totally messy


The story of the Kubdel pocket watch

@everfascinated asked for a merman link which like, first of all, yES.

and also what if zora armour would actually give him tail to swim better

[TRANS] Update on Bangtan’s current rooming situation
  • Yoongi/Seokjin
  •  Hoseok/Taehyung/Jimin
  • Namjoon/Jungkook

Yoongi/Seokjin: Quiet

Hoseok/Taehyung/Jimin: Room is full of fun with games and other stuff

Namjoon/Jungkook: Namjoon’s dried contacts are on the floor and Jungkook has his clothes hanging all over his bed



I’ve seen a few people asking for Jude in Zero’s basketball jersey in season 4, but how about we take it one step further…

Jude having run out to the local store to get milk or something

He grabs the first clothes he finds, comfy jeans, Zero’s jersey….but its chilly so he grabs a jacket

Zero’s leather jacket

And he just throws them on and goes to the store, hair still mussed, and the paps get pics of him

and the pics go VIRAL

Zero is like damn you look good in my clothes

And Jude just steals the jacket so often from then on its basically his

Zero jokes about buying another one and then they can have matching jackets

except hes not joking

they’re totally going to that couple


creating a monster by hanging on + paying the price


Idk…I wanted to draw them with silly expressions, now I am addicted.I need 5 more victims!