totally groovy

okay i have these strong wolfstar feels [muggle au]

• Remus works in a tiny, totally groovy music shop
• and he fits there perfectly with his large sweaters and freckles and adorable curls around his face
• the truth is he wears mid-lenght hair because he has scars on his face which he hates
• but anyway-
• he’s very smart and he’s interested in cosmos and stars and all these contellations and planets
• he even has the moon tattoo on his thumb and that’s why everybody calls him Moony
• and he loves that nickname, it’s even on his nameplate
• he always walks around the shop humming with this smirk on his face
• especially when his fav songs are playing
• he loves the beatles and led zeppelin and aerosmith but also classical music like tchaikovsky or chopin or wagner
• and there is this boy with his huge dog
• he always walks in that music shop on wednesdays and the dog waits for him outside
• he wears heavy boots and leather jacket and has kinda long thick dark hair sometimes in a messy bun
• and Remus is literally enchanted with this badass
• one day the boy asks Moony for help with finding the sex pistols vinyl
• of course he could find it himself
this hot grin on his face-
• Remus just stares at him because oh god he’s too handsome to be real
• “hey-” says the boy looking at Remus’ nameplate, “Moony, are you okay?”
• Remus nods blushing, “I’m sorry, it’s just… I’m just tired. c'mon, it should be here”
• and it doesn’t end up on looking for the sex pistols vinyl
• they talk for a while and trust me, Remus could talk about music for ages
• Sirius, because it’s how he has introduced himself, buys the beatles one too
• he’s about to go but he stops suddenly and turns to Remus
• “you said you were tired, wanna get some coffee after work?”
• and Remus is always up for a coffee
especially when handsome boys ask him out, not that it happens all the time
• Moony claims it’s because of his scars but the fact is he was just never interested
• i mean c'mon, everybody wants to ask him out but not everyone is as stunning as Sirius
• “pick me up at six”, says Moony with a grin and oh my god this intense heat running through his body is unbelievable
• aren’t they just adorable????
• Remus can’t stop this silly smile on his face and he catches himself looking at the watch all the time
• what if Sirius won’t appear?
• but he comes back at six
• with his big black dog of course

Please do not hate on polyamorous relationships.

If you don’t understand or like polyamory, that’s totally groovy, it’s not for everyone. But c'mon now, don’t be an asshat about your views on it. Polyamorous relationships are just as valid as monogamous relationships, and deserve the same amount of respect. Quit that poly-hating nonsense!