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An 80s Cygate playlist for the soul

I’m back with more playlists from hell

All Out of Love - Air Supply (1980) / Don’t You Want Me - The Human League (1981) / Tainted Love - Soft Cell (1981) / Africa - Toto (1982) / Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper (1983) / Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler (1983) / Careless Whisper - George Michael (1984) / I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner (1984) / Take On Me - a-ha (1985) / Don’t You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds (1985) / Head Over Heels - Tears For Fears (1985) / The Power of Love - Huey Lewis & The News (1986) / The Promise - When In Rome (1988) / I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers (1988) / How Am I Supposed to Live Without You - Michael Bolton (1989)

The Goddess is a woman who is a warrior. She is fierce and wild. She loves deeply and is compassionate towards all life. She is passionate and uncontrolled. She is untamed and she is free. Her thoughts are not in the past or in the future, -she is totally absorbed by the now and here.

A Goddess stands up for herself and knows that she is the creator of her reality. Responsible and courageous she paves her way through life gracefully and smiling.
While many men wish to find this Goddess, they often lack in understanding who a Goddess really is ~and that, so very often sets the stage for unfulfilling relation-ships, heart-breaks and other disasters.
Once awakened men find that woman who has activated her Goddess energy and power they must develop master skills to keep her. And that is exactly what she wants from him. She wants her man to evolve and embody the highest version of himself, his God Self.
A Goddess knows what she wants, what she doesn’t want and she will be clear about it.
A Goddess does not bend herself to make a man like her, want her or even love her. She loves herself unconditionally and she has no need for confirmation.
A Goddess does not comply with rules or society’s standards and she won’t care what others think of her. She honors her Goddess-Self, that is all that counts for her in her world.
A Goddess does not accept ‘no’ for an answer. She is a fighter and a victor. She knows how powerful she is and how to manifest her desires.
A Goddess is never dependent. She is the Mother, the sacred life giver and that makes her the strongest leader of all.
A Goddess will always and in all ways speak her truth, you can take it or leave it but you cannot twist it.

But an awakened man knows that a Goddess can show him the essence of life and the meaning of magic, if he is not afraid to handle her passion.
A Goddess will take her man to the depths of his own soul and make him face his demons, if he is not afraid to handle her fire.
A Goddess leads her man to another dimension. A world unkown to him until he met her but he can only reside there if he is as fearless as she is.
A Goddess pours out her love like a man may not have ever experienced before but only if he can stand up to the very truth of his Goddess.
A Goddess protects her beloveds fiercely as long as they look her in the eyes with loyalty.
A Goddess can change a man’s life forever, the direction it takes is entirely based on the choices he makes, between fear and love.

One cannot play games or hide truth from a Goddess. An awakened woman sees all.
She knows about intentions, she might even read minds and she will make absolutely sure a man eager for her heart is a God equal to her before she shares her inner Queendom and her deepest secrets with him.
A Goddess protects and hides her vulnerability from men; instead she shows her strength, until a man’s heart and love is pure enough to pierce through the shell and be allowed in.
It is neither through words that one can impress her, nor with money, possessions or titles but only through the power of an open heart and a calm mind that steps forward with absolute clarity and truth.

—  Aurora Ray

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Red au: Kara solar flares after a particularly challenging foe. And she hates how weak she feels. How powerless. How human. Her vulnerability leads to an argument with Lena. And when the words are said, she realizes that she still has the power to hurt the woman who has given her heart. And she did. Kara's apologies fall flat and Lena tells her to leave. Days later Kara gets her powers back, but she's still angry, so angry, at herself. Because she possibly lost the one thing she truly cares for.

Ugh, I can totally see red Kara being afraid and vulnerable after losing her powers and she doesn’t know how to handle those feelings so she takes it out on the people around her - namely, Lena. And eventually, much later, she figures out how that was maybe not such a good way to react and that Lena was just trying to help her and she has to figure out how to make it better.

“What are these?”


“I can see that. Wait. Are they for me?? You…got me flowers?”

A roll of the eyes. “Isn’t that the thing you humans do when you want to say sorry?”

“Flowers and an apology!” Amusement now as she takes a seat. “Please continue.”

“Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

I was thinking about Asami and how she totally went out to destroy Bolin during their game of Pai Sho and how she mentioned that she was taught to play by a diabolical leader and it passed me at first but I think it’s something to think about. Asami was raised by a diabolical leader who instilled many brilliant qualities in her, and though Hiroshi abused his intelligence and power, Asami has a kind heart and sets out to help people. Buuuut this all got me thinking about how this makes her and Korra a perfect pair. Korra is the muscle and Asami is the brain (not to say that Korra isn’t smart, and Asami isn’t strong, I’m just talking about a more general sense of ‘obvious’ between them). They’re unstoppable. Honestly, it’s terrifying how powerful the two of them really are together. Of course they’d never abuse their power, but it’s something to think about all the changes they could make to their world.

They truly are the definition of a power couple.

  • Friend: The Power Rangers trailer was too dark to be Power Rangers.
  • Me, a long-time Power Rangers fan: Just FYI: there is a Power Rangers season called RPM, which is about humanity being wiped out except for one city and it's obviously inspired by Mad Max, and has things like killer androids and children being kidnapped by government think tanks, and it features the literal end of civilization as we know it, and if the Power Rangers TV show can run a post-apocalyptic storyline, this feature film, which, to be fair, seems to be cheesy, light-hearted and fun, can totally be a little dark too!
11. Captive Heart, Captive Mind

Bucky X Reader

Summary: Reader had been imprisoned for over five years and cut off from her powers for most of that time. She is ready to give up when she is given one more mission by the mysterious group she has been captured by.

Author’s Note: A lot of big things are about to start happening. This story line is getting a bit out of hand. Don’t hate me. I’m totally prepared to just never stop writing this story. UGH. I’m conflicted about the vision. Let me know what you think, give me some honesty. (tbh kinda want to write a threesome but why would it ever happen???? I hate myself)

Warnings: T/W Rape/Sexual Assault History. Jealousy…. light smut.

Tags are open!

TAGS: @iwillendyourlifeslut @sergeant-angel @thesalsafic @bxtchybrie @beccaanne814-blog @hellomissmabel @kaatniss @oliviaadamswrites @finallybreathee @marvel-lucy @chrixa @iamtal @nikkitia7 @mitra-k-w @unpredictable-firecracker @sgt-jbb-107 @melonberri @sammedrano

“Agghhhh” I screamed, involuntarily thrashing on my bed. Bucky was holding me down, but my body was fighting him. I may not have been able to control my movement, but the nerves in my body were controlling them for me.

I wasn’t sure how, but after our souls connected, my body slowly started to regain feeling and my powers were expanding. Fast. I couldn’t move anything on my own yet, but my nerves were coming back to life. And it was painful. Very, very fucking painful.

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Moon God Saitama

From the amazing Eclipse!AU I knew about in @cinensis‘ blog~

Well this whole thing was just to try out the new watercolor paper I bought the other day so it’s not really the same design Moon Sai has in the original AU. I wanted to try and use a lot of paint to really soak the paper and see how it worked so I did this design, based in the moon’s influence over tides. Basically the concept is him while using his power to move the oceans. The cloak has a starfield on the inside and the outside goes from plain water-like colours to actual water and crashing waves. Also the original Au kind of talks a bit about it, saying that this Moon God’s heart beat sounds like the ocean (and it’s just so perfect I’m going to die). Btw the background is totally half-assed so don’t really look for logic there lol

Things I’ve learned from this: this paper works pretty awesomely, I have no idea how to draw fabric (also, proportions? poses? hah, what that) and painting water is a pain in the ass. 

SCM - Gods take care of MC when she having bad period cramp

Request by Anon

You are basically laying on the bed curving yourself up and Leon keep pushing his hair back when he see you suffering. He is irritated with himself for not able to ease your pain. Finally the pain cause you to tear and it simply break Leon’s heart. He wipe away your tears and lay down beside you. He hug you from behind and slowly massage your abdomen.
“I hope by using my power to massage your abdomen will help you feel better.” He said and accompany you the whole time until the pain is ease.

Scorpio face turn pale when you scream in pain. He can totally feel your pain the moment he hold you. He never know woman has to suffer such pain every month. He blame himself for not able to do anything to help you at all. Holding you the whole time, he can feel your uterus contracts inside you.
“I will let you yell at me today and I won’t argue back. I will even let you bite me if that can help ease your pain. Just let me know how I can help you.” He said sadly as he massage your abdomen.

Totally shock when he see you hardly can get out from bed. He never know period cramp is so horrible. It is totally breaking his heart as he hold you in his arms.
“Should I stop time, so you won’t feel pain now?” He asked in concern tone.
“Silly Teorus… The pain will be back when time start moving again.” You yelled back.
“Sorry.. Maybe I will go warm up some milk for you. It might help you feel better.” He soon came back with a glass of milk for you and tend to your every needs that day.

Dui is panic when he see you suffering in bed. You hardly even talk to him. He been sending message to your mind asking how you are feeling but you are ignoring him as well. Feeling so helpless, he lay down beside you and hug you. He stroke your head and massage your abdomen.
“I will impregnate you after your period over. I seen from the TV that woman suffer from less cramp or no cramp after their pregnancy. I can’t bear to see you suffer in pain every month.” He say determining as he continue massage your abdomen.

You lay down on your bed, suffering in pain from your cramp. Hue is at your side keeping you company and you grab hold of his arms tightly. So hard that you might break his arms but Hue silently endure it. He snap his fingers and a heating pad appear. He place it at your abdomen and hug you tightly. He whisper softly into your ears, “I will use my power to ensure that the pad will remain warm until you feel better.”

Beginnings of my Paranormal/Supernatural Involvement.

So, here it is… My first ever, proper blog. I was in two minds whether to make this subject my first blog because I take all of this very seriously. The paranormal and the supernatural are things that are not to be played around with, and even though I absolutely love Ghost Adventures (and all the others but this is my top favourite), there are element of it all that strikes my heart in a very powerful way. Zak Bagans (that I totally think is gorgeous and I am not afraid to say),  Aaron Goodwin (makes me laugh), Nick Groff, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley, all have a lasting impact on me after every episode I watch. Whether that be an episode I have seen a hundred times or a new one that rocks my socks off, they make me have faith and confidence in many ways. One reason being that I see that I am not the only one in the world that believes and has the same amount of passion as these guys have.

Now to be able to visit just some of the places these guys have been would be a dream come true. Even as I am writing this I have a YouTube tab open with the current episode of “The Haunted Museum”, season 12, episode 147 (according to Wikipedia) playing. I have a few journeys planned out of where I want to go around the world but yet to book the flights (tbf I got to work it around my crappy job too). Romania is definitely a must, as well as the Japanese Suicide Forest. To go to the USA is a main goal of mine anyways, but to go there for ghost hunting would make it even more amazing. Maybe I should start off by going to my local graveyard in my village and the town I go to regularly (would also help if I had someone or some serious people with me) first, to help build statutory and definitive proof for myself, but that seems too usual, too typical…

I haven’t done a lot of research in the past few months due to reasons I do not wish to mention or explain, but even though I don’t tend to make new years resolutions anymore because I never stick to them, I am willing to make more very serious, very honest goals with myself and life. Including history surfing for background knowledge for my future paranormal/supernatural involvements.

Has anyone read any of Zak Bagans books? I’m really interested and keen to read them but I haven’t had the time to order them. And if anyone has any other stories/real life situations that people have written down whether it be a book or in a book, or if it is something that you went through personally I would love to hear/read it! Reading and watching and seeing the paranormal intrigues the darkside I have inside of me. I find it fascinating that someone/someone else also has these feeling that I too have also encountered before.

This world is full of unseen beings and unimaginable creatures ranging from the normal to the paranormal, from the natural to the supernatural, from good to bad, from good to evil, from heaven to hellish, from positive to negative. Just because some of us cannot see it at all or in full vision, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Till we meet again.

  • i have some thoughts about bad bi zimmermann
  • i mean, dad bi zimmermann. i mean, bob dad zimmermann. fuck. bi bob. i love him. what am i talking about?
  • RIGHT,
  • so Bob starts dating Alicia, and he’s immediately completely taken with her. Alicia is so smart (she went to college! she has a degree!), and she’s funny and charming and cool and Bob is so, so into her. She seems to find find Bob cute, for whatever reason, which is all Bob can ever hope for honestly. He’s immediately totally on board. Like, dangerously on board. It’s too soon, Bob knows, but he’s enamored. He’s really serious about her.
  • Except. There’s one thing. That he has to check. He hates this part but. He has to. It’s important.
  • They’re out on a date (amusement park—which is totally cliche and kinda stupid but Bob thought it’d be fun, and Alicia laughed when they pulled up into the parking lot and she saw the ferris wheel, so Bob thinks it’s okay), and there’s this guy that looks like Richard Gere in American Gigolo—dark hair, tight pants, cool shades. His shirt is open at the collar. He’s gorgeous, so Bob says, “Wow, look at that guy. Those biceps. Jeez, should be illegal to be that hot.”
  • And it’s. A scary moment, honestly. Sometimes people can’t handle the fact that he’s bi. He’s dated girls who thought he was going to leave them for a man and he’s dated guys who thought he was going to leave them for a woman. It sucks when that happens, when he tells someone and they get weird and things fizzle out, so Bob has gotten in the habit of just… casually mentioning it, early on, as soon as he thinks a relationship might be going somewhere. It’s better to know than to be surprised later. But he really likes Alicia, so. He’s scared. He badly wants it to work out with her.
  • Alicia says, “Oh my god, you’re totally right.” She sounds casual, playful, totally unconcerned, and something loosens in Bob’s chest. She’s perfect. This woman is— “Oh my,” Alicia says. “Look, his girlfriend just came back. Oh my god. What I wouldn’t give to go on a date with her.”
  • Bob smiles so, so wide. “Hey, now,” he says. “You’re dating me.”
  • Alicia grins back at him. “Oh, right. I forgot. Alright, no dates with the hot redhead over there.” She look at him sideways. “Maybe, one date? What about one date?”
  • Bob laughs. “No. I absolutely refuse to share you.”
  • Alicia knocks her shoulder into his. “Fine. Guess you’re worth it. I’ll behave, I promise.”
  • So that’s more or less the moment Bob realizes he has to marry her.
  • idk that’s all i really had to say

  • alicia and bob are both bi

There’s so many fucking red flags at the inauguration.

First off, the term “America First” historically has a fucking meaning. (Insert Country Here) First is literally the motto of every fascist nation ever. In America, America First was the pro-Nazi pro-isolationist movement during World War II.

Then he said this:

“At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

And finished it off by raising his fist… yet another symbol of fascism and insecurity of power.

If anybody isn’t scared about any of these things, you need to get a reality check, regardless of your beliefs. None of this is good, objectively. It screams violations of the Constitution, nationalism, and ignorance of history. There’s a reason the world hasn’t been in a major armed conflict for over half a century, and a militarized nationalistic world power is not one of them. If you want to relive the combination of World War I and II and the Cold War, you’re insane. We need to get this man out of power immediately.

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Two Door Cinema Club - Bad Decisions

Oooooh, how about a Moriarty/Moran fic. Like, the first time they meet. They’re getting drunk in a super sketchy hotel bar, and one of Moran’s rivals comes to pick a fight with him. Moran lays him out ruthlessly, and Moriarty has total heart eyes about it. And so he sidles up to Moran and says, ya know, your kind of power has enormous potential for a more satisfying, drawn-out revenge. And they play a drinking game of plotting long con aimed at their various enemies. And they discover one is shared, and, well, the spark gets lit and the game begins :D

Worthy (Reader x Thor)

Word Count: 1658

Summary: Reader is a goddess that can control the elements, and reader secretly has a crush on Thor. 

A/N: Guys. GUYS. THis was so fun to write. Pulling at my Norse heart strings. I feel you! Hope you enjoy!! (also, Y/N, you’ve totally got some Avatar powers. Oops. Enjoy them)

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Lucy can't die???

Ok so this is like a weird theory I guess that I came up with. I mean it’s like kinda stretching it but idek. So like you guys saw how Lucy had blood all over her eyes when she woke up. If Natsu had intercepted the stab or whatever (there was a stab sound) there would be blood splatters on Lucy not like an overflowing amount near her eyes. Which leads me to believe that Lucy did get stabbed and killed but was somehow brought back to life. So like you all know how Lucy is the heart of fairy tail and brings everyone together. I have like a little idea that Lucy may not be able to die or something and has some sort of special power. This would also explain why Lucy was the only one that didn’t get stuck into Alegria back in Tartorous bc she had such a pure heart or whatever and couldn’t get sucked into the demonic area. This whole thing is totally stretching it but hey it’s something I came up with and idk.

radientwings replied to your post “Rhysand: The Most Powerful High Lord to have ever lived. Also a Hybrid…”

OMG YES TO ALL THIS! You literally put all my feels into words! This is exactly why I ship the hell out of both these pairings i just asfasdfasdfasdf

I think what bothers me the most about a lot of the negative press surrounding Jupiter Ascending is that we’re basically busting on it for not being for boys.

Sure, the fiim has problems - I’m not denying that. But a lot of the story-based criticisms revolve around the notion that it does a poor job of articulating the standard Chosen Hero narrative, when the fact of the matter is that it’s not meant to be a Chosen Hero story. It’s meant to be a Secret Princess story - you know, the one where the heroine has a terrible life until a handsome knight (who’s totally scary at first, but kind and brave at heart) appears and tells her that this isn’t how it’s meant to be, that she’s actually the lost princess of some far-off land, and that he’s come to take her home.

And you know what the thing about the Secret Princess narrative is? It’s every bit the adolescent power fantasy that the Chosen Hero narrative is - it’s just one that’s historically been much more popular among girls than it is among boys. And I think that’s the crux of why it’s been so widely misidentified: hundred-million-dollar action blockbusters based on specifically girl-directed power fantasies do not happen. In fact, I’m having trouble thinking of any action film founded in the Secret Princess narrative before Jupiter Ascending came along, big-budget or otherwise.

A lot of the popular criticisms fall apart when you look at it through that lens. Jupiter “lacks agency” because she doesn’t fight? Of course she doesn’t fight. The Princess doesn’t get her hands dirty in battle if it can be avoided; that’s what her knight is for. She’s got bigger things to worry about: the fate of nations - or, in this case, of worlds - rests in her hands. And does Jupiter Jones acquit herself well in this arena? You’re darn right she does. The only way you can argue that she “lacks agency” is if you presume that the only decisions that count are those that are enacted by personally hitting somebody in the face. Which would be true, if this were a Chosen Hero story - but it isn’t.

Basically, at this point we’re not criticising the film for how it tells its story: we’re criticising it for the kind of story it’s telling. Certain types of stories are regarded as intrinsically unworthy of cinematic attention - and isn’t it funny how virtually all stories aimed at girls fall into that category? Certainly, Jupiter Ascending is by no means above reproach - but we can’t even talk about what it does right or wrong as a film, because we’re stuck on arguing about whether it has any right to exist as a film in the first place.

I asked my queerplatonic partner (who has never played any fallout game) to describe his first impression of the companions
  • Codsworth: Torture Droid from star wars a new hope
  • Curie: A gorgeous woman who looks like she's a dainty forest deity temporarily stripped of her powers due to her hubris but has become a better individual because of it.
  • Preston: A very handsome man, looks resourceful and trustworthy. 8/10 would hug with permission
  • Deacon: A cool dude, funky dance, totally would air piano synth
  • Danse: That man looks vaguely Russian to me, or the human personification of a grizzly bear. Handsome and would hold hands with.
  • Cait: Woman battered by elements by isn't ready to stop fighting or wearing some bitchin' eyeliner.
  • X6-88: Zack before Dead or Alive
  • Piper: A beautiful, strong, fiery gal. She looks ready to fly a plane and into my heart.
  • Strong: Frankensteins monster but in one piece
  • MacCready: He looks like the face I make when I drink plain black coffee. Bitter and disgusted with his current situation. He's got a nice hat, semi well dressed, possibly an older newsboy?
  • Hancock: This British Man From 1776 England Was Stranded In Death Valley For 3 Years But He's Still Holding On
  • Nick Valentine: Robo-Chameleon

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Can you recommend me some angst taekook fics but with happy ending please:(

Sure thing anonnie (●´□`)♡ Check out our Happy Ending tag for a couple more fics.

Ce Monde Est Une Tempête They say that one should fall in love with their eyes open, but Jungkook keeps his closed, and Taehyung is afraid that they’ll fall in all the wrong places.

Give Me Your Hands (I Will Pick the Stars for You)  I miss you like the moon misses the sun, destined to chase you until the end of time.

(No, this kind of broke my heart but I love fairy tales and this is terribly beautiful. And like this totally has a happy ending, like they save the lives of like everyone soo…(•̥́_•ૅू˳) )

In Medias Res, I Dream in Technicolour Jeon Jungkook has always had the power to see into the future. He has dreams about his friends, sees visions of events in striking clarity before they occur. Jungkook doesn’t even know when was the last time he felt surprised. He suddenly remembers what that feeling is like when he meets Kim Taehyung - the boy he never sees in his dreams.

Distant Dreams  Jungkook is the sun. Taehyung is the moon.

(Anyone who hasn’t read this needs to get their priorities sorted out.)

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Taehyung is a lost college student. He falls in love with the radio DJ on Cool FM who comes on at midnight every day.

Our Own Little Infinity  I’ve said it from the beginning: fuck soulmates. I don’t care who my soulmate is gonna be. If it’s not you, I don’t care. I only want you.

Seasons (Waiting For You) He realises that summer nights are a bit like Taehyung. He’s always changing, never still; a fleeting presence that chases after everything and nothing, leaving fairy lights and broken hearts in his wake.The three times that Jeongguk meets Taehyung, and the one time he stays.

I’m Stuck in the Dark (But You’re My Flashlight)  It still baffles him, how Taehyung can smile like the sun shines out of his ass when the world is falling apart around them, but he cherishes every glimpse he gets of it.

Have fun crying your little heart out over these anonnie! ( •́દ•̩̥̀ )

♡ Admin N(ezzie)

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Random Strain turns Scepter 4 into magical girls ?

Oh oh just imagine Munakata’s transformation sequence, the sparkles. Fushimi would be totally embarrassed about the magical girl thing but maybe this Strain is sneaky and figured that it would defeat Scepter 4 by sealing their powers so he has no choice. Like Fushimi, Munakata, Awashima and the alphabet squad all get hit and suddenly none of them can use their powers at all and their swords have all turned into magic rods. Munakata innocently makes a comment about how his rod appears to be the largest, Fushimi has no comment. No one quite knows what to do except Enomoto, whose intimate knowledge of magical girl anime has finally come in handy. The only problem is he’s not really sure what the proper transformation phrase is so they’re all stuck for the time being. Meanwhile the Strain’s causing all kinds of havoc in the city and finally Doumyoji’s like, ‘well, these are our swords so maybe the transformation phrase is just like drawing them? Like I throw this in the air and shout, Doumyoji, battou–!’ And that’s when suddenly the air around him shimmers and he gets his own transformation sequence (naked, of course, certain parts hidden by strategic floating bubbles). Next thing you know there’s Doumyoji standing there in what’s basically a pastel Scepter 4 uniform covered in lace and ribbons. His magic rod has turned into a cool-looking sword with a unicorn on the hilt and he thinks it’s awesome. Munakata’s glasses shine as he’s like very well then, everyone, battou! Cue each member of the alphabet squad getting their own transformation sequence in order, all with varying different colors and sparkly backgrounds. Awashima goes next and she gets an extra fancy one with hearts everywhere. Her outfit involves a miniskirt covered in blue ribbons that is nonetheless less revealing than her normal clothes. She feels a bit self conscious about it but Munakata praises her elegance and style. Then of course Munakata must do his transformation and there are so many sparkles everywhere. He probably gets a little crown with his too and maybe a cape. Sparkles pour off the cape with his every move, Munakata is so pleased at the way it swishes.

So the only one left standing there in normal clothes in Fushimi who is like no fucking way. Munakata just looks at him expectantly and finally Fushimi’s just like ‘fuck my life. Fushimi battou.’ Fushimi’s transformation sequence is of course the most magical girl of them all with the longest naked sequences and lingering closeups. Also unlike the rest of the alphabet squad, Fushimi ends up in a pink floofy skirt like something out of Cardcaptor Sakura. Munakata is charmed by Fushimi’s adorableness, Fushimi is the angriest magical girl ever. He does feel slightly better later on when they go chasing after the strain and it turns out that Fushimi’s ribbons can turn into knives (think Mami in Madoka Magica but with knives instead of guns). Once the Strain is dealt with Fushimi is ready to undo his transformation but Munakata notes that the power has not worn off yet and they should remain in costume just in case anything else comes up. Two hours later a random member of the filing department comes into the office to get some paperwork from Special Forces to find everyone sitting at their desks working while dressed in elaborate fancy outfits. Fushimi’s sitting in the corner grumbling to himself while absently turning a ribbon into a knife and back again.