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‘inlustret lumine.’  - let the light shine.

I started a new sketchbook today to commemorate my own birthday (i know that sounds lame but fresh starts are always satisfying) and to start it out I drew a scene from @torestoreamends‘s gift fic ‘Time Turns’! (Thank you Philippa!!) 

Thank you to everyone in the fandom for being such lovely people, I am truly blessed to be here with you all and you guys are the best birthday gift one can ask for <3

There were unexpected moments. These lightning strikes made of sudden calmness and tenderness, of electricity and love, when she would realize again and again just how much the rogue had stolen her heart (and stayed).

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Celestia of the day: Whaddya mean this isn’t celes


anonymous asked:

OMG!today I stumbled across my new favorite thing to watch. It came up on YT as a rec and i'll be forever grateful for that!it is DD performing together with the Barenaked Ladies!i think it is from SNL and it totally made my day;)

Ah, yes. The Tonight Show in 1999. Wasn’t he playing an egg shaker? If I recall, it was an accurate preview of his adorable dorkiness on stage. Hey look, I found a clip:

im crying its book fair week at my brothers’ elementary school and my mom is fundraising chair on the pta so she runs it, and as a way to get parents in to buy books for their kids they did this thing called ‘donuts with dad’. basically the pta went out and bought a fuckton of donuts, and EVERY  person that came in to see the book fair this morning got a free donut.

The PTA bought thirty dozen donuts. They ran out. Someone had to go out and buy like 20 more dozen donuts. The line was from the media center out the front door into the parking lot. The teachers couldn’t get in. It was absolute chaos. The event lasted from 7:50am to when school started, at 8:45am. 

They made almost $5,000. 

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Sorry if this seems odd, but I wanted to thank you for that drawing you did of Cas in a skirt. My partner is fictionkin with Castiel and recently they've been having some identity questions. Biologically they're male but they were curious about wearing skirts yet they were afraid people would look down on that. But when I showed them your art, they were so happy. So thank you for making my angel confident. When I visit them, we're gonna go skirt shopping for them.

oh my gosh!! this just made me REALLY HAPPY!! i’m super stoked that my art was even able to do such a thing and i’m really glad that i could indirectly help your partner figure out a little bit of themselves through my drawing! 

i’ve always kinda headcanoned cas as genderfluid and even though in canon he is shown to be indifferent towards gender identity (female and male vessels and whatnot) i feel like the show never really did him justice when it comes down to it, so i figured, if the show won’t do it then hECK IMMA DO IT MYSELF COME AND FIGHT ME!!!!

but anyway HELLS YEAH SKIRT SHOPPING!! fun fun fun!! i hope you guys will find loads of pretty skirts!! laced skirts!! mini skirts!! long skirts!! skirts that go SWISHY SWISH when you twirl around!! ALL THE SKIRTS <33

writing character death in fanficiton - a summarized quick guide

i have been meaning to point out for a while that writing character death is very different when you do it with your own characters (original fiction) from when you do it with other people’s fictional characters. yes, people should get attached to your characters when they read your original fiction and feel something when you kill them, but it’s not the same; those fictional characters are shared by communities that love them, cherish them, talk about them on a daily basis. there is a higher degree of attachment that you need to be aware of when killing, let’s say, your favorite harry potter character, because that might be someone else’s favorite too.

not saying ‘don’t kill them’, but here is a very brief list of three things that you should keep in account:

  1. no death is in vain: even if the character that dies does not have a great impact on the story, make sure their death doesn’t seem ‘random’, or ‘uncalled for.’ death is big for humans. we find denial in every death, especially the death of something (someone) we love. minor deaths don’t have much effect in original fiction – here, they are a world. you may not care for the person that you just killed, but make it look like you do care for the character. the difference is huge.
  2. do your research: you may say ‘but you also do research in original fiction.’ that is true. however, we are in a community where the majority of people’s reading and connection with reading comes through fanfiction. this ties in with the first point: if you kill someone with cancer (i have a lot of opinions on this matter as well, but this is for another post), and are not respectful in the way you do it, you are making a lot of mistakes and wronging a lot of people here: yourself, first, by not extending to the limit of your abilities, wronging those who are actually going through the illness, wronging your character; don’t forget, no death is in vain, and none to be taken lightly.
  3. take advantage of the first two points: this isn’t redundant, and i’ll tell you why now. once you grasp that no death is in vain, and once you’ve done all the research you had to (even for supernatural deaths there is something you can research! mix it up) your character deaths will be what we all want them to be – effective. they will draw an emotional response that is anger/pain/disbelief/etc. at how well you did it, not at why or it was unnecessary. it’s what most of us who reach all the way to character death strive for: to see our readers twist and turn, because we killed someone they loved, and they can’t even be upset about it. because it was a masterpiece.

i hope this was helpful and helps you all out in your fictional murder endeavors.


“I love you, Yu…” “…I know…”