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Guess who’s back again with another Collab!

@bev-nap and I again—that’s the answer haha! A while back I did line art for these two losers in Autumn fashion, ‘cause it was calling out to me and I had the lovely Bev do justice with her amazing coloring! We actually did this collab like a month ago, and neither of us uploaded the results, until now haha!
You can totally find the line work here
and you should totally go stalk Bev’s awesome gallery over here!

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did anyone ever talk about how ‘Here Comes A Thought’ totally reminded them of tweek n craig? ESPECIALLY tweek since he does seem to try and find his inner peace sometimes!

I also love how everyone just knows that Craig calms Tweek down, it has to be 100% canon

i hope dis hasn’t been done before ANNND i might color this later…


Alistair. “Your Private Dining Experience at the Bull’s Head Inn, Kingsburry”
Harry. Gosh, are we having an experience? 

Tattoos - Alex Summers & Warren Worthington

Summary : instead of having one tattoo of your soulmate’s mutation, you have two. Two completely different tattoos.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : uhh fluff? slight angst? lol idk bro

Prompt : everyone has a tattoo of their soulmate’s mutation (if they have one) and you have two completely different tattoos, because you have two soulmates.

Pairing : Alex Summers x reader x Warren Worthington iii

A/N : so this soulmate au has been swimming around in my head for a while so I thought I would finally write it! I’m total trash for Warren and Alex so that’s why it’s these two love bugs. this also starting off in the third person. (e/c = eye color)

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Wings and Plasma beams. Those were your tattoos. Yes tattoos, as in two and not one. Usually people only had one tattoo that represented your soulmate’s mutation, but that’s if they were a mutant.

Y/N sat under a tree branch, well more like she was swinging from the low hanging branch. She could control plants, create whatever type of plant she wanted. Most people longed for such a beautiful, graceful mutation, but what they didn’t know is that she could also create Earthquake, Tsunamis, and any other type of horrible event.

As she sat on her swing made of vines she read her favorite book, humming softly as her eyes scanned the paper pages, keeping her mind calm and free of any and all horrible thoughts. Her brain was thinking other things though, things that were making her heart race a mile a minute. For some odd reason her brain thought that today was the day she would finally meet her soulmates, the two people that were going to love her till death do them part. It was rare for someone to have two soulmates, but Y/N just thought of it as another opportunity to make more people in the world happy.

Alex Summers and Warren Worthington on the other hand were stressing about meeting their soulmate. Of course the two blonde boys didn’t realize that they had to share the same girl.

Warren was walking around with Ororo, Jean, Kurt, Peter, Scott, Jubilee, and Alex. Of course Alex just had to be walking with them. When the group had just about gotten to where Y/N was, the two blondes stopped walking, their eyes locked on her. The group noticed their absence and turned their heads, looking for what had caught their attention. Jean smirked slightly, realizing that the two boys were staring at Y/N.

“Who is that? I’ve never seen her before.” Warren says. He looked awestruck, completely taken back the beauty of the girl; his soulmate.

“That’s  Y/N, of course you’d never seen her before because you never attend any of your classes.” Jean chuckles. “She’s always out her, all the time no matter what. Her mutation basically plants her right to the Earth itself it’s probably why we all call her Mother Nature.” Alex and Warren tilt their heads at Jean, tearing their eyes away from the girl for a second.

“What do you mean?” Alex questions.

“She can basically control the Earth, and she’s pretty damn good at it. If she went up against Ororo or anyone else, she’d no doubt win.” Jubilee chuckles, earning a glare from Ororo. Alex’s and Warren’s eyes went wide. Simultaneously they rolled up or pulled off their jackets, revealing an Earth tattoo on their wrist or forearm.

“You both have the same soulmate?” Kurt says slowly, tilting his head in confusion.

Ororo shrugs. “Once when Y/N and I were talking, she did say that she had two soulmate tattoos, but she wouldn’t show me them, and she’s always covering herself up so that no one sees them.” She sighs before continuing. “I guess it could be a possibility that you three are soulmates.” Warren gagged and Alex rolled his eyes at the winged boys child like nature. When they turned their attention back to Y/N she was packing up her things, her back turned to the group.

Warren and Alex looked at one another before sprinting down to her, determined to beat one a another to Y/N. Warren no doubt beat Alex, using his wings as an advantage. Alex huffed, walking over to them. Y/N’s back was still faced towards them, so she didn’t sense their presence. The two boys looked at one another before nodding at each other, both reaching out and tapping their first finger against each of Y/N’ s shoulders. She turned around, her eyes looked up at the two boys, her e/c eyes going wide.

Alex was first to speak. “Y/N? This may sound a bit crazy, but I’m- we’re your soulmates.” He said, gesturing in between him and Warren. Y/N’s perfectly plush, pink lips spread out into a smile across her face.

“I have been waiting so long to meet you two, wow, I never thought I’d actually meet my soulmates.” She beamed, her perfect smile making both boys go weak at the knees. She turned to Warren, giggling softly. “I figured that you were one of my soulmate’s, you are the only one that has angel wings after all.” Warren blushes, making Y/N giggle again. She looked back at Alex, the same smile still on her face. “I had a suspicion you were too, but I wasn’t sure, any one could have plasma energy as their mutation.” Alex chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“How about we all hang out tonight? Get to know more about each other, since you know, soulmates and every things.” Warren said, his hands making weird gestures into the air. Y/N smiled, nodding as she tucked back a strand of her hair.

“I’d love that.” She slung her book bag over her shoulders before saying. “I’ll see you two later.” She kissed each of the boys on the cheek before walking into the mansion, smiles plastered on all three of their faces.

Y/N sat on the sofa in the lounging room, doing her homework and listening to the fire place crackle. She was happy, the happiest she’s been in a long time. She finally met her two soulmates, both very handsome, and both seemed to get a long, or so she hoped. She sighed, shutting her history book and setting it to the side.

“You okay there, doll?” She turns her head slightly to see Alex and Warren standing only a few feet away from her. She nods, smiling softly at them.

“Yeah, just tired of all this homework. I know Professor Logan means well, but I could care less about some of these events.” She chuckled, moving her stuff onto the coffee table and patting the seats next to her. Alex didn’t hesitate to sit on Y/N’s left side, smiling as he made himself comfortable beside her. While on the other hand Warren stood awkwardly, rocking himself back and fourth on his heels. Y/N tilted her head.

“Come sit, Warren, there’s enough room for you.” She said, her voice soft and delicate. God were these two boys already in over their heads with this girl. Warren shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“It’s just my wings, I don’t want you two to feel cramped with them. They’re always getting in the way.” He huffed, obviously upset that he couldn’t sit with his soulmates. Y/N frowned and stood up, moving the coffee table out of the way and growing what seemed to be nest in the middle of the floor. She looked at the two boys and gestured for them to sit down. They smiled and gladly sat on either side of her, forming a triangle almost.

“So, what do you want to learn about me? Or are their any things I should know about you two?” Y/N asked, leaning back on her palms. The two shrugged, making Y/N roll her eyes playfully. “Oh come on, you two. Their has to be something.” She looked at the blonde boys, waiting for one of them to speak up. And to her delight, one of them did; Alex did to be exact.

“I uh, have PTSD, from going to Cuba with the x-men, and going through the Vietnam War.” He said. “So I don’t exactly sleep well anymore.” Y/N nodded, then looked over at Warren. He scoffed but when he looked back at Y/N to see her glaring at him he coughed and started to talk.

“Uh, I just have nightmares about the fight with Apocalypse and the X-men, and umm… I have a drinking issue.”  He mumbled, almost as if he were ashamed. Y/N smiled softly at him, grabbing hold of his hand and giving it a soft squeeze to reassure him.

“Well I will be more than happy to help you two boys with your problems.” She said, making the two boys smile at her.

“Well what about you? What’s something we should know about you, love?” Warren said. Y/N’s heart practically melted at the nicknames these two boys were giving her.

“Uh, I’m not sure actually, I’m a pretty open book.” She shrugged, pulling her hair to one side of her neck. “Oh! When I get really angry or sad, or annoyed I can cause Earth quakes or any other type of extreme disaster.” She noted, The two boys looked at each other and then back to Y/N. “Don’t worry, usually I’m very calm and happy so those things hardly ever happen anymore.”

Alex tilted his head. “Anymore?” He questioned. Y/N sighed, pulling her hands into her lap.

“When I was little my family and were in a car accident. My brother and parents died on impact, but because of my mutation the Earth seemed to protect me.” Her eyes wouldn’t look up to meet the blue eyes of her soulmates. “When the doctors and nurses told me that they were dead I became so depressed and angry, I almost brought down the entire block.” By now tears brimmed her eyes. Laughing softly, she looked up, wiping her eyes with he sleeve. “Erik and Professor Xavier took me in after they figured out that it was a kid who caused so much destruction. After that they taught me how to keep my emotions at bay, keep myself calm and free of any harmful thoughts so that something like that never happens again.”  By the end of Y/N’s story Warren and Alex had sandwiched her between them, making her giggle and sniffle at the same time.

“You’ll never have to worry about something like eve again, baby girl. We’ll always make you happy, we promise.” Warren said softly, kissing the top of her head and smiling softly at Alex. Alex returned the smile, also kissing the side of her  head.

The night was spent talking, mostly about their favorite things and some things they did as a kid. The three of them were happy, and they knew they would be for a long time because they had each other.

Second part maybe??

Surprising The Boys With Lingerie

Anon: annyeong~! ❤️️ could i get the reactions of BTS when you surprise them in lingerie when they come home from tour? (omg daddy jimin pls 😭😂) gamsahamnida! 😘

I love this idea, lol. I’m totally jimin biased and the daddy kink does stuff to me *fans self*. Anyway, here is it!

♡ theo

I honestly think, despite his gentleman attitude, that he’d be a total pervert about this entire situation. Plus it also adds to the fire since he hasn’t seen you since they started touring again. He’d walk through the door, tired and worn out, but as soon as he’d see you standing there wearing his favorite color in that sexy lingerie… oh boy, you just started something and you best believe he’ll finish it. By the night’s over with he’ll have you begging, breathless, and worn the hell out.

“Oh, jagi,” he’d start out, a slow smirk gracing his lips while taking even slower steps towards you.

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Honesty, this gummy rap god would walk lazily through the door and throw his bags on the floor, too tired to see you standing there at first.

“Oppa~” you’d speak up, watching him drag his tired gaze to yours and immediately that same gaze would darken with a soft smirk.
He hadn’t seen you since you visited him at the beginning of the tour. He’d lick his lips and walk over to you, pulling your half naked body against his.

“What is my naughty little princess doing?”

“I’ve missed you…”

He’d growl lowly, “Then get your little ass in the bedroom and let me show you how much I’ve missed you.”

Let’s just say you saw jesus that night.

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Hoseok had gotten home late, just returning from the tour the boys had done. He honestly thought you were asleep judging by the time. He’d come crawling into the room, tired as hell, only to find you resting on your bed and on your belly with legs swinging, wearing his favorite lingerie.

You’d hear a deep growl coming from his chest as his eyes darkend over with lust, his fatigue completely forgotten. All he could remember was how long it had been since he seen you, and how much he wanted to remember what you sounded like when you screamed.

“Come here, baby,” he’d say, beckoning you with his slender finger. Wrapping his arms around you, hands sliding down to grab your ass. “I wanna make you beg.”

And that would start a very long night of you screaming his name so much your neighbors knew him like religion.

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You wouldn’t even have a chance to react when he walked through the door, home from tour, finding you sitting suggestively on the couch. He’d be all over you, hands and mouth showering your entire being as he ripped off the lingerie you had been wearing. Immediately attacking you in all the right places.

“Fuck I’ve missed you,” he’d rasp out, sucking on your breast. “I wanna make you come undone. I wanna make you scream my name. I want your eyes to roll in the back of your head I’m fucking you so good. Do you want that, baby?”

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This fluff ball texted you when they returned to the dorms, asking if he could come over despite his obvious fatigue. When he got there he found you sitting on the kitchen counter, licking whip cream off your finger tips. You looked up at him innocently, but to him there was nothing innocent about you especially wearing that light blue lingerie.

“I’ve been bad, daddy,” you murmured and he groaned.

“And what has daddy told you about being bad princess?” He slowly smirked and began to make his way over to you, settling himself between your thighs.

You bit your lip. “To be a good girl,” you gasped as he started sucking on your neck, breathing heavily against you.

“I think my babygirl needs punished… what do you think?” He asked condescendingly. “Does daddy need to teach you how to obey him?

“Punish me, daddy,” you said, pulling at him.

“As you wish, princess.”

That night was filled to the brim with sexual frustration that Jimin took out on you. Within fifteen minutes he had you shaking from your second orgasm, fucking you into next week. He surely made it clear to not disobey him, though he knew you’d do it again so he could fuck you rough.

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V: I really think if Taehyung came home to see you standing there wearing his favorite color in that sexy lingerie, he’d tease the hell outta you. And after making you frustrated and storming off to the bedroom, he’d catch you in the hallway and push you against the wall, sucking hard on your neck. You’d gasp out loud at the sudden attack, immediately forgetting how upset you were. 

 “Oh, did I make you mad?” He’d coyly ask you but before you could answer, he shoved his hand down your panties and began finger fucking you. You yelped out and grabbed onto his shoulders for support from the much needed friction. After all the fun forplay, he’d rip off the lingerie you had been wearing and bend you over the hallway table, fucking you senseless. 

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 Oh boy. Despite the fact that he was dead ass tired when he and the boys arrived back at the dorms, he went hard the instant he seen you wearing his favorite lingerie. You’d ask him if he was alright, but he wouldn’t respond with words. He’d walk right over to you and pull you in a passionate kiss, tongue, teeth, and all. 

 “Now, baby,” he started and you hummed as he was nipping at your neck, laying over top of you. “You’ve gotta be quiet; I don’t want the boys to hear you, okay?” 

 “You’d cocky, son of a-” but you wouldn’t finish because he’d already began striping you, showing you that quiet was the last thing on your mind.

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04. idfc theme

i am back and at it again with another theme! it’s been close to a year since i published my last one lmao. Anyway this theme is p cool i’ve been using it on my main for a while now, i’m in love w/ tiny sidebar images lmao, so here u go!

code/live preview


  • 300/400px posts
  • optional search bar (though i highly recommend keeping it, it looks a lot nicer w/ it)
  • infinite scroll
  • 3 links
  • optional title
  • a good amount of color customization as always
  • faded images
  • ..other normal theme stuff lol 

anyway! you can always ask me questions if u need help or if u find anything wrong in the code. Enjoy~

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can you make a neopets spell for more money?

Hey Anon! I’d love to! [Hey, I totally understand–we could all use a lil but of money ‘round here, haha.]

Gordos’ Generosity Spell

“Master of gold, lord of the coin, we who are poor salute you. You sleep amidst the city’s wealth. And yet your heart stays true.”

Uses:To bring in wealth! If you want to attract wealth/money your way then this is the spell for you! This uh….this spell is pretty self explanatory lol.

Timing: Noon [for wealth spells] or evening [for pop culture spells], but any time of day will do. C:


  • a candle [any kind/color]
  • coins [nothin’ fancy, pennies will even do haha.]
  • toothpicks, pencils or both!
  • An empty space
  • This epic music playing in the background [optional, just for immersive purposes lol]

‘Kay! Let’s get started, witches.

First we’re going to put on the music if you choose to, and we’re going to make a nice little empty space on a table or a desk—somewhere you usually like to work, or somewhere you feel comfortable. Now, we’re going to take the toothpicks and/or pencils and lay them out so that they make the image or pattern of a balancing scale. In the pattern of the balancing scale you’re going to take your coins and ‘place’ them on the pans, you can ‘add’ as many coins as you can but just make sure they’re even on both sides. Now, we’re going to put your candle in front of your scale outline [or ‘underneath’ it, your space should look like this now:

] and when you light the candle chant this as many times as you seem fit:

“A coin for me today, a coin for me tomorrow—May this spell make my wealth grow. A coin for a rainy day, and a coin for daily needs—some coin that I can use, for just about anything.”

After, blow out the candle but be sure to blow towards the direction of the scale/pattern. You can now collect the coins and toothpicks/pencils and keep them all in a piggy-bank together or dispose/put away the toothpicks and pencils, just be sure that you put the coins in a safe spot or in whatever it is you put your money in. And now you’re done!

✨Thanks so much for stopping by, Anon! May wealth and happiness come your way!✨

Mystery Girl - Steven Universe

Can we agree that they’re a total babe???? I love the hair and the piercings, so I had to try and give it a shot. It’s not a cosplay I’ll fully make, but I found a pink wig (even tho it’s WAY too short and had to be slightly color altered) and got inspired LOL.

get to know you meme

I was tagged by @dearophelia thank you so much! :)

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Favorite Color: purple

Pets: a lab-hound mixed mutt dog named Lola, and two orange kitties named Sammy (a girl) and Jerry (I love them all so much)

Last Song I Listened To: Young Blood, by Hunter Hayes (I’m a total country music fan)

Favorite TV Show: Sherlock or Doctor Who

First Fandom: Harry Potter

Hobbies: reading, drawing, school/learning, yoga, knitting

Books I’m Currently Reading:  the Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

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Look who’s hair got here! I got a custom from LunaticParadise on etsy. It came in a pretty bag (the black with white). It took a long time but the wait was totally worth it. I was even given a couple goodies for the delay! That was so nice. I wasn’t expecting that. They kept in contact too which adds to why i wasn’t upset about the wait. The colors came out really well. I love it~ the unicorn paper is really cute too, I’m keeping it

Also i don’t know what was used to condition the alpaca hair but it smells super good. I’m gonna be sniffing her until it fades lol

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First Fandom: Reboot- it was the first fandom I remember looking up online and discussing with others.

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, sewing, crocheting, learning, baking, and cuddling with my husband.  That last one totally counts as a hobby!

Books I’m Currently Reading: How To Train Your Dragon #2, and Jem and the Holograms graphic novels.

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First fandom: Saber Rider (But I was 5 when it was in tv, so I didn’t knew it was an anime. My first known anime was Dragonball Z)
Hobbies: Video games, writing, listening to music, my pet cats, rps
Books that I’m currently reading:  None
Favorite book: None. I’m not a reader tbh
Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: an american super super sour bonbon that almost burned my tongue when I tried to lick it :>
Favorite place: bath tub. A hot bath is the best thing and distracts from feeling lonely

I tag @bokuwayoruchandesu, @imagineyourservamp, @bungoustraydrabbles and everyone who wants to do this~


Shadowhunters meme
   ∟ [2/3] colors  → amber

Chapter 500 Thoughts (AKA He Totally Kissed Her)

Ok, I’m going to focus on the Gruvia, because REASONS.

First of all, I LOVE the color page. So pretty, and underwater, which is perfect for Juvia hee! If anyone doubted Juvia would be fine, the cover alone gives her fate away lmao. And I just love how serene she looks holding onto Gray. She’s in her happy place.^^ 

And of course Gray is being Gray, playing it cool, but so comfortable at this point with Juvia holding onto him. I remember some old chapter covers where he was grumpy over Juvia’s affections. How things have changed lol. ^-^

So, the first person we actually see of Gruvia is Juvia lying on the ground still unconscious….

But then we see Gray again, and just like we left him at the end of the last chapter, he is PISSED. Like… BEYOND PISSED. RAGE MODE. YOU KILLED MY WAIFU PREPARE TO DIE MODE. And Invel is SCARED. And he SHOULD be lol. 

The thing is, going back to Rave again, *SPOILERS* one of my favorite parts of the series was Musica in a fury over a girl (Nagisa) being tortured. *END OF SPOILERS* I always wanted to see something similar to that with Gray and Juvia. In fact, I was hoping for it during Tartarus, but we never got it. We’re getting it now though!!!! ^^

So, I loved this. IMO Gray is being powered by love and grief. And both of those emotions are running really deep for him at this moment. He’s just in a blind rage, punching the crap out of Invel. Nothing Invel tries to do works, because Gray is just THAT mad. I thought the ice armor Invel used was cool (no pun intended), but the fact that something that is supposed to freeze you on contact still didn’t work on Gray, and if anything, was something Gray then used against Invel, is supposed to show us the level of Gray’s fury. It’s triggering his true potential by how he is overpowering Invel with ease. 

And as we see a few pages later, we know where his emotional boost of power is stemming from. 

“You stole away Juvia’s future! Right from under her! And that’s unforgivable!”

It’s all because of his emotions over losing Juvia. Invel took her away from him is how Gray clearly sees it. And that’s why Invel needs to die at his hands. There is no forgive and forget in this situation. To Gray, what Invel did is irredeemable.And he is going to make him pay.  And that’s when we get his finishing move, right after he lets out his emotions about losing Juvia.

And OMG that panel of Gray’s face? The tears in his eyes? He’s calmed down a bit because he just avenged Juvia, and won. But you can tell from his face, and his eyes, that it doesn’t matter, because he still lost the person he cares the most about and he feels lost. I love this panel, because it really does carry home, even more so than all the rage that preceded it, how hard this hit him. How hurt he is. How much he cared. And how much he lost when Juvia “died.”

Now, the part that a lot of people surely have issues with. Juvia is ok lol. Now, for me? I knew Juvia was going to be ok. I had not one doubt she would live. In fact, I didn’t think she died in the first place. She was still alive when Gray woke up in 499. She was alive enough to still be performing magic on Gray, and speaking to him via her magic. 

Not only that, she was NOT giving Gray her own blood. I know it’s easy to think that’s what was happening (I thought so too at first), but what she was actually doing, was using her magic to (as she said) MAKE blood out of water for Gray. And then she fell unconscious. But she clearly never died. As Carla said, she WOULD HAVE if they didn’t get to her in time.  

However, even I didn’t expect Juvia to be well so fast. So, does it take some of the tension out of the situation? Probably for a lot of people, but for me? I always knew Juvia would be ok, so it just makes sense to bring her back sooner, rather than later, because otherwise, it would make even less sense if she was healed by Wendy at a later point, when she was clearly on the brink of dying NOW. Plus, I’m sick of Juvia conveniently being sidelined for large portions of arcs. 

So, the more I think about it, the gladder I am that Juvia came back into things quicker. Especially in this case, because she got ripped off of a fight. She only fought offshoots of other people’s Spriggans and Gray. If this means she gets something more to do in this arc, I’m all for that. Plus, there is definitely something deliciously satisfying about Gray raging and grieving about losing Juvia, and yet the readers knowing that she’s just fine lol.

Besides, Mashima doesn’t like making his readers suffer, or be sad for too long, and Juvia is a much loved character. I can understand why he brought her back into things fast. Especially since it was a milestone chapter, too.

Now, as for the title of this post. 

My first thought when reading the next part of this chapter, with Juvia saying she thinks Gray kissed her, was that he probably did lol! As many people already pointed out, the last thing we saw of Gray and Juvia together, was that panel of Gray holding Juvia’s face in his hands, and leaning his forehead up against hers. Mashima WANTS us to think the same way Carla is, that Juvia is just being silly again, and fantasizing. Even Juvia’s expression gives this impression, but I would NOT be surprised AT ALL if Juvia brings this thought up to Gray when they reunite, and he gets all blushy and embarrassed LMAO.

It just makes sense. Gray loved her. He was distraught. He was begging her to wake up. He was trying to bargain with her. He was talking about his feelings and her feelings. I can totally see him having kissed her in what he thought was a goodbye, and then going off to rage against Invel. 

Now, for me, IF he kissed, then we BETTER get a flashback! Or a redo! Juvia must insist that Gray kiss her again now that she’s awake to properly experience it lol! I always said, it makes sense for Gruvia to get a kiss. But I will be so upset if it was off-paneled. Mashima, please don’t be that cruel! ;_;

I also love that Juvia was so grateful to Wendy and Carla (that deep respectful bow), and how she almost immediately thought about Gray and his well-being again. And then we find out that Gray took off before Wendy and Carla got there, so we get confirmation several times in this chapter, that Gray does not know Juvia is alive.

And we cut back to Gray, and he’s just still so mad. He’s saying that no matter how much he punches Invel it wont bring Juvia back. ;_; You can still see the tears running down his cheeks in those panels, too. He really does feel like he lost his most important person. And everyone reading just wants to shout out “she’s ok!!!” lmao 

But I just love the raw emotion from him here. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Gray truly showing how much Juvia means to him. I needed this for so long. And it feels so good, even though I feel so awful for Gray. The poor guy is hurting so much.  

And I thought the chapter title would be in reference to Invel revealing to Gray that Natsu is END, and so I wasn’t shocked by the ending. But, I was surprised that Invel was trying to pin all the blame and losses that Gray has suffered onto Natsu, though (and I was also surprised Invel knew Gray’s history). He was saying Natsu is the true root of Gray’s misfortunes in life. But what neither of them know, is that Juvia already broke this cycle. She’s come back. ^^

I don’t even know if Gray will believe Invel. I don’t know if this is enough to push him into actually attacking Natsu. But I assume it needs to be, otherwise why would a fight happen? We know we are going to get Natsu vs Gray. So, I guess we’ll see how far Gray falls, and how much more he loses himself in his grief to make that fight plausible.

And that’s the thing. The only way I would dislike Juvia coming back so soon, is if she also reunites with Gray too soon. IMO she’s going to need to stay away from him for a while, and at least until Gray and Natsu confront each other. Then her return can snap him out of it.

But she clearly wants to find Gray, so hopefully some Spriggan will delay her, or something. Because we need to wait for that reunion. And I’m definitely excited for it. It’s been set up REALLY WELL. Gray is miserable. He clearly loves Juvia. There shouldn’t even be a question about that at this point. And he feels like she’s gone forever, So imagine when he sees her again, how he’d react? Would he believe she’s really there? Would he think he’s imagining things? What will he do? What will he say? Will she save him from his own darkness? Will we finally get a kiss (that is ON PANEL, and where Juvia is actually CONSCIOUS?!)? 

There are plenty of good, emotional ways this could go. So, I’m just happy we get to wait for another Gruvia reunion. The Tartarus one was well worth the five months it took for it to happen. And as I said in my post for last week’s chapter, this reunion will make Gruvia CANON. 

Gray loves Juvia. 

Pass it on. 


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(1/2) Can I get a male 100 ship please?? I am 18, blonde, blue-green eyes, 5'9. I'm an INFJ, cancer, ravenclaw. I'm studying to be a pediatric nurse, I love kids, and especially babies. I love singing as well! Some of my favorite things: dinosaurs, glitter, outer space/stars, the color pink, cuddling (touch is my love language), and researching random topics online that I find interesting. I am the mom friend ™ lol. I love learning and I'm always up for an adventure:)

I ship you with Jasper!

Originally posted by saviourblake-archive

Jasper would totally love your blonde hair, seriously, he would probably spend a few nights thinking about rhymes for some bad poems he writes about your hair (and he would call you Goldie for a while after you started to become close, but soon he would give up that nickname… Though he uses it a few times to tease you).

Jasper would love to hear you sing, too. This boy would be, like, your # 1 fan. He would always be asking you to sing him some music he knows and sometimes he would start singing along with you.

Okay, kids. I’m pretty sure Jasper would absolutely love kids and would be good with them. He’d love to be messing around and being silly with them (cute).

Touch is also Jasper’s love language, he would love to cuddle with you for hours, and when you were going out, he would always find a way to be touching you, either by hugging you randomly or by holding your hand (Jasper is super into PDA, so I hope you feel comfortable with that, but if you’re not, he’d totally understand and leave it just for when you were alone.)

I also hope you enjoy going out at night because sometimes Jasper would show up at your house to get you out of there and take you to watch the stars, since he knows you like them so much. You two would just lay around talking while watching the stars in the sky (hello cuddle by moonlight).

Jasper would be a supportive boyfriend and would do anything he could to help you when it comes to your anxiety, although sometimes he would get a little lost in what to do for you, but he would always do his best to calm you down and make you sure he’d be there for you no matter what you needed.

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Name: Paola

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Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 1,47cm 

Sexual orientation: Straight (with slight platonic inclination towards female singers lol)

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Time right now: 10:00 pm

Cat or dog person: dog!

Favorite Fictional Character: Ciel and Killua

# of blankets I sleep with: none ‘cause the heat is killing me

Favorite Singer/band: Kamelot, Nightwish and Delain

Dream Trip: Japan maybe

Dream Job: what I’m kinda doing right now, translating and subtitling

When this blog was created: January 2015 I think… ???

Current number of followers: 10k

Why did you make this tumblr: (same reason as Dara tbh) I loved Kuroshitsuji and wanted to make edits and share stuff…. Also I wanted to have an anime-only blog too

Why did you pick your URL: because that was Sebastian’s very first impression of Ciel x)

If anyone wants to do it too, consider yourself tagged ^.^

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omg i love shinobu's fashion sense and her HAIR, like her first hairstyle before she gets close to kosaku, i would totally try to wear that hairstyle if i actually cared about appearances lol (and her hair COLOR is super cute too)

Shinobu looks so cute! Her hair is adorable too! I love her so much honestly.

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Im Sophia, my favorite color is blue (but i love all cool colors tbh). favorite ship is probably klance? i have too many ships lol but they are just total cuties. My favorite ice cream flavor is oreo! I dont have a cat :'v but i have a dog who is really lazy and sweet i love her.

dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me

aaAAHH I love oreos and omg your dog sounds cute