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“I have a secret.”

“Really?” Steve laughed–honest-to-god giggled–into Peggy’s hair as they strolled down the street, Peggy concentrating very carefully on where she placed her feet. They were both dog-tired after a horrible week of missions and paperwork (and more missions and more paperwork), and they had intended to head straight home as soon as they had arrived. However, the Avengers had convinced them to stay and wind down together (with the help of the latest Asgardian brew that Thor had procured the last time he went home).

So, Steve and Peggy ambled home, punch-drunk tired and somewhere in between tipsy and drunk, tripping over each other’s feet and giggling at everything the other person said.

“Yes, really.”

“Well, what’s the secret?”

Peggy stopped abruptly, causing Steve to stumble. His arm was still wound tightly around her shoulders, so she tripped, and they crashed into a wall together with a loud smack. Peggy bent at the waist, peals of laughter shaking her whole frame until she almost fell over again. Steve banged his head into the brick and bounced away, cursing under his breath, only to almost trip over his fiancee, who was barely upright.

They froze for a moment, staring at each other with wide eyes, before bursting into giggles all over again. They continued home, speaking softly to one another, heads tucked closely together.

It was only when they reached the front stoop of their apartment building that Steve remembered their previous conversation.

“Wait, Peggy, what was your secret?”

“Oh!” she exclaimed, standing up straight (and nearly hitting her head on the door frame). “Well, I can’t tell you, Steve, otherwise it wouldn’t be a secret.” Her eyes were bright, dancing with mischief, there was color high on her cheeks, and her hair was a total mess. Steve had never been so in love.

“C’mon,” he wheedled, poking her in the side. “We’re gonna be married, and married people share secrets. It’s one of the rules.”

Peggy considered this for a moment before nodding decisively. She pushed herself onto her toes, wobbled a moment, and leaned on his shoulder as she whispered in his ear, “I love you.”

She stepped back, clearly proud of herself, but Steve’s mouth dropped open. Peggy cackled and dashed for the stairs, Steve hot on her heels, shouting, “That’s not a secret!”

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❝A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.❞