totally leotarded

9. Raja (Season 3, Winner)

The fourth winner to appear on this list, Raja is probably most remembered for her time on Drag Race as the queen of the runway. Almost every week Raja was turning out interesting and conceptual looks, all the while slaying challenges. Like fellow top 3 queen, Alexis Mateo, Raja won 3 challenges (Christmas outfit challenge, Cake couture challenge, and the live superstar lip sync challenge). She also did well in many other challenges (some of them not even sewing based), which include Queens in Space, Totally Leotarded, Snatch Game, the comedy challenge, the American themed video to the troops, and the Hair and Money balls. Raja only had to lip sync for her life once when she gave the second worst make over and had to lip sync against fellow Heather, Carmen Carrera. Their rendition of “Straight Up” is probably the sexiest lip sync to date as they nearly Kai Kai’d on the main stage and is still remembered by fans to this day. And while I prefer Manila over Raja, there was no doubt in my mind that Raja did perform the final lip sync better than Manila. Being the leader of the Heathers, Raja’s one flaw was that she wasn’t as likable as some of the other queens on her season. However her playful shadiness along with all of her already mentioned talents made her still a fan favourite among fans then and now.