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I was considering Wymack's go to threat for the foxes being 'signing them up for a marathon' what if after Baltimore and championships, Neil is just like "why not" so he decides to train for and run a marathon also because it serves as a big fuck you to anyone who has ever hurt him because here he is running for the sake of running. I would appreciate it if you could come up with a short story about this idea

“You know, studies show that long distance running is actually really bad for your health.”

Neil hadn’t noticed Andrew leaning against the dorm when he started stretching, but he doesn’t let his surprise show. He switches quads and flicks an unimpressed look towards Andrew.

“Andrew, I fully expected I’d be dead by now,” Neil says. “I don’t give a fuck if this messes with my knees when I’m 50 or whatever.”

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The signs and when you ask them for the wifi
  • The ones who tell you the password: Cancer, Taurus, Pisces
  • The ones who type it in for you (but might not tell you): Aquarius, Scorpio , Libra
  • The ones who don't know/forgot it: Sagittarius, Virgo, Aries
  • The ones who probably won't give it to you: Capricorn, Gemini, Leo

ooc: so my gf and i get the biggest kick out of silly captions/subtitles, so we decided that my carlos, who’s first language is Portuguese, will have one lmao

#1 Tip for AP Classes

So, I see a lot of people – not just here, but in my classes – that are pushing themselves to memorize tons of terms and then become frustrated that they aren’t getting the results they want. And, I think this idea that you need to memorize entire textbooks worth of terms to do well in AP classes is totally inaccurate. 
The absolute most important thing you can do is: make connections. AP exams have been reconfigured to see how students can make connections between topics and draw conclusions based on information – not just spout facts. For instance, the AP Biology exam used to ask relatively simple identification questions such as, “Which organelle is responsible for cellular respiration?” The reconfigured exam would instead have a question such as, “Christae are folds found within mitochondria in eukaryotic cells. How do christae provide an advantage in the processes undergone in mitochondria?” (please bear with me I came up with that off the top of my head). Or, in APUSH, there is less focus on the actual battles of the Civil War and a greater emphasis on the Antebellum Period that led up to the conflict.
My point is, the key to success in AP classes (in my opinion), is to not focus just on memorizing facts, but understanding big ideas and trends, and THEN having facts/details to support those ideas.


I cross stitched a stylized version of the Toronto skyline underneath a sky filled with rainbow confetti to celebrate an upcoming concert I’ll be going to (@okgo). It’s definitely not to scale, totally inaccurate, but absolutely adorable! (IMHO)

Watch the time lapse video of its’ creation here: 30 hours of stitches in less than 60 seconds!

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How to write D/deaf/HoH characters

this has probably already been done, but i am so sick of reading fanfiction that has totally inaccurate portrayals of deaf/HoH characters, so I’m making a guide

This turned out really long, so you can read the whole thing under the cut

ATTENTION: If someone wants me to do another one of these resource posts for a more specific D/deaf/HoH issue, such as how to write deaf children, different types of hearing aids, deaf accomodations, etc just shoot me an ask and i’ll make one!

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What was that whole immoral thing?!

I can’t be 100% sure what Mino was talking about exactly (because of Mnet’s editing) but the whole thing started when San E and Verbal Jint decided to change their decision and bring Black Nut back, ultimately eliminating Hanhae. Mind you, this is after they found out that the next round was going to be a diss battle so basically what they’re doing is bringing Black Nut back because they believe he’ll be better for the diss battle and giving the excuse that they made the wrong decision (using Black Nut’s stage fright against him, that he can’t perform without wearing sunglasses) and that they should have eliminated Hanhae from the start since he’s the only one in their team who got his lyrics wrong during the team performance.

A fact about Hanhae that’s vital to this whole situation: he’s a member of a group called Phantom which is under Brand New Music. So the fans are speculating that the reason Team BNM originally decided to eliminate Black Nut was because they were biased towards Hanhae since he’s under their label.

Anyway, going back to the story. After Brand New has made their decision, got Black Nut to return, Hanhae saying that it’s alright for him and he understands, VJ crying (which makes me feel even more like this whole thing was San E’s idea, because if you can remember from last week’s preview, San E was the one who said “It’s about who has more potential during the live stages” so just by that line alone you can already tell that VJ might have been against dropping Black Nut, but I’m still not sure about this since Mnet won’t quit dicking with their editing), Black Nut even making a diss rap about the whole situation and blaming Team BNM (as he should, good on you Black Nut / side note: he didn’t really want to come back), MNET ULTIMATELY ALLOWED THE WHOLE SWITCH TO HAPPEN BC FUCK THE RULES AT THIS POINT and the PDs called to inform Mino of the changes (since he’s the one assigned to battle Hanhae).

Of course, Mino will be frustrated since he has already written his rap (which was specifically for Hanhae) so with BNM changing their decision, he has to write a completely new rap for Black Nut and basically throw his original one in the bin. Naturally, Team PalJi got mad about it (seriously, who wouldn’t?) but couldn’t really do anything but follow what Mnet has decided thus causing a lot of stress to all the members of the team, especially Mino.

Now, to give some context to what Mino said, it was basically a response to Andup saying, “They didn’t apologize to us, not even once.” Then it was cut to Mino saying “They exposed too much of their human nature.” (selfishness? greed? using their members like tools? the list goes on tbh) and then the line “It’s very immoral.” was edited as a voice over on the clip. The audio itself could be from another video or from one of the interviews but nonetheless Mino was talking about Brand New.

Yo instead of reblogging totally inaccurate pseudoscientific explanations as to why we see the dress differently why don’t you read this article in which an actual scientist with three-and-a-half decades of experience in colour vision research admits that this whole thing makes very little scientific sense and we have no idea what’s going on.