your soul over to the devil. Or, you just got very lucky. Kids sleep through the night when they’re ready to sleep through the night. You can promote good sleep habits, but there are no guarantees your kid will actually sleep until they are ready.
  5. What this situation demands is a little empathy. Example: Man, mama, THAT SHIT SUCKS. Can I buy you a cup of coffee and non-judgmentally listen to you unload about how exhausted you are, without offering you any dumb advice that makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong instead of dealing with totally normal baby shit? I’ll just nod my head and tell you how awesomely you’ve been handling a soul-crushing sleep situation. Because that’s what friends do.

There. All better.