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Kept, Chapter 16: Code Yellow

The saga is here    AO3

Carmilla and Laura face an animal escape together, and this time it isn’t a drill! (aka here’s some funny zookeeper-day-in-the-life after the angst)

It had been about a week since Carmilla and Laura had been stuck at the zoo for the snow emergency. After Carmilla pulled an overnight shift, Danny had said “If there’s anything you want, now is the time to ask for it, kiddo.” Carmilla had requested her one of her off days be moved – now she and Laura had the same weekend. It was the zookeeper jackpot. 

She’d slowly started moving her things to Laura’s place. After their late night talk where she actually revealed her past, something she’d expected both to happen sooner and later than it did, they had a few more talks about where they stood. Laura accepted her, with her past and trauma and occasional PTSD symptoms. But they did both admit to moving a little fast, and Carmilla decided to keep her apartment until her lease ran out in three months. Carmilla was welcome to spend every night with Laura, but they both still technically had their own places for a little while.

They also started slowly being more open at work – mostly just revealing that they were friends. C&F keepers and the Big Cat keepers usually stayed within their own groups. They turned the occasional head when they ate lunch together in the zoo’s café.

“I swear, that reptile keeper is staring at us,” Laura said, biting into her chicken finger.

Carmilla rolled her eyes playfully. “He might be staring at the sheer number of ketchup cups you’re surrounded by.”

“There are only about five edible things in this café, and this chicken only makes the list because of ketchup.”

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