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The Empire

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Roman Reigns

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Crew, welcome aboard! It’s my birthday today, so I got a little (a lot) indulgent. We return to Suplex City! Tagging @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, @hardcorewwetrash and a huge Thank You to @culturalrebel for their fantastic input! Enjoy!

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I've been thinking about Keith taking Shiro to his first carnival and doing all the stereotypical things for his boyfriend. Like getting cotton candy and going through a fun house or one of those shitty but you love em haunted rides. And then Keith trying to win a stuffed animal for Shiro but he can't seem to get that last thing so he does the typical Keith thing and plays till he wins and then Shiro just gives him a forehead kiss in thanks cause it was cute. ALSO FERRIS WHEEL MAKEOUT!!!

HECKIN. yes omg it would be totally like shiro to take Keith on such a “sterotypical” date. I think Keith would complain about it at first like “shiro this is such a cliche we aren’t in high school anymore” but he would honestly get into it really fast. Poor kid probably never got to go to a state fair growing up and it really allows him to be the kid he never felt he got to be. Just. Childlike joy.
Shiro finding joy in getting to spend money on his boyfriend. And I am SO HERE for Keith getting competitive with the games.

And OF COURSE Ferris wheel kisses who do you I think I am. Shiro takes every opportunity to kiss his fuckin boyfriend. he plans it perfectly. He probably bribed the teenager running it, too, to let them get on and stay a few extra turns so they can watch (aka smooch during) the sunset.

Have you considered: shiro and Keith sharing an ice cream cone??? They totally have enough money to buy two, but where’s the fun in that?

Keith probably wants to go on those fuckin scary ass rides. You know the ones. The centrifugal force ones that you couldn’t pay me to go on. Shiro does NOT. I wonder if Keith is able to persuade him to go on at least one….


A/N: So this is a bit of a change up. No Rae and Finn? What in the world will you do? Read this so you know what’s in the mind of the other characters! ❤

Not even bothered to even double check this. My editing skills suck. 😂



“What else am I meant to think Betty?”

My sister Belinda had been trying to calm me down ever since I arrived at her place after work. The embarrassing confrontation in front of all whole floor left me a scorn woman, but I haven’t been able to think about anything else.

Of course I took his threat about staying away for a while seriously. I didn’t come all this way just to loose Finn. It was that stupid bitch, Rae’s fault we are even having an argument. Her and those fucking kids! Every second of our lives together, revolve around them. He’s so invested in them, it makes me sick!

I just want to shake the life out of Finn sometimes. I understood my boyfriend had never been a romantic man, we went to business dinners together but never any by ourselves. I wish he would show me off but I understood that he wants his private life out of the publics eye. I respect him enough to respect his wishes.

“Calm down Livvy” Belinda scolds. She places the nail file she was using down and turns to me.

“Don’t worry about that stupid bitch, and those pesky children. Your the one sleeping in his bed. Not her. Jesus Olivia! Who’s the one with an unlimited credit card?”



“What’s that got to do with anything!”

“Nothing screams ‘I love you’ more then 'here spoil yourself with my money’. Your loaded, I’m loaded. We’re loved”.

My sister had always been a no-nonsense type of women. She knew everything about the ins and outs of our relationship. Belinda was the only one I truly trusted. From the moment I started working as Finn Nelson’s personal assistant, she knew I wanted him. All of him. And she helped me get him.

“I just want him to tell me he loves me!”

“Olivia, you practically threw yourself at him after the breakup. You forced yourself into his life, after he spent over a decade with that ugly bitch. You need to give him time. He will tell you, i can promise you that” she smiled snuggly and picked up the nail file again.

“Does John still have those photos?” I inquired.

I needed to use my backup plan - well Betty’s plan - I didn’t like the bickering Finn and I were doing. We were once happy, before Joshua’s birthday.

“Of course he does! I made sure of it, there was no way I was letting him destroy them! Why?”

“I need to do something. I need to push them further apart, then maybe he will forget about her and them bastards”.

“Ohkay. Well ill be seeing John tonight at the roosevelt hotel, so I’ll tell him to bring the photos along” she wiggled her perfectly manicured eyebrows. I shuttered thinking about my model-like sister sleeping with that fat old man.

“Why are you still sleeping with him Betty” I scrunched my nose in disgust.

“Have you seen the way I live? I have everything I’ve ever wanted. He even brought me a fucking house! If that means I have to open my legs to a greedy old man, then so be it! Plus if he hadn’t of done all that, you wouldn’t of seen Gregory again when I brought this place” she laughed, taking a sip of red wine.

“Don’t remind me please!” I rolled my eyes at the mention of my ex boyfriend.

“Oh come on! He was the perfect trifecta to our plan!”

“All I did was inform him of the newly single Rae, and told him where she worked. Still, he didn’t even start to date her til a year after that, and he still doesn’t think she’s over Finn”.

“I didn’t know you still spoke with him?” My sister seemed more interested now, anything to do with juicy gossip and she was right there panting at my leg.

“Oh come on, I saw him again a few months ago at a club. It’s not a big deal I just asked how his relationship was going. Plus Josh told Finn about a year ago that Rae has a boyfriend and you brought this place, what, two years ago. Simple maths Betty”.

Finn had not been impressed when Josh had disclosed that information with him. He kept ranting and raving about another man taking his place, and how he wouldn’t allow it. Finn did jack shit after Rae had put him in his place  I seriously don’t know how Finn managed to stay with that crazy bitch for so long, it really reflects on her children too.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. He was the love of your life at one time”.

Here she goes again, she’s digging for more information. She knew we dated for 3 years in high school, but I never did tell her the reason we broke up. And I don’t think i ever will.

“We broke up over 10 years ago Betty, we grew apart. End of story” I hissed, earning a scowl from my sister.

“Well, we have the photos..” she effortlessly changed the subject.

“We will make Finn hate Rae even more. Then you can have your happily ever after - eww by the way, and I can stop listening to you complain about this everytime I see you”.

Did I mention my sister can be a bitch of a bitch sometimes. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in our family.

Once Finn sees these photos with the time stamp, he will definitely think she cheated on him. She won’t be able to deny it. The photos Betty took were perfect. This will tear them further apart, and I will have Finn to myself.

“Well I’m going to head home now. Maybe Finn will be in a better mood now that he’s seen the kids”

“Whatever. I’ll be in contact with you tomorrow about the photos. Love you!”

I left my sister to finish her nails. We had always been close, Betty and I. The moment I told her about my interest in Finn, she jumped at the chance to help me eliminate the problem.

She had a socialite business man hanging off every word she would say, so when the plan was formulated John immediately agreed. I knew that the sick bastard would. He had always had Alot of mistresses, his stupid wife was clueless of course.

My sister seemed to be the only one that stuck around though; for the lavish lifestyle she couldn’t dare part from. In reality she was a nobody, without the money she would be left with only me and our parents. Maybe that’s why she’s so bitter? She hadn’t always been this way.. No, but since Mark Earl - Rae’s brother - broke her heart at 18 she had been a different woman. She really did play the vengful-ex quite perfectly.

My half crazy sister, a womanizing prick and my devastatingly handsome ex boyfriend all helped me in their own way get the love of my life. Gregory helping without even realising, he truly did fall in love with that cow. I should know.

But what my sister didn’t know, was that I had a secret of my own. A secret that I couldn’t wait for the world to know. I knew the moment Finn found out he would never consider leaving me. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself and I will get what I want. Just him and me, away from his former life, surrounded in money and power.

I decided I needed to tell him as soon as possible. I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.


There was still 20 more minutes until 6.30pm, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get that phone call. Or if it was a good idea to bring the kids around them whilst they were 'sorting themselves out’.

I still couldn’t beleive what Finn had told me about what happened at the ball. It hurt that Rae hadn’t said anything to me in confidence, but I totally understood why she wouldn’t.

Of course, I’m my head I still hoped that this was a load of shit. John, the slimey bastard was always one to stretch the truth from time to time. He was a regular at dinner parties, along with his decent wife Pam. Sometimes I wondered why Finn would always invited him.

The children were putting their pajamas on for me, whilst I made my second cup of coffee for the night. My niece and nephew knew how to run rings around me in such a short space of time. Between plating hair, and preparing tea with Joshua, I had been going nonstop. Sophie was a placid little girl, who would stick to you like glue. She would rather cuddle you, instead of going out and doing something. In a way that was my own fault, I never put her down.

Thankfully Ben had completely understood. Even when he knew I wasn’t telling him everything. He reassured me that he would keep my side of the bed warm for me, even if it’s the middle of the night when I return.

I heard the front door slam shut and ran from my half made coffee to the foyer. I hoped Finn was Ohkay, and that he finally got the answers he needed.

I shouldn’t of been surprised when I found it to be Olivia instead of my brother. She did live here after all.

“What are you doing here? Where’s Finn?”

We had never gotten along, even before she had started dating my brother. She had once tried to get me booted from my family’s building when she told security I was a crazed homosexual man who was in love with Finn. Not once did she apologize, even when Finn gave her a verbal lashing.

“He’s out. I’m just looking after the kids” I shrugged walking back towards the kitchen. I needed caffeine now more then ever.

She followed. Perfect.

“He wouldn’t of just left the kids here on his night without something serious happening. Are you going to tell me what that is? Or do I have to ring my boyfriend?” Olivia tapped her heel on the tile, a plucked eyebrow was slightly raised. Obviously her mother never taught her to respect her elders.

“He just said that he needed me here, and here I am. End of story” I dismissed. I wasn’t going to tell her where he was, it was none of her business.

“Your a real peice of work you know th-”

“Why are you so mean?” Ruby interrupted a stunned Olivia.

“Excuse me?”

“I said why are you so mean?”

“You have no right to ask me a question like that, thank you” she scoffed, slamming her Prada onto the bench top.

“Well your always mean to me, Josh and mommy. Now you are being mean to uncle Archie” Ruby glared. The Feisty little 6 year old had a point. Olivia was a bitch.

Olivia looked like she was going to fly off the handle bars at any moment. But somehow the raging bull was suppressed, with a fake smile she grinned and bared it.

“I’m not mean sweety. Your mom and I just don’t get along because she just a bit jealous that I’m with your daddy and your daddy loves me”

I was about to step in when my nephew, who I didn’t realised had stepped into the room spoke up.

“Then why is dad mean to you? I love my mom and I’m never mean to her” I covered up my smile with my now steaming hot mug.

“You’ll find out soon just how much your daddy loves me” she smirked, collecting her things and headed straight for Finn’s bedroom.

“Unle Archie she’s strange” Joshua crinkled his nose up in confusion. Even I had no idea what she meant, but she was out of her mind if she though Finn had anything but Rae running through his head.

I tried to ring Finn’s mobile number, but it had been diverted straight to voice mail, same with Rae’s. I didn’t want to stay here for much longer with Oliva in the house and I didn’t want to interrupt whatever Rae and Finn had going on.

“Hey babe” my next victim was my husband, luckily he knew how to pick up his phone.

“Hey” I sighed. “I need help”

“What do you need? - Sophie! Don’t you dare touch the cat food!” I chuckled listening to my daughter and husband argue.

“I hear everything is going great at home… Ohkay, well Finn and Rae aren’t answering their phones and I never got Rae’s address off Finn before he left. I don’t really want to stay here because queen bitch is home”

I looked around the lounge room making sure there was nobody listening.

“Bring them here” Ben said calmly.

“Are you sure? What about school in the morning?” I stressed.

“Bring their uniforms with them. I’m sure Finn has a clean pair for both. He’s so fucking pedantic, so I would be surprised if there is multiples. And when you get a hold of either one of them just explain what’s going on. If Rae wants them home, then I’ll take them home”.

The thing about my husband was that he was always rational when it came to situations like this.

“What would I do without you?” I sighed. I couldn’t help but smile, I loved my husband dearly.

“You would eat your body weight in taco bell”.

“Shut up. I’ll see you soon”

I hung up the phone and headed towards the kids room. I just hoped Finn got back to me soon.

A/N: did you expect that? Ohkay guys, I need a couple of days to complete the next chapter. This is actually 14 chapters smooshed into 8, so bare with me I’m still righting the story. But the concept and timeline is complete. How many more chapters? I dunno… Haha

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And last but certainly not least, to finish the series off as he always does is our golden maknae, the second to the Busan line with the cutest lil giggle, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Visuals first bc yes
  • Okay but fire!kookie was like a gift tbh
  • His hair was fluffy and messy and I loved it so much and it was black !!!!
  • Like have you seen kookie with black hair that is some good shit!!! top quality I need
  • But that isn’t gonna be superhero!kookie, even though I lo v e that hair on him
  • Do you remember that one time that kookie had blonde hair for 0.3 seconds like literally if you blinked you missed it but he had it and it was beautiful
  • It’s still one of my favorite hairstyles on him, although fire!kookie is also so fucking nic E I could make a post dedicated to his black hair but also one dedicated to the blonde bc bL E S S
  • Kookie’s fashion is super nice too bc he likes his simple t-shirts and jeans and those lil boots that make him look !!!!
  • It’s a simple idea, jeans and a t shirt but he makes it look s o nice it’s almost unfair
  • Like how the hell does he make literally just a white shirt and jeans look amazing ?!?!?!?!?!
  • But honestly can we just talk about blonde!kookie in some black jeans maybe with a lil rip around the knee area bc why not, a simple white shirt and then like a black cardigan and maybe some sunglasses if it’s sunny, if it’s cold then a beanie
  • Just take a minute to picture that bc !!!!
  • His superpower is super strength
  • This kid is honestly s o strong like he literally lifted Jimin when he was 15
  • He was like 15/16 (depending on which age system you use) during No More Dream let that sink in he did that lift as a bby
  • And he’s done several other lifts too, it wasn’t just that one
  • There’s like an entire video about him carrying Tae around bc kookie casually just lifts grown ass men like it’s no big deal
  • And the boys have said multiple times that he’s getting stronger and I just saw a gifset of Jimin being like he throws me around so do not let the maknae status fool you
  • It would be a huge help around town though
  • His neighbors always ask him for help when they’re carrying in groceries bc he can carry literally all of them at once
  • And he doesn’t mind doing it bc they always give him some sort of treat as a reward like hey take a lil candy on your way out thnx for the help see ya next Monday
  • Like just picture lil 14 year old kookie helping his neighbor carry in the bags and getting so fucking excited when she gives him a bag of candy in return
  • He actually gets really close with this one neighbor, an older man that’s in like his 50s, who always talks about his son that went off to college not too long ago who already has a bby
  • Btw the bby adores kookie bc they can play together and kookie can show the bby all the things he can lift
  • But kookie helps the man out every single time he goes to the store and the man actually ends up buying a few things for kookie every time he goes bc he knows that once he gets home, lil bby kook is gonna be waiting to help out and get his lil prize
  • Kook reminds him of his actual son so that helps a lot and they just become best friends
  • When people move in, literally everyone in town points them in his direction bc he can casually live an entire couch by himself and not even break a sweat
  • The amount of furniture this kid has moved is astonishing
  • But of course, everyone does give him something in return, whether it’s food or money
  • There was actually this one time he helped a chef move a new stove into his kitchen and he ended up getting free food from his restaurant for like a year
  • He also helps the city out
  • Just about everyone in town knows about his powers, including yourself
  • You also know that he’s a total sweetheart that just wants to help people out
  • You two meet when you end up moving into the apartment next to his
  • Everyone tells you that if you need help, you should go to him and you figure since you have to unload everything, it’ll get done a lot faster if you have someone that literally everyone is telling you to go to
  • When you knock on his door, he answers and he’s in these super cute jeans that make his legs look !! bc kook’s legs are so ni C E and he also wearing a sleeveless shirt and you can just see the muscles that are happening
  • He still looks like normal!kook which is why a lot of people are surprised when they first see him lift a car above his head or something like that
  • But normal!kook’s arms are really fucking nice like honestly he’s just really nice overall and he’s got a super cute personality so like he’s just !!
  • You two start bringing all of the boxes into your apartment and he’s making these lil jokes along the way and he’s just being himself and being all cute
  • He’s shyly asking you questions like what made you move into that particular apartment, what you think of the neighborhood, if you happen to maybe need someone show you around the area like he knows this really amazing restaurant just down the street
  • “Is that your way of asking me out??”
  • “Did it work”
  • “Pick me up at seven”
  • “I’m taking that as a yes”

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Aomine scenario when he takes his pregnant wife to go to babymoon trip? Thanks

Haha, I totally had to look up what a babymoon was.  Here you go!

Aomine Daiki

He wished he could have taken you to some exotic place and it sat ill with him that the most exotic he could get was Hokkaido.  This was your last vacation before you popped out his kid and he wanted to make it special.  But a cop’s salary wasn’t infinite and there was a baby on the horizon and everything he’d ever heard about babies said they were money sink holes.

Of course, you didn’t seem to notice that Hokkaido was kind of a lame vacation destination.  You glowed, both with the sixth month of pregnancy, and with the excitement of your surroundings.  Neither of you had ever been to Hokkaido, so it was a bit of an adventure on that front, albeit just not an exotic one.

There was little for him to do but follow you around, and that was fine.  He liked watching you, liked the sight of your swollen stomach and the way you grinned at him.  Even if it mean suffering through flower field after flower field.  Honestly, they all looked the same at some point and the pleasure was most definitely lost on him.  But you held his hand tightly and laughed so brightly, he forgot to be annoyed that he was looking at flowers.

It was August, so it was warm, but since they were so far north it wasn’t overly warm, which was part of the reason you’d chosen Hokkaido.  There were tons of things to see, mostly things he didn’t care about, but since he cared about you he didn’t mind so much.  You dragged him to something called a ramen village, which sounded ridiculous, but turned out to be pretty decent because he got to eat three different kinds of ramen while you giggled about his endless stomach.

On the last day of the trip you dragged him to a massive lake, which was, he had to admit, pretty nice.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, but the breeze of the lake was refreshing.  The pair of you stood on the observation deck, Aomine wrapped around from behind, his hands on your stomach and his chin resting on the top of your head.  “I guess this is nice,” he rumbled, sighing, sleepy and content.

“A fine concession,” you laughed, leaning back against him.  “Na, Daiki?”


“Thank you for bringing me here,” you said, hand covering one of his and squeezing. 

Aomine grunted, mouthing the top of your head.  “Anything for you.”

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Hello again~ ^^ I wanted to request a scenario where just before the party on whatever day where Mc has fit in quite well with RFA, unexpectedly Rika joins the chatroom again somehow, and starts talking to them. Maybe at the end hinting that soon Mc will be taken away to her then leaving. How would they react? This sounded like a fun idea lol love your writing

Hello hello :)))
I really enjoy your scenario prompts! My ideas are pretty bad most of the time. (You should write for me sometime!!)
Anyways, thank you for your request~
[Edit: Thanks to @rxme-vxx, I’ve realised that I’ve made a HUGE mistake due to me just not paying close enough attention! I’ve changed all the Unnie-s to Noonas because I completely messed up TT]

An Unexpected Visit

“It’s finally tomorrow!” Yoosung typed into the chatroom followed by his blush sticker,”I want to see you…”
You replied back with a kind,”I want to see you too Yoosung!”
Zen suddenly entered the chatroom, bursting in with a load of text. You could almost hear his voice as his messages popped up one after one.

“Yoosung ah don’t feel too special okay, she wants see all of us.”
“Although it’s only natural she wants to talk me the most though.”
“Don’t you?”

You couldn’t help but laugh as you replied with,”I want to talk to you as well Zen ^^”
His winking sticker appeared on your screen as Jumin and Jaehee piled into the chatroom simultaneously.
“The meeting just finished.” Jumin typed,”Won’t you say some nice words for me?”
In an attempt to tease Jumin, you messaged Jaehee first,”Good work today Jaehee!”
She thanked you while Zen kicked up a ruckus about the trust-fund kid getting rejected.
“She totally ignored you man!” he laughed and despite Jumin’s apparent disappointment, you replied soon after.
“You also did great Jumin!” you told,”It was a good joke right?”
He immediately agreed with you, also commenting about how it was such a funny joke. Of course, Zen replied again, reacting in an irritated manner but all that was blown away as Seven entered the chatroom as if he were bursting through the door.

“GUESS WHAT I JUST FOUND!” he asked the chat as everyone gave rather strange replies.

“A lifetime supply of chips.”

“A girlfriend?”


“Perhaps a cat?”

“All wrong!!!!!” he typed rather zealously,”I found an extra $10 behind my computer.”
Then he started to spam his ‘Sarangheyo’ sticker which ticked off more than half the chat.
It had only been a week with the RFA and you already felt like it was home, you felt as if this is where you belonged. Although there was one figure that had been missing ever since you talked to him on that first day.
“Do you think V will come?” you typed,”Tomorrow?”
“Yes he informed me he would!” Seven told,”Do you want to see him?”
“Of course I want to see him ^^” you typed back,”I haven’t talked to him in a while.”

It felt like the chat was incomplete without him but nevertheless, RFA would would all be there tomorrow in full fashion. Your excitement only continued to grow as you waited in anticipation on the messenger for tomorrow.

Suddenly a familiar looking name entered the chatroom, one that had been mentioned here and there but surprised you the most.

Rika has joined the chatroom

Everyone was stunned, no one could find the strength to type anything as the mystery person continued to type.
“Hi everybody!” they typed with a seemingly happy tone to the writing,”How have you all been?”
The first one to type, surprisingly, was Yoosung,”Noona? Weren’t you…”
“Nope!” she replied,”V lied.”
“I knew he did that guy….” Yoosung told as Zen suddenly butted in.
“Rika Noona! Where have you been all this time??” he demanded to know, he wanted to fill in the holes that had been missing this whole time.
“I was just taking a break and travelling around the world,” she told as the rest of the chat anticipated each next message,”V lied about everything.”
“Something isn’t right,” Jumin commented,”Rika’s here but… V wouldn’t just lie to us.”
Yoosung took Rika’s side and began to attack V but something that stood as different to everyone else was how Rika wouldn’t say anything. She loved V so wouldn’t she defend him a bit more? It struck them as odd but wouldn’t say anything because the fact was that it was ‘Rika’ that was here, even if it was a fake it just didn’t cross their minds.
Jumin finally dropped the comment that everyone was thinking,”….Why are you here now?”
“Have you heard?” Zen added,”We’re having the party tomorrow!”
She expressed her knowledge over the party but something just struck them as odd. You still hadn’t said anything to her however Yoosung took the initiative to introduce you.
“Noona! Meet our new party planner!” he laughed,”She’s been very helpful.”
In the middle of typing, Rika sent her message first. If anything, this message ran shivers down most of the members of RFA’s spine.

“Yes I’ve heard.”

It sounded strangely ominous and you couldn’t help but type what was on your mind.

“From who?” you asked.

For while the chat stayed in silence, waiting for Rika’s reply which was taking unusually long but soon enough she reply, extremely vaguely.
“You’ll know tomorrow.” she replied,”You’ll know everything unknown to you tomorrow, my replacement.”

These sentences sent even more shivers down their spines as even Yoosung replied against her,”Noona are you hiding something?”
But before he got his reply, Rika left the chatroom promptly.
Seven, who had been staying completely silently, expressed his concern,”Don’t leave the apartment, okay? It’s not safe, there’s something going on.”
“I’ll put my men on standby,” Jumin added, leaving the chatroom to attend to business.
“Guys, Rika Noona probably didn’t mean anything by that,” Yoosung typed, attempting to defend her but the entire chatroom was against it.
“Yoosung, even I’m getting bad feelings from this,” Zen told,”There’s something not right going on…”
“Yoosung ssi, I don’t think this is the same Rika we knew from before,” Jaehee added in attempts to comfort him,”I don’t think it’s the same Rika you knew before.”
“But….” he started.
“Yoosung, I’m sorry,” you typed without thinking.
“What do you have to be sorry for?” Jumin asked,”I think they are after you.”

Your hands started to shake as you realised what they were saying. Something was going to happen tomorrow and you were in the centre of it however RFA was prepared to protect you. They already saw you as one of their own.

“The most important thing tomorrow,” Seven told,”Is to protect her.”

AYO tb5-heavenward is this the sort of thing you’re looking for?

They’re millionaires.  Actual, literal millionaires with two commas on their bank statement and an entire island to themselves, but they will be damned if they do not keep enough Ramen in their cupboard to feed a small army.

A million dollars buys a lot of Ramen.  A lot.  Thankfully, Scott’s there to make sure that things don’t escalate to that point.  Again.  Of course, he would have preferred that the discovery of the empty cupboard had been made before one in the morning, but he has four brothers.  He’s learned not to expect such simplicity.  

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McCree, Hanzo, and Junkrat (not all together) finds a small orphaned child (around 5 years old) walking around all by himself and slightly starving and covered with dust n dirt. What would they do with the child?

• he would give that child some money
• and would then be on his way
• but he would totally run back to the kid
• cowman would either take the kid to an orphanage or take him under his wing until he finds a good home for the kid

• he would hold the kid’s hand
• and would buy him food
• he would keep the child until he find someone willing to take them

• fUCK that orphanage crap
• him and roadhog found a new pal
• of course Junkrat would be iffy about taking that kid with him. But that beats wandering a radioactive wasteland

Oh, looking at the reviews of Trials of Apollo on Amazon is cracking me up because of course 99% of them are complaining about either Nico and Will, Apollo’s bisexuality, or general ‘inappropriate’ (aka LGBT) content. So here are some of my personal favorite excerpts from some of these reviews:

I think he might have “sprained something” trying to put a heterosexual relationship in there just for you.

Because it’s been proven that books including LGBT+ characters definitely make more money, rather than less. 

Regarding Apollo. I can’t stop laughing. 

Wow, it’s a good thing Rick totally doesn’t give a crap. 

Did you actually talk to any kids, or…???

Personally, I’m jealous of Apollo’s dating game. 

AND gods bless those those fighting the good fight:

Kudos to Rick Riordan for writing this wonderful book. Just as funny as everything else he’s done, with relationships and characters I can relate to even more.