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Positivity Post

Listen, I get that there are some issues with Andromeda. The first few hours of the game really feel like they’re trying to find their footing, which isn’t hard to understand - it must have been really hard and stressful to create a game that measures up to the trilogy.

But I’m really sick of the constant posts shitting all over the game and I’ve talked to lots of people who feel the same. It seems like a lot of people are worried about posting anything positive at all for fear or retribution.

So here, have a nice happy post about some of the AMAZING things about this game, which in my opinion totally holds up as a new addition to the series.

  • Awesome hair animation. I’m totally in love with how natural the hair looks. It moves around, looks great, and flows naturally.
  • The dialogue system. This is probably the first time in a video game that I actually feel like I can develop my own personality and have a truly unique OC. Plus, you can develop different relationships with different characters, which truly makes you feel invested in the world.
  • The side quests. There are some fetch quests, sure, but I’ve never found them to be boring. They’re always grounded in a story. I find the quests to be meaningful and interesting and engaging.
  • SQUAD MATES! This might be the first game where I absolutely adore every single person on your crew. The characters feel real and they all experience really touching character growth over the course of the game.
  • FRIEND DATES!! Maybe my favourite detail that’s been added to this - the nice outings you get with your squad after you earn their loyalty. Every single one was so touching and I treasure those moments.
  • ALIEN SEX okay so I’m obviously biased on that one…
  • Beautiful landscapes. I’ve come across some small landscape bugs, but in general each world feels unique and realistic. I love parking the Nomad on top of a hill and just admiring the scenery.
  • THE NOMAD BANTER! They absolutely nailed the banter in this game, I’ve teared up a few times while listening. I love it when squadmates can help each other with things that you can’t because they have different experiences than you. It feels realistic and wonderful.
  • Truly touching moments. I don’t want to say more for fear of spoiling anything, but I’ve cried so much at this game.
  • RYDER. Holy lord in heaven I love Ryder. They’re so well-written and totally hold their own against Shepard. They experience character development over the course of the game, the voice acting is fantastic, and basically I just really love Ryder holy shit

Please feel free to add your own, I really love this game and I’d love to see more people focusing on the things that make it so incredible.

Also if you see this and absolutely need to be negative, please keep it far away and make your own post. I understand that people have complaints, but I’m 150% done with hearing about them.

Much love to my fellow Andromeda explorers!

king-of-the-gay  asked:

I saw you do a fic rec and I wanted to know if you know of any good 8th year drarry fics or any drarry fics where Harry and Draco come back to hogwarts as professors

Anonymous said: Hiya! Do you know of any fics with Drarry teaching at hogwarts? Thank you!!

Anonymous said: So first of all, your recs are amazing and perfect omg 😍 and secondly, can you rec me your favorite fics where Harry is a DADA teacher (either with or without Draco being a potions professor).

HELLO, YES!!! Professor!Drarry is one of my favorite things ever!!! This list will cover all types of professing—all classes and some in which only one of them is a Professor :)

(Also for @king-of-the-gay, here are my 8th year drarry recs! I hope you enjoy both lists!)

Professor Drarry Recs

Professor Potter and his Magical Menagerie by dracogotgame (7.5K)- Harry Potter descends on Hogwarts with a horde of magical beasts. Professor Malfoy is not amused.
THIS FIC IS A HILARIOUS ADORABLE MASTERPIECE. It’s one of my favorites and Draco is so oblivious and he thinks he’s feared and hated but really he and Harry are the students’ favorite Professors and it’s just SO CUTE. (Potions Prof. Draco and Care of Magical Creatures Prof. Harry!)

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl (115K)- Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
I will never stop loving this fic. Contains petty pranks, one of those pranks going horribly wrong, Draco feeling guilty, a giant beetle named Stanley who is my favorite OC ever, Draco learning to be a fucking amazing Professor who cares, and hours of (Transfiguration) Professor Malfoy sitting by Flying Instructor Potter’s bedside. UTTERLY LOVELY.

The Re-education of Draco Malfoy by Veritas03 (31K)- In the aftermath of the war, it has been noted that many of the young witches and wizards who attended school during the second rise of Voldemort have received sub-standard educations. As a result, Hogwarts opens an adult education program in the summer to bring these students up to par in the workforce. Draco Malfoy, desperate to pass the NEWT for DADA, is among them. But his hopes are dashed when, on the first day of class, Draco discovers – to his horror – the new DADA professor has never even taught before – and is a student himself, still trying to pass Potions. And anyway – just how is Draco supposed to stay focused in class when Professor Potter is so totally hot?
I feel like the summary says it all for this fic. Being forced to go back to Hogwarts and Harry is Draco’s DADA Professor?! YES 100000000 TIMES

Newts by Astolat (14K)- “I’m twenty-eight!” Harry said. “I’ve been an Auror for ten years! You want me to go back to Hogwarts now?“
Pretty much the reverse of the above fic! Harry, on the cusp of becoming Head Auror, is forced to go back and get his NEWTS because of some ancient law. Potions Professor Draco does not make it easy for him ;). TRULY AMAZING!!

Homecoming by November Snowflake (27K)- Harry thinks spending two weeks as a guest lecturer at Hogwarts will offer the perfect chance to get away from his troubles. Then he meets his assigned faculty guide: Potions Master Draco Malfoy.
The kids are great in this fic and the development of Harry and Draco’s relationship is (of course!!) fabulous as well. I especially love it because both of them interact a lot with each other’s children AS THEIR PROFESSORS <333

Healing Touch by Digitallance & Arineat (19.5K)- After an accident forces Harry away from professional Quidditch and back to Hogwarts, he discovers the healing abilities of a certain former Slytherin.
Found this fic while searching for massage!drarry (hehehe) and was NOT DISAPPOINTED. Harry is the new flying instructor and Draco is the potions professor who is quite willing to help Professor Potter with his injury ;)

In Pieces by dysonrules (85K)- Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new DADA instructor, only to find his teaching efforts thwarted by a very familiar ghost.
THIS FIC THO! It is amazing and touching and it just took me apart and then put me back together again. It has all the angst you would expect to find considering Draco is a ghost but also I SWEAR THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING AND IT MAKES SENSE AND IS NOT PREDICTABLE OR CLICHE AND IDK HOW SHE EVER THOUGHT OF IT <3

More Than That by joosetta (11K)- This is a story about two 52 year old men who refuse to age gracefully.
Okay I love reading about middle-aged drarry, and they are at their best here. Harry is the new DADA Professor, Draco is horrified, and then their relationship develops slowly and it’s sweet and funny and everything heartwarming <3

Boom Clap (The Sound of my Heart) by @femmequixoticand @noeeon (39.5K)- Post-war Hogwarts has been energized by its new teaching fellows program. Where once bitter enmity divided the wizarding community, Malfoy and Potter chummily patrol hallways together whilst Granger and Zabini seek lost parts of the castle at McGonagall’s behest and Chang supervises Quidditch when not lecturing in Charms. It’s a veritable wizarding utopia and life is predictable for the first time in years. Which is, of course, when everything blows apart as the result of a drunken dare and Malfoy’s life is ruined beyond his capacity to repair it. Ever. In a million years.
Teaching fellows counts as professors, right? Right??? WELL I DON’T CARE because I love this fic and there is hallway patrol and EXPLOSIONS and pining!draco and I WANT YOU TO READ IT.

Transfigurations by Resonant (71K)- Five years after Voldemort’s defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts.
First of all, Draco is the Muggle Studies Professor and BFFs with Hermione, and if that isn’t enough to draw you in (who are you?!), Hogwarts is newly reopening and there’s all kinds of daring, suspenseful adventure AND everything is exploding AND Harry is a pro at American magic, and you should really read it!!!!!

The Man in the Scarlet Cloak by @bixgirl1 (16.5K)- There’s usually a better time and place to participate in seduction than the Forbidden Forest. Unless, of course, it’s Mating Season. In which Draco is sneaky but not sneaky enough, Harry is confident but goes a bit mad, and the Trees are either incredibly romantic or just sort of perverts.

‘Twixt the Sun and Sward by November Snowflake (30.5K)- A potions mishap has Harry and Draco meeting on entirely new—or is it old?—ground.
This is not your typical Professor fic, because it has de-aged!Harry living with Potions Professor Malfoy, who is forced to take care of him and who slowly realizes that Harry’s childhood was not quite how he had always imagined. VERY CUTE. Also note that it’s marked as an unfinished series, but when I read it, it felt very complete! :)

Love Actually by DracoWillHearAboutThis (17.5K)- “Harry,” she said quietly. “How long have you been teaching at Hogwarts now?”
Harry frowned, caught off-guard by the question.
“Six years, three months, and I guess about two weeks?,” he answered hesitantly.
“And how much of this time have you spent pining over our Charms professor?,” she continued, eyes flashing dangerously.
When even Minerva McGonagall wants to have a conversation about Harry’s love life, Harry realizes that it might be time to actually do something about this little crush of his. Since apparently, everyone knows, anyways.
“Everyone?!,” Harry repeated, his voice uncomfortably high-pitched in his panic.

Drarry / Love Actually crossover in which they are both Professors and yes you DID need this in your life.

Lessons in Humility by playout (86K)- After the dissolution of his marriage and a good bit of soul-searching, Harry returns to Hogwarts as the new Defense teacher. Go figure, it happens to be the same year Draco takes over the role of Potions Master. Neither man is happy about this turn of events. Will they be able to set aside their differences and learn a thing or two about trust and humility on the way? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. Very much so.)

Fuckboy! Bae Jinyoung

masterlist can be found (here)

Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

“You and I, it’s as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught.”

  • Jinyoung is the type of fuckboy who take advantages of others
  • He gets others to do his work for him
  • It’s a known fact that if you finish his work, he will make out with you during break at the rooftop 
  • He just doesn’t view kissing as something intimate hence he is totally fine with the idea of making out with a girl he barely spoke to he thinks he is getting something better in return like homework is all done for him after all
  • He just leaves his work on his table and when he come backs from the toilet, it’s all completed  ??? bro he is living the dream life
  • The girls even fight for the chance to do his homework
  • They think that if he sees them often, he would probably fall for them
  • The teacher also don’t find the need to make a big fuss even if all the work he handed in are in different handwritings cause he’s quiet and he passes all his exams
  • He usually just crams before exams hence his grades are actually pretty decent baejin pls teach me how to cram D:
  • You on the other hand, was just someone who did not associate with the likes of Bae Jinyoung
  • You were in the Arts department while he was in the Science Department
  • These two departments were literally at one end from each other hence no one really bothered to interact with each other
  • You did know about him and his ‘hobbies’ but you had no idea how he looked like nor mingled with him
  • All you knew from your friends that he was pretty cute and one hell of a kisser
  • It was actually a hobby of yours to do graffiti at the abandoned building across the school
  • It really helped unleashed ideas that you might not think of during classes and was a place where the whole wall was your canvas and you had no restrictions while painting
  • So far it had been your hideout as no one else had drawn on the walls and you appreciated being alone as you could draw with no expectations on you
  • One day, when you approach the building, you realize someone was already there Fascinated, you watch as the person who was wearing a mask began spray painting a beautiful dragon but for reasons, it’s scales were left untouched
  • You slowly walked over as you carried a can of blue spray paint and started painting scales that went well with the person’s white dragon
  • The person did not stop you and you could even hear a faint chuckle as if being disturbed by a random passerby was a common occurrence
  • Once it was done, you took your time to admire what had come up from bottles of spray paint
  • You were about to introduce yourself but that person had left without saying a word that you were sort of left speechless cause DID YOU CAME TO MY TURF AND JUST LEFT? but you decided to just come back again next day 
  • The person ran through your mind the entire day as you wondered who could this mysterious person be
  • But it only continued 
  • Both of you would spray paint together and that person would just leave
  • Until one day you were just so done with the lack of interaction that you grab the person by the wrist and introduced yourself with a smile that was practically radiating with ‘YOU BETTER NOT LEAVE’
  • The person sighed as he removed his mask
  • You didn’t know to feel when Bae Jinyoung was looking back at you
  • There was an awkward silence as you literally went WTF in your mind
  • Somehow, you two ended up on the floor as you guys tried to make conversation (let’s not forget that baejin is an awkward turtle irl lmao)
  • You decided to talk about art and his face just lit up immediately as he told you how he loves art and you were like omg this is sort of cute?
  • He stoped after a good 6 minutes and realized he talked way too much
  • But you were a very good listener and you found whatever he said interesting
  • You found out that he was just shy with people hence he doesn’t speak much
  • You wondered why people find it so hard to talk to him because it was so easy for you
  • He told you how he wanted to pursue art but couldn’t because he was not confident in his art skills
  • Looking at him being so unconfident unlike his usual self hurt you
  • You just had the impulse to shut him up from saying all these hurtful things to himself
  • That’s when you kissed him and time just stopped
  • Jinyoung finally understood why kisses was such a cherished moment between two people
  • He basically just never wanted to let you go from his arms
  • It seems as if something had strike as you remember you were kissing the infamous Bae Jinyoung
  • What are the chances that he won’t toy with you like he did with everyone else?
  • You pushed him off as his eyes widen in shock while you left after apologizing  saying you didn’t want to be involved with him
  • You couldn’t deny that you enjoy what had happened moments ago, but you didn’t want to get involve with him
  • You ran off to your dormitory, even with your mind telling your heart nothing hurt, tears kept flowing as your roommate comforted you despite knowing nothing
  • You just drowned yourself in your homework as you decided to forget about spray painting
  • It was exactly two weeks later when you started receiving drawings
  • Drawings of beautiful landscapes that had so much detailed to it
  • It was easy to figure out who had drawn of it but you still didn’t know what to make out of your conflicting feelings
  • You decided to just put it aside and focus on your upcoming exams (i swear all my ocs have exams thanks to me lmao)
  • Jinyoung, on the other hand, was spending his time perfecting the drawings he wanted to send to you
  • He wanted to capture all the aesthetic things and send them to you
  • Although nothing could be compared as to how he enchanting you looked when he first saw you
  • With your messy bun and clothes stained with paint
  • He still thought you were the most attractive girl he had ever laid his eyes on
  • After you ran away from him, Jinyoung stopped messing around with girls
  • He spent the last two weeks straightening up his life as he apologized to all the girls for hurting them
  • He couldn’t count how many times he got slapped tbh 
  • But he knew it was worth it if it meant being able to hear you laugh again and that it was just stupid of him to take advantage of others
  • He had Daehwi to tutor him as he focused on getting his life straighten up (#Jinhwi feels okay)
  • If he wanted to pursue you, there was no way he was showing up with a billion of problems
  • After receiving the 21st drawing which was a drawing of a mermaid, you sighed as you knew your heart had already forgiven him
  • Besides the drawings, there was coffee every morning and even medicine was left at your door knob when you had complained one day that you were having the chills
  • It didn’t help that your friend had complained that there were way too many brokenhearted girls in the cafeteria as Jinyoung had basically told them that he had feelings for someone else and he just didn’t want to play around with their feelings
  • If he was changing for the better, you knew you wanted to be part of it; to be with him
  • You had a plan in your head the next day as you told your roommate that you weren’t heading down for breakfast today and told her to enjoy it without you
  • You patiently waited for the rustling sound near your door as you quickly swing it open and looked at Jinyoung awkwardly standing by your door 
  • Without a word, you intercepted the drawing in one hand as another held the nape of his neck
  • You kissed him for the second time and the world felt away
  • His hand rested below your ear, his thumbs caressing your cheeks as your breaths mingled with his
  • It was slow yet comforting in ways that words can never be
  • His heart leapt and he found himself smiling as you ran your fingers through his hair
  • You pulled him close to you until there was no more space left and you could feel the faint heartbeat on his chest
  • After pulling back to catch your breath, he just laid his forehead on yours and whispered:
  • “I have been wanting to do again this for so long.”
  • He won’t be shy showing his affection in public
  • He will entwine his fingers with yours, or kiss your cheek but kisses would only be at a place where it’s only you two
  • Spray painting on abandoned buildings soon becomes a favourite past time for the two of you
  • You two had been featured in various magazines as they wondered who was behind these intriguing art pieces
  • He always tries to sneak kisses on your cheeks whenever he comes to visit you in your class
  • The entire class knows it’s happening but they just ignore it cause you two are such cuties lmao
  • You drew a picture of you two together and gave it to him for your 100 day anniversary and he has it framed in his room
  • You guys will go to the arcade a lot after school and he would always try to win a plushie for you at the claw machine
  • He always gets at least one for you because he loves hearing your laugh and seeing your smile when you cooed at how cute the soft toy is  
  • But your room soon becomes filled with plushie that you have to tell him to stop
  • Couple hoodies but actually they are just plain black hoodies
  • like everything both of you wear is black
  • Daehwi liked to joke that you two probably have souls as dark as the clothing you wear (that’s me guys) 
  • Which is weird since things you two paint are always so colourful
  • He becomes super soft when you just give him a back hug
  • Vice versa when he plays with your hair
  • He tries to braid it but he ends up giving up and just runs his fingers through it knowing that you love the feeling of it
  • He loves it when you initiate the kisses like you had done during your first kiss
  • His heartbeat speeds up as your kisses just takes his breath away
  • Karaoke dates with him are a blast and you will always be blown away by how amazing he sounds
  • You will keep praising him and he will become super shy about it but still tries to serenade you
  • He would take a lot of videos of you and he loves making you do aegyo
  • He says the weirdest thing tbh
  • “I really like your eyes. They are as dark as avocados.”
  • “Is that even a compliment ….?”

A/N: I really want to apologize asI haven’t been uploading that frequently because things have been really stressing me out lately. I really hope you guys can understand as I will keep trying my best to write better and more scenarios ♡

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)

Tending an Injury: Surprise Tangled!Au

So like… nobody asked for this. I didn’t even ask for this. But somehow I just got… really involved in the Tangled!Au. I did some sketches of it, but I also really wanted to recreate the healing scene. So hope you enjoy! <3 The fanfic is just below the read more!

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Diabolik Lovers Rant

(Apologies to my non-DL followers! ^^”) 

So, getting straight to the point, it seriously makes me mad when I see people crapping all over Yui for “not defending herself.” First of all, she certainly isn’t weak. While she may not be physically strong, her mental strength astounds me. She is so understanding and patient and strong willed. Even after going through countless forms of mental and physical abuse that would drive most others to suicide, she has been steadfast in her kindness.

“But if she’s so mentally strong, then why did she freeze up when the sakamakis first trapped her?”

Guys, she’s a normal girl who was just thrown into a terrifying and seemingly impossible supernatural situation and you expect her to not react the way she did?  It’s human nature. I’ve read all these fan fictions with a reader or a protagonist or an OC who’s over powered and bad-ass with that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Let’s remember that the sakamaki mansion alone has three to four vampires who wouldn’t hesitate to kill you if you disobeyed them directly. These fan fictions have instances where the reader (or OC) threatens someone, like Ayato for example, and puts on the whole “I’m a vampire hunter, I’ll never submit to you, you don’t own me etc.” In the fan fiction Ayato sees it as confidence and falls in love with the reader instantly. In cannon he’d probably snap your neck.

I don’t think enough people realize that most of us wouldn’t last a week in that mansion. It’s even stated that Yui probably would have been killed by them if they hadn’t been given orders not to do so. If someone as compassionate, understanding, patient, and emotionally strong as Yui would have been killed within a few weeks, do you really think any of us would last that long? I can guarantee you 98% of us wouldn’t survive either mansion. And if you’re reading this and thinking “Psssh well I’m totally in the 2% that would survive!” Then I can guarantee that you’d die. There’s so many people who always say “I’d survive them no problem because I can handle myself and  defend myself unlike Yui!” Well guess what? That’s the kind of people they love manipulating and breaking the most.

And going back to Yui, let’s take note that she does, in fact, know how to stand up for herself. She has no problem defining her self worth if the boys go too far once she becomes better aquatinted with them. If I recall there’s even a dark route in one of the games where Yui plans her escape and strategically kills each of the brothers. 

Honestly, I feel the Yui presented in the anime didn’t do her character justice at all. In the games she’s just as compassionate, but she’s humorous and sassy and quirky at times. There’s even one part in the games where she escapes a bite from Ayato at school by telling him there’s a hot girl with huge boobs in the hallway and while he turns around to look she makes a break for it.

On another note, with the recent games and drama cds that have come out recently I feel like we also need to remember who these boys are. They’re all bloodthirsty Do-S vampires and it’s likely that every one of them has killed at some point. Some people forget that Shu and Subaru (among other characters) are sadists too. People see a few unrealistic fan fictions and some out of character headcannons where they’re absolute cinnamon rolls and they forget how cruel they are at first. Of course I understand that they can be kind and they grow to love you eventually. They have their caring moments (like trying to save you in Bloody Bouquet) but we have to remember that they’re not naturally like this. I can guarantee you that none of them would act like that if they had just met you. It takes a lot of warming up to them and a lot of failed attempts to break through their walls.

And not to sound rude, but if you shit all over things like sadism and masochism and you say that the darker aspects of DL make you uncomfortable then I’m sorry, but why are you here??? It’s a game that almost solely revolves around that, so if you don’t enjoy it then please don’t partake in the fandom and don’t shit on the people who do enjoy it. Do what makes you happy and comfortable. If something makes you unhappy and uncomfortable then why do it?

Ok, rant over~! I feel I need to address that no offense was meant to anyone reading this. If I did offend you somehow I apologize, as it wasn’t my intention at all. I just felt the need to talk about these things! ^^ 

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Deepest Wish

Requested by @jazminblake

Summary: There is once again a party in the camp and everyone is partying except Bellamy who’s keeping watch, but mostly watches reader, who is dancing, laughing and singing, which makes him smile. Later she decides to keep him a company but eventually falls asleep. Bellamy takes her to her tent and is about to leave but reader stops him, because she’s done feeling alone.

Word count: 2502

Song: She’s crazy, but she’s mine

Originally posted by bisexualbellamyblake

Bellamy sat leaned against the tree a little afar from the centre of the party. Just as always he was keeping an eye on the delinquents who were partying, but his eyes were specifically trained on Y/N. The girl that had stolen his heart.

He felt a smile grew on his own lips as he watched her dancing and singing around the fire with that fairy laugh of hers echoing trough the whole camp. Her hair was waving around her and her eyes were lit up as she was having fun with her friends.

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! Do you have any long, slow-burn fics to recommend? It's okay if you don't, thanks :)

Ooooh thank you for the request! Many of my favorite fics ever are long slow-burns!

Wild by Seefin (93K)- “No,” Harry said, by way of greeting. Malfoy’s blonde head rose slowly, carelessly. “Get out.”
“I feel as though we’ve already established this, Potter,” Malfoy responded. “And I feel that what we established was that you telling me to get out of places really doesn’t make me more likely to vacate them.”

This is a really really REALLY lovely fic in which Draco shows up one day to complete his potions studies at the house in the Irish countryside where Harry lives with several amazing badass OC girls. At first they (drarry) don’t get along at all and it’s so fun to watch them come together! This fic also contains some Linny, which I love <3 Also Seefin is an amazing author in general and you should honestly read every one of their other fics as well (hi @seefin, you don’t know me but i love you!)

What We Pretend We Can’t See by gyzym (131K)- Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
I read this fic relatively recently and within the first 10,000 words I knew it was my new number one favorite fic, and I WAS RIGHT. I can’t even explain what makes this fic so good besides just flailing about how incredibly well-written and compelling and hilarious it is. Draco has bought Grimmauld Place (which is sentient!) and turned it into a museum, and Harry is an auror who needs to track down whoever is mysteriously after Draco. A few months later and I still can’t get over this fic and how WONDERFUL it is.

Mental by sara_holmes (186.5K)- Harry has had quite enough of sharing his mind with someone else, thankyouverymuch. A miscast Legilimecy spell says otherwise.
This is also one of my favorites of all time (again, read everything by this author if by some miracle you haven’t already). Draco and Harry get stuck with a mental bond (!!!yes!!!) which makes it really hard for them to hide things from each other. At first they can’t control it but eventually they can, and the moment they first use it willingly was just SO GREAT. Really, the whole fic is just so great.

Heartache by Bixgirl1 (25.5K)- “Harry doesn’t think about Malfoy anymore. Not really. Not intentionally. What if the one person you least expect is the only one who really understands what you’ve gone through?
Does this count as long? Regardless, you should read this one because when I made notes on what I thought of it, I wrote “slow and sweet,” and I stand my that assessment. There is lots of hurt/comfort and the getting together is lovely and gradual. For more wonderful hurt/comfort slow-burn, you should definitely also see her fic Balance, Imperfect (91,000 words) in which Draco is Harry’s physiotherapist. But it’s been recced a lot recently so I thought I’d give one of her older fics some love too! (also this is my second @bixgirl1 rec in one day; I’m clearly obsessed)

Domestic by frostywonder (55K)- Harry finds a stray and decides to take him home.
Draco is down on his luck, so what’s Harry to do but take him in? As you can guess from the title, there is tons of domesticity in this fic, and it’s just so cute and there are TONS of truly hilarious moments (including one of my favorite gems ever about Malfoy bowel-movements). They live together, it’s a secret, Draco learns to cook… what more could you ask for? This one just makes me feel so warm and fluffy, I’ve probably read it at least three times.

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl (114.5K)- Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
I you haven’t already read everything by Saras Girl, you are insanely lucky and you should go get started right now. She has many long fics and they are all incredible. This one is one of my favorites, because the boys are Professors and Draco has the most amazing pet (giant) beetle who is full of personality and named Stanley. But I probably should also link to the Foundations!verse because it is VERY good and VERY VERY slow-burn. Like, I was shocked that my interest was held for so long without so much as a kiss but IT WAS.

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound (149.5K)- Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
I feel like I’m only recommending the ones everyone has already read anyway, but that’s because they’re the best, so can you blame me?! Draco’s auror partners keep mysteriously dying and Harry can’t get along with any of his, so they are thrown together! The quintessential auror partners fic, with an amazing evolution from not-trusting-each-other to friends to lovers and TONS OF UST.

Bond by AnnaFugazzi (173.5K)- I started to write this before HBP came out, and crossed my fingers that HBP wouldn’t make it totally non-canon. No such luck, I’m afraid. This, therefore, is an AU story, where (SPOILER) still teaches (SPOILER), (SPOILER) didn’t try to (SPOILER), (SPOILER) didn’t succeed in (SPOILER), (SPOILER) never dated (SPOILER), and most importantly, (MAJOR ENDING SPOILERS) never happened.
You’ve all read Bond, right? It’s a (possibly THE?) classic— well— bonding fic. I’ll include it just in case you haven’t heard of it by some miracle (or maybe you want to read it again because last time you were like 15 years old?). The kissing happens kind of early but the romance isn’t until later so I think it still qualifies as slow-burn?

ANYWAY, I hope you find at least one fic on this list that you haven’t read already? They’re all seriously amazing in my opinion (no lukewarm recs from me!) so you can’t go wrong!

The Savior - Chapter 2

Summary: Negan goes to the bar with Simon and some of the other teachers. He tries to rationalize his thoughts with the OC (reader) before she ends up sending him some texts which leads to them having a steamy conversation over the phone.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Simon

Warnings: Swearing & Self Touching

AO3 Link:

Previous Chapters: Part 1

Originally posted by aquivercactus

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A Whole New World

Originally posted by smol-bean-reid

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Spencer Reid x Reader

For Anon who requested - “ could you write something with Reid and the reader going to disneyland? Maybe include the team too? Just pure fluff. :) Thank you!” I didn’t include the team but I hope you like it anyways!

Spencer had been waiting for a week like this one his whole life. A week with no phone calls or text messages from Garcia. No Avengers assembling. Just a week of absolute relaxation with Y/N. He had already told the people he was closest with that this week was when he would take the plunge. He went shopping with JJ for the perfect ring. He had everything all planned out.

Spencer and Y/N were absolutely perfect for another. They had met at the park where Y/N had beaten him at chess. He was flabbergasted the second she uttered the words “checkmate”. That moment was when he knew that he had to get to know her. And ever since then their lives had been absolutely perfect. Y/N was as sarcastic as he was awkward. She had as many tattoos as he had degrees. She was as abnormally clumsy as he was shy. On the other hand the two were both so selfless. They both were so caring and loving that they often times forgot to take care of themselves. They both loved each other wholeheartedly. They both wore their hearts on their sleeves. They both loved reading. They both had given themselves ulcers from drinking too much coffee while working on their dissertations. They were totally different people but they worked.

The two had been planning a week long trip to Disney World, ever since Y/N found out that Spencer hadn’t been to her absolute favorite place on earth. She couldn’t wait to take cheesy pictures with Mickey Mouse and the Princesses. She longed to show him her favorite ride, the Mad Tea Party. She wanted to create memories with Spencer that would last them a lifetime.

Y/N was ecstatic for the trip while Spencer was more nervous than he was when he had Anthrax poisoning and gotten shot combined. He had decided to propose on the first day there. They had just gotten to the hotel,  Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows, and dropped off their luggage before heading to the bus which would take them to Magic Kingdom.

Spencer happily took pictures of Y/N with Mickey Mouse and Pluto. They went on Space Mountain while Spencer pointed out the flaws in the science. Spencer and Y/N walked around Sleeping Beauty’s cottage where Y/N was excitedly telling him about Aurora and Phillip. Spencer just held her hand and listened not bothering to attempt to tell Y/N that he knew the fairy tale. He would do anything to see her smile, her eyes shining with happiness and excitement. They got matching Mickey and Minnie ears at a gift shop. They took pictures with the Genie, one of Y/N’s favorite Disney characters. They got a caricature taken with Y/N being Jasmine and Spencer being Aladdin. Spencer and Y/N managed to do everything they wanted to. Spencer, although he didn’t tell her then, just did whatever Y/N wanted. Seeing her happy was all he needed to make this trip memorable.

That night Spencer had a dessert cruise on the Seven Seas Lagoon booked for the two. It had just gotten dark when the ship had set sail. As the ship left the port the pianist started to play Bella Note, a Disney classic, and coincidentally Y/N’s favorite song.

“Spencer, you didn’t have to do this” exclaimed Y/N, her voice oozing with glee.

“Yes I did Y/N. I would do anything to see you smile” said Spencer smiling at his hopefully future wife.

The two sat at the table they were seated to before the waiter brought them champagne and a massive slice of cheesecake.

“What’s this for?” asked Y/N. The waiter just smiled knowingly before leaving.

“What was that? Wait, why are your hands shaking?” questioned Y/N, her thoughts now directed to Spencer.

“Y/N, you know I love you right?” asked Spencer.

“Of course I know that Spencer, I love you too” replied Y/N looking at Spencer with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Dammit, I had this entire speech prepared but I can’t remember it now. Y/N, the day we met was one of the best days of my life and each day after that with you has been a dream. I love everything about you. How you read to me when I’ve come back from a difficult case. How you get along with my friends and my mom. How you straighten my ties every morning before I leave. I love how you wake up to say goodbye to me even if it’s 3 in the morning. The one thing that would make me happier is if you would be my wife so that we can start a whole new world together” said Spencer as he got down on one knee and took out the ring.

Y/N with tears streaming down her face nodded before saying, “Yes, of course I’ll marry you”.

Spencer took the ring out of the box and slid it onto her left hand ring finger as people in the background cheered. Y/N, with her converse clad feet, stood on her toes to press her tear stained lips to Spencer’s. As their lips eagerly collided, their cheeks flushed and their breaths deepened. Spencer and Y/N could see camera’s flash in their peripheral views and fireworks sparkling in the night sky but none of that mattered to the two, one entangled in the loving arms of the other.

A/N I hope you like this anon! I finish Final’s on the 23rd so after that I will be free to write more! Send in any requests you have and I hope ya’ll enjoy!

bottoms up

member: ong seongwu
genre: fluff, angst, high school!au, bad oc!au
summary: seongwu tries to shape up the class delinquent.
requested: why do i take requests when i don’t do them––
warning: underage drinking, underage smoking, underage driving(??? bruh sometimes i don’t know what to put in the warnings), parental abuse. generally a lot of rule breaking for a high school student.

part one / part two (coming soon)

  • ong seongwu was the class clown, class president, class perfection
  • he was mr. perfect as some may say and everyone in school knew who he was, even you.
  • now, you… you were a walking warning sign. there are a lot of rumors speculating around you like how you were a drug dealer or how you got arrested before or how you had tattoos all over your back.
  • you never entertained to the rumors, but a lot of people were still scared of you. you had a rep.
  • both you and seongwu were in the same class. people find it a miracle how the school badass ended up in the same class as the school’s golden child. 
  • and since seongwu was the class president, his top priority was for everyone in his class to be at their finest shape.
  • that’s when it became a nightmare for you, when ong seong fucking wu started minding himself in your business

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Drawn to you

Request: Can I request an ivar x reader imagine in where reader is Athelstan’s daughter and when him and Ragnar went to England met and was like love at first sight and Ragnar is really happy. Hope it makes sense. And I absolutely adore your imagines, they’re awesome!! Xx

Note: Since this got longer and longer while I was writing it, there will be a second part.


The sound of the horns distracted you from your studies. There were loud noises in the yard and you could see people hurry past your window. Curious about what was going on you got up and went outside. The yard was crowded with people and you jostled through them to see why everyone had gathered here. The people around you were tense, some even scared, whispering to one another. As you passed a group of man you could hear the word “Vikings”. Could it be? Were they really here? You knew you should have been terrified but all you could feel was a wave of excitement shooting through you. You had heard so many stories about them, some praising their skill and fearlessness in battle but most stressing their roughness and brutality. Although these stories had been told to scare you, they had mainly made you curious. You had always wanted to see a real Viking, see for yourself if all these appalling stories were true.

When you had pushed through the crowd, the first thing you saw was a tall man entering the yard. He was surrounded by cautious looking soldiers and didn’t look too scary at first sight. His head was bold and tattooed and his long beard was turning gray. He was dressed in ragged clothes and you would have been disappointed if there hadn’t been a certain grace to him. It was something you couldn’t quite put your finger on. The way he carried himself and totally poised walked into this hostile environment showed you that he was used to being in control.

You saw prince Athelwulf, your step-father, approach. His face turned into a wolfish smile as he saw the viking.

“For the love of god, you have no idea who this is?” He asked the soldiers. “It’s Ragnar Lothbrok, the king of the norsemen.”

You could feel your mouth fall open. This was the legendary viking leader? All the stories you had heard were about him.

“Seize him!” Athelwulf yelled and for a couple of moments nothing happened. The soldiers seemed frozen, too scared to attack the unarmed man. Then the first soldier was brave enough to make a move, hitting the viking’s head from behind, sending him to the ground. Now all the others followed, kicking and punching the man on the ground. You noticed that the viking wasn’t fighting back at all. He seemed focused on something else than the soldiers beating him. You followed his gaze and it was only then you noticed that he hadn’t come alone. As you set your eyes on the king’s companion, you let out an unintentional gasp. Never in your life had you seen such a handsome man. Although his face was twisted with anger and hatred, it was still beautiful and you could see that his shirt was hiding broad shoulders and strong arms. But what amazed you the most were his eyes, while they were so full of anger, they still shined in the bluest blue you had ever seen. There was an inner strength in them you had never seen on any man before. They were very similar to the king’s and you wondered if that younger man maybe was his son. The next thing you noticed was that he was lying on this belly across a horse, but you thought maybe he was wounded or something.

For a moment your attention shifted back to the viking king, who was now almost unconscious from the beating. Some of the soldiers pulled him up and dragged him away, probably to the dungeon. Two of them came to get the younger viking. They pulled him off the horse and dragged him the same direction. They were holding him up by his arms from both sides, his legs seeming not to function at all. As they came past you his gaze fell upon you. He stared at you for a few seconds and your eyes met. You felt a shiver go down your spine as you were mesmerized by the intensity in his gaze. But the soldiers kept dragging him forward and the moment was gone so fast that you almost thought you had just dreamed it.

This night your dreams were haunted by the imposing young viking.

For two days you tried to distract your thoughts from the two vikings, who were no longer in the dungeon but in locked rooms inside the king’s residence. There was no use to it, you had to give in to your fascinated curiosity. You felt like you had to go to the king first, you knew it was stupid, they were prisoners after all, but everything else would have felt like you were disrespecting him.

There was only one guard in front of the heavy door.

“I want to see the prisoner.” You demanded.

The guard looked strangely at you for a second but then stepped aside. “Yes, mylady.” He unlocked and opened the door for you. 

The viking king was sitting on the floor, legs crossed, back lent against the wall. As he saw you approach he stood up. You realized that you were alone in a room with the most feared man in the world. He could easily kill you. If yoü had any common sense you should have left immediately. But something made you stay. He took two steps towards you and as his face left the shadows you were surprised to see that it was full of amazement.

“You are Athelstan’s daughter, aren’t you?”

You slowly nodded. How can he know that? Of course you knew that Athelwulf wasn’t your real father but you weren’t allowed to talk about it and now you met a complete stranger who knew about it.

The king took two more steps and stood right in front of you. As he looked down on you his eyes were full of warmth but there was also some sadness in them. He put his hand on your shoulder.

“I am very happy to meet you.”

You just smiled at him. Maybe it was foolish of you but you felt completely safe in his presence.

“Why have you come here?” He asked.

“I wanted to meet the famous king Ragnar Lothbrok.” You admitted.

He took a step backwards and turned around until he was facing you again. “And do I live up to your expectations?” A small grin played around his mouth.

“I don’t know yet.” You said honestly.

He raised an eyebrow at you, clearly amused. Then he got serious again. “Do you know where my son is?” He asked, his voice full worry.

You nodded.

“Would you bring him a message?”


Part 2:

Alec Lightwood Christmas Imagine: Miracle Night


Summary: Reader wants make cookies and Alec offers help even though he has never been nice to reader. They have good time and end up watching movies, which will lead them to something even better.

Word count: 1947

Originally posted by cloudycassy

“By the angel! This is nightmare!” I muttered under my breath as I opened another shelf, but there was no flour. 

I moved to the last one, praying to find it there. As I opened it, I smiled to myself and took out the pocket with flour.

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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Crying About STAR WARS Time and I love that apparently it’s a never-ending font of things to cry about in the GFFA. But, hey, at least sometimes it’s crying in a good way? So, here, come cry some more with me about these space monks with their laser swords.

House of Cards by Smitty, obi-wan & anakin & oc, 23.8k
   Just when Obi-Wan thinks he has life figured out, a shadowy bounty hunter proves him wrong.
The Exchange by MissLearn, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & qui-gon & mace & rex & cast, 31.2k wip
   The Daughter has a bad day and it irrevocably changes the fate of the galaxy, twice over. Or; ROTS Obi-Wan and Anakin are swapped with their younger, TPM, selves. It changes things, in both parallels.
Obikin Ficlet: Exotic Dancer AU by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, imperial!obi-wan, 1k
   Prompt: “Exotic dancer!Anakin giving a private dance to sith lord!imperial general!Obi-Wan and they haven’t seen each other in 6 months. They missed each other and Obi-Wan just wants to touch Anakin but Anakin won’t let him.”
Clarity by anecdotalist, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast,
   Anakin’s jealousy leads to the start of something new between him and Obi-Wan and a lot of frank discussions about things they should have talked about but didn’t in canon.
Do Not Go Gentle by Glare, obi-wan/anakin, a/b/o, 4.8k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is only six months into his Jedi training when he goes missing on a mission, bringing his Master’s life crashing down.
untitled by gaealynn, obi-wan/anakin, mild bondage, 1.9k
   I propose – an Obi-Wan who indulges one of Anakin’s tantrums and is startled to find that he, ah, doesn’t quite mind letting Anakin tie him up and dote on him; and an Anakin who is over the moon at being allowed to do so.
Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & cast, 54.3k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious. Now she just needs to figure how to get back home and how to get Master Qui-Gon Jinn to take Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Padawan before the young boy is shipped off to Bandomeer to take up the quiet life of a farmer. Of course, that’s assuming she doesn’t take him as her Padawan first…
Choices by writegowrite, obi-wan & krell, sith!obi-wan, ~1k
   The path to the dark was easier than Obi-Wan had ever thought it could be.
Reunion by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, ~1k
   It has been nine minutes since Darth Vader arrived on the Rebel reconnaissance ship.
Lights Will Guide You Home by darlingargents, obi-wan/padme & potential obi-wan/anakin/padme & luke/ezra & leia & ahsoka & cast, 27.3k wip
   Obi-Wan knew that if he didn’t leave now, Padmé would die. And so he made his decision.
untitled by silvergryphon, leia & mace, 1.7k
   Everyone expected Leia to follow in her mother’s footsteps.
untitled by stonefreeak, padme & background anakin/padme, 1.2k
   Padmé stares at the clock on her bedside table. She knows it’s time to get up and get ready to face the day, but she… She doesn’t want to.
untitled by lurkingcrow, obi-wan & luke, 1.2k
   Obi-Wan braces against the bulkhead as yet another refugee pushes past him, attention focused upon the growing food line rather than the bedraggled figure hunched over his precious cargo.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan/anakin & cast, pirate!obi-wan, 1.9k
   All things considered, Darth Vader was taking the news of growing pirate fleet surprisingly well, thought Lieutenant Piett as he followed after the towering, black-suited menace.

full details + recs under the cut!

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izzie does a thing - the basics of building a character

  • part 1 - faces, locations, and names, OH MY
  • part 2 - (the) blood (of the covenant) is thicker than (the) water (of the womb)
  • part 3 -  edumacation - readin, writin, ‘rithmatic, and the goddamn street
  • part 4 - in conclusion- use all the details you can possibly think of, mix, bake at 450 for 45 minutes.


ok, so i sort of feel like quite often, picking an fc first and building an oc around them, or taking a canon muse with very little backstory, and building them up is viewed pretty poorly. especially picking a face first. it’s kind of this idea of wanting a face to ship two faces together bullshit nonsense. so first things first, throw that idea out the window. picking a face first is a great place to start because it gives you so much goddamn information all on it’s own, and that information is the building blocks of what you’re going to build. it’s how i do it. and that’s kind of the point?

in as concise a way as possible (ahaha, read: in the most rambling and profanity-laced way possible), this series of character building essays is going to break down the way that i build characters, in the hopes of offering others a bit of insight into one way you can make an oc 'pop’, or read like a real life human being some poor woman birthed after 10 hours of labor, and a lot of screaming. this is, by no means, the only way to go about it, but i’ve been told whatever i’m doing is working. this is what i’m doing.

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Round two.

Pairing : chubby!Reader x Werewolf!Logan (oc), Winchesters, Garth.
Word count : 7,249
Author : Mel (Now @fictionalabyss )
Warnings : Kidnapping, Non-con / Dub-con, Rape, Breeding, pregnancy, Violence, Werewolves, Stockholm syndrome, abuse, missing child, death (not characters), does this count as ABO?
Square filled : Breeding kink
Written for @spnkinkbingo


You thought being nothing more than the Winchester’s librarian, you’d be pretty safe.

You thought wrong.

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Unavailable (reader x Bucky) - Part 5 of Accidents Happen

Heyo! So I meant to have this posted last night, but I decided to try to go out and be social, therefore no time. Oddly enough, though, I’m posting this from my work because my power is out and I’m here after hours to use the wifi and charge my devices. Super crazy day. 

Anywho! This took me forever to write because this is my first attempt at a mission/action/fighting scene. Whew. I hope it makes sense and flows well. :) Send me any comments or constructive criticism in that regard! I’d love to your your thoughts. And thanks to @you-and-bucky for the tips and encouragement! 

  Part Four   Part Five   Part Six  

Tag List: @sebbytrash @bovaria @holycoldcoffee @anitavalija @animeroses318 @littleingram @writingruna @imaginingbucky @dontstopwiththelyin @cojootromuelle @yourplumbucky @marvelfanfichq @gold-liess @pleasecallmecaptain @you-and-bucky @buckyywiththegoodhair @marvelingatthewonder

Let me know if you’d like to be tagged or untagged in the future! Send me an ask. 


Unavailable (reader x Bucky) 

Characters: reader x Bucky, Natasha, Sam, Clint, Steve, OC Viktor Sokolov

Summary: Y/N is on a mission with the Avengers and things don’t exactly go as planned. 

Warnings: One swear word, action/mild violence, then some fluff!!


Originally posted by teamsteverogrs

As far as missions went, this was actually pretty boring so far. Five days in and things were finally coming together. Days were spent doing surveillance, analyzing patterns between the comings and goings of the frequent guests to the compound in Eastern Europe suspected of housing HYDRA operations. Which for you basically meant freezing your butt off in the middle of the woods in mid Winter and keeping an eye on the only road to and from the compound. Sam was in charge of scouting from above with help from Red Wing and Natasha had tapped into their computers to watch for activity. Steve had spent what seemed like forever seeking out weak points in the compound itself before calling the whole team back together with a plan for tonight.

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Poor Little Rich Girl-Part 7-FINISHED VERSION

This is an A/B/O AU

Your father Lucifer is the Alpha of your pack and he rules your town with an iron fist.  He is forcing you to marry the son and heir of a rival pack.  It is 3 weeks before your wedding when you find out Sam Winchester is back.   Sam was your first love at 17, and when your father found out, he forced his family to leave town.  You haven’t spoken to him since.  What will happen when you see him again?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Winchester, Beta! Dean Winchester, Omega!Castiel Novak, Omega! Mary Winchester, Reader, Alpha! (Nick) Lucifer, Beta! Michael, Beta! Gabriel, Beta! Stephanie (OC), Alpha Eric (OC) Chuck (mentioned)

Master List

Introduction (all parts are linked)

Text messages are listed in Bold

Dean returned early the next morning, so early it was still dark out.  Sam gently shook me awake and I dressed quickly.  The last thing I wanted was to leave the warmth of Sam’s arms and his bed, but every minute I stayed here was another chance for my father to find me.

I have to admit I was nervous about how Dean was going to react when he saw the claiming bite on my neck.  By claiming me, Sam had put himself and his brother in terrible danger.

 But he quickly put my fears to rest.  When he saw the mark, he just grinned at me and said, “Welcome to the family, Sweetheart! It’s about damn time he manned up and claimed you!”

“Speaking of claiming, that reminds me. You totally have my blessing if you want to ask Steph out, Dean. I think you two would make a great couple..”

Dean glared at his brother.  “What did you tell her?”

I was still feeling pretty weak from my heat, but things were under control for the moment.  They were in such a hurry to leave they wouldn’t even let me make coffee.

“The sooner you are out of this town the happier I will be, Y/N,” Sam told me as he ushered me out the door.

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Callout for natsubutart

cw for: racism, porn and sexualization of minors, transphobia, porn of abusive ships, incest porn

Hey @natsubutart next time you decide to screenshot someone’s art and post it just to complain about characters being dark skin how about you think first before being a pathetic racist.

I wrote a more completed callout on google drive with screenshots too in case she deletes them (so it’s pretty graphic don’t open it if you are easely triggered by these things)

the rest is under cut because it’s really long

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Your OC's review

For Rem and Aoimotion (Hi Rem, if you like this submission could you possibly share it with Aoimotion, since i can’t find a way to submit it to her and i want her to know how much i appreciate and love her share of the work as well as yours!!)

OK, so after seeing a few posts about tons of people people giving you shit for reasons i don’t really understand (or want to) i figured i’d try to do something nice and write the both of you a review about why i love your OCs (Cynthia and Jack most of all, since they have the most content, though Zac, Stella, the chief and his wife all have their turns in the spotlight as well.

Also, i want to clarify one more thing; all of the following gushing about your OCs characterization comes from both Rem’s drawing and Aoimotion’s writing. Without your writing, Rem’s drawings wouldn’t convey some of the subtler, deeper emotions that come through in the characters dialog and actions, while without the drawings Aoimotion’s writing would lack the visual that made me fall in love with each and every one of your characters before they even said a word. You two work together brilliantly and it is wonderful and amazing to see and we all are blessed to be able to enjoy all of it.

So first, let’s talk about the two main characters, Jack and Cynthia. I first encountered them in the Black Jack comics, and i instantly fell in love. Jack was so calm, so cool, so collected and suave and unflappable even in the face of Nick’s outright hostility. The first comics gave us both a verbal and visual introduction to Jack: professional to a fault, clearly experienced based on the scars on his body and the simple fact that he is in charge of this team. At first he seemed almost entirely too professional and rational, given how he dissected the possible team members like a surgeon with a scalpel.

But then it got so much better with the introduction of Cynthia Walker in Chapter 4. Because it showed a different side of Jack. A side of vulnerability and awkwardness, weakness and a hint of shame, as well as a sense of familiarity and camaraderie. We saw Jack ask for advice, which was a huge character development moment as it showed that he was capable of knowing when he needed help, swallowing his pride and asking for it.

At the same time, WE GOT TO MEET CYNTHIA (and Stella, though at the time i don’t think she had a name). Beautiful, deadly based on her targeting skills and sharper than a sword, but at the same time totally unwilling to put up with Jack in any way. He called her, which was something she had wanted but totally denied for a long period of time, then the moment he strayed off topic she got fed up with him and almost hung up the call. It was such a funny interaction and way to introduce her as a character, and i fell in love instantly.

Over the next few chapter releases, we saw more of Jack and Cynthia discussing his main problem, namely one officer Wilde, and we saw more of the interactions between them.  It was so enjoyable to see Cynthia continue to dig into him mockingly, jokingly, in a way that only true enemies or extremely close friends can (speaking from experience here, as my friends and i regularly insult each other one second and proclaim our shared love the next). But then suddenly things became serious, and we saw the colder part of Walker’s side come out. Despite what we as the viewers might have wanted, Jack denied Wilde a spot on the team per Cynthia’s advice. That moment, and the moments where Hopps confronted Jack, showed a bit more of Jack’s dangerous side. The glare in his eyes, the ferocity and anger Jack showed in that gaze, was amazing. Even i was a little taken aback by it.

At this point, i discovered that Animotion had some individual pieces of writing on archive that delved further into Jack and Cynthia’s backstory, as well as more individual drawings that added so much to the characterization of both characters, and gave each of their backstories tragedy, pain and love in equal measure. I must confess, i have read them but haven’t added comments, something i feel terrible about. But the depth, the characterization, Cynthia’s agony and Jack’s awkwardness, the emotions roiling around in these two; the love and fear, the confusion and anger, back and forth between two people who care deeply for each other but are unable to voice it. Because of fear. And because life has been difficult and terrible to these two mammals; they have been forced to be strong, resilient and savage their entire lives, so it makes perfect sense that both of them have to dance around each other like this.

AND YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW THIS??? YOU KNOW HOW I CAN TELL THEY LOVE EACH OTHER DESPERATELY. THE NECKLACE CYNTHIA WEARS, AMONG OTHER THINGS. It is such a small thing, but we always see her with it. A constant reminder of Jack, a piece of him that is with Cynthia always. When he first presented it to her, there was a moment of openness, of vulnerability and affection. And at the same time, it was a truly good pick for Cynthia. She is like the moon; beautiful, pure, changing, always moving across the sky endlessly. She changes, adapts and evolves, and exerts influence on everything within her sphere of influence.

AND THEN YOU CAME OUT WITH THE DINNERTIME COMIC AND MY HEART JUST ABOUT DIED. it was so precious and adorable to see Cynthia so dressed up, and see Jack in an apron, acting domestic and concerned about Cynthia’s health (as an aside, i just realized that Cynthia’s face exploded in a blush when she saw Jack’s bed. So adorably cute.) And the cupcakes, oh god the cupcakes. I died from the sweetness of that scene.

And then we hit the second comic, and i love how Walker eggs Jack on. Teasing him, messing with him, and finally lightly mocking him, which drives him over the edge and causes him to drink. Probably more then is safe, considering his assumably low tolerance from not drinking and how he just slams two glasses of wine. (as a prediction, I AM BETTING JACK JUST TEARS INTO CYNTHIA, WHICH SPAWNS A MASSIVE ARGUMENT THAT LEADS TO A HUGE CONFESSION. IF THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS I WILL SCREAM IN HAPPINESS AND DIE FROM JOY.)

So…..i may have been focusing a lot on Jack and Cynthia and i am sorry about that, BUT I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. THEY ARE SO REAL AND FLAWED AND STRONG AND TOUGH AND OH GOODY LORD I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THEM.

So thank you both so very, very much for sharing your characters and your world with us. I love and appreciate you and your creations so much. I hope you liked my gushing about your characters, and i hope that both of you have a wonderful everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, gosh…thank you so much. You’re one of the first people who wrote to me, you follow me since almost 2 years and I wish I could hug you, from the bottom of my heart…people like you are special, diamonds for people like me. thanks for all the kindness and the support you always give me, @moonwatcher13. ;________;