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Which books do you think are most and least suitable to setting updates? Despite its popularity I always thought P&P was the least because the lack of entailments totally kills the "marry for love or money" conflict--the solution just becomes Jane and Lizzie go to college and get jobs. While Northanger Abbey is the easiest because there are always poison friends and teenagers getting too deep into genre fiction (source: was a teenager who got too deep into genre fiction).

I think all the novel settings need updating as the status of women has changed so much in general, since Austen’s time. The Dashwoods would not have weird legal loopholes entirely cutting them out of Mr. Dashwood’s will and forcing them to leave their family home to make way for John and Fanny–unless Mr. Dashwood had entirely neglected to update his will, and there’d be a strong case, then, for his widow and daughters to contest such a will in the modern legal system. And the Ferrars inheritance/secret engagements shenanigans would be watered down a great deal if these people just had regular jobs and normal incomes and you don’t HAVE to marry someone just because you said you would years and years ago, if the relationship is over, you can just WALK AWAY EDWARD, IT’S OKAY. I’d think this would be the trickiest bit to update for Sense and Sensibility, as Edward has to either be clueless about Elinor’s feelings to an unattractive level (the restraints of 18th century courtship allows better plausible deniability when it comes to being aware of other people’s feelings and intentions than our present-day where one hopes honest communication happens more easily in developing romantic attachments.)

Emma would not be confined to such a small circle of society as she is in Highbury, and certainly would not be quite so likely to be as snobbishly isolated as she is, unless she was, for some reason, homeschooled and shy of reaching out to make new friends. (Which is rather at odds with her commanding character.) As a forceful and ballsy woman she’s probably easy to make Modern, but again, the dynamics at play in the background make it less workable, played straight. (Frank’s difficulties gaining his inheritance, his ‘need’ for a secret engagement, the disparity of wealth between landowning families and the genteel poverty of the Bates women, who rely on charity and the a dwindling income of interest on a small sum, rather than even considering work of any kind, as they would in the present day. Even Mrs. Weston’s position as a governess to Emma for so many years, then finally having the ‘luck’ to marry and get a home of her own in her thirties is difficult to find a parallel for in the present age, where an educated woman working full-time ought to be able to provide a comfortable and steady home for herself.)

While Catherine Morland’s entry into the world is in general terms much like any young person’s striking out on their own (to college or a first job/moving out/adulting in general,) the notion that a girl of 17 ought to have an opportunity to be displayed in a social setting to help her, perhaps, to a good marriage, is ridiculous in the 21st century–as is the Thorpe’s meddling and conniving over how much money anybody stands to inherit or have as a dowry.

Lydia’s elopement and the stigma against premarital sex definitely doesn’t work in a modern setting, and Wickham’s predatory nature must generally be pushed beyond being purely mercenary to being a sexualized threat to young women and their boundaries of consent in some way, as there’s not really any hush-money to be made these days in bragging about having had sex with someone who isn’t a married celebrity.

Persuasion’s tricky on the same level–unless there’s severe levels of manipulation (which there could be, and to some degree, are in the original novel,) why on earth would Anne stay in a place with a family that made her so miserable? Guilt and family complexities being what they are, I could see this easily being updated, however, as Anne has no real material reliance on ‘needing’ to marry rich. Though her father and elder sister are profligate and the family does have to downsize from a country estate, their lives are still comparatively quite comfortable, for their time. Ultimately even Sir Walter and Elizabeth’s pride are able to accept their situation in Bath, which, though cheaper than living at Kellynch, they don’t feel is too much of a degradation of their circumstances (and given how sensitive/whingey they both are whenever anything doesn’t go their way, this must mean that their Bath life is comfortable, indeed.) Anne’s discomfort and need for escape are more psychological and emotional, rather than material, and as so much of the novel revolves around what is said or unsaid, and the influences we have on those around us, and what/who we allow to influence ourselves and why, I think Persuasion could probably stand to be updated most easily, as it lacks some of the more material plot contrivances which push other characters in other novels to conceal or ignore matters to create conflict. The dynamics in Persuasion are much more to do with personal fears, guilt, and insecurities, which have always plagued us as humans, and always will.

I like Thor generally, and I wish he was more appreciated in canon and fandom, but he’s obviously not flawless. And he’s like kind of a shitty boyfriend. 

Like at the end of AoU (*hiss*) he just up and leaves apparently without letting Jane know. And now it looks like we’ll never hear from Jane Foster again :(

So I just want some kind of tasertricks/fosterson au where Thor and the other Avengers are teasing Loki for texting Darcy when heroics demand their presence. Loki just smirks at him and continues typing:

World domination beckons, darling. The Widow estimates 3 days. Thor says he shan’t bother informing Jane so as not 2 appear ‘whipped’ in front of his fellows. Do with that knowledge what u will. L x”

And when they get back, Thor’s pride and elation in victory are popped like a balloon when he realises Jane is giving him the cold shoulder. He finds he’s relegated to sleeping on the sofa and that all his access privileges to Jane’s spaces have been revoked. It’s the silent treatment, no matter how much he begs or bellows at the door. Loki just puts his thumb on the security panel for Darcy’s room and slides right in with the smuggest of faces. 


I haven’t watched ‘Rizzoli&Isles’, but Wikipedia just informed me that the heroines are not together in the show and, in fact, had male love interests at some point.

Well, shit….here I thought that there are still impossible things out there… 

General disclaimer: Okay guys, due to @4alarmfirecracker request I’m making this disclaimer - I own non of the gifs above (in fact, I have zero idea how to make gifs or crop them, I usually just use google and then do some copy/paste magic). Anyway, I assume (because seriously, I haven’t watched the show and I don’t know what episodes they are from) that the last one (which has a name at the lower left corner) was made by @4alarmfirecracker, so thank you for the awesome gif and all credit goes to you!
Finally watching JTV...

So let me get this straight: when Rafael pushes Jane away because he recognizes that he’s in a dark, fucked up place and doesn’t want to drag her down with him and knows that nothing else will be enough to get her to stay away, it’s the worst thing in the world and Jane’s immediate reaction to him confessing why he did it is totally negative and requires groveling from Rafael and blah blah blah.

When Michael does basically the same exact thing and pushes Jane away to resolve the whole Rose thing without dragging her into it, her immediate reaction to him confessing why he blocked her out of his life is heart eyes and romantic music??? I’m just? What? 

Also, I completely understand why she was furious at Rafael for lying to her about paying off the dude to turn in Michael, but I in ZERO way understand how that absolves Michael of a damn thing? Like does that suddenly change the fact that he started a fight right in front of Matteo and got him injured (cause homeboy does NOT care about that kid let’s be real, like it’s totally an ‘I’m obsessed with Jane and she loves this baby so I’ll just do whatever makes her happy’)? How does that make Michael the good guy? Jane legit reacted like she just realized Rafael had actually been the one to hurt Matteo the whole time, I’m just? Get mad at Rafael all you want but it doesn’t change a single thing Michael did?

Michael as a character baffles me. He’s only remotely compelling when he’s doing his police detective thing - everything else about him feels insincere af and the way the Villanuevas fawn over him is honestly ridic (don’t even get me started on the MIND-BOGGLING Rogelio/Michael thing). I don’t get it, man. I don’t get it. Rafael makes mistakes like crazy but Jesus at least we see him learn from them. Michael just makes a mistake and then it disappears and no one remembers anything happened and they’re thrilled he’s back. I was straight up floored when he told Jane to abort the baby or he was out of there, and yet no one seemed to see that as a red flag? No one held onto that as a HUGE problem? Everyone was super happy to have him back onboard once he gave a half-assed ‘okay never mind I’ll stay if you want the baby!’???? I’m???? But Rafael offers to help Jane with financial hardships if she takes a chance and pursues her dream and that’s a HUGE issue for the entire family?

Nah, man.


I don’t get it. Like if they held Michael to the same standard as everyone else I’d be cool with him, but the worship is outrageous - it’s like Dean from Gilmore Girls all over again.

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You're opinion on Charlotte Bronte.

YEs! Thank you Angel!! <3

I’ve only read Jane Eyre so I’m not familiar with more of her work but I really, really love Jane Eyre. It’s one of my favorite books. It’s ridiculous and melodramatic (in a good way! it has so many fairytale elements) but the beating heart of the love story is so wonderfully real and moving. I love Jane’s complete and total honesty with him and with herself and how she always demands that he rise to the occasion and bring himself to meet her standards even when it breaks both of their hearts. And also her happy ending!! I love Jane Eyre’s happy ending!!!!

As a person I don’t know a lot about her. Except that she lived with her sisters on the moor and had a pretty sheltered and remote life. I know she didn’t like Jane Austen but this is one of those rare cases where I kind of understand why she didn’t like Jane Austen. With her life and background it makes sense that that would be out of her wheelhouse. I fully reject the idea that Charlotte Bronte is better art than Jane Austen just because she is more melodramatic (a mistake people make a lot) but on her own merits I like her quite a lot as an artist.

I know I should be writing but I just got this crazy idea.

What if there was a 50s au where Evie and Mal belonged to rival girl gangs. 

Like Evie was second in command in Audrey’s gang with Jane and Lonnie and they were a very feminine, but still hella fucking deadly, girl gang that wore dresses and hid their shanks in them. 

Mal was the head of the town’s rival gang. Her’s wasn’t an exclusive all girl gang tho. Carlos and Jay were the only exception to her girl gang because they were gay. I would think maybe like Ursula’s daughter, Yuri, and maybe some other villains daughter would be in her gang. And they’re a much more masculine gang. They wear pants and leather jackets with low cut tops. 

Mal’s gang all rides motorcycles and Audrey’s drive around in pink 1955 Classic Chevy V-8s.

Mal’s gang wear dark, cold colors like purple, blue, black, etc. Meanwhile Audrey’s wear light pastels. 

Mal and Evie fall in love and it’s a total Romeo and Juliet kinda deal. 

Jane kills Yuri or maybe Carlos and so Jay demands blood. 

Someone with more time should write this please.

Seriously just listen to Catey Shaw’s rumble in the park and tell me it wouldn’t go perfect with this AU.

On Jane’s Heart

I’m honestly not surprised that Jane has started to develop feelings for Michael again. It makes complete sense and Jane is not being “fickle” or playing with anyone’s feelings. Love is weird but also a little predictable. Allow me to explain:

Rafael. The man she though she was going to start a family with - suddenly tells her he no longer loves her. I don’t care how kind or loving a person is, no one is gonna walk away from that conversation thinking, “yea sure, no big. Everything is gonna be just fine.” Jane was heartbroken! We saw that! And she felt alone with this huge responsibility (we saw the buildup to that too)! And she had to get over that fear for the sake of her child. So yes, I totally see where she was coming from with that custody thing, and no, I don’t think she was right - but she realized that too and made sure to tell Rafael.

Michael. Oh Michael. He made a huge mistake at the beginning and I think we all agree he was selfish in his love for Jane - but I totally get it? Like he and Jane had this long term plan of how their life was gonna turn out and it just fell apart in ONE day. Jane definitely handled it better and I think that’s just because of her character and the way she is known to tackle problems: head on and with a list in her hand. But ultimately, I believe that Michael genuinely loves Jane in the best way and cares about her happiness - be it with him or someone else.

Jane. She’s just had her heart broken and she still believes what Rafael told her - that he doesn’t love her like she loves him. Ouch. Just ouch. When he said that to her I felt like I was getting punched in the gut. We now know that he still loves her and only said that to “protect her” but that doesn’t change the fact that Jane is actively trying to get over him and I think, is succeeding.

Now the show has made it a point to keep Michael around even when Jafael was going strong, which is important because Michael is then still seen as a friend to Jane - something she really really needed after the breakup. But feelings are weird. Spend enough time with a friend and your heart opens up to them more and more… If you’re attracted to them at all, you start to wonder… and if like Michael and Jane, you know what it’s like to be together, it is really frickin easy to fall back into a relationship - especially one that was as fun and loving as Jane and Michael’s pre-pregnancy.

Basically, I’m not at all surprised that Jane’s heart started to glow for Michael. She’s been in love with him before and she still cares about him a lot - he was invited to a family meeting for heaven’s sake. Falling back in love with someone that’s both one of your best friends and your ex whom you really loved (and her family really loves) is honestly to be expected.