totally in love with jane

I like Thor generally, and I wish he was more appreciated in canon and fandom, but he’s obviously not flawless. And he’s like kind of a shitty boyfriend. 

Like at the end of AoU (*hiss*) he just up and leaves apparently without letting Jane know. And now it looks like we’ll never hear from Jane Foster again :(

So I just want some kind of tasertricks/fosterson au where Thor and the other Avengers are teasing Loki for texting Darcy when heroics demand their presence. Loki just smirks at him and continues typing:

World domination beckons, darling. The Widow estimates 3 days. Thor says he shan’t bother informing Jane so as not 2 appear ‘whipped’ in front of his fellows. Do with that knowledge what u will. L x”

And when they get back, Thor’s pride and elation in victory are popped like a balloon when he realises Jane is giving him the cold shoulder. He finds he’s relegated to sleeping on the sofa and that all his access privileges to Jane’s spaces have been revoked. It’s the silent treatment, no matter how much he begs or bellows at the door. Loki just puts his thumb on the security panel for Darcy’s room and slides right in with the smuggest of faces. 


I haven’t watched ‘Rizzoli&Isles’, but Wikipedia just informed me that the heroines are not together in the show and, in fact, had male love interests at some point.

Well, shit….here I thought that there are still impossible things out there… 

General disclaimer: Okay guys, due to @4alarmfirecracker request I’m making this disclaimer - I own non of the gifs above (in fact, I have zero idea how to make gifs or crop them, I usually just use google and then do some copy/paste magic). Anyway, I assume (because seriously, I haven’t watched the show and I don’t know what episodes they are from) that the last one (which has a name at the lower left corner) was made by @4alarmfirecracker, so thank you for the awesome gif and all credit goes to you!

Requested by anon 

“Yeah, I told y/n about Nova and she was totally chill about it, when are you planning on tell your love, Mary Jane Watson.” Sam laughed teasing Peter but he was also super glad that you accepted him and wouldn’t go flaunting around his secret.

OUAT 6x12

I loved it! Jane is an awesome writer. I totally got water in my eyes when Killian convinced David not to take his revenge on George:

“You can kill this man if you think it will make you feel stronger.
But think about your father.
He wanted to look you in the eye.
Do you want to be able to look back?”

Plus Killian asking David for his blessing to marry Emma was so cute. It’s interesting, because Killian uses the fact that he’s a 200 year old pirate as an excuse for why he’s being old-fashioned and asking for David’s blessing. But we’ve seen Captain Hook in the EF say, “I’ve had many a man’s wife.” Captain Hook certainly wouldn’t have cared a wit about asking permission, but Killian Jones wants to be an honorable husband to Emma Swan.