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Loot - Part 4 - Jim Kirk

Part one / Part two / Part three

Word count: 2,486
Warnings: language, mentions of abuse/injuries

A/N: another long part filled with nonsense. this part really got away from me tbh, it’ll be totally back on track soon. it just doesn’t feel believable to me to have something intense happen every time (although, arguably, believability is shot to hell when you’re writing about a sci-fi franchise). i wanted this story to be more about the reader and their feelings and jim and his feelings. i hope his feelings toward the reader are obvious without me having to point blank write them– like i hope you can tell through mannerisms. anyway, i’ve had a trying week and apologize if i missed some typos. lemme know if you wanna be tagged! ENJOY AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK

The artifact was becoming a pain— something you could say literally after the ancient hunk of metal scalded the skin of your palm and wrist, and something you could say figuratively after you were forced out of your oven-like temporary quarters more often than not for the past three days.

According to a drunken, loud-mouthed Ensign Chekov, the Enterprise had flown through a nebula that threw off the ship’s electrical balance. It caused the air systems, the warp core, and practically every electronic on the ship to be knocked out of equilibrium and into much more volatile, unpredictable states—  a statement you could confirm due to the onset timing of the artifact’s volatility.

When it came to the air systems, cool air would blast out of the vent when warm air was desired and vice versa. As for the warp core, several engineers found themselves in the medbay clutching burns from the core’s overheating while electronics such as communicators and PADDs shorted out, shut off, and came back to life upon whim.

Hearing that all the malfunctions were due to a nebula was a relief but the initial worry you experienced lingered a little. You wondered if the problems were being exacerbated by the artifact and almost had your suspicions confirmed when rumor had it the ship’s chief engineer, Scotty claimed this particular nebula couldn’t have been the only cause for so many issues.

You found yourself wishing you’d taken Jim up on his offer to explain to you why the artifact was so important. You also found yourself wishing you could pry a window open and throw the damn thing into the dark abyss of space— no amount of tuition was worth the pain it was causing you and the potential pain it could cause the hundreds of people on board.

As you sat atop a biobed in Exam Room 1 of the medbay, you swung your legs in order to appear more nonchalant than your ever-circulating thoughts actually had you feeling. You watched McCoy stand with his back against the edge of the counter, his hazel eyes narrowed as he read the screen of his PADD with his most casual frown.

“You can tell me if I’m dying— I’m strong enough to take it.”

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Oh my God !!

Arrow 5×17 was just heart wrenching . My poor baby Oliver had to go through so much 😣.

And you know the worst part about everything that happened to him was the fact that he has given up now . This strong,brave man who spent 5 years in hell and in the 4 years that followed he went through some unimaginable loss and trauma and now he has finally reached hos breaking point . In the end ..when he said he was shutting down everything ..I just wanted to go and hug him .

This man needs some peace now . He needs something or someone (totalling hint g for felicty ) .
And hopefully we will deal with his ptsd and not just brush it away .

Stray thoughts .
1. Poor guy was tortured for 6 days 😣😣😣
2. I really,really hate evelyn sharp .
3. I love Anatoly. He is my favourite Russian 😀
4. Merlyn is involved in every bad deed imaginable.
5. Best dialogue …I’m Anatoly kaynez . Gangster . 😂😂
6. Felicty is going to wreck hell on Adrian for breaking the love of his life .

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I'm very confused about my gender right now; some days are just dysphoria hell, but on the days that I feel cis, I feel like maybe I'm making all this up to be "special" and I get super depressed. Also tangentially related; I tried talking about dysphoria with my mom when I was on my period and she said something along the lines of "I must have been raising you wrong, because your period is a natural part of life that all women go through" and I just felt like total crap. What can I do?

Well, ur moms a butt. A LOT of (cis) women HATE their periods. And many vagina-havers have horrid medical issues that make menstruation terribly painful. (pcos, endrometriosis, etc)

It’s a common feeling that when you ID as your birth gender you are faking it. Just try to remind yourself when you feel that way that on the days you don’t feel like your birth gender, how REAL your gender feels.


10 Favourite Characters

Tagged by the lovely @austennerdita2533 ! And I’m totally gonna follow suit and list my 10 favourite male characters. Not in any order really, but let’s be real the first 2 are in joint first place.

#1: Killian Jones.

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#2: Klaus Mikaelson.

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#3: Lucifer Morningstar.

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#4: Stiles Stilinski.

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#5: Richard Castle.

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#6: Jace Wayland/Lightwood/whatever the hell you wanna call him.

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#7: Bellamy Blake.

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#8: Wyatt Logan.

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#9: Scott Mccall.

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#10: Jake Peralta. 

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Real talk for a second. 2017 isn’t going to magically get better. Not to say that it won’t get better at all, but 2016 isn’t some sentient entity hell-bent on fucking everybody up. The events of 2016 were products of years worth of tension and, more importantly, large scale inaction.

2017 can totally be better, but not if we keep ignoring issues and thinking that “eh someone else will take care of it.” 2017 will be better only if we make it better. And please. Let’s make it better.

Was it just my imagination or...

… this moment between them…  


Just look at Victor’s pervy eyes in the image above. Sure, he says ‘I want to kiss the gold medal’ but then he looks at Yuri with those fucking bedroom eyes in such a fucking playful manner and the whole scene is literally screaming “I want to kiss the hell out of you but now is really not the time. People are watching us.” 

And Yuri totally notices that which he why his eyes suddenly go wider and then he starts laughing. 

I’m aware some people are disappointed that they didn’t kiss here but Victor totally eye-fucked Yuri in this scene and to me this was hotter than any kiss. 

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Do you think if hollstein has kids one day they’d tell them that Carmilla used to be a vampire? Because I’m totally imagining one of their kids going to school and telling the class “One of my mommies used to be a vampire and my grandma was an evil goddess who opened the gates of hell and killed my other mommy but then my mommy got turned back into a human and another goddess sent my dead Aunt Mattie to her as a messenger so they made a deal and brought my other mommy back to life!” and the teacher is just like “Um…that’s nice dear.”

And then that afternoon Carmilla tries not to laugh while Laura is on the phone with a very concerned guidance counselor.

Honestly if it wasn’t for Sanvers I would not be watching Supergirl right now. The writers are fucking everything up. What the hell is going on???? There’s so many plotlines that couldn’t even be connected with a 10 foot pole. Not to mention the total erasure of Kara’s independent stories. Now its all about liking Mon-El who is an absolutely horrible person. Are they forgetting the fact that he literally is still lying to everyone about his origins?

And please miss me with that ooc characterization of Alex. She would never fucking ditch Kara on her earth birthday, no matter which fucking concert is happening. She’d more likely go out with Kara and bring Maggie along. And she would NEVER ENCOURAGE KARA TO DATE A FUCKBOY WTF

And we all know what changed. I can’t say I’m surprised that moving to CW also meant bad plots and cliche straight-white romances but I’d like them to stop ruining this beautiful show.

With some characters I’m like: Hell, yeah, I’ll multiship the hell out of you with anyone who’s good enough for you and love all these ships like babies and be overwhelmed by so many feels!

but with some characters I’m totally like: You have ONE soulmate and ONE ONLY and ONLY THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU and no one else is ever going to deserve you and make you happy and any other ship is a big big NOTP, because JUST NO.

  • [in the dorms]
  • seokjin: hey yoongi do u want to hear a joke
  • yoongi: no
  • seokjin: okay so how do you make holy water
  • yoongi:
  • seokjin: you boil the HELL out of it *laughs hysterically as his window wiping laugh comes out*
  • yoongi:
  • yoongi: hyung i'm going to boil the hell out of YOU if you dont stfu

okay, but…

kara totally didn’t tell alex where she was going right? because there is no way in hell that alexandra “i die, you die” danvers would let kara go to ANOTHER WHOLE EARTH by herself to meet a bunch of idiots who she doesn’t know to help them fight aliens. 

so like, kara gets back to her apartment, and there’s alex, just fuming. 

and kara knows that face, that face is bad so she immediately starts fidgeting with her glasses, and nervously chuckling, and stumbling over her words to try and explain. (”it was to help my friend!”, “it was a sort of time-is-of-the-essence-situation”, “you were sort of busy making out with maggie”, “which, YOU MADE OUT WITH MAGGIE! alex! that’s awesome! let’s talk about that) but alex shuts that shit right down and before kara can make some sort of escape attempt, because there is no way that this is going to be a short lecture, the door opens and literally EVERYONE pours right on in. and kara panics and totally gets ready to fly out of the window but j’onn, mon-el (if we have to include this pasty fucking moron) and james all grab her and try to hold her in place. 

(winn helps by clutching at kara’s legs, getting repeatedly and accidentally kicked in the face and glaring both at alex and kara the entire time.)

alex starts pacing and lecturing and it’s glorious. and it’s hilarious. and some of it is Very Personal and Not Really Stuff That EVERYONE Needs to Know Alexandra. and maggie is standing just behind alex fucking trying so hard not to burst out laughing. because what kind of nerd shit did she get herself into? (she loves it. and she’s very relieved to find out that supergirl isn’t in any way shape or form someone that she needs to be jealous of, but instead, alex’s baby sister. which, makes so many things make sense.) what makes less sense is why lena luthor is standing to her right as alex paces in front of them, arms crossed, lips pressed tightly together, worry and fear and anger in her eyes directed towards kara. but, now is clearly not the time to ask. plus, the look on lena’s face tells her more than lena herself probably would anyway. 

and, this lecture goes on and on and on. alex never once loses a bit of steam, kara starts actually kinda trying to get out of here and mon-el takes an elbow to the face. and then, alex takes a deep breath and finally stops talking. kara sags with relief, but no one lets her go, in fact lena, alex, and maggie all turn towards kara’s apartment door expectantly. lena actually smirks at kara and it…. it cannot mean anything good. 

and then the door opens, and cat grant struts inside, looking fabulous as always. “just what the hell have you been up to keira?” 

kara gulps, all the boys hold her tighter, alex looks positively delighted, maggie rolls her eyes and takes a seat because this doesn’t seem like it’s going to come to an end anytime soon, and lena doesn’t take her eyes off kara even for a second. 

cat flips her hair, places her hands onto her hips, and gives kara a lecture that clocks in an hour and forty-seven minutes longer than alex’s already incredibly long thirty-nine full minute one. 

kara wistfully hopes that sara lance will show up with her spaceship and get her the hell out of here. 

Supernatural is so confusing for the non-fans

Like we have episodes where:
Sam meets young Dean.
Sam meets old Dean.
Sam and Dean meet their young parents.
They go on a killing spree, but those are actually leviathans, not them.
They go in an alternate universe, where they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.
We show you Sam Winchester, but he can be Lucifer, Gadreel, leviathan or shapeshifter.
They die pretty often, just don’t stay dead.
John gave his life for them and was tortured in Hell for 100 years, yet anyone hates him.
They go back in time sometimes.
You see Misha Collins. He can be Jimmy Novak, Castiel or Lucifer. You won’t know.
The devil, yes. Pretty chill actually. We have three actors to play him. Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki or Mark Pellegrino.
Angels can be dicks. Damn, most of them are.
Everyone seems to love the devil, but hate the scribe of God. He is a total dick.
The King Of Hell is actually adorable and he “deserve to be loved”
Most of the girls die, so most of our ships are gay.
Every single season something even worse happens.
We laugh, we cry at the most random things and you don’t understand why.
Bobby Singer was their adoptive father.
Dean loves pie, Sam sometimes forgets to buy it.
Everyone tries to kill them or save them. Either way, they end up dead.
Family doesn’t end with blood.
We all forget about Adam.

One of my favourite revelations from episode 10

Is the fact that Victor is a petty petty man.

Evidence: he was totally going to put together a program for himself about how Yuri had stolen his heart and then left him bereft knowing full well that everyone at the party would know exactly what his message was.

Then he gave that program to Yuri.

both moves are passive aggressive as hell and petty as fuck.  Boy was clearly pissed off by Yuri’s actions.

Then there is the fact that he calls Yuri a piggy multiple times after he first arrives. At the time I thought he was just being an ass now I know it’s probably a bit in revenge for the fact that Yuri was acting so cold towards him which was bewildering (also love that after he realises that Sober Yuri is really not confident and insecure he stops doing that)

He is a petty man (but not a cruel one)

Bonus: Even though he teased Yuri about his weight he was also totally down with getting busy with Pudgy Yuri.  As in he was still attracted to him with his heavier weight.  Which is kind of adorable cause he had a “I made fun of you because you blanked me so now we’re even lets bang” naive way of thinking.

so the other night I had a dream that some friends and my sister and I were all on a backpacking trip to hell. I have no idea why, I just know that we felt we had the weight of the world on our shoulders to complete this mission. I don’t even know what the mission was, but dammit we were going.

we were also keeping a cat in a cardboard box with us on this journey. This has nothing to do with the context of the dream, but I felt it was important for the mood.

so basically we’re all hiking down into the depths of the earth, (I think we got chased by some sort of massive beast that ate one of my friends, but frankly it wasn’t important enough to remember) and basically we finally get to the Foyer of Hell. And this place is essentially a food court filled with demons.

think the Mall of America on a Saturday afternoon but all the lights have a weird red tinge.

and we see a McDonald’s.

immediately I’m like “guys, listen. I really need to know if Hell McDonalds tastes the same as Minnesota McDonald’s.” So I bought a double cheeseburger meal and an egg mcmuffin meal and just fucking went to town at these shitty school-lunchroom style tables. We had the Cat Box on the table and were getting a lot of weird looks from the hellspawn around us

the verdict was that the egg mcmuffin was mediocre at best, the fries were all those really dry crunchy ones, the cheeseburgers were exactly the same, but the hashbrowns were fucking incredible. Never will I taste anything so ironically heavenly again in my entire life. Like. Fuck dude. The hashbrowns.

after that we went on our way to slay the demon king or whatever the fuck, I genuinely don’t remember.

Anyway the moral of the story kids is that if you’re in hell and you see a McDonald’s, order them out of hashbrowns you won’t fuckin regret it


“Dammit Arch!” You cried out in frustration, “You’re screwing your teacher, which I’m pretty sure is illegal and probably pedophilloic. You’ve got this perfectly nice and sweet girl pining after and you don’t even have the heart to sit down and actually talk to her, and now you’re going after another girl? And to top it all of you’re being a total arsehole to your best friend!”

"Thank you!” Jughead said pointedly.

"Um, Well when you put it like that…” Archie muttered and shifted quietly. You groaned.

“No. Not when you put it like that. When you put it any way! What you’re doing is immoral and hurting people other than you! A kid was murdered and you even considered with holding information from the police because you want an affair with Ms Grundy to keep going on? The hell are you thinking?” 
   Archie looked away, avoiding your and Jughead’s angry glares.

“I swear it’s not like that.” He said louder now. “You guys don’t understand!” He cried, “Betty, Veronica and Ms Grundy are-” He was cut off by you sending a sharp slap to his freckled face.

“Oh shit!” Jughead took a step back.

“Archie Andrew, you listen to me.” You growled and Archie was actually a little scared. “You aren’t in your fifth grade emo phase anymore, and quite frankly, you’re being a dick. Now get up off your ass and do something about it.” Archie’s hand flew to his cheek where it had already grown red and said nothing, but simply nodded. 

“We should’ve done that from the start.” Commented Jughead and you rolled your eyes.

“Trust me, I’ve been trying not to.”

I love the les amis as a family dynamic w/ Combeferre as mother hen but hear me out okay: friend-parents Enjoltaire.

Every time they get into an argument one of the amis sighs and says ‘mum and dad are fighting again’ and then they stop and Grantaire’s like ‘you’re the mum’ and Enjolras goes mad bc ’we’re both men Grantaire neither of us has to be the mother that’s ridiculous and by doing that-’ *insert argument here*

But then when Courf goes up to them and is like 'so this guy totally harassed 'Ponine at the bar and said some rude stuff to Jehan and I think we should follow him home and throw a brick through his window-“ and Grantaire is like ’hell no absolutely not you’ll get arrested and what use would that do? Some people are just like that and getting a lawsuit against you won’t change that, now will it?’ And Enjolras agrees but then later he tells Grantaire to go home early bc he has work to do but goes w/ Courfeyrac to the guy’s house and yells don’t tell your mother! After hurling a brick in the guys window and running.

And all the amis would fight over who’s the favourite, and Enjolras would be like 'there are no-’ at the same time Grantaire goes 'Bahorel’ and then Grantaire gets a disapproving huff and a stern lecture bc 'you’re making the kids upset you absolute dumpling how could you?!’ Bc enj never swears in front of their kids friends.

And then when they all get married they take turns walking them down the isle and cry every time because they’re growing up. (Even though they’re the same age, and even younger than a few of the other amis).

They’d be such good parent figures for the group and I love it.

BTS on their Wedding Day


  • He would be running around all day making sure everything is perfect. And the boys would definetly be yelling at him to stop because “It’s YOUR big day. Stop, we’ll do it!”
  • Still he is going to continue bickering and complaining about anything and everything.
  • He would start eating the food even before the ceremony starts and he would definetly be eating more because of stress.
  • He tries to sneak into the brides room to take a glance
  • definetly gets caught by namjoon
  • Being prettier than the bride but saying she is prettier
  • Boys putting the veil on his head and calling him The Bride


  • Definetly playing the piano and making the boys sing.
  • He totally made the song just for you
  • His wedding vow is a rap. You can’t avoid it.
  • Excited as hell but acts calm. Still he can’t help but smile all day.
  • Namjoon probably breaks something and Yoongi roasts him at the end of his wedding vow
  • Whispering sweet things in your ear whenever he passes by you
  • You need to drag him for your first dance but he secretly loves it
  • he probably practiced really hard with Jimin and Hoseok


  • Drops the ring in the middle of the ceremory
  • Breaks the flower vase while trying to pick it up
  • Let’s be honest everyone saw it coming
  • The most excited one for the wedding night (ayeeeeeeee ;) )
  • He would send you so many naughty texts on his bachelor party
  • He would be giggling all day like a children
  • It is the classiest wedding ever
  • It probably has a Black&White theme and fancy champagne
  • He isn’t worried one bit. He knows you are meant for eachother.


  • Tears. Tears everywhere. (He would also cry on on others’ weddings too, let’s be real.)
  • The boys are trying so hard to make him stop crying but he is just too happy
  • He would dedicate a dance to you
  • You bet he worked hard as hell to make it perfect
  • And it’s cute but holy shit it makes your knees weak
  • Because of happiness he somehow shines brighter if that is even possible at this point
  • You didn’t know it was possible to have so many flowers at a wedding
  • He is totally sending you hearts as soon as you start walking towards his at the ceremony


  • creates a choreograohy for the two of you to dance to.
  • Boys needs to calm him down every second because “Holy shit what if she changes her mind?!”
  • Eventually you had to go in and calm him down
  • and he refuses to see you at first because he doesnt want any bad luck on his marriage with you
  • A conversation through the wall
  • Busan accent because he is excited and he thinks it makes him manlier
  • he is not manly, he be very soft. Happiest soft ever.


  • He cant sit still, someone help this child
  • Maknae line ripping their asses off to calm him down but all it takes for Suga to say “Calm down, Tae.” and give him a plush toy.
  • He hugs the plush because he really can’t wait to see you
  • until he sees a child that is
  • proceeds to hug the child
  • “Tae please let the kid go. The ceremony is starting”
  • His legs starts shaking and he is smiling so much his cheeks hurt
  • Jungkook is singing for your first dance and holy shit it’s cute as fuck


  • Namjin is PROUD.
  • Everybody is  happy-sad because “NAMJOON OUR SON HAS GROWN UP SO FAST”
  • Definetly dedicating you songs
  • He would be shy but act cocky as hell because “I am manly enough.”
  • He is so proud to see you in the wedding dress
  • he cant take his eyes off of you because you are the prettiest thing he laid eyes on
  • he let’s you know that a lot
  • Please tell him you love him becaus ehe is scared shitless of loosing you