totally kidding of course about the money

Oh, looking at the reviews of Trials of Apollo on Amazon is cracking me up because of course 99% of them are complaining about either Nico and Will, Apollo’s bisexuality, or general ‘inappropriate’ (aka LGBT) content. So here are some of my personal favorite excerpts from some of these reviews:

I think he might have “sprained something” trying to put a heterosexual relationship in there just for you.

Because it’s been proven that books including LGBT+ characters definitely make more money, rather than less. 

Regarding Apollo. I can’t stop laughing. 

Wow, it’s a good thing Rick totally doesn’t give a crap. 

Did you actually talk to any kids, or…???

Personally, I’m jealous of Apollo’s dating game. 

AND gods bless those those fighting the good fight:

Kudos to Rick Riordan for writing this wonderful book. Just as funny as everything else he’s done, with relationships and characters I can relate to even more.