totally in love with weapo

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Totally agree about WeaPo. They seem like lovely people, and I think they get along with TS. (Although it did seem for a little bit that there was maybe a tinge of resentment for always being in their shadow - Andrew said they were always in their "limelight" when TS interviewed them last year. That always seemed a little unfortunate to me, but it's likely that what he meant just came out wrong). But I'm just not that compelled when they're on the ice. Not trying to be mean or spread hate/drama.

This is a touchy subject since this usually brings me hate mail and just like you the last thing I want is to spread hate or drama… Like you said they seem like nice people who have a great partnership and I think they get along fine with TS from what people reported they saw at Nationals which is great. I still think that they handled things related to TS return poorly from a media standpoint and that they hurt only themselves with it, but I’m glad it’s water under the bridge. 

For some reason I’m never compelled by their skating and I personally feel nothing when I watch them, maybe because I haven’t found a program they did that I really liked. I thought their FD performance at Nationals was great and they skated it beautifully, however I do think that when it comes to placement among the currently competing teams they should be around 6th/7th place (my order is TS, C/L (so underrated it’s an actual crime), H/D, Shibs, P/C and then C/B and WeaPo - those two switching places constantly…)

“I was so excited and so nervous. I wasn’t sure it would work because he is so tall and we had a country issue, but from the very first moment we skated together I thought, ‘Wow, this is the real deal.’ “ - Kaitlyn Weaver on skating with Andrew Poje for the first time