totally in love with blaine

Manic Monday! The first day of 90′s Klaine Week! My favorite fashions of the 90′s were a pretty even split between goth grunge and essentially anything Will Smith wore on Fresh Prince, and I KNOW Blaine would like have the biggest crush on him.

Fic: Smitten

Adding to the pile of fluffy things being written today.

anon prompted: blaine not knowing how adorable he is and being totally oblivious and innocent and kurt finally telling him all the things he loves and blaine blushing and getting totally flustered and fluff ensues

Indecently fluffy, ~550 words, G.

“You’re adorable, you know.”

“What?” Blaine asked, blushing and ducking his head. He curled in on himself ever so slightly, turning back to the stove as Kurt shuffled out of their bedroom with a yawn.

“I said you’re adorable.” Kurt walked up behind Blaine and wrapped his arms around his waist, kissing Blaine’s neck and making him squeak. “Is that news to you?”

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